YST-5004 Smart Atomization Aroma Machine

MOKA YST-5004 Aroma Machine is a smart nano-level fragrance machine, it supports nano-level atomization technology, fine atomization, suitable for spaces within 5000-8000m³. YST-5004 with HVAC function, which can enable this machine to achieve any distance diffused service,Especially suitable for use in major places.


  • Silent operation
  • Low energy consumption
  • High-pressure atomization
  • Long lasting fragrance


UseSmart PCB
Installationflat/top hanging/Connect HVAC
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MOKA YST-5004 Smart Atomization Aroma Machine with nano-level fine atomization diffused more finely and evenly. Exquisite alloy body, anti-corrosion. Double air pump design, strong power, larger atomization area.

Two groups of independent PCB control, both large and small spaces can be used. After being connected to HVAC, it can achieve any distance to add fragrance.

Otherwise, the unique design of two groups of independent PCB control, both large and small spaces can be used. According to different venue sizes, choose the appropriate aroma range setting.

The machine also supports the circulation function, which can work more energy-saving and low-consumption, and it runs silently without disturbing the outside world. It is more suitable for large places.


The MOKA YST-5004 Smart Atomization Aroma Machine uses an alloy body, which is not only sturdy but also very stylish and gorgeous. The body is equipped with an LCD display, which can intuitively see the use and status of the machine.

YST-5004 own nano-level diffusion technology can make the fragrance diffuse more quickly and evenly, and the fragrance time of the machine is longer.

The size of the YST-5004 smart fragrance machine is not very big, but the HVAC function supports can make it arbitrarily cross the limitation of space, suitable for use in any place.

The installation method of the machine is very simple and easy. It can support horizontal installation and wall-mounted installation. Choose our fragrance machine to create a comfortable and quiet environment and make life better.

  • Please handle the MOKA AROMA MACHINE by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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MOKA Hotel Scent Diffuser YST-5004

    ▾ Why Have MOKA YST-5004 Hotel Scent Diffuser?
    ▾ Privileges of getting yourself an aromatherapy diffuser from our company
    ▾ Product description and specifications
    ▾ How to operate YST-5004 aroma diffusers?​
    ▾ Areas where you can conveniently and adequately apply smart homeroom diffusers?
    ▾ Exclusive features of YST-5004 Best essential oil diffusers​
    ▾ Benefits of using hotel scent diffuser
    ▾ Some safety precautions and procedures to observe when operating YST-5004 room aroma diffusers
    ▾ Conclusions

Why Have MOKA YST-5004 Hotel Scent Diffuser

Just from the moment, you will enter the door of your space, you will experience a luxurious and sophisticated journey starting with the fragrance of your favorite YST-5004 hotel scent diffuser. The sweet fragrance in the atmosphere will define the design layers as well as the moods of your space interior. Our collection of YST-5004 is greatly inspired by most of these fanatic moments. Therefore, we want to create for you this new experience either at home, the workplace, or even events.
Space Fragrance with an aromatherapy diffuser
To reimagine your space fragrance with this new hotel scent diffuser. It has numerous features which; you will not find in any best essential oil diffuser. That is because its timeless and chic design will complement any space setting or décor while enhancing the ambiance with the most sought-after hotel scent diffuser in the world.

Privileges of getting yourself an aromatherapy diffuser from our company

MOKA company is the best company you can ever trust with your YST-5004 hotel scent diffuser. There are other several; privileges that you will incur when you get your fragrance machines from our company. Some of which include;

MOKA SFX is a world-class manufacturing company certified to offer you a quality assured YST-5004 best essential oil diffuser. It has CE quality certifications to produce quality and reliable fragrance diffusers.
Reliable Aromatherapy Diffuser
Our company will grant you a very reliable after-sale warranty of 1 year for your hotel scent diffusers. This warranty is not limited to technical support but; also other services, which are not caused by human negligence or faults. Once you experience any technical problem which is exempted from failure to observe the user manual or negligence. Our warranty will cover your technical issues free of charge, provided the warranty period has not elapsed.
Aromatherapy diffuser Preferred Destination
We will give you a parts supply for maintaining, packing, and delivery of your YST-5004 hotel scent diffuser; to your chosen destinations. Regardless of your location, we will deliver your scent equipment through various delivery methods. Which include shipments, air transport, or by any other means.
Operational Requirements
Our company values your safety, well-being, and operational needs. Therefore, we will issue you with a user guide manual that has clear and vivid, and detailed illustrations and steps on, how you should handle and operate your aromatherapy diffuser.

Our company will give you an after-sale service card to help you in tracking your maintenance and repair activities. That will help you minimize other damages caused by personnel negligence.

Therefore, get all your fragrance needs from the MOKA SFX because we value you.

Product description and specifications

Are you looking for a long-lasting hotel scent diffuser with amazing and unique features? YST-5004 best essential oil diffuser is a technically and specially designed hotel scent diffuser for your large commercial and different spaces. The best essential oil diffuser is designed with space volume in mind that is YST-5004 can be used to cover a space volume ranging between 5000-8000 cubic meters.
Long-lasting and High-density
Hotel scent diffusers; are made of a durable and high-density metal casing then coated with a dilutional black color. This color will automatically blend with your space décor. Therefore, the corrosion-resistant painting will safeguard the in-built fan and other essential components of your best essential oil diffuser from any external damage. Equipped with an inbuilt backup, battery the best essential oil diffuser will work throughout your event in case of a power shortage.
Potential Peculiarities
The battery will also enable the YST-5004 hotel scent diffusers to operate with very minimal power features of 26Watts while using a direct current ranging between 110V-220V. What’s more convenient than the best essential oil diffuser? It has a relative capacity of 2000ml of requisite fragrance oil to give a larger diffused range. With a net weight of 9kg, you can either hang it on raised grounds or even place it on flat surfaces to give you uniform and even fragrance. This device is, therefore, easier to move from one corner of the room to another it is intuitive and easy to understand.
Atomization Technology
YST-5004 hotel scent diffuser is equipped with advanced atomization technology to make the liquid essential oil into vapor. The atomization concentration of essential oil can be adjusted; to 95%, 8ml/h. You can conveniently and comfortably use this marvelous room diffuser to humidify and change the experience at your workplace because of the elegant aroma and its silent design with a muffle of less than 38dba to let you enjoy the quiet environment.

This hotel scent diffuser is composed of a fan that enables the aromatherapy diffuser to diffuse the fragrance in the entire room, from one corner to another uniformly and effectively.

How to operate YST-5004 aroma diffusers?

Our device is the simplest and the easiest; scent equipment to use and understand. After receiving your machine, carefully do the unpacking and set your device in your favorite position; either hang it by the top or place your hotel scent diffuser on a flat surface. Connect the adapter to the correct power supply source and then turn on your machine. You will see a flashlight display on the machine.
Remote control
You can use the remote control to; flexibly set the different features as per your settings. Set the various features such as aroma concentration on your aroma diffuser, atomization amount, running time, and ON/OFF setting. Select the AROMA button to adjust the atomization rate, and the amount and ON and OFF buttons; to turn your machine on and off respectively. Use the user manual to see and advance your knowledge on; how you can easily use this best essential oil diffuser. Always ensure your fragrance bottle is filled; with fragrance oil before turning on the hotel scent diffuser. Unscrew before, filling, and screw back after, filling the bottle.

Areas where you can conveniently and adequately apply smart homeroom diffusers?

Due to the larger capacity of the YST-5004 hotel scent diffuser, this best essential oil diffuser has several flexible and wide range of applications. You can, therefore, use it to improve the fragrance of your space provided it does not exceed 5000- 8000 cubic meters. So change the mood and experience of your guests as well as customers with this conspicuous hotel scent diffuser.
Use Aromatherapy diffuser in Restaurants and Hotels
YST-5004 hotel scent diffusers can, therefore; be used in Star Hotels, Recreational Centers, Coffee shops, VIP rooms, Banks, Office buildings, Airport receptions, and waiting for bays, weddings, churches, birthday parties. In holidays such as Christmas, homecoming parties, and events, hotel scent diffusers, are used to improve the scent, relax the moods and bring a joyous and memorable experience to people.
Get Elegant Vision of Aromatherapy diffuser
In all these places, the best essential oil diffusers; are used because of their elegant appearance. Even and uniform distribution of the fragrance irrespective of the space volume.
In commercial areas such as hotels, offices, etc, YST-5004; is used because it is easy to mount. It can be mounted on tabletops or even be hung on top of walls or raised structures. Apart from fewer noises, aroma diffusers can change the moods of your guests and improve their self-esteem.

Exclusive features of YST-5004 Best essential oil diffusers

Here are the features which make MOKA SFX diffusers the best in the town!
Smart remote control
With this unusual hotel scent diffuser, you will be in a position to operate your device using the modern smart remote control system. This remote control will help you; to adjust the concentration of the fragrance in your room conveniently and automatically. You will also be in a position to enjoy the working durations of this fragrance machine. This performance duration enables your room diffuser to operate at designated times, such as 1 hour a day, 4 hours, or even up to 8 hours daily. What’s more fascinating than this aromatherapy diffuser at your place?
Fashionable appearance
Who doesn’t need a classy a well-annotated hotel scent diffuser? Of course, everyone yearns for a device that is very attractive to the eyes. A best essential oil diffuser is designed with modern technologies to bring you very fashionable scenting equipment to your home and commercial larger areas. Our device is made of a different and classy appearance; to brighten your days while at home or your office. We offer you a black and glittering-colored hotel scent diffuser to match the various space décor.
Battery usage
Our device mostly; operates on both battery and direct power supply systems. Therefore, you won’t have to connect your device to a power source when it is in operation. The battery will also use less power and voltage across the device of 26 watts and 110V/220volts, respectively. You will also have no problem looking for a new battery once the original one is depleted. MOKA SFX has a close partnership with other trusted retailers to ease your worries.
The smart PCB controller system
YST-5004 hotel scent diffusers are designed with a smart PCB controller system. That has a PCB program that can lock the system automatically after its operations. It improves the safety of the machine thus, enhancing its service life.
Long-life compressed pump
Aroma diffusers have a compressed air pump to effortlessly dissipate the vapor into the air with the help of the fan.

Benefits of using hotel scent diffuser

You might be wondering what benefits you can have with MOKA SFX scent diffusers;
Energy-saving capability
Are you worried about spending too much on your scent equipment? You should no longer be worried because our hotel scent diffusers will help you to save your power consumption rates as they will only use 26 watts of your total power usage.
YST-5004 hotel scent diffusers are eco-friendly
When in operation, our best essential oil diffuser emits a vapor; that is not harmful to the immediate living and non-living things. The fragrance oil is also made from natural fragrances without interfering with the natural ecosystem.
Wide areas of application
You will be in a position to use this hotel scent diffuser in any area of your choice. Its uses are not limited to domestic dwellings such as guest rooms and lounges, but you can also use them at your larger spaces such as weddings, churches, parties, or even clubs. They operate under minimal noises, thus with little or no distractions at all.
Super-silent working conditions
You will be able to adequately use YST-5004 hotel scent diffusers in any space without any problems with noise distractions.

Therefore, your weddings will be very successful free from noise problems, and your guests will be fully entertained and satisfied after the events.
Hotel scent diffusers are intuitive and easy to understand
You can easily install this machine at your commercial place. You can place it on tabletops as well as on the walls. With detailed user instruction, you will be in a better position to enjoy the fragrance in your space, even if it is your first time handling this best essential oil diffuser.
Equipped with Atomization technology
Our hotel scent diffusers are fitted with an HVAC system which; is an advanced atomization technology that converts the essential oil into a vapor that can easily diffuse into the air. With the help of the in-built fan and the smart remote control, you will be in a position to adjust the density and concentration of the fragrance in your room.

Some safety precautions and procedures to observe when operating YST-5004 room aroma diffusers

Upon getting this wondrous YST-5004 hotel scent diffuser device, please ensure you read carefully through the user manual booklet before operating and when handling this room diffuser.

Always keep this aromatherapy diffuser in areas cool dry areas to prevent it from being destroyed by moisture and other environmental conditions.
Be Careful while transporting the hotel scent diffuser
When transporting the best essential oil diffusers, always make sure the machine does not have any essential oil inside the storage bottle to protect the machine from any form of damage or leakages into the necessary machine components.

When this machine is in operation or not, make sure it is; in an upright position to prevent it from leaking and not down. That may remarkably damage the device and parts.
Power Sources of Hotel Scent Diffuser
When plugging the machine into a power source, ensure you don’t use any broken power wire or cable not specified by our technicians and make sure the power supply is suitable for the machine or may cause a fire.

Ensure you involve skilled personnel when opening and operating these hotel scent diffusers. In case of any technical problem, please ensure you contact our technical teams for immediate assistance.


So, you can change the mood and well-being of those people around you by using our YST-5004 Hotel scent diffusers at your place. Together, with these exclusive benefits and outstanding features, you will not be disappointed when you use these hotel scent diffusers. You will enjoy the advanced technology incorporated, fewer energy consumptions, not limited to different color experiences. Thus, this YST-5004 hotel scent diffuser is the best scent equipment for your small and more comprehensive commercial areas. It has a larger capacity of 2000ml, not to mention the ability of the fan to diffuse the fragrance to more spacious ranges evenly. You can get free quote from our website about your preferred device as well.

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