MK-F21 LED Fog Machine

Are you looking for a device to create a smoke atmosphere but like CO2 blast effect without using CO2 gas tank?

MOKA SFX just a fogging machine supplier who has some fogger for your options, the MK-F21 LED fog machine is a professional device that will meet your needs.

MK-F21 LED fog machine is commonly used in professional entertainment such as TV shows, discos, pubs and clubs, concerts, parties, mobile applications and more, creating a pyrotechnic-like effect.

  • equipped with copper output nozzle
  • built-in 24x 3W LEDs
  • advanced temperature sensor with automatic shut off protects the pump from overheating or low fluid in the tank
  • Easy set intervals via a timer


LED24pcs x3W
Tank Capacity1.5L
Output Distance/Time6-8m
ControlDMX512/Remote Control
Package Size41.5 x 28.5 x 38cm
Packing Weight11Kg
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Take a look at the product decsription below. If you still have questions, feel free to visit our FAQ page, or reach out to us.


Moka MK-F21 fog machine is equipped with a copper output nozzle, it is good for the water-based fog machine because of non-rust for long time use.

The most distinctive feature of Moka LED fog machine MK-F21 is that it’s built-in 24x 3W LEDs, which surround the output area.

You can have Red, Green and Blue intense color effects to be added when smoke blasting, control the lights in a single color, strobe, or gradual color change.

With 1500W power and high-quality heating element, you can easily operate the MK-F21 fog machine for a powerful CO2 simulated fog plume vertical jet by DMX512 via 3-pin & 5-pin XLR and remote control.

The first step is to connect the power cord and multi-units link well or just single unit use as you like, the digital LCD display lets you set DMX and stands alone functions and allows for easy configuration.

It’s a very quick heat-up time just take 6 min for non-stop working up to 50 seconds fog bursts, and spray about 6 to 8 meters distance.

You can put it on the ground or in suspension since it is multiple angle rigging, multi-position for vertical and horizontal output.


You don’t worry about the fluid tank leak when you hang it on the truss or when transporting as the fluid container is kept in a separate compartment inside the machine.

1.5L fog liquid capacity for smoke output: 20000cubic feet per minute, it’s not hard to find the quick fog fluid which is the perfect type of liquid for the fading is almost immediate in the environment.

Easy set intervals via a timer and then a dramatic effect are under your control.

Thanks to its advanced temperature sensor with automatic shut-off protect the pump from overheating or low fluid in the tank.

As long as you use relievable and pure fog fluid, your fog machine will get away from blockage.

As a professional fogging machine supplier, Moka SFX supplies you with completely safe and good quality foggers and other special effect equipment.

Moreover, we also offer fog fluid/haze fluid to compliant our different fog/haze/ smoke machines.

Now, which one you wanna take?

  • Please handle the MOKA SFX Fog Machine by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • Smoking near the machine is prohibited.
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

Helped 1000+ Customers Since 2013

Lots of SFX items made by China manufacturer are lack of the critical point: “Details”. But you will find an elegance arrangement product line in us, as we believe that only details will speak out for our difference to the others.

MK-F21 DJ smoker Machine with 1500 Watts Power

    ▾ Why you should have an MK-F21 DJ smoker Machine for your event?
    ▾ Why you should opt for Mk-F21 smoker machine ?
    ▾ Officially Certified as a Safe Product
    ▾ Satisfactory Company Warranties ​
    ▾ Conclusion

Why you should have an MK-F21 DJ smoker Machine for your event

The blissful feeling the MK-F21 DJ smoker machine creates during an event cannot be overemphasized, from creating a sedating ambiance while people are grooving to the DJ’s spins on the dance floor to arousing the interest of the audience when watching a live drama on stage. The solace it brings is truly an immense one. The MK-F21 smoking machine will also bring about a gleeful feeling when a bride walks down the aisle on one of the happiest days of her life.

For an industry like entertainment or lifestyle one, the role of the MK-F21 is that of a great deal; it spices up a music festival or concert, making it a piece of necessary equipment for such events. Going for the right pick when choosing a DJ smoker machine is quite important, as they’re several types in the market today.
Selecting the right one might be tricky as they may all look like they produce the same effect on the surface. MOKA SFX dj fog machine is one of the most-sought special effects equipment by event organizers and those in the entertainment industry. It is essential to be able to make the right choice from the many fog machines available in the market today.

We will focus on introducing to you our MK-F21dj Fog Machine that would surely wow you. By the end of this article, we will convince you why you should opt for our MK-F21 dj smoker machine.
Here are several reasons which opt for our MK-F21 DJ smoker machine.

Why you should opt for Mk-F21 smoker machine?

MOKA SFX offers efficient special effects like MK-F21, which will enhance the charm of your event. MOKA SFX is a professional fogging machine supplier with a variety of foggers for your options. The MK-F21 DJ smoker machine is one of the most professional vertical fog machines that will satisfy your needs.

The best of its features is the LEDs usage in it, yes it is 24×3 LEDs pieces built-in machine. This smoke fog machine has a power of 1500 watts so it covers your event and provides the required fog conveniently. MK-F21 vertical fog machine is commonly used in professional entertainment such as discos, pubs and clubs, TV shows, parties, concerts, mobile applications, and more, creating a pyrotechnic-like effect and you can have blue, red, and green visuals that can make your event worth remembering. This device has many unique features that make it an essential piece of equipment for your event.

Distance MK-F21 Covers
The best of MK-F21 dj smoker machine can cover about 6-8 meters distance of your event. So, if you are covering a medium-sized event, you can use MK-F21 vertical fog machine to spread visuals of this fog machine.

Easy to Operate
You don’t have to be an expert to make use of the MK-F21 dj smoker machine, as It comes with an easy to understand manual, easy to operate, and easy to handle special effect equipment. to be controlled remotely, making it easy to operate. The use of a wireless remote control and dmx512 also eliminates the operator’s need to be in immediate contact with a running machine. This shows that the operator can place themselves more safely, farther away from harmful dust, moving parts, vibration, noise, and falling debris that may.
To produce the foggy effect desired, one has to pour water into the tank opening the latch handle. It comes with light indicators when the dj smoker machine is turned with the label heating. This gives you an idea that the machine is functioning, and in a matter of between 8-10 minutes, a green light indicator will flash as a signal that the device is ready to receive. It will then result in the fog to start coming out from the MK-F21.
Though our machine is completely safe and certified, we care for our customers, so just follow some words of caution.

This is specifically true when the MK-F21 dj smoker machine is to be used on a venue that is at a distance from major cities and towns. If that is the case, ensure that you have an adequate supply of fluid to last for the event and its storage.

As for the MK-F21 dj smoker machine’s safety feature, a temperature sensor embedded in the machine will automatically shut off the heater if the water temperature reaches 85 degrees Celsius. The same safety net happens when the water level on the tank is already low. This will prevent the fog machine from being damaged.

Short Heat-up Time
You don’t have to wait for long before the MK-F21 starts to emit the heavy and thick white fog to fill the ground of your venue. From the time liquid has been poured into the tank and powered on, it will take only between 6minutes of heating time maximum, which is relatively fast compared to other similar machines. Most vertical fog machines usually take up to 10 minutes to heat up before use. The Mk –F21dj smoker machine also possesses an advanced temperature sensor with automatic shut off preserves the pump from overheating or low fluid in the tank.

Sufficient Continuous Output
And once the MK-F21 dj smoker machine starts its output to a maximum coverage of 6-8 meters, it will continue to emit a fabulous white fog for at least 6 minutes. With this time, it will be more than enough to fill the wedding place without overcrowding it with thick smoke. While a sufficient amount of fog can create a desirable effect, too much of that can be irritating as people, and other effects may be overshadowed or hidden.

Large Tank Capacity
The MK-F21dry dj smoker machine has a liquid tank capable of water consumption of up to 1.5 liters fluid. 1.5 liters of fluid is enough for 20000 cub feet/min. A large tank is important to adjust a sufficient amount of the fog liquid to perform what it was designed for effectively. The MK-F-21 dj smoker machine is that kind of machine. The MK-F21 also creates a smoke atmosphere CO2 blast effect without using a CO2 gas tank.

Safe to Use
The Mk-F21 dj smoker machine is also very much safe to use, and it has an automatic shutdown feature of the heater installed on the MOKA SFX dj smoker machine.

Also, while most machines produce smoke, haze, or mist that is suspended in the air and eventually rises until it dissipates, the fog coming out from the MOKA SFX MK-F21 stays on the ground without rising and eventually disperses into thin air. And because the fog is maintained low and just underneath your knees by this dj smoker machine, the fear of fire alarms and smoke detectors coming alive is avoided, unlike others who always have that possibility to deal with.

Convenient for Transport
In terms of size, the MK-F 21 dj smoker machine is not quite heavy compared to other fog machines, notwithstanding the enormous function it is capable of. It weighs 11kg; this MOKA SFX vertical fog machine also has handles that make mobility from one place to another convenient.
On the one hand, the MK-F13 has an accessory to make its mobility easier. A movable cart specially designed for the MK-F21 smoke fog machine is available as an option for the buyer. With this portable cart available for a small price, the ground fog machine can be loaded on it and moved with this wheeled trolley with relative ease.

We are a leading FX machine manufacturer in China, with certified products that have been approved by CE/ROHS/FCC. We’ve also considered the different purposes for which MK-F21 was created for such as; large concerts, movie production, fire training purposes, or touring applications, therefore making it the most powerful single heater-block fog machine available on the market.

Our MK-F21 weighs 11Kg, making mobility easy. The MK-F21 is also convenient to move and use on the stage. The Warm-up Time is 6mins, but the Mk-F21 dj smoker machine only takes up to 6 minutes. The Voltage of the Mk-F21 is also 110V / 120V 220V-240V 60/50Hz. What makes our product best is its safety and certification.

Officially Certified as a Safe Product

Aside from the quality control that is usually part of any company’s process, we at MOKA SFX go beyond that. Ensure that we produce quality special effects equipment that is of great standards and fits the standard set by the countries and their domestic market where we will distribute and sell our products.

And just like any of MOKA SFX factory products, the MK-F21 smoke fog machine has all the CE/ROHS and FCC certification. These three certifications found on MOKA SFX machines, the MK-F21 ground fog machine included, guarantees reliability, durability, craftsmanship, and health standards.

The CE certification is usually administered on any products sold in any of the European Union member-countries after the said product must have been stringently evaluated and deemed to be.

The MK-F21 dj smoker machine does not fall short of this evaluation, as it has been tested and found to comply as well as in conformity with environmental protection standards, health, and safety. This also applies to the RoHS certification, which is also issued by the European Union on its member nations. The MK-F21 smoke fog machine is not devoid of the RoHS certification, as it’s vouched as having not exceeded the allowed volume of restricted materials used on the electrical equipment product like lead, mercury, chromium, and the like hazardous materials. On the one hand, the FCC issued by the United States of America (USA) on the MK-F21 vertical fog machine guarantees our electrical equipment that any electromagnetic interference it has is under the standard approved by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC).

It is common knowledge that both the USA and EU have a high standard in terms of quality of products allowed to be sold in their respective domestic markets. With the approved CE/Rosh and FCC certification issued on the MK-F21 vertical fog machine, a sure guarantee is in terms of commercial product value and quality.

Satisfactory Company Warranties

While our company guarantees that any product coming out from its production line will be of the buyer’s satisfaction and expectation, we also prepare for any eventuality. For that reason, all our products, including the MK-F21 dj smoker machine, have a warranty of 12 months from purchase. Meaning, should there be any technical glitches the MK-F21 ground fog machine may encounter, our technical team will attend to them with feverish urgency and free of charge. Likewise, if a part is broken and needs to be replaced, it will also be replaced with an original replacement at no expense to the buyer.

And because our product, the MK-F21 dj smoker machine, is sold and delivered globally, customer concerns are also our top priority to attend to. That is why we have a customer service online that is ready to receive your issues on our product 24/7. Contact our technical team and describe the problem you have with our MK-F21 ground fog machine, and we will get back to you within a turnaround time of 12 hours. Better also, if aside from the description of the problem, you provide our technical team with a video of the problem so that our technical team can identify the issue and offer you the solution.

Not only that, but we also acknowledge that you want to have the MK-F21 dj smoker machine as your personal touch. With that, we can have your company logo placed on the machine for you to be proud of. You simply email our technical team the design of your company logo, and we will be more than happy to oblige to your request. When you receive your purchased MOKA SFX MK-F21 dj smoker machine, it will feel like it was costumed-made for you and you alone. That should be a proud moment for you.

Order Now
Owning the MK-F21 dj smoker machine would be a great deal of adding your catalog of special effects equipment. You’d surely be getting value for your money, and it would be a decision you’d be thankful you made in the future. For queries or to ask for an estimate of a project’s cost, you plan to use the MK-F 21 dj fog machine, contact us. The requested quote will be provided to you at no time at all. Not only that, it will be a complimentary service of our company to you. It is our way of extending to you our appreciation for taking a keen interest in our product.


With so many events ranging from music concerts to wedding ceremonies on the rise, the need to beautify and make the events a worthy one is undoubtedly necessary. Other special effects equipment on the surface may look as if they produce the same effect. In reality, they are not, and they do have differences to fit various desired effects. We are talking here of vertical fog machines, smoke machines, and even that of haze and haze machine. So why not make use of our Mk-F21 dj smoker machine to make your event a memorable one?
Also, we at MOKA SFX never leave our customers and have prepared products like the MK-F21 dj smoker machine, making your events special and worth remembering. Visit our website to get access to our many other exceptional and worth trying products. So, what are you waiting for, enquire now? Contact us. Purchase our MK-F21 dj smoker machine, and make your event a one to remember!

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