YST-5001 Split Aroma Expander

MOKA YST-5001 is a super-smart PCB-controlled Split Type Aroma Expander, a newly developed aroma diffusion system with the most advanced technology, and an internationally certified, super environmentally friendly machine.

Because of the ultra-quiet work, it is widely used in many places, such as hotel lobbies, homes, offices, bathrooms and so on.


  • Silent operation
  • Low energy consumption
  • High pressure atomization
  • Long lasting fragrance


Material Metal
VoltageAC 110V/220V
UseIntelligence PCB
InstallationLay flat/Wall/Connect HVAC
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MOKA YST-5001 split diffuser adopts aluminum atomization head, which has uniform fragrance and high efficiency. It is an intelligent PCB control design. The fragrance concentration can be adjusted to be thicker or lighter according to the usage of customers and places.

It is used for large-scale coverage through HVAC connection, which can quickly cover 5000m³of space. Otherwise, You can adjust the PCB density by setting the 24-hour x 7-day timing program setting and fragrance.

MOKA YST-5001 is even more silent design to ensure that the model noise is lower than 40dba, so you don’t have to worry about the sound of the equipment when it is working.  With metal shell, high-strength anti-corrosion paint treatment, simple design, make it look elegant! It uses advanced atomization technology to atomize the liquid sesame oil into a mist, and then powerfully and quickly diffuse it to every corner.



MOKA YST-5001 split diffuser is a high-end product, it is suitable for any atomic layer with a variety of colors.
It can be installed flexibly by a fan, which can emit fragrance directly, or it can be connected to an HVAC system. The emission area of the use scene can reach 5000m³, and the speed is very high.

Another very smart operation of this machine is that you can set 4 groups of timer programs, daily working time and 7-day working time, and you can freely set the aroma concentration. You can also use the PCB controller to have a key after operation to make it safer.

The use of long-life pumps, professional high-tech aluminum atomizers, more effective fragrance, is your best choice.
In addition, each device comes standard with a 12v adapter, which makes it more convenient and safe for every customer to use the YST-5001 Split Type Aroma Expander.

MOKA YST-5001 Split  Aroma Expander will bring you more surprises, take action to contact MOKA SFX and take it now!

  • Please handle the MOKA AROMA MACHINE by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

Helped 1000+ Customers Since 2013

Lots of MOKA items made by China manufacturer are lack of the critical point: “Details”. But you will find an elegance arrangement product line in us, as we believe that only details will speak out for our difference to the others.

MOKA SFX YST-5001- The Ultimate Scent Machine

    ▾ Why have MOKA SFX Scent Machine YST-5001 for your next Hotel Party?
    ▾ Features of MOKA SFX YST-5001 Scent Machine/a>
    ▾ How to operate this YST-5001 scent machine?
    ▾ Where can you use this scent machine?​
    ▾ Advantages of the YST-5001 scent machine
    ▾ Can the YST-5001 scent machine work as a hotel scent diffuser?
    ▾ Can this machine serve as an excellent HVAC aroma diffuser?
    ▾ Why buy your YST-5001 scent machine with us?
    ▾ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    ▾ Conclusion

Why have MOKA SFX Scent Machine YST-5001 for your next Hotel Party?

For anyone working in the entertainment industry, we know the beauty of a scent machine. Have you worked in a place with many people? It won’t be a joke to DJ for a big group or plan an event with many people without fresh scented air. The more you get in an event, the less fresh the air feels. You will need a machine that ensures you get fresh and nicely scented air rotating in the area.
We have designed our YST-5001 scent machine to bring you this fantastic service. We value your job, and we understand the need for a productive and relaxing environment. When the air becomes refreshing and aromatic, you also get a conducive environment to entertain your guests.
This machine will guarantee you success in your business. No one will decline to come to your joint if it continuously guarantees nicely scented air. When the air feels fresh, entertainment gets more pleasurable.

Features of MOKA SFX YST-5001 Scent Machine

So, what features make the YST-5001 hotel scent diffuser a unique product?
To ensure the uniqueness of this scent machine, we equipped it with the following outstanding features.
Timer Settings
This hotel scent diffuser operates on a timer setting of an intelligent PCB control- with the rise in technology, we wouldn’t want to be left behind. We installed an intelligent PCB timer control that allows you to the PCB interface to control this machine. You will not be tied to the manual control system like most outgoing devices operated. This feature guarantees you flexibility and a chance to multitask since you may operate the device amidst other activities.
Purifying Technology
The purifying technology we used to make this hotel scent diffuser will amaze you. Most typical scent machines may not clean a room or an event’s venue. During this pandemic period, we consider the purification of a scent machine more than other features. When you invest in this product, not only will you enjoy perfumed-like air, but also clean air. The technology that our engineers used ensured that as you connect this device to your air conditioning system, it purifies the air. This way, you will not breathe contaminated air but clean and nicely perfumed air.
Reliable Power Features
We installed propelling reliable power feature. We may call this hotel scent diffuser a super powerful machine. This machine has the power to supply an area of 5000 cubic meters with fresh and sweet fragrance air. You don’t have to worry about the immense size of your venue. Once you strategically position this device, you will supply a wide area with the sweetest air scent in our time.
Quality Material
We used materials that guarantee adherence to the friendliness of our environment. It would not make sense if we made a device to refresh the air as it polluted the environment simultaneously. Most machines would produce environmentally harmful by-products to produce a sweet scent for their suitable clients. Our company ensured that all the materials we used in manufacturing this device would ensure the conservation of our environment. The procedure of producing nicely scented air would never interfere with the air or environmental quality as well. When you use environmentally friendly essential oils and aromas, our mission to keep the environment safe will be accomplished.
Compact Design
This HVAC aroma diffuser has a compact design. The compact design makes this device portable and easy to transport. It will also occupy a small space compared to if it wasn’t designed this way. As your work may involve moving from one place to another, this device will make it possible to grace any occasion. Don’t worry about scents in different venues and places. This machine makes it easy to carry your pleasant scents with you.
Easy Mobility
The lightweight nature will add to the mobility of this hotel scent diffuser. Finding a unique scent machine having only ten kilograms becomes impressive. Most scent machines out there, especially the old designs, may get heavier than this. You will carry this machine in your car and comfortably enjoy hosting various entertainment events. Like other special events’ equipment, this machine will bring out the best in every occasion you will grace.
Perfect Control
We made this machine with an intelligent PCB control. To physically hold different machine components while still offering electrical interconnectivity to these regions makes this product unique. The PCB technique gets used in highly classified machines, and using it in the YST-5001 scent machine proves it’s a unique machine. You will find it easy to operate a machine with a PCB control system than those without it. You will quickly adjust the fragrance concentration and time using this PCB user interface.
Fashionable Appearance
This HVAC aroma diffuser has a fashionable appearance. If you fancy beautiful machines, this will amaze you. If you place it at the corner of your stage, it will add to the interior décor of the place. The design easily complements the other special-effect decorations and will ultimately contribute to the memorable experience in your function.
Rubber Feet
This machine has unique rubber feet. The four rubber-made standing features will make the machine stand steady. You don’t want your machine to fall and get damaged. For this reason, we made it with outstanding rubber feet to ensure it gets a firm grip on the ground. Most entertainment stages come with tiling designs that may be slippery. The rubber standers of this machine will create a firm grip on any surface.
HVAC Connection
This hotel scent diffuser has a Havac connection system. The system has a tube where you get to connect your air condition system. This feature will make the air circulating in your venue greatly fragranced, offering a fantastic entertainment experience.
Aluminum Atomizer
The Aluminum atomizer makes another fantastic feature. You will get your fragrance to the furthest area courtesy of this feature. It works to ensure that your fragrance travels further, making this device suitable for large-scale commercial entertainment functions.
Leather Handle
We graced this device with a leather handle. Not only does this feature enable transportation, but it also produces an elegant look to the product.
Power Interference
The hotel scent diffuser also comes with a switch and power interface. This feature enables the powering and switching off of the device.

How to operate this YST-5001 scent machine?

This machine operates using the following procedure.

  • Connect the machine to a power source
  • Power on the device using the power interface
  • Put in your essential oil
  • Use the PCB intelligent interface to adjust the time and scent concentration.
  • Let it run and put fragrance in your event.
  • If you need to connect to the Havac air condition system, use the provided tube to connect to your air condition system. By powering it on and pressing the start button, then you will sit, relax and let your venue fill with freshly fragranced air.

Where can you use this scent machine?

This scent machine will be of great importance in places that have high commercial gatherings. It would be hard to concentrate the fragrance in a massive space with less powerful machines. You can use this MOKA SFX scent diffuser to attract your visitors or audience.

Wedding venues
You can use MOKA SFX scent diffusers at your wedding venues. It will leave an amazing impression on both confined and spacious spaces wherever you are holding the wedding.
Event Planner
It is a great idea for event planners to marginalize their events while investing a little in a scent diffuser. The audience will respond confidently as your event planning company knows how to attract the audience. Also, you will grab more business as companies will get impressed by your way of organizing and attracting customers.
MOKA SFX havoc aroma diffuser can be used in halls and gives more fragrance and privilege to people. It can remove all kinds of bad smells that your hotel or halls have and will make the air more refreshing and attractive.
Conference Rooms
You can use the MOKA SFX HVAC aroma scent machine in conference rooms as well. So, our scent diffuser will make the business environment enchanting and freshening during the meeting. You can enjoy business work in a friendly environment since our environment always has a great impact on our minds.
You can connect our scent diffuser system to your clubs. If DJ plays the music or dance performances are going on in the club, you can provide an additional gift to your customers to make your venue remarkable. The scent diffuser will be producing satisfying refreshments and will become a part of audience enjoyment.
Movie Theatres
Confined or rushy places like movie theatres can use this MOKA SFX HVAC aroma diffuser. Movie theaters are used to have at least 20-300 people. Theatre creates suffocation and bad smell due to mob. To cater to this problem you can use a scent diffuser for refreshment. It will be refreshing for the audience who can watch movies easily in the scented air.

Advantages of the YST-5001 scent machine

Here are some most admired advantages of this hotel scent diffuser;
Ideal hotel scent diffuser
You will get a smart-made and intelligent machine. We have worked hard to limit the manual functioning of this machine. With the PCB user interface, you will automatically set the fragrance concentration and the timing period. This way, you will get to focus on your other duties as the machine operates.
Suitable for Functions
It will be possible to attend various functions using this scent machine. With the compact design coupled with a lightweight quality, this machine will fit in your car, and you may attend any function with it. Using the classic leather handle, you will find it easy to carry to your venue and strategically place it on your stage. If you use this machine alongside other special-effect equipment like fog machines and par light devices, then your function will be the most memorable.
Adds Value to Your Event
This machine adds the air quality around your event’s venue. As an event organizer or DJ, nothing matters more than adding value to your event. Good scented essential oils will make the air fragranced and add to the refreshing effect. If you intend to impress your audience, then this machine will do exactly that for you.
Enhance Interior Decor
This HVAC aroma diffuser will add beauty to your interior décor. While adding to the beauty of your venue or stage, you need to select unique and beautiful products. Did you know that the more beautiful and unique your machines and devices become, you stylishly add to the décor? This machine fits as a fashionable product, and it will make your outlook appear adorable and beautiful. You may also select other special effect equipment like smoke and fog machine from us and make your stage more appealing.
The materials making up this machine provide durability and quality service. You will enjoy using this machine in the long run and get fantastic value for your money. When a device serves us for long, it guarantees us the chance to save our finances by not purchasing another product. You will forget for a while the cost of having a scent machine and focus on generating profits for your business. This machine will provide you with a long-period service duration to help you make enough profits in your business.
MOKA SFX Appreciation Offer
Our company will provide you with your first essential oil to enjoy a fantastic scent experience. You will get to save on your first batch of essential oil. Any business person will appreciate a great offer. We will provide you with the oil that will unlock the machine’s potential in your business.
Excellent HVAC Aroma Diffuser
This machine will serve as an excellent HVAC aroma diffuser. Since the HVAC system may fail to diffuse aroma into the air, connecting this machine to your HVAC system serves as an excellent aroma diffuser. Instead of installing a new HVAC diffuser system, incorporate this machine into your HVAC system and realize your new aroma-diffusing abilities.

Can the YST-5001 scent machine work as a hotel scent diffuser?

A hotel scent diffuser works to release fragrances and aromatic scents into a hotel. This hotel scent diffuser will perfectly connect with a hotel HVAC system or air conditioning system and help diffuse scent into the hotel air system.
With a timing and scent concentration automatic PCB control system, you can continue with other significant hotel duties. This machine will offer zero interruptions and add to the air quality of your hotel. I will certainly enjoy eating and staying in a nicely scented hotel.

Can this machine serve as an excellent HVAC aroma diffuser?

Yes, if you connect this machine using the HVAC connection tube to your HVAC air system, you will get to diffuse aroma in your environment. By choosing essential oils and great aromatic products, you will have all these fragrances in your within no time. The YST-5001 makes the ultimate HVAC aroma diffuser.

Why buy your YST-5001 scent machine with us?

Many companies and suppliers will supply this product at any time in the market. What makes our company the perfect choice for you to buy this machine from us? Read the reasons below.
Certified Products
We have various certificates from international bodies recognizing our business potential. Most people will risk their money and products by buying from non-existent companies online. This way, you may end up being corned and become a fraud victim. While buying from a company primarily online, you should check if the company has any certifications. We pride ourselves in the various certificates we have won for conducting a legit business and earning others over our expertise period. You will always be safe transacting and buying with us.
We provide a free warranty period. During this period, we conduct repairs and replacements free of charge. However, you need to adhere to our terms and conditions about the use of the machine for you to be eligible for a warranty waiver.
Best Shipping Facility
You may buy from us anywhere in the world. Our company enjoys a good reputation with reputable shipping companies. This good relationship will help find you the best shipping company to bring your product directly to you.
What else we have for you
We provide a variety of other special effect equipment. You may get other products from us, including:

All these machines will work best alongside our scent machine to bring you a fantastic entertainment experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you mount the YST-5001 aroma diffuser on the wall?
Yes, with the right equipment and materials, this machine may be mounted on the wall. Just ensure you secure it firmly to avoid accidents if it falls.
Will the YST-5001 scent machine work as an HVAC aroma diffuser?
The HVAC connection tube makes this device HVAC friendly and compatible. You will find it a suitable HVAC aroma diffuser machine.
How far can the YST-5001 scent diffuser offer fragrance?
This machine will make a 5000 cubic meter space scented. It guarantees excellent functioning for extensive commercial area usages like hotels, theatres, or clubs.


If you need an HVAC aroma diffuser to provide excellent scent and aromatic diffusing, the MOKA SFX YST-5001 scent machine will be your perfect choice. This machine guarantees excellent functioning keeping your venue with a fantastic fragrance all through. Purchase with us today and enjoy amazing offers.

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