H-D6000 DMX Dry Ice Fog Machine

Are you looking for better ways to control dry ice machines? Top-quality H-D6000 DMX dry ice fog machine features DMX and wireless remote control.

MOKA SFX’s Premium dry ice fog machine stands out with its substantial fog output and rapid speed. It uses dry ice (solid CO2) to create denser fog, giving the “Dancing on the Cloud” which is the favorite of the first dance in weddings. When used with stage effects machines like the cold spark machine, you will definitely leave your audience amazed.

Dry ice fog machines are commonly used for events like weddings, celebrations, product launches, concerts, theater performances, stage shows, and other special occasions.

  • DMX, wireless remote control
  • Top spray for even water distribution on dry ice
  • 2 fog outputs, reach 150㎡ (1615Cuft) within 50s, covering 700㎡
  • 2 power inputs for 6000W, no short circuits
  • Universal wheels along, noise-free, easy to move


Voltage & Power200-240V, 50HZ (for 6000W) / 100-120V, 60HZ (for 3000W)
Coverage Area700㎡
Capacity40L Water, 25kg Dry ice
Heat-up time30min
Control ModeWireless remote control,
or DMX control via 3Pins & 5Pins XLR
Fog VolumeLevels 1, 2, 3
Remote ControlBattery 9V
Fuse2 pieces
Net Weight47kg
Gross Weight63kg
Product Size74×50.5×72cm
Packing Size90×67.5×72cm
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MOKA SFX H-D6000 dry ice fog machine offers upgraded control with a wireless remote and DMX connection via a DMX console. You can easily manage dry ice release, timing, and more.

DMX dry ice fog machine has 2 power inputs: a primary power and an auxiliary one. Due to different voltage limitations in countries, this design is better for achieving stronger voltage that will not have a short circuit. With a total of 6000W, it can heat 40L of water in just 30 mins.

Water tank and dry ice basket holder are separate. You can add water and dry ice at the same time, saving time. Capacities: 40L water, and 25kg dry ice. The filter in the water tank swiftly removes impurities from the water for every use.

When the water reaches 80°C, the accurate temperature sensor automatically shuts off the heater (it also safely shuts off when water levels are low).

H-D6000 dry ice machine boasts 2 fog outputs, enhancing efficiency and speed in spreading dry ice fog. It offers adjustable fog volumes (S, M, and L) to suit various occasions. At the highest setting, it can instantly cover a 150㎡ area in just 50s.

It has got quiet wheels, so you can easily move it to any event without making noise. Plus, you won’t need to buy a cart for transportation.


Dry ice fog machine is a wedding favorite, adding a touch of luxury and enchantment to the first dance.

Additionally, the dry ice fog will stay close to the ground, giving you that perfect low fog effect without worrying about setting off fire alarms or smoke detectors.

Plus, it won’t wet your floor — 2 ducts collect condensation to keep it dry. So, you can relax, there’s no risk of slipping when dancing on the cloud.

Safety is a top priority. In addition to an automatic shut-off feature for low water levels, there are also fuses.

H-D6000 is certified by the EU (CE ROHS) and the US (FCC), it’s top-notch quality.

To light up your event, the H-D6000 dry ice fog machine can seamlessly complement the MK-E18 Cold Sparkle Machine, this perfect combination creates a magical cloud with sparks.

Just let the MOKA sales team know the plug type for your country, and we will meet your requirements.

If you’re interested in the DMX dry ice fog machine, request a quote right away. We offer a 1-year warranty.

  • Do not add smoke oil or fog oil, or any other liquid mixed with dry ice.
  • Do not store dry ice in an airtight container.
  • Do not run for too long in a small enclosed space.
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.
  • Keep your space ventilated.
  • Flight case packing is alternative.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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Everything You Need to Know About the DMX Dry Ice Fog Machine

▾ Why Choose H-D6000 Dry Ice Fog Machines
▾ How Long for the DMX Dry Ice Fog Machine Output?
▾ Handy Tips for Optimal Use
▾ Advantages of H-D6000 DMX Dry Ice Fog Machine
▾ Practical Applications of DMX Dry Ice Fog Machine
▾ Conclusion

Have you ever seen the amazing clouds and mist at concerts or parties? The enigmatic ambiance and charming visuals are truly memorable. Many stage smoke machines, such as heavy-fog and haze machines, may seem to release similar effects on the surface, but in reality, there are still differences among them to cater to various visual effect requirements. But there’s a dense cloud and mist effect that low lying to the ground, and this effect is precisely created by dry ice machines.
Dry ice machine works by using solid dry ice (CO2), and generates a large amount of white fog when it vaporizes from heating. Common dry ice machines create fog by dipping or immersing dry ice in hot water. With a larger contact between them, the increase in fog leads to a more pronounced effect.

If you want to create the same cloud effect at your event, you definitely need a DMX dry ice machine! Our MOKA SFX H-D6000 DMX dry ice machine is the best stage property for you to easily create breathtaking dry ice fog effects on any occasion, making your event even more exciting and spectacular! Certainly, make sure to prepare a sufficient stock of dry ice in advance.

Stage Fog Machine Effects with dry ice fog

Why Choose H-D6000 Dry Ice Fog Machines

H-D6000 dry ice fog machine creates the “dancing on the cloud” effect with its unique features. It has 2 fog outputs and 2 power inputs, but what’s really cool is that you can control it using DMX and a wireless remote! This means you don’t need to worry about the old-fashioned manual controls by a handle – you can make precise adjustments to the fog volume with ease. It’s the perfect choice for weddings and other stage performances. If you’re interested in this dry ice fog machine, let’s check out its features up close.

How Long for the DMX Dry Ice Fog Machine Output?

If you aim to create varying fog effects synchronized with music at different moments during your event performance, then the H-D6000 DMX dry ice fog machine is the ideal choice. With three levels of fog output, as well as the ability to start and stop on demand, this machine offers flexibility to cater to your dynamic stage needs. Here’s some dry ice consumption data tested by the MOKA SFX team for your reference:

    • Level 1: Low fog output, consumes 4 kg every 3 mins, sustaining fog production for approximately 16 minutes.
    • Level 2: Middle fog output, consumes 8 kg every 2 mins, satisfying fog output requirements for around 6-7 minutes.
    • Level 3: This mode consumes 14 kg every 3 minutes, meaning around 25 kg of dry ice will be depleted in about 4 minutes. For rapid, stage-filling fog coverage, you can choose the highest power.
      These tests were taken under the condition of a 6000-watt dual power supply. Hope the data can help you estimate and ensure a seamless dry ice machine performance during your entire stage show, making you synchronize fog effects with the performance rhythm.

Handy Tips for Optimal Use

  • You might be wondering where to get dry ice. You can find it at grocery stores, and industrial supply shops, or purchase it online.
  • Dry ice is commonly available in pellet or block shapes. MOKA SFX recommends pellet shape because the fog effect can be affected by the surface area of contact between the dry ice and water. Pellet-shaped dry ice better showcases the fog cloud effect. However, if you only have access to block-shaped dry ice, you can break it into smaller pieces with a hammer to maximize its effectiveness.
  • Transporting and storing dry ice is not complicated. Essentially, you want to prevent it from coming into contact with air and volatilizing. It’s advisable to invest in a specialized cooler tank that can maintain a constant temperature for your dry ice. These can usually be found at grocery stores or supermarkets.
  • Since dry ice is extremely cold at around -78°C (-108.4°F), avoid touching it with your bare hands to prevent frostbite. It’s recommended to use professional insulated gloves and a small shovel for handling dry ice. Plastic gloves are not suitable.
  • When adding water to the H-D6000 dry ice machine, avoid exceeding the water tank’s topline and keep an eye on the water level as you fill it. If you find the 30-minute heating waiting time too long, you can use hot water of about 80°C or below.

Advantages of H-D6000 DMX Dry Ice Fog Machine

Integrated Casting of High-Strength Materials

Our DMX dry ice machine is constructed using high-strength composite materials, cast in a single integrated mold. This advanced process ensures the equipment’s durability, allowing it to continue functioning normally even if it is bumped into. The high-quality composite materials also prevent rust and further extend the equipment’s lifespan.

Dual Outputs for Dancing on the Cloud Effects

The clever addition of 2 fog outputs significantly increases fog production. Differing from the previous dry ice machines with only a single output, which might suffice for smaller settings, our machine’s efficiency and speed of fog production keep up even in larger venues, such as grand weddings. This innovation effectively boosts fog output, intensifying the presentation of dense fog cloud effects. Fog can be given off to cover an area of 150-200㎡ within just 50 seconds.

More User-Friendly Storage Design

In addition, the H-D6000 dry ice fog machine features a separate design for the water tank and dry ice basket. The dry ice basket holder accommodates 25kg, while the water tank holds up to 40L.
This efficient design saves your waiting time. With traditional dry ice machines, you have to wait for the bottom hot water to heat up before pouring dry ice into the basket holder. This waiting time typically ranges from 8 to 12 minutes.

And, when you operate the H-D6000 dry ice fog machine, the filter in the bottom tank quickly cleans the water, making it crystal clear. So, you can use it worry-free without concerns about how the water might affect the machine’s performance.

Stage Fog Machine Effects with dry ice fog

The separate design supports an innovative waterfall-style top spray structure. The motorized water tank and water pump work in coordination. Only after pressing the switch does the hot water from the tank get pumped up and poured over the dry ice, producing fog. Paired with diverse control methods, such as a remote controller, you can achieve effects like immediate bursts and stops.

It also helps you save on dry ice. Older designs positioned the dry ice basket holder above the hot water. If fog production stops, the residual heat and steam from the water would gradually consume the dry ice inside the machine to volatilize. In cases where you need to pause during an event or have other scheduled segments, the machine’s standby period could silently deplete the dry ice.

Diverse Control Options: DMX, Remote Control

The H-D6000 dry ice fog machine offers versatile control options, including the DMX connection and wireless remote control. By doing so, you open up a multitude of operational possibilities, getting yourself rid of the handle controls, and the necessity for an operator to remain stationed alongside the machine. Furthermore, the conventional approach of manually adjusting handles to regulate the output of dry ice fog frequently results in unforeseeable consumption, finally using up the dry ice without forewarning and thus demanding a cycle refill.
The new type addresses this concern by incorporating customer feedback and enabling parameter settings such as timing, fog volume, water temperature settings, and heating duration intervals.

When using the machine in conjunction with other stage equipment, it’s recommended to use a DMX console for cascade connection control. This lets one person control the entire setup, everything works together more smoothly.
In case, you don’t have a DMX console for your event, you can also use the wireless remote control that is also compatible for matching several units. It’s straightforward – pairing with the machine is just pressing a few buttons.

For specific operating instructions, please refer to the user manual, or subscribe to the MOKA SFX YouTube Channel for tutorial videos.

Clear Indicators: Water Level Display Window, LCD Screen

The DMX dry ice machine comes with a water level display window, allowing you to clearly monitor the water level during refilling.
It also features an LCD screen and an internal low-water level sensor. When the water level is too low, a text notification will appear, and the machine will automatically stop heating and emit an alarm, ensuring you add water in time to prevent dry heating.
These clear indicators not only simplify operations but also enhance safety. For example, in the midst of a bustling magic performance, operators can keep a constant watch on the dry ice machine’s status using the water level display window and LCD screen. This ensures that water can be refilled promptly and prevents unexpected shutdowns which could disrupt the enchanting ambiance.

Two Power Inputs

This dry ice fog machine features 2 power inputs, each delivering 3000W. If you’re dealing with power limitations in your area, this design makes you connect to separate circuits. By this ingenious design, the dry ice fog machine can operate at its maximum capacity of 6000W without the risk of short circuits or tripping. Simply follow the markings on the machine to connect it to the primary power input.

With two power inputs, heating 40L of water just costs about 30 minutes. It’s important to make sure your venue’s power can handle this load.
If there’s an overload, the 2 fuses will cut off the power automatically, preventing any issues. After resolving the overload, the dry ice machine will start working again without needing your operation.

Silent Universal Wheels

MOKA SFX dry ice fog machine weighs 47 kg, it does heavy. However, it has quiet wheels on the bottom for easy movement between different places.
These wheels are strong, quiet, and won’t make noise during movement, which is great for stage performances. Even for the changeable event and show schedules, you won’t have to worry about extra costs or packaging. This helps you save time and money.

Accessories to Level Up Your Experience

For better fog cloud without disturbing the stage, the DMX dry ice machine has a pair of 1.5-meter-long ducts. Let you hide the machine and place it out of sight when creating a “Dance in the Clouds” effect. Resting on the ground, the duct exudes a low-lying fog that adheres closely and flows along the floor.

Easy and Convenient Cleaning

This machine features a bottom-mounted drain valve for easy cleaning. Once your event concludes and you’ve finished using the dry ice machine, please remember to empty all contents, including dry ice and the rest water. The dry ice basket holder is detachable, you can take it out and pour out the dry ice directly. Drain all the water through the bottom valve, but please take care and ensure the hot water has cooled down before releasing. These improvements on the H-D6000 DMX dry ice machine aim to provide you with a better experience for various stage performances and tours.

Stage Fog Machine Effects with dry ice fog

Practical Applications of DMX Dry Ice Fog Machine

It is precisely because of the excellent features of our MOKA SFX DMX dry ice machine that it performs exceptionally well in many scenarios.

Weddings: Dry ice fog machines are more often seen at weddings, especially for the wedding’s first dance. The dry ice cloud effect lends an air of luxury and atmosphere to the wedding venue, raising the overall quality of the wedding banquet.

Concerts and Music Festivals: Our DMX dry ice machine can also add stunning visual effects to concerts, music festivals, and other music events. It can create dense fog effects, making the stage lighting more vivid and dynamic, and making the music and dance more lively and interesting.

Film and TV Production: Some film and TV productions require impactful smoke effects, and our H-D6000 DMX dry ice fog machine can be used in such situations. It can add a mysterious and romantic atmosphere to film and TV scenes, immersing the audience in the world of the work.

Nightclubs and Clubs: If you manage entertainment venues such as nightclubs or clubs and want to increase the dynamic and fashionable atmosphere inside, you can consider the DMX dry ice machine. It can make the dance floor and stage more charming and attract more customers to come and enjoy the experience.

Therefore, whether you are hosting weddings, concerts, filming movies, or participating in nightclub and club events, the H-D6000 dry ice fog machine is your best choice, adding more visual feasts to your activities.


The dry ice fog machine creates dense fog clouds that linger near the ground, curling and expanding, producing a variety of stunning effects.
We believe that our DMX dry ice fog machine can bring you a more outstanding user experience, and help you to create perfect dry ice fog effects in any spot. If you are interested in our dry ice machine, make a quote, and Talk to Our Expert.

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