MK-F08 Halloween Fog Machine

MOKA SFX MK-F08 is also called Halloween smoke machine, due to its small size and portability, various festivals and places can bring amazing effects.

  • 3 full-color LED lamp beads
  • Control by wired or remote
  • special piping design, improving the amount of smoke output
  • the iron casing, good the heat dissipation


VoltageAC220v 50HZ ,110v 60HZ
ControlRemote / Electric control
Smoke Output10-15A
Spray Distance5m
Product Size33.5x19x18.5CM
Packing Size39x26x22CM
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Take a look at the product decsription below. If you still have questions, feel free to visit our FAQ page, or reach out to us.


MK-F08 Halloween Fog Machine adopts a 900W foot power heating core, heating more quickly, advanced electronic temperature control system, more accurate temperature collection, which can effectively prevent the temperature of the equipment from being too high. We also have a 1200W LED fog machine that can let you choose.

The iron casing of the Halloween Fog Machine has good heat dissipation which is both beautiful and durable, and it will not cause damage to the Fog Machine’s accessories due to the high temperature of the machine itself, which makes you more worry-free.

MK-F08 Halloween Fog Machine special piping design, greatly improving the amount of smoke output to meet your activity needs.


MK-F08 Halloween Fog Machine can be selected by wired control or remote control.

Simple and convenient, one-click control, even at the small party site, there is no professional operator, anyone can operate it.

MOKA SFX can provide you with professional smoke oil.

There are three models to choose from, normal type, heavy-duty, fast type (embedded link), please contact the MOKA SFX SALES TEAM AND TAKE IT NOW!

  • Please handle the MOKA SFX Fog Machine by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • Smoking near the machine is prohibited.
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

Helped 1000+ Customers Since 2013

Lots of SFX items made by China manufacturer are lack of the critical point: “Details”. But you will find an elegance arrangement product line in us, as we believe that only details will speak out for our difference to the others.

Complete Guide for MK-F08 Fog Machine

    ▾ How is the MK-F08 Fog Machine a Felicitous Product for Your Party?
    ▾ General Hazards You Can Face MK-F08
    ▾ Where to Get MK-F08 From?

Make your event more special and unique with the MK-F08 Halloween fog machine. An event that has been colored with this party fog machine stands out to be very special to your guests. There are so many manufactures of this commercial fog machine; however, MOKA SFX commercial fog machine stands out to be the best. You cannot understand what the guests in your party are going through; it might be family or job problems. Decorating your party or event with this commercial fog machine brings a different feeling to their minds or hearts. This party fog machine is commonly used by DJ nightclubs, event companies, large scales, outdoor event organizers, and so much more. 

However, it is not limited to birthday party organizers and small events. The MK-F08 fog machine is one of the most used events or party décor items. Most of the users of this product have shown positive feedback and maximum satisfaction from it. A certified company, MOKA SFX, produces this product. It is made up of high standard technology and by expertise personnel from the leading producer company. This Halloween fog machine has turned out to be a leading garget in terms of event planning. The colorful fog from this machine creates an attractive environment in the event.

People are already fed up with the old stuff of party organizations, and nowadays, people are not so much into parties. This is because they already know what to expect at your party; however, you can change people’s mindset and make your event one of a kind. Look for the latest technology gadgets or party equipment effect, and make the best out of their expectations. People will always choose to go to parties to make them feel different and away from the actual world. This writing will help you develop a clear decision on whether to try this equipment in your next event.


Special effects equipment has now become a must-have item in any party. A party that does not have this equipment seems old-fashioned and does not raise the feeling of dancing your mind out in a party. The MK-F08 Halloween fog machine has a capacity of releasing fog up to 6500 cubic feet per minute; with all this out, it can cover a large surface area. It has a production of 6 pcs 3W RGB 3 in 1 full color LED; this creates a colorful atmosphere that arouses the feeling of partying to the guests.

Our MK-F08 Halloween fog machine is the best particular effect machine to make a remarkable difference in your event. It is made of high-quality material, and it’s durable too, with a one-year warranty. To clear your doubts about whether to trust us, you can visit our website and look at customer reviews about different items. If you are looking forward to organizing a party or any event, try to give a trial and see the results. If you are worried about the budget, you can get a free quote from our experts as well. 


How is the MK-F08 Fog Machine a Felicitous Product for Your Party?

This product weighs 4.3 kg, with a shipping weight of 5.5 kg; this makes it portable and convenient to carry to different places. Having equipment that is too heavy is impossible to move, and it’s not flexible also. The packaging size measures 39 by 26 by 23 centimeters and LED 6pcs by 3W. It has a voltage of AC110V/220, power of 900W, and takes only up to 8 minutes to warm-up. It also has a capacity of 2 liters with a smoke output of up to 6000cuff/min. It is made of high technology remote control and an installed temperature control system inside.

This Halloween fog machine is made up of high-quality, standardized material. It is a good reason enough to grab this product for your event. You can decide to purchase this product for lending purposes; you can rent it to plan for events or parties. Having a precise specification of this product, the user is aware of what to expect. Our special effect company MOKA SFX has its pieces of equipment come with clear specification on how to use them. Not only the MK-F08 Halloween fog machine but also most of our other products too. The specification for each equipment helps the buyer with information about the item before purchasing it. 


General Hazards You Can Face MK-F08

Despite all the advantages of using the MK-F08 party fog machine, some things come into consideration. Several hazards are associated with using this fog machine at parties or events. Discussed below are some of the dangers addressed.

You are putting in mind that the fog fluid varies from thick to thin; the fog effect causes visual obstruction. This effect is too dangerous because it will be difficult to see where one is passing and heading. In cases like lowered areas, stairs, and sharped edges, apparent injuries might be experienced; a place like emergency exits might also be invisible in case of accidents or emergencies. In case you are using the MK-F08 Halloween fog machine, make sure that the emergencies sign, warnings, and safety equipment should be recognizable. It should also be kept away from lowered places and stairs.


Respiratory Illness

Fog is made of hygroscopic property that is too dangerous to the respiratory system. People who are more prone to respiratory illness should stay a distance further from the fog. A high concentrated fog might be too reactive to the respiratory system. In events where there is the use of moisture, notice should be given in advance.


Use Approved Party Fog Machines MK-F08

Some people are becoming creative enough, and they start producing their fog fluids by mixing different liquids with different fragrances. This is too dangerous because fog fluids are only to be used for fog machines approved by the manufacturers. This idea of making your fog fluid is not allowed; instruction on using the fog machine should be followed clearly.


Hazards A MK-F08 User can Face

The use of malfunctioning Halloween fog machines MK-F08 is a significant hazard, too; this machine must be maintained with high standards. A malfunctioning fog machine might produce unpleasant smells that might be too harmful to the respiratory system. Also, if the device is not functioning well, it can lead to un-vaporized fluids, leading to harmful effects. This machine requires technical knowledge to operate and maintained; this might lead to the device’s breakage or destruction. It is also good to consider purchasing this item from a certified manufacturing company to avoid these hazards.


Fog machines might be flammable or not; this depends on the type of fluids used in the fog machine. The fog machine should be made not to produce outlets of flames; also, what is produced should not be combustible. However, in places where this fog machine is used, the fire should be brought near. Smoking should also be prohibited around that place, and this is because it might lead to unexpected fire accidents.  


Using the MK-F08 Halloween fog machine is not that technical; however, safety precautions should be considered. The following are ways on how to use a commercial fog machine.

Before setting up a fog machine at a party, it is always good to ensure that you have all the components with you. The details include remote control, a fog machine timer, the fog machine cleaner, and the cleaner. With all these components available, it is also good to follow explicit instructions provided by the manufacturer. The MK-F08 fog machine from the MOKA-SFX comes with detailed instructions on how to use it.

It is also essential to test your machine before setting it up at a party. The fog machine fluid should be tested to avoid a thick liquid that might lead to hazardous effects. It is also good to know the machine’s visual impact; some devices also require some time before warming up. Make sure you set aside some time for the heating up.

Additionally, it is good to know the amount of fog the machine produces; this helps decide where to place your device. An engine with a thick fog effect should be put in a place where it is away from dangerous places like lowered areas and stairs. This will help to reduce minor injuries in the event.

The last thing is setting up your remote control if the machine requires it to avoid inconveniences during the party. Set your timer well and know when the machine produces the fog and needs some more fluids. After all this, the Halloween party can officially start.



The manufacturing company

This is the main thing to consider before purchasing any product. There are so many companies out there producing this machine; however, our special effects at MOKA SFX stood out to be the leading products in this field. Suppose you are looking forward to durable equipment and will give you maximum satisfaction; try our MK-F08 best Halloween fog machine. This special effect equipment is made from the latest technology and with specially skilled personnel. The product has a warranty of one year, and the shipment is made easier and faster.


Size of the event

The event’s size also matters; this is because there are other events that this equipment cannot be used. Like house parties and kid’s birthdays, small events are tough to find an item like this. In the case of a big event, a machine with significant coverage also is required. The MK-F08 fog machine steamer covers a wide range, and you can also adjust to smaller content. Significant events mean that the stage will be too big; therefore, a comprehensive coverage machine is required.


Size of the equipment

Purchasing a Halloween fog machine that is too heavy is sometimes not advisable. This is because you might need to adjust the device’s position, and it will be impossible. The MK-F08 Halloween fog machine measures up to 4.5 kg, a perfect size for a fog machine. This commercial fog machine is portable and lightweight, therefore carrying is made more comfortable and convenient. Although a big machine might be considered for a big event, the size matters a lot.


The cost of buying the machine

The fog machine’s price is also a crucial consideration; sometimes, you can decide to rent rather than buying it. Due to the competition in the manufacturing of this machine, the price varies from low to high. Some commercial machines might be cheaper, but it’s of low quality; however, this does not mean that the vice versa is true. It is always good to check the quality of the machine before purchasing it. It might be too expensive, and the quality is high. The MK-F08 Halloween fog machine is made of quality materials and with the latest technology, and its price is friendly. Visit the MOKA-SFX website and check the price of this product.


Advice from experts

Electronics might not be your thing; therefore, to avoid making poor decisions is always good to seek advice. You can decide to seek advice from people who are event organizers or also from the company itself. However, a good company will always establish its name in the market, and you know that people like their products. The MOKA SFX, special effects equipment, is the best in the market, and our name has stood out to be the best.



If you want your machine to serve you for a long time, it is always good to do proper maintenance. Electrical equipment can easily fail; however, if maintained properly, it can work longer than expected. Clean your machine regularly after use, and whenever It is used in a dusty place, ensure that it’s wiped off. Use the correct fog machine and avoid mixing it with your fluids. While cleaning, it also good to use a clean piece of towel.

Follow the instructions that come with it to avoid overheating the machine or directing it into a high voltage than it can stand. Give your machine time to warm before it starts functioning, and after using it, allow it to cool. Use lubricating creams where friction might occur to avoid malfunctioning. Test your machine before taking it on stage to avoid emitting the bad fluid into the air.


Where to Get MK-F08 From?

MK-F08 is a remarkable fog machine; many companies are manufacturing fog machines, but none can compete with ours’ quality and functions. As a leading manufacturer of special effects, we produce a fantastic fog machine with all the latest technology certification. The MK-F08 fog machine from MOKA FX is among the best Halloween fog machine on the market. Special effects made from our company are made by highly skilled personnel, with quantifiable experience.

We always focus on quality products and our customers’ satisfaction as our quality does not depend only on our companies’ marketing but also on the business and marketing of event organizers. Many customers who have used our products have demonstrated maximum satisfaction. Get the fast shipment of your products with high quality at your hour of need and destinations. And we provide a one-year warranty for every piece of equipment. It shows the value we give to our customers and quality products. Our customers’ confidence and trust in us is like a ladder that enhances our confidence and helps us stand out from all other special effect companies.


The MK-F8 Halloween fog machine is trending on most parties today, its market also has grown, and many people prefer using it to make their parties stand out. It is with no doubt that this party fog machine has transformed parties today. Many people in their events have used the MK-F8 commercial fog machine, and they have shown maximum satisfaction. If properly maintained, this product can last for a very long time, and it has a one-year warranty. This fog machine is made lightweight; therefore, it is portable and convenient to carry to different places. It has powerful streamers that cover a wide range of places.

The MOKA SFX special effect manufacturing company is a large global market known for its production. Their products are of high quality and with fast shipping to the destined places. If you are looking forward to purchasing this special effect equipment, choose to buy from us- as products must be bought from the expertise. We have friendly prices that rhyme with the quality of the product you get in return. If you are an event planner or music festivals organizers, you might need to have a machine that will not fail you in the middle of an event. The MOKA products suit your need, and you won’t need to keep going to the shop. Our special MOKA effects are available on our website, and you can visit and choose a product of your preference. There are also customer reviews about the MOKA products which will show our customers’ satisfaction.

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