YST-1500 Vertical Fan Fragrance Machine

MOKA YST-1500 Fragrance Machine is a professional medium size quality aroma diffuser, with fan inside, coverage 1500~2000 cubic meters, widely used for middle shops, stores, auto 4’s shops, restaurants, etc.


  • Silent operation
  • Low energy consumption
  • Long lasting fragrance


Material Metal
VoltageDC 12V
UseIntelligence PCB
Installation Lay flat
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MOKA YST-1500 Fragrance Machine is for Medium commercial area. It uses advanced atomization technology to make the liquid oil into fog, then can diffuse the fragrance into the air quickly. The machine has a fan installed, can be used directly to diffuse the fragrance. So that it can cover a big area.

It is easy to change oils according to customers’ requests. The machine has a timer program to adjust different aroma concentrations to suit different spaces and set up 4 groups working periods with 7 days timer program to work automatically each day, it is convenient to operate the whole system. No matter you do resell or rental business, this could totally help you grow the sales volume.

Most importantly, the PCB controller has an encryption program to lock the function after your setting. It is safe for use.


MOKA YST-1500 Vertical Fan Fragrance Machine is covered with a metal shell, which has High strength corrosion resistance, much durable, you can use the scent machine for a long time.

Also with MOKA YST-1500, which is built with an Aluminum decorative strip + aluminum alloy panel design, elegant and generous, looks great when you install it on the hotel or restaurant.

MOKA YST-1500 scent diffuser has a hidden air outlet and hidden handle design, simple and beautiful. With a powerful fan, the diffusion is faster and more uniform.

It is very convenient and safe under the one-key operation and intelligent control of the PCB controller. Its detachable fog core facilitates your daily maintenance and reduces machine maintenance costs.

Electricity connections make the diffusion function more powerful to cover the bigger area.

  • Please handle the MOKA AROMA MACHINE by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

Helped 1000+ Customers Since 2013

Lots of MOKA items made by China manufacturer are lack of the critical point: “Details”. But you will find an elegance arrangement product line in us, as we believe that only details will speak out for our difference to the others.

MOKA SFX YST-1500 Aromatherapy Diffuser

    ▾ Why Have MOKA SFX YST-1500 Aromatherapy Diffuser for Next Event?
    ▾ What makes this floor standing scent aroma machine unique?
    ▾ Where can you use this floor standing scent aroma machine?
    ▾ How to operate the floor standing scent aroma machine?​
    ▾ Advantages of using the floor standing scent aroma machine.
    ▾ Why should you choose to purchase your aromatherapy diffuser with us?
    ▾ MOKA SFX Repair services for hotel scent diffuser
    ▾ Safety precautions while using this aromatherapy diffuser
    ▾ Conclusion

Why Have MOKA SFX YST-1500 Aromatherapy Diffuser for Next Event?

Since aromatherapy diffusers came to be, everyone wanted to add a unique fragrance to the air they breathed. The fragranced air acts as a therapeutic technique since it helps people relax and have a good time. When you have had a tough time at work, going to a place where you can relax and experience fresh, scented air becomes relaxing. Most of our clients for this aromatherapy diffuser organize and host medium-sized commercial events. They, therefore, need a robust floor standing scent aroma machine to supply aromatic air efficiently.

MOKA SFX prides itself in providing you with the best aromatherapy diffusers to guarantee your business success. When you crown your environment with these classic scents, it becomes a must be for your customers.

What makes this floor standing scent aroma machine unique?

We ensured that this hotel scent diffuser comes equipped with unique features. These features help the product stand out in the market, with most people loving its service. The following features will make you love this item so much you will in cooperate it into your business.
Liquid Crystal Display
The aromatherapy diffuser comes with an LCD. A liquid crystal display (LCD) works to help the user get a visual display when an electric current passes in a device. With this feature, you get the most precise visual presentation. You will be able to operate the machine efficiently and better than other poor-quality display techniques. With this display, you will choose the working hours and days you need the aromatherapy diffuser to manage.
Well Protected Oil Bottle of YST-1500
The aromatherapy diffuser has a well-protected oil bottle. This oil bottle carries the essential oil that the machine diffuses. We made it secure by positioning it in a special chamber under key and lock. The key helps in opening up the machine to access the bottle. This way, the aromatherapy diffuser may help diffuse different essential oils. You need to refill the type that you need at a particular period.
Energy-saving of hotel scent diffuser
The floor standing scent aroma machine operates on energy-saving and environmentally friendly protocols. We encompassed all measures to make this aromatherapy diffuser as energy-saving as possible. Our user manual helps the user avoid any oil spillages. Spilling oil will indicate pollution. So, as you use the product, you should adhere to the manual guidelines and help us protect the environment. The color and other electrical elements used in making this aromatherapy diffuser will guarantee you energy-saving properties.
Powerful Hotel scent diffuser
This aromatherapy diffuser has a fan incorporated in it. The fan helps in diffusing the scent into the air. This feature contributes to making this machine as powerful as you need it for your averagely large areas. Other scent machines without a fan take a long period to diffuse fragrance in a large area. This aromatherapy diffuser will thus not let you down since within a few minutes of powering on the scent will travel 1000-1500 cubic meters.
Atomization Properties
Here are the atomization properties, which will make its usage convenient for its users;
We made this item with advanced atomization properties. This technological advancement converts the liquid oil into fog which diffuses into the air efficiently.
This hotel scent diffuser has a PCB controller installed in it. This feature guarantees that it locks the functions after use. This feature helps keep the aromatherapy diffuser operate safely.
The timer program in this aromatherapy diffuser will help you manage your operating time while setting the scent concentration.

Where can you use this floor standing scent aroma machine?

If you have to cover any medium area commercial event, then this aromatherapy diffuser will get you covered. The following areas represent these commercial event areas where you will find this aromatherapy diffuser very useful.

Like people visit your hotel, they will appreciate the aromatic scented environment. Once you locate this item in an ideal central place, the hotel scent diffuser fan will have your place smelling nice in no time. If you set the concentration and time, you will enjoy doing your other hotel duties as this machine runs. Our clients in the hotel sector agree that our excellent aromatherapy diffuser has brought them success.

Wedding ceremonies
Weddings require all beautiful things. As a wedding planner, guaranteeing your clients an exclusive air scenting opportunity will mean the world to them. As the decorations sway from side to side, breathing in aromatic air will be the most memorable. This floor standing scent aroma machine will guarantee you the best times at any wedding. The therapeutic nature of essential oils will make your guests relax as they witness a life-changing phenomenon.

Movie theatres
I remember when I was turning sixteen. My best friend proposed that we should spend the evening watching the trending movie. I was so excited as we went hand in hand to our local movie theatre. The hall packed to capacity, and within a few minutes, the movie started. The place felt stuffy with so many people, and windows did nothing to help. Ten minutes into watching and I started feeling nauseated. I ended up vomiting.

If the room has scented and aromatic air like the one provided by our aromatherapy diffuser, then I could not end up throwing up as I did. If you own a movie theatre, an aromatherapy diffuser will be a lifesaver and profit booster to your business.

Shopping mall
Do you own a medium-sized shop in a shopping mall? Shopping malls tend to get stuffy with the many people visiting. With the floor standing scent aroma machine, you will bring fragrance to your shop. People will shop without worry. The relaxation that comes with this aromatherapy diffuser will also be good for your business. Don’t let your clients sweat and lack nicely scented air too.

Hosting a party will require some planning. While you need sound systems and special lighting devices, you also require the aromatherapy diffuser. A party will involve some level of dancing and amusement. You will stay refreshed and relaxed all through the party. Aromatherapy diffuser suits parties, and we recommend that you grace your next party with its classic scenting abilities. The hotel scent diffuser will guarantee fragranced and scented air for your guests.

How to operate the floor standing scent aroma machine?

Once you purchase this aromatherapy diffuser, you will be marveled by how you will efficiently operate this hotel scent diffuser. The features provide an easy user interface for maximum satisfaction. Follow this procedure to have it operational and producing fragrance.

Ensure you plug the power cable into the power socket.
Power on the aromatherapy diffuser while using the ON switch button
User the LCD to read the time and scent concentration
Use the PCB controller and adjust the timer and the concentration
Let the device run as you need it
Switch off the aromatherapy diffuser after use by pressing the OFF power button
Disconnect the power cable from the power source

Advantages of using the floor standing scent aroma machine

Our HS-1500 aromatherapy diffuser will bring various benefits to your business. These benefits include:
Perfect Quality
This device will improve your customer’s experience. The sweet scenting of air will be extremely esteemed by most of your customers. This experience will send a good reputation and will maximally increase your profit generation.
Enjoy Relaxing Experience with Aromatherapy Diffuser
Our floor standing scent aroma machine will guarantee a relaxing experience. Whenever these essential oils get released in the air, some bring a calming and medicinal effect to most people. Some essential oils help in clearing the respiratory system. As much as people get refreshed, they will get a good entertainment opportunity.

Hotel Scent Diffuser health effects
The fragrance will healthily diffuse into the surrounding. This aromatherapy diffuser disseminates the essential oils like a fog via an atomization procedure. The procedure does not offer chemical alteration to the essential oil. You should, therefore, not worry about adverse health effects.

This aromatherapy diffuser will offer you a smooth business operation. After setting up the timer and concentration, you will comfortably mind other businesses. The floor standing scent aroma machine will offer minimal disruption for the set period with a 400 ml essential oil bottle lasting up to 4 months.
Minimal Noise production
Hotel scent diffusers function with minimal noise production. You will find that the device operates quietly and blends in your working environment.
Worth Experiencing Product
This device will help you build loyalty among your customers. For first-time customers, they will get the perfect first-time impression on your business premises. This aspect will increase the chances of visiting again. For regular customers, this device will help them create lasting, memorable experiences.
Produces Dry Vapors
This device produces dry vapor. You will not experience any residue in the air making the device produce the best scents without a trace.
Adjustable Scent Levels
You will enjoy operating a scent machine with adjustable scent levels. As much as aromatic air may prove relaxing, high levels of these essential oils in the air may irritate the respiratory system. With our HS-1502, you will be able to adjust the scent concentration using the PCB controller.
Covers Wide Area
This aromatherapy diffuser supplies scented air for a relatively large area. If your space goes up to 1500 cubic meters, then this device will provide fragrance without delay. The fan ensures that the essential oil which comes out as fog gets evenly distributed in your working space.

Why should you choose to purchase your aromatherapy diffuser with us?

As a company MOKA SFX, we pride ourselves on providing your business with great products. You will enjoy the following benefits by choosing to purchase your commodities with us.
Trustworthy Business Dealings
You will enjoy fraud-free business dealing. We have worked in this field for decades now. With our outstanding reputation and sincere business proposals, we deliver to our customers without delay. You will not lose money or property when you choose to work with us.
Certified Aroma Diffusers
We enjoy many certifications. We have won many certificates of excellent performance, which will act as proof of our professionalism. We rejoice in providing professional machines for business dealers.
Material and Technology of Hotel Scent Diffuser
We provide quality floor standing scent aroma machines. Our engineers invest in the best material and technology. This commitment ensures that our products serve you for a longer time. You will get to work for long before the machine breaks down. We value quality production to ensure that our clients get significant profits.
Entertainment Tools
We produce other entertainment equipment. MOKA SFX procreates other special-effect products like fog, smoke machines, and par light lighting fixtures. We will gladly provide it if you need other entertainment equipment alongside your floor standing scent aroma machine. Feel free to contact us for different items.

MOKA SFX Repair services for hotel scent diffuser

You can get these repair services after getting your products from MOKA SFX as well;
Professional Repair Services
We also offer repair services to scent diffusers and other of our equipment. If you need a repair done, please contact us; to provide you with professional repair services. With our team, you get a guarantee of your machine working again.
Quick Delivery
We deliver our products on time. Since we have partnered with reputable shipping companies, your hotel scent diffuser will take the shortest time to get to you. We manufacture our items in surplus, so you won’t wait for long after placing an order with us. Within two or three days after purchase, you will receive your product.
Warranty Products
We provide a 12-month warranty cover for our customers. Within the twelve months, you stand a chance to get a free replacement. During this period, repairs will also be free of charge. After the warranty period expires, you start paying for any repair required.

Safety precautions while using this aromatherapy diffuser

Since this product has electrical properties, you will need extra care while handling it. It would be superb if you considered the following precautions while using it.
Electrical Properties
Ensure that the power cable, other electrical cables, and the socket show no faults. There should not be open wires. This precautionary measure will help prevent the risk of electrocution and short-circuiting.
Suitable Power Voltage
Ensure that the power voltage on your socket doesn’t exceed the required voltage for the device. Check on the manual and note the voltage requirement of your machine before use.
Postition Maintenenace
You should maintain the device in an upright position. This position will help in preventing oil spillages and leaks. For this, you can choose a suitable place before operating the device.
Follow the Cares to Avoid Permanent Damage
Get the help of a professional to conduct your repairs. Unauthorized persons may cause permanent damage to your device.
During the warranty period, don’t tamper with the device in any way. Damage that results from careless handling or non-adherence to the preventive measures will revoke your warranty agreement.
It would be best if you did not open the machine by yourself.
If you notice any concerns, feel free to contact us immediately.


If you enjoy hosting memorable events, this device will help you do exactly that. With great operational features and numerous benefits, our YST-1500 aromatherapy diffuser will bring you significant profits. You should adhere to all preventive measures, and we guarantee you the most outstanding results. You can use it in wider areas and different venues and functions. It will always be a gesture of style, softness, and Joy. You can get a free quote from our official website to clear your doubts about its being expensive. You can have it within your appropriate party budget. Nothing can be more engaging than this, so just place your order now!

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