YST-5002 Intelligent Large Area Aroma Diffuser

MOKA YST-5002 is a large-scale professional fragrance diffusion machine. This machine is very intelligent and easy to operate. It also supports LCD display. It uses the world’s leading atomization technology to diffuse the fragrance as quickly as possible. 5000 cubic meters, is a must-have fragrance machine for all major shopping malls and hotels.


  • Silent operation
  • Low energy consumption
  • High-pressure atomization
  • Long lasting fragrance


Material Metal
VoltageAC 110V/220V
UseIntelligence PCB
InstallationLay flat/Wall/Connect HVAC
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MOKA YST-5002 is an intelligent fragrance machine. It not only supports intelligent control but also has a huge coverage area, which can be applied to a scene of 5000 cubic meters.

YST-5002 aroma expender machine is easy to operate and equipped with a waterproof metal power switch, which can effectively prevent potential safety hazards, eliminate dangers, and greatly improve safety.

At the same time, compared to the traditional atomization head atomization technology used by other machines, the aluminum alloy atomization head nano atomization technology used in this machine is the world’s leading atomization technology and patented technology, and the atomization effect is very good.

This machine also has a powerful intelligent control function, which can support up to 7 days 24h control program, so that your plan can be carried out as scheduled, anytime and anywhere fragrance strikes, and the machine is also humanely configured to adjust the concentration of fragrance arbitrarily The function of, so that its versatility has been further expanded, no matter in that situation, you can trust it,


The MOKA YST-5002 intelligent fragrance machine is equipped with a liquid crystal display, and the user can clearly control the machine and understand the status of the machine through the display. At the same time, the alloy body makes it more solid, not easily damaged, and the shape is more fashionable.

This large-scale fragrance diffuser that can be used in a scene of 5000 cubic meters has a power of only 26w. Compared with traditional high-consumption machines, this machine is truly low-power and energy-saving, and it can effectively diffuse fragrances while saving energy.

The machine is very convenient to use and install, supports the use of smart PCB, and the operation is very simple. It can be installed horizontally, wall-mounted, or externally, so as to support the use of various scenarios.

MOKA YST-5002 uses the patented nano atomization technology, which can be used for high-pressure atomization of the aromatherapy liquid, making the machine’s fragrance diffusion ability in an internationally leading position, the fragrance diffusion speed is extremely fast, and it can diffuse long-lasting fragrance, which is very suitable for all kinds of Large shopping mall hotels are used.

  • Please handle the MOKA AROMA MACHINE by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

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1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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MOKA SFX YST-5002 Air Wick Essential Mist

    ▾ Why have MOKA SFX YST-5002 air wick essential mist?
    ▾ Advantages of getting yourself a YST-5002 air wick essential oil fragrance from MOKA SFX company.
    ▾ Aroma Diffuser Hotel description and specifications of air wick essential mist
    ▾ How to operate MOKA SFX YST-5002 air wick essential mist?​
    ▾ Areas where MOKA SFX YST-5002 Aroma Machine can be used?
    ▾ Features of YST-5002 young living oil fragrance​
    ▾ Advantages of having this YST-5002 Young Living diffuser
    ▾ Safety precautions to put in place when operating this HVAC Scent diffuser
    ▾ Conclusion

Why Have MOKA SFX YST-5002 air wick essential mist?

YST-5002 air wick essential diffuser machine is designed and for use in large commercial areas. This prominent HVAC aroma diffuser is designed with a unique atomization energy technology. This technology enables the fragrance oil to be transformed into the fog for quick diffusion into the surrounding. Air wick essential enhances the concentration of the fragrance or smell to travel throughout the extremely large audiences or team.

YST-5002 air quick essential diffusers are incorporated with a digital fan, which is used to enhance the concentration and density of smell inside your commercial area. What is more fascinating than having a good and attractive smell at your commercial place than a YST-5002 HVAC aroma diffuser? It is easy to change your essential oil bottle because all you need is the operational instructions.

Advantages of getting yourself a YST-5002 air wick essential oil fragrance from MOKA SFX company?

As usual, every organization or enterprise is striving towards having absolute customer service and relations in their management team. In MOKA SFX, your satisfaction and happiness are what we are yearning for. We will grant you several privileges which you will never find from any service company. Together with these benefits include:
Quality Certified aroma diffuser hotel
MOKA SFX company has an established quality certification, which was awarded for quality assurances and as one of the global producers of quality items. Therefore, when you get yourself a YST-5002 HVAC aroma diffuser, you will be sure of a quality, eco-friendly, low power consumption, and durable air wick essential environmentally friendly. MOKA SFX also has CE certifications for your quality assurances.
Warranty of air wick essential
You will be in a position to enjoy a 1-year warranty when you get yourself a hotel scent diffuser machine from MOKA SFX company. During this warranty period, MOKA SFX will offer you free repair services as well as free repair parts. So, our user manual contains those activities which, are not guaranteed in our warranty privileges. The warranty is not liable to any mess or damage caused by negligence or poor human operation without clearly following the user manual.
Skilled Technical Assistance
Once you need any service, MOKA SFX will lead you to other service rendering institutions and hardware to get high-quality and similar products as per your needs and specifications. You will not have to walk for long distances looking for stakeholders you have no clue about.

Upon purchasing an essential oil fragrance aroma diffuser hotel, MOKA SFX will get you in touch with our skilled technical team to help you operate and install your device. Our team will also give you a 24/7 listening time to get you to support whenever a problem or inquiry is needed.
We care for our Customers
MOKA SFX company, its partners, and other stakeholders care so much for the well-being of our valued customers. Therefore, when you get a YST-5002 aroma hotel diffuser, you are given a well-detailed, illustrated, and annotated user manual. This manual will assist you when navigating, operating, servicing, and handling your air wick essential diffuser.

Once you purchase your HVAC scent diffuser from our company, you will be given a free after-sale service card. This card will help you to track all your maintenance activities are done. When they are conducted and the details of the service personnel.
Safe and Time Delivery
MOKA SFX has ensured safe and timely delivery of all the aroma diffuser hotel machines ordered. That is regardless of your geographical location, provided the order was accepted and the product available.

So, make our company your essential provider to continue and start experiencing these fabulous opportunities.

Aroma Diffuser Hotel description and specifications of air wick essential mist

YST-5002 air wick essential machine is very modernized scent equipment used to, enhance the humidity and the smell of an area. Not to mention the uncountable unique design features. This HVAC aroma diffuser is designated; for a relatively large commercial area. It is to say you can use this diffuser machine at your event, churches, discos, clubs, and other commercial areas without any worry. Air wick essential covers a large area ranging from3000 to 5000 cubic meters conveniently and effectively.
Enjoy Diverse Experience
YST-5002 air wick essential has several unique features. And all incorporated in one machine to diversify your experience and to integrate all your needs. The automized technology enables this YST-5002 air wick essential to convert the essential oil into vapor to bring fragrance into the room. Together with the fan, your work is easy as it automatically distributes the fragrance concentration throughout the space when used directly or connected to an HVAC system.
Power and Weight
This new model HVAC aroma diffuser uses only 26 watts when connected to a 220V power supply source. It weighs only 7.2 kilograms, you can either mount this aroma diffuser hotel on your walls or even place it on a raised tabletop because of the wider surface area to volume ratio of the bases.
Capacity Bottle and Timer Program
HVAC scenting machine comes in hand with a CFM capacity bottle, which can hold a scented oil fragrance of between 500-1000ml to give out an enthralling fragrance to your area. HVAC scenting machine is designed inclusive of an intelligent timer program. This feature allows you to adjust different aroma concentrations to suit different spaces and set the working time for every day throughout the seven-day timer program to suit your different needs and requests.
Controller System of air wick essential
To elevate your safety the YST-5002 HVAC aroma diffuser has a PCB controller system with an encryption program to lock the different functions after your device settings have elapsed. It is the absolute scent equipment for your commercial area!
Less Noise Producer
When in operation, it produces less noise that is less than 50dba to maintain the quietness of your place, minimizes distractions and discomfort. This air wick essential diffuser can both be used either in indoor spaces or outdoor areas.
Designed to Achieve Ultimate Goal
Color and appearance are the ultimate goals for every person. Therefore YST-5002 aroma diffuser hotel is made from a high-density metal, and aluminum casing then coated with silver and black colors to enhance the beauty and ensure the protection of the essential internal components.

How to operate MOKA SFX YST-5002 air wick essential mist?

It is not a difficult task to operate this air wick essential. Just follow these steps, and you will get your way;

  1. Connect your scent equipment adapter to a power source not exceeding the rated value between 110-240V.
  2. Tighten the oil bottle first, then connect to the power supply.
  3. Switch on your aroma diffuser hotel and set the system time and system running period.
  4. Connect the fan to the HVAC system or directly to the system.
  5. Follow the instructions to know different ways of operating your air wick essential.

Areas where MOKA SFX YST-5002 air wick essential can be used?

YST-5002 air wick essential diffuser is designed for both indoor and open space usage. Because of this, the HVAC aroma diffuser has a wide area of application. The scent grants your audience a treatment to relax the mood and mindset of your customers and audience. Apart from the scent, an aroma diffuser hotel can be used to improve the humidity and conditions of your commercial area.
Cover Wide Range of Occasions.
Air wick essential is used to serve occasions such as back-to-school parties, church weddings, and other parties. Air wick essentials are used in these places because they will fill the air in your room with tiny, safe, breathable particles. And, they will use just beneficial essential oils, giving your room a calmer, and more pleasant-smelling ambiance to improve the moods and experience of your audiences.
To serve different holidays such as valentine’s day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Eid, Christmas, new year, thanksgiving, and new year celebrations. This YST-5002 HVAC aroma diffuser will help you express love through the outstanding scent and smell delivered into the atmosphere.
Commercial areas
In hotel lobbies, the hotel scent diffuser machine is used as part of the overall brand experience. A signature scent is usually combined with an amazing interior design, that goes with proper and sufficient lighting to create the right environment. Also, it is to impress your guests that come from different parts of the world.
Spas and Shopping Malls
Spas and shopping malls use the HVAC scenting to bring their customers and guests an experience beyond the services and hospitality. These young living essential oil fragrance also helps you to create a relaxed atmospheric vibe to your customers.

Because of these vast applications, you will receive positive feedback and reviews, which will help in selling your brand to the outside world.

Features of YST-5002 young living oil fragrance

You can enjoy these features with MOKA SFX YST-5002 air wick essential;
YST-5002 air wick essential is easy to operate.
You can easily operate the fan directly into the device or in the HVAC system to regulate the concentration of the fragrance in your room. With this newly developed scent diffuser system, you will be amazed at this experience.
Intelligent timer program
HVAC aroma diffuser has an intelligent timer controller to adjust the different aroma concentrations to suit different spaces and rooms sizes. The program also helps you to set the working time of your air wick essential diffusers for every day and a seven-day timer to help suit your different requests.
PCB controller system
YST-5002 air wick essential has a digitalized and modern controller system that has an encryption program. This program automatically locks the function after your settings have elapsed. This feature will help keep your aroma diffuser hotel safe and in sound conditions even when you’re not around.
Fan system
MOKA SFX YST-5002 air wick essential-have fans within the system. These fans use automation technology that can regulate the concentration of the smell in your space, thus enhancing temperature and humidity in a room. Therefore, fans are not only used for air conditioning but also used in HVAC scenting systems to improve the diffusing scent smell.
Atomization technology
HVAC scenting machine is designed with an advanced atomization technology that converts the essential oil into a vapor that can easily diffuse into the air to suit your preferences and requests.

Advantages of having this YST-5002 Young Living diffuser

Here are advantages which you can provide to the world and your budget as well,
When the young living diffuser machine is working, it produces a fog or vapor which is emitted into the air. This vapor is very friendly to the living organisms in the environment. It also uses electricity therefore, does not entirely depend on energy from the living matters.
Easy to install
YST-5002 hotel HVAC aroma diffusers can either be mounted on the walls of your commercial areas or you can just put them on the table or stand. This is because they are lightweight and have a larger surface area to volume ratio to support the machine.
Energy-saving capability
With this YST-5002 air wick essential, you will be in a position to save on your energy consumption. This scent equipment will consume only 26 watts of your total power consumption.
Super silent when working.
When air wick essential is in use, it produces less noise which is less than 50dba. It enables you to do your daily activities at ease and in comfort.
Vast applications
You can use MOKA SFX YST-5002 air wick essential in any place. You can use it on different occasions and at parties. It is used in large areas ranging between 3000-5000 cubic meters conveniently and effectively. You can use them at parties, weddings, hotels, shopping malls and spas.
User friendly
MOKA SFX YST-5002 air wick essential releases breathable fragrance which increases the smell of your space. These gases are both good for your health as well as that of the natural environment.

Safety precautions to put in place when operating this HVAC Scent diffuser

Our company is very determined to enhance your safety while operating our air wick essential. Therefore, our user manual booklet has a set of safety precautions to which you should keenly adhere. Ensure you thoroughly go through the booklet to know what you’re supposed to do and what you aren’t supposed to do.

  • Ensure you connect the provided aroma diffuser hotel adapter to the correct power supply source, which does not exceed the power rating of the YST-5002 air wick essential.
  • Always keep your HVAC aroma diffuser in an upright position to prevent leakage and other related damages.
  • Ensure you involve qualified personnel when operating or servicing your HVAC aroma diffuser machine to minimize damages.


Get yourself an amazing and unique YST-5002 air wick essential diffuser machine to enjoy several exclusive features and uncountable benefits. Change and adjust the smell and fragrance of your environment with MOKA SFX aroma diffuser hotel. Because this aroma diffuser hotel is versatile, multifunctional, eco-friendly, and easy to operate, get the experience now at your workplace, hotel, spas, party churches, and other commercial places. So, what are you waiting for get to our official website and place your order now!

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