Which Bubble Machine Is Best for You?

Which Bubble Machine Is Best for You?

Looking to add some magical fun to your next event? Bubble machines are a great way for you to create joy and wonder for your guests of all ages. With so many options out there though, how do you pick the best bubble machine for your needs?

How Do Bubble Machines Work?

A bubble machine produces bubbles by blowing air through a bubble solution, usually a mix of water, soap, and glycerin.

The solution is held in a reservoir of the machine. A motorized fan then blows air through small holes or slits in the reservoir to create bubbles.

The rate of airflow determines the amount of bubbles produced. More advanced machines may also use ultrasonic technology, heating elements, or LED lights to produce different bubble effects.

Main Types of Bubble Machines for You to Choose From

There are a few main types of bubble machines for you to pick from:

  • Wedding bubble machines – Compact, and wonderful smoke-filled bubbles used for your wedding exits when guests send blessings on you and your partner. Especially the peak visuals when collaborating with dry ice fog machines.
  • Bubble blowers for Kids – These produce a steady stream of bubbles from the bubble maker. Lightweight and portable, great for your kids’ parties.
  • Bubble fog machines for Show – Combine magical bubbles and fog. The fog fills and highlights the bubbles. Puffs of smoke are released when the bubbles pop to surprise your guests. Perfect for your professional performances.
  • LED bubble machines for Parties – Bubble machines with LED lights that illuminate the bubbles in different colors. Creating a beautiful ambience for your events.
MK-B12 smoke bubbler

Tips for You to Choose the Best Bubble Machine

When picking a bubble machine, keep these tips in mind:

  • Consider your occasion and venue – Pick a machine that matches the mood you want to create.
  • Size – Make sure the bubble output matches your room size so bubbles reach your guests.
  • Portability – If moving the machine around, choose a lightweight, compact design.
  • Special effects – Do you need lighting, fog, variable speed? Match the features to your needs.
  • Bubble fluid – Use quality solution and follow directions for best performance.

See Bubble Machines on YouTube

For more inspiration on using bubble machines for your stages, weddings, parties, and more, check out the MOKA SFX YouTube channel.

We have videos showcasing many lighting and stage effect products, like laser lights, cold sparkler machines, and confetti cannons, to help you create unforgettable events! Subscribe for more tips and ideas.


Add amazement and delight to your next event with a bubble machine! Consider your occasion, venue size, portability, and effects needed to pick the perfect machine.

Quality bubble fluid and following product directions will ensure bubble magic. Click to learn more about what kind of bubble fluid is used. Get creative ideas from MOKA SFX for your events!

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