MK-F19 Colored Smoke Machine

MK-F19 1500W LED Multi Fog Machine is a professional stage effect Multi Fog Machine.

This is an angle-adjustable fog machine that converts the angle range up to 180 degrees.

Compared to ordinary direct-injection hoods, it has more More flexibility and selectivity.

In addition, it can continuously spray smoke for 40 seconds at a time, the time of spraying is controllable, and there is more selectivity.

  • 180 degrees angle adjustable
  • uses 12 high-bright LED lamp beads
  • spray smoke for 40 seconds at a time
  • has electronic temperature control and mechanical temperature control


LED12pcs x3W
Tank Capacity2.5L
Smoke Output20000cuft/min
Output Distance/Time8-10m/30-40s
DMX channel6
ControlDMX 512/Remote
Package Size54 x 32 x 32cm
Packing Weight11.5Kg
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This machine uses 12 high-bright LED lamp beads. When the smoke is sprayed, it looks so colorful and the colors can be freely combined with a variety of options.

The core part of this machine is made of stainless steel tube structure, and the shape design is high-end and beautiful.

In addition, this machine has strong power, fast heating and fast recovery of spray.

It uses the original special smoke oil, which is not easy to block the machine.

When you are looking for a smoke machine that requires a large amount of smoke and can be placed in any spray, then you can choose this machine.

This machine can be hung and can be hung up and down 180 Degree adjustment, this gives your activity more selectivity.

Besides, this machine can be controlled by DMX512 and remote control, which is easy to operate and brings more flexibility to your use.


MK-F19 1500W LED Multi Fog Machine is easy to use and easy to operate.

Thanks to its angular flexibility, the fog machine can be used in a variety of applications, especially for large-scale stage performances, opera houses, concerts, TV productions, stage performances, small parties, bars and more.

Moreover, this machine has electronic temperature control and mechanical temperature control, which guarantees your safe use.

This machine also has CE RoHS FCC international certification, the quality is guaranteed.

It can be used together with multiple units, the effect is better, can meet the needs of large-scale activities. If you use it, it will bring a very shocking effect to your event.

In summary, the MK-F19 1500W LED Multi Fog Machine, a uniquely designed adjustable angle hood, will bring you more surprises.

If you want to get it, please do it now and contact us!

  • Please handle the MOKA SFX Fog Machine by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • Smoking near the machine is prohibited.
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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Lots of SFX items made by China manufacturer are lack of the critical point: “Details”. But you will find an elegance arrangement product line in us, as we believe that only details will speak out for our difference to the others.

Complete Guide for MK-F19 Colored Smoke Machine

    ▾ How MOKA SFX MK-F19 Colored Fog Machine Comes as a Perfect Professional Machine?
    ▾ The MK-F19 Smoke Machine Specification
    ▾ Advantages Of Mk-F19 Smoke Machine Over Other Fog Machines
    ▾ Why Have MK-F19 from a Certified Company? ​
    ▾ Things to Be Cared About While Using a Fog Machine
    ▾ General Accessories For All Fog Machines.
    ▾ Conclusion.

Experience the world of colorful events brought forward by the new generation fog machines. People’s preferences and tastes have changed a lot in today’s life—people like trying out new things and activities that change everyday life. The MOKA SFX professional fog machine is beating the market now, and it is slowly outdoing other devices. The MK-F19 colored smoke machine is of the highest quality compared to other company’s fog machines. Forget about other manufacturers in the market and experience the taste of quality from us at MOKA SFX.

The MOKA SFX colored smoke machine has been used by many people, and they have shown maximum satisfaction from this product. This product will meet your expectations, considering the product specifications up to the advantages. The different kind of experience you will get from this machine is enough to acquire it yourself. Due to technological advancement, the special effects equipment is evolving every day. The MK-F19 dmx fog machine is the new generation machine, and it has never been missed in the market. This equipment’s production is very high, and they can never miss in the market even during peak season.

For a machine to serve you for long without fail, you should know how to manage your machine correctly. A machine requires special handling and service when necessary to avoid malfunctioning. If you plan to buy the special effect equipment, you should first learn how to maintain it. Also, the considerations you need to take before purchasing a machine is crucial. This article will enable you to learn more about special effects equipment, mostly the MK-F19 colored smoke machine from MOKA SFX. Depending on your taste, our company has various products for you that you can choose from. We are a trusted name among special effects manufacturers with all the certifications from the approved bodies.

How MOKA SFX MK-F19 Colored Fog Machine Comes as a Perfect Professional Machine

The MK-F19 professional fog machine is black, and it is made of stainless steel with a high-end shape, which makes it more elegant. It is made with twelve lamb beads that are very bright and LED drive. When the fog machine is praying the fog into the air, the lamb heads light with different adjustable colors that make them produce a colored smoke. The MK-F19 dmx fog machine heats up very fast; therefore, it saves on power so much.

The MK-F19 professional fog machine uses an original smoke oil that is produced by the manufactures. The oil used cannot quickly makes the pump dirty or block the machine, and it also acts as a lubricant. The MK-F19 colored smoke machine can spray smoke to 180 degrees; therefore, it can be placed anywhere in the event. If this machine is too large, the smoke production has a powerful sprayer that makes it more superior. The angular flexibility feature makes it suitable to be used in all types of events. Events such as large scale performances, concerts, TV shows, and many more can be made perfect by this machine.

You do not require any technical knowledge to operate this machine, and it is easy to use and function. It is equipped with temperature control features that ensure its security. When the machine reaches its heating point, the temperature control shuts it down to avoid damaging the machine. This machine has all the certifications from the CE ROHS FCC approval bodies. The MK-F19 professional fog machine can be used together with multiple bodies to bring a machine difference. The special effect feeling brought to you by this equipment is magical.

It is with no doubt that the MK-F19 dmx fog machine is the best choice. The smoke it sprays into the air brings a great taste to your event. A device is not just a machine until it serves the intended purpose. The MK-F19 fog machine has a long life span, and it will give you maximum satisfaction.


The MK-F19 Smoke Machine Specification

Here are some specifications which have increased the demand for our colored smoke machine;

  • The MK-F19 colored smoke machine has a tank holding capacity of 2.5L. The device can function for a long time without adding more fuel; thus, it is very economical.
  • The machine requires 6 minutes to warm up before it starts producing fog. This time is so convenient because you won’t need to wait for long for the machine to begin operating.
  • Two control modes control the MK-F19 colored smoke machine: the DMX512 control it and the remote control. DMX512 power has six different channels.
  • The machine has extensive coverage of smoke within a brief period. That is, it covers a distance of 8 to 10 meters within 30 to 40 seconds.
  • The machine has a convenient package weight of 11.5 kg that makes it to be flexible and portable. The package size measures 4 by 32 by 32 cm. this size is reduced the shipment cost, and you won’t need to pay a lot of money.
  • The smoke output rate of this machine is 2000cuft per minute. This is a high output rate compared to other devices.
  • The machine voltage is AC110V/220V,60Hz/50Hz, and powers up to 1500W LED 12pcs by 3W. the power consumption rate is less compared to the smoke output rate.


Advantages Of Mk-F19 Smoke Machine Over Other Fog Machines

The MK-F19 colored smoke machine has an adjustable head that sprays smoke at an angle of 180 degrees. This means that the device can be placed anywhere in the party.

The colored fog machine is equipped with 12 high bright lamb heads responsible for producing the colored smoke. They are responsible for coloring your event in different colors. The machine produces smoke with an interval of 40 seconds each. The machine covers a distance of 8 minutes within 40 seconds; therefore, your large event is covered.

The MK-F19 fog machine has inbuilt electronic temperature control and mechanical temperature control that helps turn off the machine when it reaches the heating point.

This colored smoke machine is a professional in stage performances and brings the reality of different versions.

Why Have MK-F19 from a Certified Company?

The MOKA SFX company is a leading manufacturer of special equipment in China. The company is known globally for the quality of products they manufacture. Our company has been in the market for more than five years now, and it has established itself in the industry. We offer specialized products that are long-lasting and are made of high-quality material.

The MOKS SFX company manufactures products that have all the approval from all the certified bodies. The CE ROHS FCC are the bodies concerned, and these bodies should approve the products. It is very risky to buy products blindly, and you find out that the product is harmful to the environment. Our manufactured products are widely used, and they are environmentally friendly.

All products from the MOKA SFX company have a one-year warranty. We own all our products even after being sold out. A certified company like us always focuses more on quality than profits. Provided that the product is still under the warranty period, you can even be compensated if it stops functioning. The MOKA SFX company has a fast production rate, and our products have never lacked in the market. When you buy from our company, shipment is made faster to your destination. So, we as a certified company provide more benefits and services to our customers as an after-service. You can visit our website to check the variety of products we offer and also request a free quote for your favorite product if you want to. We never disappoint our customers.


Things to Be Cared About While Using a Fog Machine

Machines must be handled with a lot of care to avoid dangers associated with careless handling. Fog machines have their advantages, but also, some disadvantages might occur either knowingly or unknowingly. Several hazards are related to using this fog machine at parties or events. Discussed below are some of the dangers addressed, though our MK-F19 doesn’t lie in dangerous equipment, as it is approved safe special effect equipment, a little care is better in the usage of any fog machine or electronic equipment.

Creation of an invisibility effect

Knowing well that the fog fluid production usually varies from thick to thin, visual obstruction occurs high. When there is an effect of visual blocks, one is moving blindly without knowing where they are passing. Minor accidents might happen in lowered places, sharped edges, and stairs where it will be hard to notice them. Also, in case of emergencies like and your guest will be needed to vacate the premises, signs like emergency exits will be invisible. When you are using a fog machine in the room, it is advisable that the emergency notices are visible and the lowered places are indicated. Even safety equipment should be placed in areas where they are visible.

The slippery effect caused by the fog

The fog fluid has some slippery effects when the fog fluid is directed toward the ground, and it condenses. However, our MK-F19 colored smoke machine does not create any slippery effect. But, for general fog machines, when the fog fluid is produced and is not vaporized, it might cause a slippery effect. When the slipping impact is generated, it might be too dangerous for the stage presenters, and unexpected accidents might be experienced. There are ways in which these accidents can be reduced, and one is by using a rough cover on the ground. This will be helpful because it will absorb the fog fluid hence reducing the slippery effect. Also, you can place the presentation stage a little distance from the fog machine sprayer.

Respiratory disorders

Not all fog fluids are safe for the respiratory system. Other users go against the manufacturer’s instructions on the type of fog juice to use. The fog is made of hygroscopic property that is too dangerous to the respiratory system. Some people are too sensitive, and once they inhale something foreign, they start developing complications.

When the fog fluid produced is too concentrated, it might be too dangerous, and the event organizers should pass out a notice before. A high concentrated fog might be too reactive to the respiratory system. In events where there is the use of moisture, the information should be given in advance. The people who are not comfortable with the fog in the event should know in advance. Also, the users should avoid mixing liquids to make their fog fluids. So, to better get a certified product from an accredited company for better guidance and safety.

Emission of un vaporized fluid.

If you are looking forward to your machine serving you for a long time without failing, you should practice preservative measures. A corrupt fog machine might produce a dangerous fog fluid that cannot vaporize quickly, too harmful. Also, a malfunctioning machine might lead to the production of bad smells that are not comfortable to smell. If you do not have any technical knowledge to repair your machine, you should take your device for servicing if it stops functioning.

Fire hazards

Depending on what you have mixed to form the fog fluid, it might be flammable. When the fog machine emits the flammable fog fluid, it will create a hazardous environment. Before using the fog machine in the event:

  1. Remember to test it first.
  2. Ensure that there are restrictions on using flammable items in the event, like cigarettes.
  3. Ensure that the fog machine is not producing flames outlets or the fog juice is not combustible.


General Accessories For All Fog Machines.

Before purchasing any machine, you should ensure that its accessories are available. If the machine parts fail to function, you will be required to buy that part. Also, buying from a recognized company like MOKA SFX is advisable. You will be sure that the machine spare parts are available—the following the most general machine accessories that you might need to know before purchasing an MK-F19 colored smoke machine or any other smoke or fog machine;

The fog juice

A fog machine’s primary purpose is to produce the fog fluid, making it a significant component. Ensure that the machine is not running without a fog fluid because it might damage the machine’s pump. You should be aware of the machine’s consumption rate so that you can know when to refill the tank. Ensure the fog fluid is locally available, and you won’t need to import it again. In case you decide to make your fog fluid ensure that it is compatible with one from the manufacturer.


This is the most essential in a fog machine because it has a significant impact. When buying a fog machine, ensure that the fog juice produced has a good scent. Of course, people won’t be comfortable in places where there are bad smells. Depending on what is contained in the fog fluid, the smell will come from that place. It is easy to change the fog juice smell by mixing different fluids; however, they should be compatible with the manufacturer’s specifications. The MK-F19 fog machine produces a colorful odor that has a good scent. Ensure that the fog fluid scent is available from the manufacturer, and it is readily available too.

Remote control

Based on the latest technology, the machine has transformed. Wireless devices are now used widely, and they are convenient. Most of the fog machines are remotely controlled or the DMX512 mode of control. The remote control machines have made work more comfortable, you only need to plug the remote sensor, and you are good to go. If you are looking for a device that will not bother you much, choose the small control machine. When buying a fog machine, ensure that the remote control is available and you can use it without any problem. And in case it fails to work you can get the spares quickly at the local shops.


If you want your machine to function very well without failing, then you should maintain it. Cleaning is one way to keep your machine, although a fog machine should not be washed regularly. The manufacturers should give clear guidelines on how to clean the machine to avoid damaging other parts. Lubricating is also advisable to prevent the breakage of some parts caused by friction. You should be aware of what oil to use for lubricating or how to clean it well.

Machine timers

Imagine buying a machine that will make you stay there to babysit to change the effects. It will be boring, and also it looks old fashion. Buy a device that has its timers available to avoid inconveniences. Also, you should be aware of how the timers work to avoid a last-minute rush. You should know how to time your machine and set intervals.


In conclusion, fog machines are very safe to use. Provided that it is used with the correct fog juice, then even pregnant mothers can stay in the room with no worries. Using special effects equipment, in any event, is meant to bring a different view, and our MK-F19 is the perfect fit to create a new picture of life in the events. If you are looking forward to acquiring special effect equipment for your upcoming event, ensure you buy from a certified company. The MOKA SFX manufacturing company products are one of the best in the special effects equipment industry. You don’t need to doubt our products at all, as we are manufacturing products of quality and will all the certifications.

The MK-F19 colored smoke machine from the MOKA manufacturers is a multipurpose machine and can meet any event requirements. Whether it is a large event or a small event, it will remain the best choice. Before buying a machine, some factors should consider. You should be aware of these factors to know the specifications of the device you require. The MK-F19 smoke machine has been significantly used by event organizers and music festivals, significantly transforming these events. Having read through this writing, you are now assured that the MK-F19 smoke machine is what you are looking for.

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