Water Based Smoke Machine MK-F15A

MOKA MK-F15A 2000W Double Output Low Lying Fog Machine From product launches to TV and stage performances, the low lying fog cool breeze will appeal to the audience.

It also can be used for weddings. it creates a fairyland effect when the low lying fog surrounds the ground.

The bride and groom dance in the low lying fog. Let you have a dreamy wedding.

  • turbo fans to provide more power
  • two outlets, change different directions
  • designed with a water level display that clearly see
  • passed the international CE ROHS FCC product quality certification


Smoke Output:70m2 / 3mins
Warm-up time:
Voltage:AC110V -220V, 60Hz /50Hz
Max Power:2000W
Control:Remote / DMX512
DMX Channel:
Fuel Consumption:1L/hour
Product Size:76x39x54cm
Packing Size (Carton):76x39x54cm
Component:Power Cord, DMX Cord
Packing Option:Ready Flycase Pack
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Take a look at the product decsription below. If you still have questions, feel free to visit our FAQ page, or reach out to us.


MOKA MK-F15A 2000W Double Output Low Lying Fog Machine is a method of heating water-based fluid (low fog fluid) to evaporate the liquid and combine it with the mist of the atomizing head to produce low lying fog.

First, you pour 6.5L of pure water into the water tank, inject 3L of water-based fluid (low fog fluid), and connect the power cord to the machine and outlet.

After the power is turned on, the machine will automatically heat up.

When the device is warmed for 136s, the LCD will display-ready haze to remind you that you can start making low lying fog.

You can control the machine through DMX512 or remote control. If you use DMX512 control, there are two channels.

Channel 1 controls the smoke exiting speed of the machine, and channel 2 begins to making low-lying fog.

Another control method is a remote control with two buttons A and B to control the opening and closing of the smoke.

And you can also set the amount of low lying fog, low lying fog speed, and low lying fog time you need in the menu bar, which allows you to make the low lying fog effect you want on time and more convenient.

MOKA MK-F15A 2000W Double Output Low Lying Fog Machine is designed with a water level display that clearly sees the amount of water injected from the water level display.

Avoiding too much water or water is enough to prevent the machine from working properly.

We use turbofans to provide more power for low fog and quickly allow low lying fog to cover the ground.


MOKA MK-F15A 2000W Double Output Low Lying Fog Machine has two outlets.

We have sent 2 pieces 4m low lying fog diversion tubes for free.

You can adjust them to making low lying fog in different directions so that the low lying fog can cover the ground faster.

It takes about 3 minutes to cover an area of about 70 square meters.

When you fill-up the water and water-based fluid (low fog fluid), the machine can continue to output for about 1 hour.

We don’t recommend that you use the MOKA MK-F15A 2000W Double Output Low Lying Fog Machine outdoors.

The outdoor wind is very strong, which will allow the smoke to dissipate quickly and achieve no effect.

Each machine has passed the international CE ROHS FCC product quality certification.

We also have an MK-F15 2000W single output low lying fog machineMK-F18 3000W single output fog machine and MK-F18A double-output low lying fog machine for you to choose.

Whether you’re looking for the smallest wisp of fog, or need to cover an entire arena stage with low smoke.

Please feel free to contact the MOKA SFX sales team and take it now! MOKA has the expertise and the equipment to do the job.

  • Please handle the MOKA SFX Fog Machine by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • Smoking near the machine is prohibited.
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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Lots of SFX items made by China manufacturer are lack of the critical point: “Details”. But you will find an elegance arrangement product line in us, as we believe that only details will speak out for our difference to the others.

Complete Guide for Water Based Smoke Machine MK-F15A

    ▾ What is MK-F15A 2000W Double Output Low Lying Fog Machine capable of?
    ▾ Advantages of MK-F15A Water Based Smoke Machine
    ▾ How the MK-F15A Water based Smoke Machine Works?
    ▾ Conclusion​

There are various special effects gadgets like a water-based smoke machine available for event organizers to choose from or even simply for enthusiasts to have one on their own. Each piece of equipment was designed to perform a particular effect that may differ or slightly different from the other to fit specific special effects requirements. From all these gadgets, what is common is that they are specifically designed to create a festive ambiance at a particular event.

One favorite special effect equipment is that of fog machines. It usually is a piece of must-have equipment in any event because of the astonishing effect it creates on any particular venue. But when talking of fog machines, there are also variations of them, depending on the need. One such fog machine is that of the MK-15A, which is described as a 2000W double output low fogging machine.

What is MK-F15A 2000W Double Output Low Lying Fog Machine capable of?

The MK-F15A ground smoke machine is guaranteed to provide your movie scene and any stage or theatrical performances that low-lying fog with its cool breeze that will be appealing to the audience.

This MK-F15A 2000W Double Output Low Lying Fog Machine product with its low-lying fog cool breeze will appeal to the audience. Great for making a realistic fantasy to the applause and appreciation of the spectators.

The same effect, and may even be better, can be produced on those celebrations of love like that of the first dance of a newly-wed couple or that of a debutante’s dance into becoming a lady. A truly mesmerizing ambiance for it makes the appearance of dancing in the clouds created by the water-based smoke machine. What the MK-F15A ground smoke machine does is that is a method of heating a water-based fluid that will make it evaporate. Combining it with the mist of the atomizing head will then produce a ground-hugging and low-lying fog. This low-lying fog machine can produce thick clouds and make it hug the floor for a reasonable time before it dissipates.

The MK-F15A water based machine is a good substitute for those fog machines that need dry ice. This piece of special effect equipment also produces the same effect sans dry ice. All it needs is distilled water and a little quantity of fog juice. So, when dry ice is hard to find by, especially on venues of events that are far from the commercial centers, the MK-F15A water based machine is the right equipment for you.

Even with a power output of only 2000W that is considered practical for small venues, it is compensated with the dual output capability to fill a venue with the lesser time needed.

But that is just a teaser as to what the MK-F15A water smoke machine is all about and what it can do. Let us go to the details of our product and be convinced even more. Our fervent desire is that this definitive guide will give you ample knowledge of the advantages that MK-F15A water based smoke machine has.


Advantages of MK-F15A Water Based Smoke Machine

Installed Turbo Fans

The MK-F15A water based smoke machine has turbofans installed on the unit. This is specifically designed so that the turbofans will provide more blowing power needed to spread the low-lying fog quickly. Its actual performance has an average period of just three (3) minutes to cover around 70 square meters with low lying fog. With this speed aided by the turbofans, participants will experience that foggy atmosphere or being on the clouds in just a matter of minutes.

Short Pre-heating Time

The MK-F15A water smoke machine takes only a little over two (2) minutes pre-heating time before it is ready to work its magic of spewing cumulus-like waves of the fog into the ground. With this, it means that by the time the MK-F15A ground smoke machine is set-up and hooked to the power source, it can be ready at no time at all to do its designed task. A convenient feature considering the importance of always being prepared to perform what it is designed for any particular event.

With a pre-heat time of only 136 seconds, this water smoke machine does heat up immediately. For convenience, an LCD found on the special effect equipment itself will display the word “READY” to signify that it is already up to the task of producing that beautiful low-lying fog on the venue’s floor. A push of a button will release that astonishing smoke of clouds on the ground of the venue.

Two outlets

As the adage would say, the more, the merrier. The MK-F15A water based smoke machine is an epitome of exactly like that because it comes out of the production line and into your hands, inclusive of two (2) pieces of 4 meters each of low-lying fog diversion tubes. Compared to other water based smoke machines in the market, which only has the machine and none of the tubes, the MK-F15A water smoke machine is hard. And because the MK-F15A has not only a double output capability but also an end-of-tube funnel that actually hugs the floor, then the fog is actually released literally on the ground level. It is not unlike other machines with similar functions that release the fog from the machine’s level or that from the machine’s nozzle, which can be a little higher. With this added fixture, this product is literally a low-lying fog machine.

A clear advantage of having the double output tubes is that the operator has more leeway to place the tube at different strategic locations and start blowing low lying smoke simultaneously. It has different impacts; that is, it can cover the venue faster and create various release spectacles. Either the tubes are placed opposite each other, facing the same direction, or even at both ends and facing each other, the display can really be spellbinding. Simply put, you can adjust them to face any direction at your whim and in your desired result.

You have to spend more to buy the tubes connected to the nozzle on the machine, unlike others who only have the fog machine. With MK-F15A water based smoke machine, it is included in the product upon purchase at no additional cost to you. Indeed, a cost-efficient water smoke machine.

Visible Water Level Indicator

As the MK-F15A ground smoke machine is water based, it has a tank where the water will be filled to a certain level. A common problem with this kind of water-dependent machine is that it can either be over-filled with water or has too little of it. Either way, it will result in a less than satisfactory performance of the MK-F15A water smoke machine. Worse, it will damage the machine or shorten its lifespan. The engineering team that produces the MK-F15A water based smoke machine has a comfortable and practical solution to avoid that. A gauge is installed on the equipment that gives a visual reading on whether the tank is close to over-filling or critically low. With this water level display that is highly visible even to the naked eye, it is a simple engineering solution that makes it a practical tool for the user and guarantees longer years of the superb performance of the MK-F15A water based smoke machine.

A Large Water/Oil Tank and a Fuel-efficient Machine

The MK-F15A water based smoke machine has a maximum capacity of 6.5 liters for water and 3 liters for oil. With this ratio, the machine can operate for an hour with 6.5 liters of water and 3 hours for the 3 liters oil tank. With this water and oil ratio on the tank, it would appear that the water tank has to be refilled every hour of operation.

Still, that is a relatively long period of continuous fog output, though more often than not, it does not take that long to use and fill a venue with fog. So with the Mk-F15A smoke ground machine has dual output capability.

Likewise, the MK-15A water based fog machine consumes only a liter of fuel for an hour’s production of fog. If used sparingly and on a small venue that can be filled with fog in as short as 3 minutes, it will last for an entire event. Again, another advantage in terms of reducing your operational cost.

Multi-Options Control

The MK-F15A water based smoke machine can be operated either through remote control or through a DMX512 control panel that is included in the product itself.

When using the DMX512 control panel, it has two (2) channels with different functions. Channel 1 on the DMX512 is to control the speed of the smoke that comes out from the machine, while that of channel 2 is the volume of the smoke that is produced and exits the MK-F15A ground smoke machine. With the DMX512 control panel, the user can then mix the fog’s volume and speed that exits the machine. Increasing the speed and volume will undoubtedly result in a faster filling up of thick smoke on any venue. On the one hand, increasing the speed and lowering the smoke volume will result in the still more rapid filling of fog on the venue but less thick in terms of the fog volume.

Using the remote control will allow the operator to operate the MK-F15A water based smoke machine at a distance. The ground fog machine can then be hidden under a table with only the tube protruding on the ground. Using the remote control, you may start the fog from coming out or pausing it to add more drama from the machine’s distance or hidden from the spectators. The remote control has a limited option, though. You just have to push button A to start the production of fog and button B to pause or stop it. Admittedly, it will not have the same functions as the DMX512 with its dual channels where the speed and volume can be manipulated. Still, remotely operating the MK_F15A water based machine is in itself an advantage.

The MK-F15A water based machine also has a feature that allows you to set the time and duration of the low flying fog as you desire. Just go to the menu bar and adjust the setting desired.

Rugged yet Elegant Design

The MK-15A water based smoke machine has been built for the rugged wear and tear that special effects equipment is usually exposed to. However, while it is built with sturdy materials, it has the feel and looks of high-end electronic equipment elegantly designed. The MK-F15A machine itself is embedded in a cargo case to protect it from possible bumps during transport or transfer. With a hard case to protect the equipment, it will add more productive service years to you.

The ground smoke machine has a package size of 76 x 39 x 54 cm for the ground smoke machine’s size. The MK-F15A water based smoke machine’s net weight is 43 kilograms with a gross weight of 44 kilograms. The figures on their weight may be daunting, but it is well justified by the bewildering spectacle it provides to the spectators.

The MK-F15A ground smoke machine manufacturer designed the water based smoke machine with a built-in trolley because of its size and weight. With the industrial wheels, it can be moved from one place to another with ease. Again, this will lessen any abuse to our product’s integrity, thereby making it operational longer.


How the MK-F15A Water based Smoke Machine Works

Operating the MK-F15A smoke ground machine is not complicated. You only have to put pure water on the 6.5-liter pure water tank capacity, then follow it up with an injection of 3 liters water based fluid (low fog fluid), then connect the power code to the machine and the outlet, then all is ready. By simply turning the power on, the machine will immediately start heating up, and just after a little after two minutes, the fog will start coming out. So, this is how easy to operate MOKA SFX MK-F15A. We provide an operational guide with our product as well, which will help and save you from any inconvenience.


Certified and with Warranty Product

The MK-F15A water based smoke machine, like all other quality products from MOKA SFX, are all certified products for their quality and safety. It is also the same company that gives a guaranty that the MK-F15A smoke ground machine has passed international Ce/RoHS/FCC product quality. Having this certification is important because it serves as a go signal for the MK-F15A ground smoke machine to gain entry to other countries and be sold on their domestic markets.

The approved CE and RoHS certification that appears on the MK-F15A water based machine is a mark of approval by the European Union (EU). It simply means that member-nations of the EU may allow the MK-F15A smoke ground machine to be sold to their citizens. It is because the MK-F15A smoke machine has passed its stringent requirements for human safety and environmental protection. The approved certification is a guaranty that MK-F15A water based smoke machine does not contain hazardous components on the product that may be harmful to humans and to the environment.

On the one hand, the FCC approved certification plastered on the smoke ground machine is issued by the United States of America (USA). It is an imprimatur that the MK-F15A water smoke machine as a piece of electronic equipment is within the allowable electronic interference it may have.

Having those coveted certifications of approval ensures that the MK-F15A water based smoke machine is safe and legal.

Furthermore, the MK-F15A smoke ground machine has a warranty of up to five (5) years. Meaning, if and when the special effects equipment encounters operational glitches, our company will provide the repair services for free. If any parts needs are damaged and need replacement, part of the warranty is to replace them for free. However, the defect has to be encountered within the warranty period.


Free Quote

In need of a company to give you an estimated cost for a possible project that needs to employ the services of special effects equipment, including that of a low-lying fog machine, MOKA SFX is ready to extend you the services. Not only are we going to entertain your query with expediency, but it shall also be provided to you for free. Consider it as gratitude for trusting us to give you a reasonable and timely quotation.


As proudly mentioned earlier in this article, the MK-F15A water based smoke machine is a product that will offer a solution to most of your special effects needs. Having one in your inventory is always a wise and practical investment. It has a reasonable price tag and a guaranteed flawless performance based on what it was designed to perform. As an efficient ground smoke machine, the MK-F15A will not let you down.

Our MK-F15A can make your event worth remembering. You can purchase a product from our site or contact your event organizers to get our products fantastic and amazing visual effects services.

Contact us now and have your MK-F15A water based smoke machine. You will not regret it.

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