YST-2003 MOKA Wall Mounted Scent Diffuser

MOKA YST-2003 Aroma machine is a nano atomization fragrance machine suitable for medium and large places and can be connected to the air conditioning system. The modern shape design is more in line with the needs of commercial venues. If you are looking for a fragrance machine with both performance and shape, you must not miss the YST-2003 Aroma machine.


  •  Connect the air-conditioning system to cover a wider area
  • Nano atomization technology, the fragrance spreads more evenly and softly
  •  Programs can be set 24 * 7 days program to adjust the concentration in different time periods


VolatageDC 12V
Color White/Black(Aluminum oxide plate)
Use Intelligence PCB
Installation Lay flat/Connect HVAC
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Take a look at the product decsription below. If you still have questions, feel free to visit our FAQ page, or reach out to us.


MOKA YST-2003 Aroma machine has metal shell, modern appearance design, available in white and black styles, thank to it’s exquisite and small shape, it can be hung on the wall or placed on the table and floor, need not take up a lot of space, which is suitable for various commercial places. The external air conditioning HVAC system can cover an area of more than 2,000 cubic meters.

MOKA YST-2003 Aroma machine designed by latest nano-level atomization technology is adopted to make the fragrance spread more evenly and softly, and integrate with the environment. Because of intelligent control program, you can set 24*7 days program of different density for certain time periods as you like; With prevent dry burning system, when there is no essential oil, the machine will automatically stop running, will not burn the motor and cause damage to the machine. YST-2003 Aroma machine uses less essential oils and is more environmentally friendly.


MOKA YST-2003 Aroma machine can be used in an environment of more than 2000 cubic meters and can be connected to an air-conditioning HVAC system. It is suitable for hotels, office buildings, exhibitions and any other commercial places, allowing guests to taste elegant of the place from the sense of smell. It is as well easy to use, simple to operate, and does not require very professional maintenance and repair, just follow the instructions for normal use. Thanks to its capacity is 500ml, it can be used for a long time, so don’t worry about changing the essential oil often.

If you want to improve the grade and taste of your business place, you can consider choosing MOKA YST-2003 Aroma machine, which will surely bring you unexpected effects.

Are you interested in this product now? Do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

  • Please handle the MOKA AROMA MACHINE by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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Lots of SFX items made by China manufacturer are lack of the critical point: “Details”. But you will find an elegance arrangement product line in us, as we believe that only details will speak out for our difference to the others.

MOKA SFX YST-2003 Young Living Diffuser

    ▾ Why Have MOKA SFX YST-2003 young living diffuser
    ▾ Why should you get yourself an essential oil fragrance from MOKA SFX?
    ▾ Product description and specifications of young living diffuser
    ▾ How to operate MOKA SFX young living diffuser? ​
    ▾ Areas where this wondrous YST-2003 young living diffuser will Cover?
    ▾ Features of YST-2003 young living oil fragrance
    ▾ Advantages of having this YST-2003 Young Living diffuser
    ▾ Safety precautions to put in place when operating this HVAC Scent diffuser
    ▾ Conclusion

Why Have MOKA SFX YST-2003 young living diffuser

YST-2003 essential oil fragrance machine designed for use in medium commercial areas. MOKA SFX young living diffuser machine can cover the designated area or event. MOKA SFX YST-2003 HVAC scent diffuser machine uses advanced atomization technology. This outstanding technology makes it possible for the implement to turn the essential oil into a vapor by the use of a fitted fan which can diffuse into the surrounding air as quickly as possible.

 The best part is the diffusion rate of this young living diffuser, which can be altered. You can change it from slow to fast and depending on your setting and the area to be covered. Therefore, this air freshening and humidification device will help in changing the air conditions of your event to magnify the comfortability of your audience.

Why should you get yourself an essential oil fragrance from MOKA SFX?

What is more interesting than getting yourself an essential oil fragrance young living diffuser machine from MOKA SFX? Of course, it is more valuable and a fascinating thing. MOKA SFX will give you more opportunities and benefits that you’ll never get from any company.

MOKA SFX quality is guaranteed. Therefore, you are assured of a quality YST-2003 HVAC scent diffuser machine with a very long service life, low power consumption, safe and environmentally friendly. MOKA SFX also has MSDS, IFRA, and CE certifications for your quality assurances.

Qualified and Certified 

You will be in the position to enjoy a 1-year warranty when you get yourself a hotel scent diffuser machine from MOKA SFX. During this warranty period, MOKA SFX will offer you free repair services as well as free repair parts. So, our user manual contains those activities which, are not confirmed in our warranty privileges.

MOKA SFX will also give you certified and qualified hardware where you will be in a position to purchase the YST-2003 young living machine spare parts. On this matter, you will not have difficulty in looking for shops with original spares.

Technical Skills

Upon purchasing a necessary oil fragrance hotel scent diffuser; MOKA SFX will get you in touch with our skilled technical team to help you operate and install your device. Our team will also give you a 24/7 hour listening time to achieve, you to support whenever a problem or inquiry is needed.

Product description and specifications of young living diffuser

A young living diffuser machine is an appropriate and outstanding essential oil fragrance machine that you should have for your medium-sized commercial areas. Our young living diffuser comes in hand with uncountable wondrous features which you will be happy to experience. HS-2001 young living diffuser machine designed with a very advanced automized atomization technology, which converts the essential oil into the fog by the use of a fan.

Increase the Concentration of Fragrance

The fan will also help you to either increase the concentration of your fragrance. This new model HVAC scenting machine uses a minimum power of 14 watts and a power voltage of 12 Volts during its operations. This lesser voltage rating will help you; to determine an adequate power source without causing any damage to your machine. YST-2003 young living diffuser machine can cover a relatively medium commercial area of about 2000 cubic meters conveniently and sufficiently.

Scented Oil Fragrance Bottle

 HVAC scenting machine comes in hand with a CFM capacity bottle which contains a scented oil fragrance of 500ml to give out a captivating fragrance. HVAC scenting machine is designed and made of a timer program. You can easily use this program to adjust the concentration of your redolence depending on the nature of the surrounding atmosphere furthermore the size of your commercial area.

Most valid Humidification Device

On the other hand, the program timer enables you to set your YST-2003 young living machine running period every day for the whole day of the week, from Monday to Friday. That will depend on your settings and adjustments. This HVAC scenting has the best humidification for your commercial area. That is because when this hotel scent diffuser is in operation, it produces less noise, which is lesser than 42dba, which accelerates comfort and minimizes distractions and irritations. 

Versatile Design and Easy Portability

Versatility and portability designed in mind, HVAC scenting machine has a net weight and gross weight of 6.3 and 7.5 kilograms. Respectively, which enables you to mount it at your commercial space walling. The scenting machine has an installed fan that can be connected to the HVAC system to be used to diffuse the fragrance in the entire room. The use of indoor, material is safer for human health and is environmentally friendly.

Color Variation

For color diversity, our R &D team carefully deployed different fragrance oils to cater to the diverse needs of our customers. This HS-0301 young living diffuser comes in different colors to put in place your personal needs and expectations. These colors include black+silver, blac+white and black+red. 

It is high time you get yourself this outstanding HVAC hotel scent diffuser machine to enjoy these remarkable features and benefits.

How to operate MOKA SFX young living diffuser?

To operate this young living diffuser is not a challenging task, you can operate it easily while following the given steps; 

  • Upon receiving your YST-2003 young living diffuser machine, unpack the device. 
  • Using the key, unlock the device, put oil into the 500ml bottle and tighten it. 
  • Insert the bottle in position into the device and rotate the oil bottle in a clockwise direction.
  • Connect the adapter to the power supply of 110-240V. Switch on the HVAC scenting machine and set the program timer according to your request. 
  • Repeat the same procedure when you want to refill or replace the empty bottle.

Areas where this wondrous YST-2003 young living diffuser will Cover

YST-2003 young living has a vast area of applications. Because of their unusual scent and their therapeutic properties. They are used in diffusers and humidifiers. They can be used in shopping malls, stores, hotel lobbies, weddings, churches, spas, offices, and multifold other commercial areas. These YST-2003 young living diffusers will fill the air in your room with tiny, safe, breathable particles by just using the beneficial essential oils, giving your room a calmer, and more pleasant smelling ambiance.

Hotel Lobbies

In hotel lobbies, this young living diffuser can be used; to have a unique fragrance experience. A signature scent is wondrous connected with an unusual interior design, proper and sufficient lighting to create the right environment. And to impress your guests that come from different parts of the world. 

Use In Spa Salons and Shopping Malls

Spas and shopping malls use the HVAC scenting to bring their customers and guests an experience beyond the services and hospitality. These young living essential oil fragrance also helps you to create an informal atmospheric vibe to your customers. When a customer gets an extraordinary experience from your commercial area, your brand will sell all over the world and you’ll be in a position to conquer the world hospitality and service markets. So get yourself this unique YST-2003 young living diffuser machine to enjoy exemptions privileges.

Features of YST-2003 young living oil fragrance

These features are what make MOKA SFX YST-2003 young living diffuser a hot pick nowadays!

Fashionable appearance

The young living diffuser casing is made of a metal shell housing and then coated with a waterproofing paint of different color combinations. It gives the HVAC scenting machine a very fashionable appearance when mounted or placed on tabletops.


Our young living diffusers has oil bottle which contains the fragrance essential oil. This bottle is easy to replace and refill. Also, the hotel scent diffuser is very easy and safe to operate and maintain.

Fan system

Fans use automation technology which can regulate the temperature and humidity in a room. Therefore, fans are not only used air conditioning. However also used in HVAC scenting systems to improve the diffusing scent smell. Fans help to increase the concentration of the fragrance in your room by converting the essential oil in the bottle to a vapor that can quickly diffuse into the ambiance.


This young living diffuser can be used for both health benefits and still enhance the smell and humidity of your place.

Atomization technology

HVAC scenting machine designed with an advanced atomization technology that converts the essential oil into a vapor that can handily diffuse into the air.

Safety precautions when using the YST-2003 Scent Machine 

  • Read the instructions provided in the user manual carefully.
  • Ensure that there is no essential oil inside the machine during transportation, so that to protect the machine from getting damaged from leaking.
  • Ensure that the machine is upright, ensure there is no leaking, or you may damage the device and the parts.
  • Ensure that you do not use any broken power wire and ensure that the power supply is suitable for the machine, or it may cause unwanted fire and damage the machine.
  • Only use the machine with the rated voltage, which is DC12V, low voltage might not give you the expected service and high voltage might cause damage to the machine. Following the rated voltage will increase your product’s life span.
  • If you are having issues opening the machine, please contact us as soon as possible or get a professional to help you with the issue you are facing, to avoid damaging the machine.

Unwarranted service

  • Damage caused by accidents or fire
  • Damage caused during transportation
  • Machines that have not been properly cleaned for a long period of time
  • If the machine has been repaired by an unprofessional person and has caused damage to the product.
  • Machines sent back without a permit from the manufacturer will not be repaired or replaced.
  • Machines sent back without warranty card.
  • Machine not used properly.
  • Machine sent back with parts that are not from our manufacturers.
  • Machines that have not been received from official channels.

Advantages of having this YST-2003 Young Living diffuser

Here are the advantages of the young living diffuser you can enjoy;

Aromatherapy Essential Oil

YST-2003 hotel scent diffusers have essential oil in the fragrance bottles. These oils help in holistic treatments; when inhaled to promote the health and well-being of the people around you. In aromatherapy, the essential oils will help to improve the health of the body, mind, and spirit. Thereby, there are enhancing both physical and emotional health.     



When the young living diffuser machine is working, it produces a fog or vapor which is emitted into the air. This vapor is very friendly to the living organisms in the environment. Therefore, It also uses electricity that does not entirely depend on energy from the living matters.     

Easy to install

YST-2003 hotel scent diffusers can either be mounted on the walls; of your commercial areas, or you can just put them on the table or stand. It is because they are lightweight and flat supportive bases to appropriately, offer support to the machine.


Every person deserves a device that consumes less power and is effective at the same time. Our young living diffuser machines consume only 14 watts and work with hardly 12V of your total power supply.

Super silent when working

The installed fan operates in a very regulated and silent condition. With these super peaceful working conditions, you can easily do your chores and job without being distracted or inconvenienced. The HVAC scenting machine is inaudible operations will also be able to enhance your vibes and moods together with that of your customers by creating a user-friendly environment.

Wide Usage

Are you worried about where you can use your YST-2003 young living diffuser? HVAC scenting machine designed for medium-sized commercial areas, which are showrooms, hotels, spas, shopping malls weddings, churches, and so on.

User friendly

Our YST-2003 young living diffuser is a quality certified machine that is very user-friendly. It comes in hand with a user manual with clear instructions and illustrations on how the machine is operating and is handling. Additionally, the vapor produced has several health benefits to the user in that it enhances aromatherapy. In this way, the hotel scent diffuser is for both health, physical and emotional benefits.

Safety precautions to put in place when operating this HVAC Scent diffuser

MOKA SFX is very determined to enhance your safety while operating our hotel scent diffuser. Therefore, our user manual booklet has a set of safety precautions to which you should keenly adhere. Ensure you thoroughly go through the handout to know what you’re supposed to do and what you aren’t supposed to do.


Ensure you connect the provided device adapter to the correct power supply source, which does not exceed the power rating of the YST-2003 young living diffuser machine.     

No Oil While Getting Repairing Services

When transporting your device for repair or to a satisfying event, ensure that the HVAC scent diffuser machine does not contain any essential fragrance oil inside the bottle. It will help you to protect the young living diffuser machine from leaking or even getting damaged.

No Excess Power Supply

The excess power supply above the machine rating is likely to damage the YST-2003 hotel scent device. On the other hand, loose and broken power cables are likely to cause fire at your commercial place.

Get Professional or Qualified Help

Ensure you involve qualified personnel when operating your young living diffuser machine. It will help you to minimize repair complications likely to be caused by that personnel. Therefore You are advised to contact MOKA SFX technicians for prompt support and help.

Proper Time Setting

Before you start operating our YST-2003 young living diffuser machine, set up the work time, system time, and the system running period to minimize time misinterpretation and confusion.



Don’t be left behind with this unusual air fragrance YST-2003 young living diffuser machine. HVAC scenting diffuser is the best remedy for domestic or medium-sized commercial areas scent with uncountable industrial operational settings and modes, no water addition essential oil, and HVAC system capability.  

You can use this hotel scent diffuser in designed libraries, restaurants, spas, hotel lobbies, clinics, dental suites, showrooms, and so on. These YST-2003 young living diffusers have intermittent power-saving characteristics that are efficient and effective for your commercial settings. Not to mention the portability and durability of this hotel scent diffuser, your customers and associates will have aromatherapy once they come in contact with your premises. Therefore, get yourself the perfect hotel scent diffuser today.


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