MOKA MK-F21 LED Fog Machine


  • Voltage: 110V / 120V 220V-240V 60/50Hz
  • LED: 24pcs x 3W
  • Tank Capacity: 1.5 L
  • Smoke Output: 20000cuft/min
  • Warm-upTime: 6mins
  • Output Distance: 6-8m
  • Output Time: 40-50s
  • Control: DMX 512/Remote
  • Package Size: 41.5 x 28.5 x 38cm
  • Weight: 11Kg

MK-F21 LED Fog Machine


  • equipped with copper output nozzle,
  • built-in 24x 3W LEDs
  • advanced temperature sensor with automatic shut off protects the pump from overheating or low fluid in the tank
  • Easy set intervals via a timer

Are you looking for a device to create a smoke atmosphere but like a CO2 blast effect without using a CO2 gas tank? MOKA SFX just a fogging machine supplier who has some fogger for your options, the MK-F21 LED fog machine is one of a professional device that will meet your needs.

MK-F21 LED fog machine is commonly used in professional entertainment such as TV shows, discos, pubs and clubs, concerts, parties, mobile applications and more, creating a pyrotechnic-like effect.

Moka MK-F12 fog machine is equipped with copper output nozzle, it is good for the water-based MK-F21 fog machine because of non-rust for long time use. The most distinctive feature of Moka LED fog machine MK-F21 is that it’s built-in 24x 3W LEDs, which surrounding the output area, you can have Red, Green and Blue intense color effects to be added when smoke blasting, control the lights in a single color, strobe, or gradual color change.

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MK-F21 LED Fog Machine: The Definitive Guide

With 1500W power and high-quality heating element, you can easily operate the MK-F21 fog machine for a powerful CO2 simulated fog plume vertical jet by DMX512 via 3-pin& 5-pin XLR and remote control.

The first step is to connect the power cord and multi-units link well or just single unit use as you like, the digital LCD display lets you set DMX and stands alone functions and allows for easy configuration.

It’s very quick heat-up time just take 6 min for non-stop working up to 50 seconds fog burst, and spray about 6 to 8 meters distance. You can put it on the ground or in suspension since it is multiple angle rigging, multi-position for vertical and horizontal output.

You don’t worry about the fluid tank leak when you hang it on truss or when transporting as the fluid container is kept in a separated compartment inside the machine.

1.5L fog liquid capacity for smoke output: 20000cubic feet per minute, it’s not hard to find the quick fog fluid which is a perfect type of liquid for the fading is almost immediate in the environment.

Easy set intervals via a timer and then a dramatic effect are under your control.

Thanks to its advanced temperature sensor with automatic shut off protect the pump from overheating or low fluid in a tank.

As long as you use relievable and pure fog fluid, your fog machine will get away from blockage. As a professional fogging machine supplier, Moka SFX supply you completely safe and good quality foggers and other special effect equipment.

Moreover, we also offering fog fluid/haze fluid to compliant our different fog /haze/smoke machines. Now, which one you wanna take?

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