MK-F20 Mist Fog Machine

A new revolution in special effects! As one of the most advanced haze machine, MK-F20 haze fog machine is a professional haze machine which built into a durable flight case, easy to carry away and protect the machine well.

You can use MK-F20 haze fog machine for show and events, concerts, festivals and anywhere you want to emphasize the lighting effects or create a misty atmosphere.

Perfect for the occasion when you don’t want the thick fog to make the stage cloudiness, so the beam of lights could stand out.

  • built into a durable flight case, easy to carry away
  • The stainless steel prevents clogging
  • new heating system, only need 20 seconds heating uptime,
  • built-in sensing technology that can detect if there is low or no liquid inside the machine


Smoke Output:200m2 / 5min
Warm-up time:
Voltage:AC110V -220V, 60Hz /50Hz
Max Power:1200W
Control:Remote / DMX512
DMX Channel:2
Fuel Consumption:1L/hour
Product Size:58x30x43cm
Packing Size (Carton):58x30x43cm
Component:Power Cord, DMX Cord
Packing Option:Ready Flycase Pack
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Here's all the little things you care about.

Take a look at the product decsription below. If you still have questions, feel free to visit our FAQ page, or reach out to us.


MK-F20 haze machine uses a 1200W heater core, the material is stainless steel instead of industry-standard aluminum.

The stainless steel prevents clogging, with a new heating system, only needs 20 seconds of heating uptime, you won’t have to worry about plugging in and turning your machine on 10 minutes on the show.

Covering 10000 cubic feet per minute, it is easy to fill a hundred square meters place, MK-F20 haze fog machine is perfect for any small, medium club, or stage production.

The continuous output ensures the coverage and the right amount of haze you need.

With a 5L liquid tank, it gives you plenty of runtime without refilling, per hour only spent 0.5L consumption, with a full 5L haze liquid, could last 10 hours, which is enough for any show.

MK-F20 haze fog machine has built-in sensing technology that can detect if there is low or no liquid inside the machine, it will automatically turn it off.

This prevents your heater core from burning up and removes one of the most common problems with lower quality haze machines.

Also, with the MK-F20 haze machine, we also install 2 temperature detective parts inside, which will shut down the machine, if the temperature is too high, in case the accessories get damaged, giving the MK-F20 haze machine a longer lifetime.


MK-F20 haze machine builds with flight cases, you can use a few units with the stack.

The hanging bracket allows for every possible placement from mounted to under a table.

The added LCD display gives you full control right from the unit, remote and DMX control are also available for the MK-F20 haze machine.

With a remote, there have 2 buttons, ”A” and “B”, start and stop, easy to operate.

When the LCD display shows “Haze ready”, under DMX mode, there have 2 channels, one adjusts the fan speed, and the other controls the output volume.

If you want more flexibility with the MK-F20 haze fog machine, there have duration and timing options, so you can set it up, make it run with setting output for a few seconds then stop, and work again with a circle.

And lighting professional would love this for a stage or nightclub, and even though it’s a late arrival, it’s earned its place on our best fog machines 2019 list.

If you want a quality and reliable performance at your event, the MK-F20 haze machine would be a good option.

  • Please handle the MOKA SFX Fog Machine by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • Smoking near the machine is prohibited.
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

Helped 1000+ Customers Since 2013

Lots of SFX items made by China manufacturer are lack of the critical point: “Details”. But you will find an elegance arrangement product line in us, as we believe that only details will speak out for our difference to the others.

Complete Guide for MK-F20 Mist Haze Machine

    ▾ Why Have Hazer Machine from MOKA SFX?
    ▾ How is MK-F20 mist haze machine Perfect Fit for your Event?
    ▾ How MK-F20 mist fog machine work?
    ▾ How to Control the Timing of MK-F20 Mist Fog Machine?​
    ▾ Mist fog machine or haze machine? which is best for events?
    ▾ Conclusion

MK-F20 mist fog machine is equipment that produces a dense vapor that looks like fog or smoke. MK-F20 mist fog machine can be used in nightclubs or professional entertainment events as its smaller, more affordable mist fog machines are common for DJs or personal use. You can also benefit from an MK-F20 mist fog machine in various industrial, training, and military applications.

Events, either indoors or outdoors, have become a part of our life for years; we always party for fun and enjoyment. Most of the events are established to bring people together and create synergy, so special effect equipment like MK-F20 and other gadgets are essential. Whether it’s a family party or a live performance, people should party and enjoy. I’m pretty sure most of the events you attend have a stage. You can ask yourself why? The answer makes a stage event flow more useful and seems well planned. The stage also ensures the performer moves around accordingly with no fear of being contacted by the audience. The flow of the event is maintained by these new special effects MK-F20 and many others.

The stage can determine if your event is well-planned or not. So, applying the MK-F20 mist fog machine can improve your stage as the mist fog enhances the stage’s aesthetic beauty. Your audience will be amazed then the fun will be injected into them automatically, especially when the fog worked on the whole stage.

Why Have Haze Machine from MOKA SFX

MOKA SFX is the best haze machine manufacturer in the special effect industry. Our hazer machines can enhance the class of your event. You can ask your event organizer to use our certified, unique, and quality products to improve your event’s visual effect. And, we never disappoint our customers in achieving the unusual dreams they want to fulfill; our MK-F20 mist fog machine is an honest answer to your vision.

Indeed, many in the entertainment industry also offer mist fog machines. Still, most of them provide a mist fog machine that is extremely cold and made up of carbon dioxide, which can sometimes deprive you of oxygen as when carbon dioxide gas evaporates off it can displace the normal air. MK-F20 mist fog machine distributed by Moka Sfx stage equipment won’t deprive you of oxygen. It has 2 temperature detective parts inside, which will shut down the device when the gas exceeds, and the temperature is too high; hence it will avoid the deprival of oxygen.

MOKA SFX has various product that produces special effects to make any attendee of a particular occasion enjoy and bring admirable memories to their home to last a lifetime.


How is MK-F20 mist fog machine Perfect Fit for your Event?

MK-F20 mist fog machine is a must-have modern mist machine that can make your event worth remembering. Many outstanding features and specifications make this machine different from other traditional and contemporary types of equipment.

Mk-F20 is a powerful fog spray.

MK-F20 mist fog machine has a 1,200-watt power, and this fog machine is efficient to produce 3,500 cu ft/minute of constant hazer machine output.

MK-F20 mist fog machine helps you against clogging and thus comes up with standard steel instead of industry aluminum. You can also use the MK-F20 mist fog machine to cover up to 1000 cubic feet per minute.

MK-F20 is simple to use

MK-F20 has DMX and digital remote control, which can help you to use your mist fog machine with no complications.

As you can only use two buttons, “A” and “B,” as start and stop, MK-F20 gives you an option of set action and timing, something essential for stage or night club.

Minimum Warm-Up

Mist fog machines take a warm-up time before getting operated. So, this feature of MOKA SFX MK-F20 makes it a unique product as it takes only 30 seconds to warm up and is ready to create impressive visuals in your event. Immediately ready to give a unique touch of grace and class to your event.

MK-F20 is easier to use and install

MK-F20 is built into a durable flight case that is easy to carry. Imagine it has only a weight of 18.5 kg and a package size of 58 × 30 × 43 cm on which even a teenager can carry. You can move your MK-F20 mist fog machine whenever you go either to a concert or festival. You can install it at your specific place without much effort.

The haze machine has a long continuous time.

Most shows and event takes 7 to eight hours to complete. So, you might ask yourself, for how long will the MK-F20 mist fog machine last?

MK-F20 hazer machine can last up to 10 hours. The Hazemachine contains a 5l liquid tank that can sustain many hours with no need to be refilled as it only spent 0.5 liters per hour. So, the fuel consumption quality of this machine is amazingly satisfactory.

Mk – F20 is applicable in a different Setting.

MK-F20 mist fog machine is a light to create a spookier effect. Such light from the MK-F20 mist fog machine will provide a sense of seeing, now it happened, which is essential to attract the audience to jump right tight when they see a mist sparked.

MK-F20 can suit any small, medium club, or stage production. You can use the MK-F20 mist fog machine in any live concert stage, festival, wedding ceremony, both indoor and outdoor, as it mainly enhances the place’s atmosphere.

How MK-F20 mist fog machine works

MK-F20 mist fog machine works in combination with mist fog juice and mist fog fluid made up as a mix of water and glycol. After heating up the above mixture, the white mist fog is produced as you always see it on the air after heating up.

How do I use the MK-F20 mist fog machine?

To operate MK-F20 mist fog machine is not difficult; you don’t have to hire professionals for this. You can handle it on your own;

  •  Component Assessment

Ensure you have all essential components and the required mist fog machine fluid, cleaner, and if wanted a mist fog machine timer and remote control.

  • Testing

The test is always done before an event or occasion. With the advantage of testing before an event or experience, you can understand precisely the MK-F20 mist fog machine’s visual effect. Testing before hands ensures you that the MK-F20 mist fog machine operates appropriately, and you are also aware of setup time. MK-F20 mist we fog machine needs a few minutes to set up before it starts producing mist fog, so you must set ample time for that. Dry ice and other supplies must be nearby before using or testing your hazer machine.

  • Choosing a location

Knowing how much the MK-F20 mist fog machine produces mist fog, now you blind to place it on the wanted location. Sometimes you might not be sure which area is most useful to locate your MK-F20 mist fog machine then you should test the site thoroughly until you get the spookiest.

  •  Timer and remote setup

The timer helps give a little glimpse to the attendee; it always takes 0.5 up to 10 seconds for the mist fog to be regulated. Knowing how the timer works are something you must learn before using it in your event.


How to Control the Timing of MK-F20 Mist Fog Machine?

As indicated above, there are two modes you can monitor your MK-F20 fog machine. You can monitor your machine manually or with a timer. So, if you want it to be easy to wander around your party without verging to your MK-F20 mist fog machine throughout the event, a timer is a way to go. With a timer, the fog interval can be rectified from 0.5 to 10 seconds, and gaps can be between 10 and 200 seconds.

Some fog machines like MK-F20 are remote-control with 2-channel dmx, and some are electric control. The remote control helps you to control your machine while being hidden or sitting aways. MOKA SFX MK-F20 has both Dmx control and remote control of the device, so you can control it from a distance as well.


How to take care of your MK-F20 mist fog machine

You should enjoy it and have fun with no injuries. Hence when you are using the MK-F20 mist fog machine, you must follow and obey safety precautions. It would be best if you used your MK-F20 mist fog machine appropriately as you sometimes know this mist fog machine can create a spooky atmosphere but don’t allow it to obscure the areas people are walking on.

Make sure your MK-F20 mist fog machine is far away from any flammable substance and plug it into a grounded outlet. Also, the place you locate your MK-F20 mist fog machine is essential so that when you want to check it, you can quickly found it and use it. Also, your MK-F20 mist fog machine must be far away from the smoke detector so that it can prevent the possibility of sending it off.

Also, what to care about the most is to make sure you only operate your fog machine with the particular kind of fog juice it compels. Please don’t attempt to create your own or supersede anything else as it may flaw the device.

When you’re done using your fog machine, you should unclog it and enable it to cool off. Then, make sure to vacate your machine’s fog fluid before adding the fog cleaner to it. Now, rerun your MK-F20 fog machine until the detergent is entirely gone. This guarantees that your fog machine will operate smoothly and safely the next time you use it. If the instructions tell you to give it a tryout occasionally run, make sure to do so.


Mist fog machine or haze machine? which is best for events

Concert; this word is correlated to the haze; the fog has a vastly higher density. So, haze is not suitable for an outdoor laser light concert or tremendous stages like performances as light effects and laser beams are contrarily hard apparent for the human eyes. We propose using suitable fog liquid with higher quality for outdoor concerts or shows with high density.

Haze machines are fitting for indoor programs that happen in smaller areas. You are better advised to use fog if you only want to fog in a gym, pavilion, or a festival room. However, some organizers use fog just at large concerts, like at the famous Scooter concerts with a laser show. They mostly use it in free multimedia shows and large open-air events.

But the fog or haze is valuable for an event when you have fog or haze machines as a piece of precise supplementary equipment to spread it evenly. With the proper hazer machines and the right technique, you can apply the artificial fog to your desired place without any challenge.


Running Time of MK-F20 Mist Fog Machine

It is the most lasting Fog machine you can get from the Market. As MK-F20 has five liters capacity, and each 0.5 liter gets consumed within an hour, you will get a 10 hrs maximum output in one operation.

Fog Juice Protection: The fog juice you use for your machine will stay for up to 3 years if you have not opened it. But in case of being opened, it can last just for 2 months. Two months is the condition of it being properly sealed again and not infected.


The appliance of the MK-F20 mist fog machine on Halloween

Fog machines are an excellent supplement to the rest of your haunted Halloween home. After all, you’re generating an illusion that jump-scare enthusiasts will be drawn to. They’ll want to understand exactly what the fog is covering ring up as they walk very slowly ahead and get ready to glimpse and find out.

You can utilize light to play off of the fog and generate even spookier reactions. A ricocheting light, either from a flashlight or other source, will give observers a feeling of now you see it now you don’t, which is precise for providing them hop in anxiety when they do see a hand soaring out of the mist.


MOKA SFX MK-F20 mist fog machine is the best haze machine to cover your special event. With a 50-60 Hz voltage, this machine can release a high amount of smoke in your event. This machine’s smoke cover is about 3500 ft per minute, which shows how perfect can be this quality product from your event. As a hazer machine manufacturer, MOKA SFX provides various special types of equipment and includes quality and outstanding features that can standardize your event.

To get a MOKA SFX quality product, rent it, or to use it in your event organized by any organizing company is not difficult now. Just get a free quote of your favorite product from our site and ask your party organizer to use the MK-F20 mist fog machine instead of any local product as a piece of unique visual effect equipment in your event. So, what are you waiting for? Place your order now!

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