YST-2001 Vertical Intelligent Scent Diffuser

MOKA SFX YST-2000 Vertical Intelligent Scent Diffuser is a portable scent machine specially designed for large areas place to 2000 m³, such as hotel lobby, bar/KTV/SPA, office, exhibition hall and restaurant. With an intelligent touch, you can customize program it to make a consistent, Wifi and APP control is supported.


  • Silent operation
  • Intelligent touch
  • IOT background, application control
  • Easy installation hanging on wall and portable


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InstallationLay flat/Wall/Connect HVAC
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The YST-2000 Vertical Intelligent Scent Diffuser is an easy-to-place fragrance machine that can be placed flat and hung on the wall. The metal shell and acrylic material make it look simple and delicate, exquisite alloy body, corrosion resistance. The round display and smart fuel indicator make it more technological.

There is an oil level intelligent dynamic light on the display panel, you can see the red, green, and blue indicator lights in three different colors corresponding to different available oil levels, so as to remind you to add replenishment supplies in time. With a plug-in atomizer design, you will find a replacement of essential oil consumables is more simple and convenient.

YST-2000 aroma diffuser uses sophisticated atomization technology to atomize the liquid oil, and then quickly diffuse the fragrance into the air. The diffuser includes a built-in fan that can be used to quickly spread the fragrance so that the fragrance covers a large area. It is suitable for many different places, providing you with a comfortable environment anytime and anywhere.


MOKA SFX YST-2000 scent machine is a functional upgrade of the traditional model. It can configure the network with one key through the smart APP, allowing you to link the application to the Wifi remote control. A variety of working modes are available for you to choose anytime, anywhere, and the operation is convenient and quick.

Through the intelligent PCB controller, this machine can serve you to enjoy focus and timer settings. In daily use, you can quickly set the memory function, so that you can quickly turn on the cycle-only working mode. The YST-2000 has five groups of working modes for your options, arbitrary adjustment of fragrance concentration.

The air guide groove design and the inclined mist outlet provide a better fragrance diffusion effect, and the built-in silent fan promotes the rapid and long-distance diffusion of essential oil molecules.

In terms of energy consumption, it runs quietly with ultra-low energy consumption, allowing you to rest assured for a long time. Under silent operation, decompression helps you sleep and enjoy comfort.

  • Please handle the MOKA AROMA MACHINE by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

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2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
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1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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MOKA YST-2000 Scent Machine

    ▾ The MOKA YST-2000 Aroma Machine Diffuser
    ▾ The Features of the MOKA YST-2000 Aroma Machine Diffuser
    ▾ Other Features of the MOKA YST-2000 Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser
    ▾ How to Set Up the MOKA YST-2000 Aroma Machine Diffuser
    ▾ Applicable Places for the MOKA YST-2000 Aroma Machine Diffuser
    ▾ The Benefit of the MOKA YST-2000 Aroma Machine Diffuser
    ▾ Conclusion

The MOKA YST-2000 Aroma Machine Diffuser

Scent machines are essential equipment and are indispensable in scent marketing and air purification. Several methods have been; expressed to maintain a desirable fragrance and until. Now the invention of aroma machine diffusers has been providing the optimum solution to conserving a fit fragrance. Scent machines complement any space and are used in both small and large areas to diffuse scented diffuser oil.

The MOKA YST-2000 scent machine is an automated and high-performance device used to distribute; scented diffuser oil into any indoor space. Your aroma oil may be useless without a perfect scent machine to diffuse it into your designated area. The MOKA YST-2000 aroma machine diffuser; is designed to turn the idea of fragrance marketing into a live and on-site experience.
Indoor Space
Our scent machine diffuses a coherent scent that will become a natural part of your indoor space. The device is also designed to scent different spaces; which makes it possible for many brands to create their prototypic scent experience. Whether you are scenting a cozy shop, an arena, or a meeting room, you can always rely on the magic of the MOKA YST-2000 aroma machine diffuser.

The Features of the MOKA YST-2000 Aroma Machine Diffuser

Our scent machine is equipped with several modern features that make it very easy to use. These features allow the device to function accurately and give the users the best scent experience.
IOT Background
Another feature of the MOKA YST-2000 smart home fragrance diffuser is the IoT background. IoT which, means “Internet of Things” is a modern feature embedded with sensors and processing ability. It can connect with other devices, including mobiles over the internet or other communication network. However, this feature allows you to be fully visible and easily control the scent in the designated space. Hence our scent machine, therefore, uses the Bluetooth function of the IoT background feature. Together with a smartphone application to monitor essential oil levels and; adjust the device parameters, choose various modes, and some other functions.
Extractable Atomizer
The MOKA YST-2000 aroma machine diffuser; is also designed with an extractable atomizer. This integrated type of atomizer is different from the traditional rotary atomizer head. Many scent machines have the rotary type of atomizer, where you will remove the aroma oil bottle entirely from the diffuser and rotate the cover before refilling. The extractable atomizer makes the replacement of the scented diffuser oil so easy and more convenient to use.
Volume Readout
The MOKA YST-2000 aroma machine diffuser has a volume readout which is situated centrally on the aroma diffuser. This feature allows the users to be mindful of the level of their aroma oil. The specialty uses RGB light, where each light signifies a different tread for the aroma oil. The volume readout displays the green light when the aroma oil is at or greater than 50%, it exhibits blue light when the aroma oil drops below 50%, and the device displays the red light when the aroma oil level drop below 20%. When the device shows the red light, you should know there is only a little of your aroma oil left and, you should be ready to refill your oil to continue enjoying your fragrance.
Intelligent Touch
Intelligent touch is another feature of the MOKA YST-2000 smart home fragrance diffuser. The simple touch screen panel of the MOKA YST-2000 scent machine is clear and unique, with a modern sense of fashion. Also, this feature allows users to adjust the time, configuration network, working modes, and fragrance concentration of the diffuser.
Silent Operation
As you may know, noise may be disturbing, especially when it happens in a quiet place. Moreover, any home appliance that produces “unwanted” or “too much” sound while operating may be considered “unsuitable” especially a device like a scent machine. The MOKA YST-2000 smart home fragrance diffuser generates “zero” sound while operating. It diffuses your aroma oil in a steady and noiseless manner, and you do not have to stay awake while it is operating because it produces no sound.
Alloy Body
The body of the cylindrical MOKA scent machine is made of an exquisite alloy body. The feature offers protection and adds some value to the aroma machine diffuser. Also, the alloy body feature makes the diffuser light in weight, beautiful, and more resistant to corrosion.

Other Features of the MOKA YST-2000 Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser

The MOKA YST-2000 smart home fragrance diffuser has a base and can stand alone. Aside from hanging the diffuser on a wall, it can also be placed on a flat surface. Either way, the scent machine will diffuse your scented diffuser oil evenly to your designated space.
The aroma machine diffuser can diffuse the aroma oil to cover a large-sized space. The device is designed to diffuse your oil and cover space between 2000 – 3000m3. That implies that the scent machine; can also be used to, diffuse essential oils in large areas effectively.
The aroma oil bottle has a capacity of 800 ml which also makes it more suitable to use. The high inclination of the aroma oil bottle allows you to enjoy a long-lasting scent, and you do not have to refill the bottle oftentimes.
Lastly, the MOKA YST-2000 smart home fragrance diffuser is easy to use. The device’s buttons are designed for specific functions. The air guide channel design and the inclined surface spray outlet provide better circulation of diffused scents.
Comfort for the user
All these unique features are designed for the satisfaction of the user. The scent machine works perfectly; when placed in both small and medium-sized areas. Where it will provide a wonderful smell and sensational scent experience. Demand our MOKA YST-2000F smart home fragrance diffuser and experience a powerful scent feeling.

How to Set Up the MOKA YST-2000 Aroma Machine Diffuser

Setting up the MOKA YST-2000 aroma machine diffuser is very easy and fast. Therefore, follow the below guides to set up your aroma machine diffuser:
Unlock the atomizing head
The first thing to do when setting up the MOKA aroma machine diffuser is to unlock the atomizing head of the scent machine.

Add your Scented Diffuser Oil
After unlocking the atomizing head of the scent machine, add the scented diffuser oil of your choice to the diffuser. There are different scented diffuse oils with varying concentrations and ingredients. So, be careful when choosing your scented diffuser oil, and make sure to add the right amount of oil to the aroma machine diffuser. Aroma oil such as lavender oil, bergamot, eucalyptus, chamomile, etc can be used, as your diffused oil. Many of these oils are therapeutic and may offer some help in relieving you of your tension and mental stress.

Find a proper place
The next step for setting up the MOKA aroma machine diffuser is to find a suitable place for the diffuser. Choosing a space for the scent machine is as important as the scent machine itself. When you place the scent machine in the right place it will help circulate your aroma oil to every corner of your designated space. So, after concluding on the perfect place to fix the scent machine, use the hanging hole at the back of the device to hang it on a wall.

The MOKA YST-2000 aroma machine diffuser also has a base and can be placed on a tabletop or any flat surface. The aroma machine diffuser can evenly diffuse your scented diffuser oil while standing alone. For more effective diffusion, avoid hanging the device near the doorway or the window to prevent the scent from escaping through the open space.

Set the working modes and turn the device on
After hanging the MOKA smart home fragrance diffuser on a wall or having; it placed on a tabletop. You can now set the working modes. Our scent machine has five groups of working methods, including the light switch, the spray frequency, and so on. Use these working modes to adjust the scent machine to your taste. Then, turn the aroma machine diffuser on and sit back while our scent machine disperses your aroma oil to your designated space.

Applicable Places for the MOKA YST-2000 Aroma Machine Diffuser

One of the uniqueness of the MOKA YST-2000 aroma machine diffuser is that the scent machine has a wide range of usage. In other words, it can be used, in many indoor and large areas. The primary objective of scent machines is to prevent unpleasant odor and create an attractive environment for you and your households.
The MOKA scent machine can give your guest an; indelible experience whenever it is; turned on at your performance.
Make your bars stand out by installing the MOKA scent machine YST-2000 sculpture in your center. The RGBs feature of the device will make your center so colorful and appease your customers.
Theatres and Studios
The MOKA scent machine generates low heat. That makes it also suitable for use in studios and theatres. Apart from the; low heat generated, the device will also beautify your studio with its LED rainbow effect.
Office Party Place
You can use these scent machines at your office party places. It will give your simple party a touch of innovation. Also, with this machine, you might have not invested a lot in the decor of the office area. As only these scent machines can create a worth-watching ambiance at an economic price.
Clubs can have a different image with these innovative scent machines. You can create a difference in your club with this aroma diffuser. It will make your club the first choice for the coming events.
Indoor Parties
It might not be a great fit for your outdoor parties but can make the indoor events a fresh concept of innovation. You can get the taste of a starry night with these MOKA scent machines YST-2000. These lights can help you to make your event stand out from all.

The MOKA YST-2000 aroma machine diffuser can be used in hotels, hospitals, offices, homes, studios, concerts, and so on. For instance, in a hotel, the presence of the MOKA YST-2000 aroma machine diffuser will create an inviting atmosphere for your customers, giving them reasons to revisit.

The device can be used, in concerts and studios to diffuse your aroma oil and give your guest a warm welcome. And you can also use the scent machine in your residence. You can turn the MOKA YST-2000 smart home fragrance diffuser at your convenience and enjoy a wonderful scent.

The Benefit of the MOKA YST-2000 Aroma Machine Diffuser

Until now, scent machines, are widely used all over the world and, they have specific functions. One can say it is an indispensable device and, it is now used in many homes, offices, theatres, concerts, etc to produce a great smell by dispersing the diffused aroma oil. The multipurpose nature of the device contributes hugely to its wide usage. It is; not restricted to any place; you can use the scent machine at home, workplace, hotel, clubs, studios, and so on.

However, the MOKA YST-2000 smart home fragrance diffuser was; designed with modern features for the satisfaction of our users.

Let’s take a quick recap of what you will benefit from the MOKA scent machine:
Produces a lovely smell
The premiere and by far the ultimate benefit to enjoy from the MOKA YST-2000 aroma machine diffuser is a pleasant smell. The device will help diffuse your aroma oil steadily and in turn, fill your home or office with a great scent. Hence, the pleasant smell will help clear off-air pathogens responsible for unpleasant odor.
Enhances your business
The MOKA YST-2000 aroma machine diffuser can also improve your business; when it displays its particular effect. It is believed that people derive pleasure from a good smell. So, as a hotel manager or a consultant, installing the device to diffuse your aroma oil to every inch of your space may attract more customers which, will, in turn, influence your business.
Relieves you from emotional stress
It is believed that a pleasant smell is powerful and can help relax our minds. The scent coming out of the MOKA YST-2000 smart home fragrance diffuser may help relieve you from mental stress. While working in your office or home, turning your scent machine on can aid critical thinking and, in turn, improve your work proficiency.

Also, many of the plants used for aroma oil have antioxidant properties. The antioxidant properties of the aroma oil are capable of boosting the immune system and fighting off germs to some extent. Aroma oil made from plants such as rosemary and eucalyptus have a considerable potency against some germs when inhaled. The MOKA YST-2000 aroma machine diffuser will ensure your aroma oil diffuse at an appreciable concentration, which will in turn aid your immune system.


Today, scent machines are used widely in many indoor and large spaces to diffuse aroma oil into the air. The MOKA aroma machine diffuser is designated with several unique features that can harmonize any space. However, using the right aroma oil also contributes to the effective use of the device – the scented diffuser oil is as crucial as the diffuser itself.

The MOKA YST-2000 gives you and your household the best possible notion when it comes to the aromatherapy experience. Our smart home fragrance diffuser is very fast and convenient to use. Get a MOKA YST-2000 smart home fragrance diffuser and experience a world-class fragrance.

We are wishing you a wonderful experience with our MOKA YST-2000 smart home fragrance diffuser and, we are looking forward to your next purchase from us.

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  • Coverage:2000m³
  • Intelligence PCB
  • 24h*7days timer program setting

24h*7days timer program setting


24h*7days timer program setting
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