MOKA YST Aroma Machine
MOKA Aroma Machine can Create a Romantic Atmosphere to Your Area. The Effect will be Very Shocking and will Bring Unexpected Results to Your Space!

Aroma Machine - YST Series

MOKA YST Aroma machines are the widely used oil fragrance equipment in commercial places such as weddings, shopping malls, clubs, festivals, and different occasions ranging from medium-sized places to large commercial spaces greater than 500 cubic meters. They will help you achieve a pleasant smell, elevate your moods, and enhance the humidity of the environment.

  • Overall shape forming, portable, and practical.
  • Not easy to rust, long service life.
  • Manual control, Remote control, and DMX control.
  • The fan is big and powerful, and the bubbles are high and far away

MOKA YST Large Aroma Machine

scent diffuser
  • Built-in Powerful Fan
  • Coverage: 5000-8000m³
  • Intelligent PCB Timer Program
aromatherapy diffuser
  • Coverage:1500-2000m³
  • With powerful fan
  • Intelligence PCB
verticle aroma
  • Coverage:1500-3000m³
  • Nano-level fine atomization
  • Capacity:1200ml
intelligent scent diffuser
  • Coverage:2000-3000m³
  • Link HVAC
  • Five groups of working modes
flavoring machine
  • Coverage:2000-3000m³
  • Can be connected to HVAC and  be used to add fragrance
    at any distance.
scent diffuser
  • Coverage:2000m³
  •  Intelligence PCB
  •  24h*7days timer program setting
  • Coverage:2000m³
  • Link HVAC
  • 24h*7days timer program setting
hotel aroma
  • Coverage:2000m³
  • 24h*7days timer program setting
  • Link HAVC system.
business aroma machine
  • Coverage:3000m³
  • Link HVAC
  • Lay flat/On Wall
aroma machine
  • Coverage:5000-8000m³
  • Smart app one-key configuration network
  • Link HVAC
business scent diffuser
  • Coverage:5000m³
  • Capacity:1000ml/5L
  • Link HVAC
  • Coverage:5000m³
  • Lay flat/Wall
  • Connect HVAC
large area expander
  • Coverage:5000m³
  • Connect HVAC
  • Silent design , environmental friendly
business fragrance machine
  • Coverage:8000-10000m³
  • Connect HVAC
  • Smart app one-key configuration network

MOKA YST Aroma Machine

Make MOKA SFX company your service company in case you’re looking for a reliable manufacturer, that produces quality aroma machines with on-time shipment for your orders.
Your aroma machines ignite the experience of your respective aroma; therefore, you have a variety to choose from. MOKA SFX company designs dependable aroma emitting systems that turn scent ideas into live and onsite experiences.
YST Aroma machines diffuse seamless scent and smell that becomes a natural part of the space you’re in. Are you worried about your space? Worry not because each of our scent equipment is designed to scent different space volumes and usage, therefore, any commercial area can generate an original scent experience.

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flavoring machine

Popular YST Aroma Machine 2024

  • Voltage: AC 110/220V
  • Power:28W
  • Link HVAC
  • Essential Oil Capacity: 1.2L
  • Coverage:5000-8000m³
  • Smart app one-key configuration network

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About MOKA SFX Aroma Machine

YST Aroma machines are manufactured under a supervised process to ensure your needs and requests are met.

You will get the best customer care service from the MOKA SFX company. Our company has well-established management with strong, flexible, and efficient teams to give you a listening ear. We are determined to help you fix your problems whenever they occur, therefore, our technical team will give you your desired solution within the shortest time possible, usually not longer than 24 hours.

Since our company values your expenditure, MOKA SFX will give you a one-year warranty upon purchasing the aroma machine. Before this duration elapses, you will get free technical support and spare parts for your damages. This is exclusive of all those malfunctions caused by human ignorance and failure to adhere to the user manual instructions.

This outstanding manufacturing company has all the full certifications which include MSDS, IFRA, and CE certifications. This is because our company produces quality and reliable products according to the standardization requirements. Therefore, boost your trust in our aroma machines products.

MOKA SFX company offers global shipping of the ordered products. You don’t have to be worried about the product arrivals because once you order, you will be given the shipment durations. You will also get frequent and timely communications on your delivery locations.

A Guide To Selecting The Right Aroma Machine

    ▾ Why Should You Have a YST-Aroma Machine for Your Commercial Spaces?
    ▾ Key elements of an aroma machine.
    ▾ Exclusive features of an aroma machine
    ▾ Types of aroma machines.
    ▾ Types of oils that can be placed in aroma diffuser machines
    ▾ How to use a YST Aroma machine?
    ▾ Are the prices of YST Aroma machines reliable?
    ▾ How to Maintain an Aroma Machine?
    ▾ Conclusion

Why Should You Have a YST-Aroma Machine for Your Commercial Spaces?

Due to current changes in atmospheric conditions, you need to get yourself this amazing aroma machine. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the various aromatic scents that match your conditions and space area. Get yourself one and you will enjoy and appreciate the great experience.

  • Aroma machines are durable

Our design team has ensured durability in all our products. You will experience little to no repair and maintenance costs while you are using these aroma machines.
Made from durable casings and components, you will have invested in your scent equipment. You will also use it on many uncountable occasions, parties, stores, hotels spas, churches, weddings, etc. repeatedly with no damages over a longer time.

  • Good working environment

When you include a sweet scent in your commercial area, you will be in a position to change the moods and experiences of your customers or audiences. Your business will flourish globally only by creating a favorable and inclusive environment.
Imagine your audiences experiencing the rhythm and the beats at your party or occasion while the LED lights of different colors lock with the sweet scent in the room, what a fascinating ambiance you would have created!

  • Safe to use and operate

Your safety is our priority. Our aroma is completely safe to use and operate. The fog released into the atmosphere is a very good medicine for relieving stress and enhancing your mood. You will receive aromatherapy which is beneficial for your health.
Yes, the bubble machine is completely safe. There are rarely any situations when something could go wrong with the machine, but most times, it is pure joy. However, you should take precautions near the power supply and motors if there are any liquids at the event.

  • Versatile and reliable

You will be in a position to carry your machines to your event destinations. Made of long-lasting materials, you will have a longer service life when you get yourself an aroma machine. It is reliable! Enhance the experience in your space.
People instantly feel happy looking at bubbles. So keep your bubble machine handy for every party order that comes along or for Christmas days when you have to organize a carnival in town.

  • Aroma machines are portable

aroma machines are made of a very lightweight material casing to make it easy for you to move it anywhere. Made of different sizes, the weight is relatively lighter to conveniently allow you to carry them to your desired destinations without causing any damage.

  • Lower Power consumption.

Aroma machines have relatively lesser power and voltage capacities to enable you to expand your experience. With little power consumption, you will be in a position to save on your power usage. With the little voltage usage, you will achieve an advanced aroma concentration all over your room regardless of how big or small it is. So, these are the ideal power-saving aroma machines you need to have in your space.
However, if your goal is for small-scale parties, then you don’t have to consider the bigger machines. Thus, decide on a machine size that will suit your needs and one that you will use more than occasionally.

  • Different User Mode Options

These outstanding aroma machines are designed with a couple of inbuilt control modes when operating them. You can either operate it in manual mode or even the remote-control system. Consequently, aroma machine fans can be connected directly to the system or even through the HVAC system.
Manual mode will only allow you to change your equipment settings when you’re nearer your device while remote control will conveniently allow you to adjust your settings at a distance. This will improve your confidence, especially in crowded commercial areas such as weddings, churches, or parties.

  • Eco Friendly

aroma machines are good for the environment. When in operation, they have no environmentally-related damages. You will therefore use them anywhere without any fear of environmental degradation.


Key Elements of An Aroma Machine

Our company ensures that you get your complete scent equipment upon your purchase and delivery. Therefore, you won’t have difficulty figuring out the functions and how to use every component that comes with an aroma machine

Aluminum bottle: these bottles come in different sizes corresponding to the capacity of each aroma machine. You will pour your aroma oil into this bottle to achieve the desired scent.
Fan system: This can be connected to the system directly or connected to the HVAC system to help in achieving the desired concentrations.


Exclusive Features of A YST Aroma Machine

These are amazing exclusive features you can enjoy with the MOKA SFX aroma machine; 

  • PCB controller system

YST Aroma machines are designed with a digitalized and modern controller system. Within the systems is an encryption program that locks the functional parameters automatically after your settings have elapsed. This feature will help to keep your aroma machine safe while you won’t be around.

  • Fan system

YST Aroma machines are fitted with a fan system that uses automation technology to distribute uniformly the vapor generated throughout the space. During the device’s longer operations, especially in events and overnight celebrations, the fans will act as cooling features for the overheating components. This helps in ensuring the durability of the aroma machine.

  • Intelligent timer program

YST Aroma machines are designed with an intelligent timer controller program. This program helps you to adjust the aroma concentrations to suit different spaces and room sizes. The program also helps you to set the working time and aroma duration to suit your requests.



Where Can You Use Aroma Machine?

Are you worried about the space sizes, your audience type, and size? aroma machine got your needs catered for. Since it is available in different sizes and scents, you’re your requests will be granted. aroma machines are easy to mount; can be mounted on walls or placed on tabletops at your desire, thus easing your work.

Below are some of the various places where you can conveniently use this aroma machine

  • Thanksgiving parties
  • Shopping malls
  • Spas
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Residential areas such as sitting rooms
  • Weddings
  • Church events
  • Christmas celebrations
  • Birthday parties
  • Different holiday celebrations

In all these places, celebrations, parties, and occasions can be conducted both indoors and outdoors. aroma machines are not limited to a certain space or enclosure. By using just this machine, you will have changed the mods of your audience.


Types of Aroma Machines

We have different types of aroma machines to suit your desires. These machines include terracotta diffusers, electric diffusers, fan-style diffusers, and water diffusers.
If your space is less than 300 cubic meters, please choose the EST series fragrance machine. If the space is larger than 500, the YST series will be more suitable for you.


Types of oils that can be placed in aroma diffuser machines

Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Tea tree, Lemongrass, Sweet orange, Frankincense, and Eucalyptus.


How to Use a YST Aroma Machine?

Fill the aluminum bottle with the aroma oil and tighten it to prevent leakage of the oil. Connect your adapter to the aroma machine, then connect to a suitable power source not exceeding the rated value. Switch on your device and set the system time and system running period of your desire. Sit back and enjoy the experience of this aroma machine, because it’s all you deserve.


Are the Prices of Aroma Machines Reliable?

 machines are the most affordable recreational device you’ll ever get. MOKA SFX company has guaranteed all your financial needs by bringing you pocket-friendly scent equipment. The prices of these aroma machines are proportional to the size and capacity of the machine.

Practically, you can use the medium-sized aroma machines in small commercial areas such as offices, spas, lounges, and other small spaces while those with larger capacities can be used in large commercial areas such as weddings, hotels, clubs, parties, and areas with a large audience.

YST Aroma machines will therefore suit all your space sizes with as little amount as possible.


How to Maintain an Aroma Machine?

Every device needs good and proper maintenance to ensure durability is achieved. Therefore, if you purchase an hase an Aroma machine, you should take good care of it, through regular servicing, cleaning, repair, and maintenance. This can only be done by skilled personnel to minimize damages. All you need is to follow the given instructions which include,

  • Usually, all you will need to do is rinse the bubble liquid tank and the rings with lukewarm water after every use.
  • In case a thick solution is used, you may fill the tank with warm water and switch on the bubble machine. This will help clean the solution off the rings.
  • Always remember to store the machine after drying completely. This will avoid long-term issues.


What Are the Safety Measures you need to observe when handling this aroma machine?

When handling this aroma machine, your safety comes first. This is why our company values your safety when operating your device.

  1. During installations and assembly, always ensure that your aroma machine is held in an upright position to prevent leakage of the oil bottle.
    These leakages are more likely to cause damage to the internal components.
  2. To prevent fire outbreaks or short circuits, always avoid connecting the aroma machine using broken cables.
  3. Always check the power source before connecting your device to check whether it falls in between the ratings.
  4. Allow only skilled personnel to access your device.
  5. If you know you won’t use your machine for a very long time, ensure you clean the machine.
    First, use a 95% alcohol-based organic solvent to clean the atomizer and each part or component of the HVAC scenting machine after your final use.
    The same process can be applied every 1-2 months.



In a nutshell, you can have one YST aroma machine for all your events in one place. The best part is you can have your machine according to your convenience and budget. Yes, doesn’t it sound enchanting? Just write us an email or write us on our official website, and get information regarding your budget and area. You will get certified products from MOKA SFX. So, what are you waiting for just place your order right now!

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