MK-F17A 1200W LED Fog Machine


  • Voltage: AC110V/220V, 60Hz/50Hz
  • Control: Remote /Electric control
  • LED: 6pcs x 3W
  • Blowing Smoke Quantity: 8000 cuft/min
  • Pre-heating Time: 8mins
  • Temperature: 250-270℃℃
  • Packing Size: 48 x 30 x 22cm
  • Package Weight: 7Kg

MK-F17A 1200W LED Fog Machine


  • easy operation, handy and user-friendly,
  • Remote control and control cable
  • electronic temperature detection controller
  • Add LED lights

MK-F17A LED Fog Machine is the ultimate high output fog but smart, 1200W power capacity, solid and compact design in appearance, easy operation, handy and user-friendly, clean fog.

Rapidly diffuse on the stage, Let the stage linger in a mysterious atmosphere.

MK-F17A LED Fog Machine is used to smoke liquid to evaporate the liquid by heating the liquid.

The ratio of different water and fluid and the fog effect is different.

You can tell us the effect you need, we will match the fogging oil according to your requirements.

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MK-F17A 1200W LED Fog Machine: The Definitive Guide

Stage Fog Machine Effects

MK-F17A LED Fog Machine has two control modes for you to choose—Remote control and control cable.

First, please inject 2L of smoke fluid, it will automatically heat for about 8 minutes after the power is turned on.

Then it can start making a uniform smoke in the air.

When you use the remote control, the farthest distance from the machine is no more than 20 meters.

And comes with a convenient hanger. It can be easily hung on a truss.

MK-F17A 1200W LED Fog Machine

The operation is very simple and easy to understand. Instantly you have never used MK-F17A LED Fog Machine. You also can work very well.

MK-F17A LED Fog Machine always used to maximize and accentuate the effect of lighting effects, as most modern lighting effects rely on beams of light moving around.

To make it easier for you to use the LED Fog machine, MK-F17A LED light is added in structure design, when you don’t have extra lights, turn on the light switch of the machine. We also have the same machine without the built-in LED light–MK-F17 1200W Fog Machine.

MK-F17A 1200W LED Fog Machine

This effect is hugely enriched when the light hits the fog or smoke particles, making the beams more pronounced and visible.

You only need to have one machine to achieve both effects.

MK-F17A LED Fog Machine has an electronic temperature detection controller built-in.

When the temperature reaches 230 degrees, the machine will automatically stop power and stop working, avoiding the temperature being too high and damage the machine.

MK-F17A 1200W LED Fog Machine

Each machine has passed the international CE ROHS FCC product quality certification.

We also have a 400w, 900w, 1500w, 3000w fog machine, etc for you to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for the smallest wisp of fog, or need to cover an entire arena stage with low smoke.

Please feel free to contact the MOKA SFX sales team and take it now!

MOKA has the expertise and the equipment to do the job.

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