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Amazing Fire Effect! Are Fire Projector Legal/Illegal?

As a common stage effect in the process of events and performances, the fire projector has brought a stunning visual appeal to the audience. But does the government allow these flame projectors? Or is there a clear legal requirement for a stage flame machine? This article will take you through whether a flame machine could be used legally.

What You Need to Prepare Before Buying Fire Machine

  • Understanding the fire safety regulations and taking proper fire safety measures:

Before purchasing a flame device, strengthen fire safety awareness, pay attention to potential fire dangers, and enhance the ability to respond to fire safety accidents.

  • Comparing regulations of flame projectors in different countries and seeking guidance from local authorities:

It depends on which state you are going to hold the party. In the United States, for example, most states require a license to use fire projectors, California requires a license to own a flame thrower gun, and only Maryland bans the possession and use of flame projectors outright. Check with your local fire department, as the fire office issues the license.

You could consult with the local fire department, cause the requests for permits are different, such as the permit license is only issued according to the need of purchase in New York.

You can search for your fire department nearby in America.

You can search for your fire department nearby in Australia.

You can search for your fire department nearby in British.

Furthermore, before using the flame device, the approval of the local AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) must also be obtained. (Read more about AHJ in US)

  • The operator needs to be professionally trained to ensure that the fire machine can be safely controlled.

CONSULT With the Host of the Event!

  • Understanding the specific rules about the venue:

Ask about the licensing process of the special effects of the venue, what kind of documents and approvals are required before this machine can be included in the event? Are there any criteria that the venue needs? Regulations may vary in the same state, so consult with the venue as soon as possible to make sure you can use the flame machine during the event!

  • Addressing the responsibility issues with the organizers of the event:

Communicate the detailed responsibilities division with the parties before the event to prevent the occurrence of unexpected situations. What measures could be taken to reduce liability risk in the event of an emergency? In short, both sides should work together to ensure a prompt and effective response in the event of an incident.

stage venue

Safety TIPS!

  • MOKA SFX products all have related certifications, including our flame projector, which has RoHS Certification, EMC Certification, and LVD Certification. The fire machine also has a specific safety device, it can automatically power off when its body tilts or falls down, which reduces unnecessary losses.
  • Having safety rehearsals with the event team, communicating with all parties to develop safety rehearsals, and ensuring that all personnel are familiar with emergency procedures.
  • Roll out an emergency response plan.

Read more about how to using Fire Machine safely.

What Else?!

Anyway, always adhere to the local laws and regulations, using the flame projector legally, is the safest choice.

If you think it is too troublesome to consult and handle the license, you could choose another MOKA product—Cold Spark Machine. The fireworks from this machine are magnificent, they are not real fire, and the temperature is so low that you could even touch it with your hand! The stage effect is as splendid as the fire machine.

Amazing Cold Spark Machine effect!

The following are some product application scenarios, you could also consider about them:

  • Concerts and Music Festivals: Using Cold Spark Machine or Fog Machine to enhance the climax of the music and create a visual impact.
  • Nightclubs: Using Dancefloor and lighting products, vibrant and dynamic lighting effects will complement the music atmosphere.
  • Wedding: Use a Bubble Machine or Snow Machine with warm, soft lighting to illuminate the venue.
  • Corporate Events: Use a Confetti Machine or Cold Spark Machine to highlight product launches or celebrate achievements and create a festive atmosphere.
  • Halloween Events and Haunted Houses: Using Fog Machines and lighting products to enhance the scary atmosphere with thick fog and color-changing lights.
  • Theaters: Using Bubble Machine or Snow Machine to create dreamy or winter-themed scenes.

You could also check other stage effect products, a clever combination would also create an attractive moment for your party night!

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