MK-F11A 500W Mist Haze Machine

MOKA SFX  MK-F11A 500W Mist Haze Machine is a water-based, high output haze machine, which is dedicated to creating subtle atmospheres.

Frequently, it is widely used in all kinds of occasions, like Weddings, DJ, bars, nightclubs, parties, Concerts, Stage, Performances, etc.

Literally, it’s a wise choice to use this machine on these occasions.

  • Fast warm-up time 80s
  • Remote & DMX512 control
  • Large Coverage
  • Fuel consumption 1L/6hrs


VoltageAC110V/220V, 60Hz/50Hz
Control ModeRemote & DMX512 control
DMX Channel2
Fuel Consumption1L/6hours
Warm-up Time80s
Product Weight4.1KG
Gross Weight5.1KG
Product Size33 x 27 x 28cm
Package Size41 x 30 x 24.5cm
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Take a look at the product decsription below. If you still have questions, feel free to visit our FAQ page, or reach out to us.


MK-F11A 500W Mist Haze Machine adopts a 500W foot power heating core, heating more quickly, advanced electronic.

The shape of the 500W mist haze machine is a cuboid.

The built-in adjustable smoke output nozzle could easily adjust the direction of the haze.

Then the knobs on the hazer can be disassembled.

With this knob, it is convenient to carry. And if you want to hang this hazer in the air, you also can put the knobs on.

Besides, on both sides of this machine, there has a heat dissipation structure design, it can cool the product temperature down when the hazer power is running.

MK-F11A 500W Mist Haze Machine’s other special features include a fluid level indicator which is easy to see the volume of liquid inside the tank.

The fuel consumption of the machine is 1L/6hrs, it’s enough to complete the whole party night, performance and other activities.MK-F11A haze cover area is about 150㎡.


There have two control modes of The 500W Mist Haze Machine MK-F11A, DMX512 and remote control.

If you use the remote control, it needs to connect the remote-control receiver and turn the switch on.

Then the machine will heat automatically for about 80 seconds and display ‘HAZE READY’ on the screen.

And then you can press the button ‘UP’ and ‘DOWN’ to adjust the smoke volume.

If you use the DMX512 control mode, when the machine warm-up successfully, the screen shows ‘HAZE READY’, one channel is to adjust the fog output speed, another is to adjust the smoke volume.

Besides, this machine has set a self-protection system, when the haze fuel is running out, the power of this machine will be turned off automatically.

In general, there is no doubt that it’s a wonderful and excellent choice to use this machine in all kinds of entertainment occasions.

If you’re interested in this machine, please don’t have any hesitation to contact us!

  • Please handle the MOKA SFX Fog Machine by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • Smoking near the machine is prohibited.
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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Lots of SFX items made by China manufacturer are lack of the critical point: “Details”. But you will find an elegance arrangement product line in us, as we believe that only details will speak out for our difference to the others.

MK-F11A Mist Haze Machine

    ▾ How MK-F11A Mini Haze Machine Create Amazing Visual Effects?
    ▾ What Makes MK-F11A Mini Haze Machine a Special Product?
    ▾ Advantages Of Using Mk-f11a 500w Machine
    ▾ 5 Tips For A Perfect Haze Machine
    ▾ Factors To Consider Before Purchasing Any Haze Machine
    ▾ Conclusion

How MK-F11A Mini Haze Machine Create Amazing Visual Effects?

A haze machine is a machine that looks similar to a fog machine that works by producing a cloud-like effect into the air to make light beams or lasers visible. MOKA SFX MK-F11A produces such unusual visual effects which can make your event mesmerizing and worth to get remembered.
How Fog Machine is Different from Mini Haze Machine
The only difference between a fog machine and a haze machine is that a haze machine is meant for emphasizing lights or lasers, and the fog machine is for creating a visual effect.

MK-F11A mini haze machine produces a good effect in the air, which hangs in the air for some time. When preparing for festivals like music festivals and concerts, a haze machine-like MK-F11A works best for you. A haze machine can be made oil-based or water-based; the main thing is whether it creates the effect expected.

In a special event where you want to emphasize invisible light beams or lasers, you can use a mini haze machine. Due to advancements in technology, many concerts and festivals have adjusted to using a mini haze machine.
What do we offer in the MK-F11A Mini Haze Machine?
The MK-F11A mist haze machine is made by the MOKA SFX and is mainly a water-based machine. The product is made to suit all types of parties: DJ bars, nightclubs, party concerts, and stage performances. This machine is made light to enable portability to weigh around four kilograms, which is a very convenient weight.

Having a MOKA SFX MK-F11A machine at your party can transform the event into a magical event. The event will be made colorful due to the visibility of the beams of light produced by this machine. Event organizers have used this fog machine, and they have shown maximum satisfaction. Unlike fog machines that create thick smoke in the air that might cause obstructions, the mini haze machine emphasizes light.

In events like wedding ceremonies, the most effective machine to use is the mini haze machine. This is because the fog mist machine produces a thick smoke that might block some things. However, the light Haze machine has a fine that emphasizes the light beam in the wedding. Our MK-F11A mini haze machine is reliable, and it cannot disappoint. You might find out that you created a great feeling for your guests after using our light haze machine in your event.

What Makes MK-F11A Mini Haze Machine a Special Product?

The 500W mini haze machine has a cuboid shape; it has a built-in adjustable nozzle that can easily adjust the smoke’s direction. The shape of the mini haze machine enables it to save space. This light maze machine Is made with knobs that can be disassembled. Hanging MK-F11A mini haze machine is also supported, and you can put the knobs on. The machine is made lightweight to enable the convenience of carrying it. The machine is built-in with a heat dissipation structure that allows the machine to cool down when the power is on.

MOKA SFX mini haze machine MK-F11A is made up of a transparent fluid level indicator that enables you to see the fuel’s volume remaining. If you are looking for an economical machine that saves your money, here is your best choice. This machine has a one-liter consumption rate for six hours; this coves half a day or the entire night party. It covers 150 meters squared; this is an extensive coverage area covered by the haze. The MK-F11A mini haze machine from the MOKA SFX company is made in two modes, the remote control and the DMX512. It is made with the latest technology, and it suits all the preferences. For people who prefer wireless machines, their needs are also catered. Terms and conditions on using the remote control machine have been given too.

MK-F11A MOKA SFX’s machine’s heating time is eighty seconds; after it becomes heated up, it displays on the screen that the haze is ready. It has a special screen that displays this; this machine is made up to standards. The smoke volume can be adjusted with a button indicated up and down. Also, for the ones using the DMX512 control mode, the machine will indicate haze ready when it gets heated up completely, and you can adjust the fog output speed. MOKA SFX products are made up of professionals; therefore, it is tough for our machines to fail. Our MK-F11A is a self-protection system that enables us to turn off the power when the fuel is running low. The shutting off is automatic, and there Is no need to babysit your machine to check the fuel level.

To clear your doubts about this machine’s effectiveness, you can always ask the people who have used it before, or you can visit the manufacturing company website to clear your doubts. This product shipment is made faster by the manufacturing company, and they also offer a one-year warranty for all their products. A mini haze machine is a reliable machine, and you are assured that it won’t fail you in the event. With all the details concerning this machine, it is evident that technical experience is not a must to operate it. You need to read the instructions carefully to avoid hazards caused by the machine’s careless handling.


Product specification is the crucial thing to check when buying any machine. The MK-F11A mini haze machine has the following specification.

The mini haze machine consumes a power of 500W. This rate of power usage is what makes it have a more production rate.

The machine control modes include the DMX512 and the remote control mode. The user can choose the most effective way to use based on the event. The DMX512 has two-channel.
The fuel consumption rate for this machine is 1L for every six hours. There is no doubt that this machine is very economical and has a low fuel consumption rate.

The MK-F11A mini haze machine has a warm-up time of the 80s only. This means that the user will not need to wait for so long before it starts operating. And also, it is an energy saver.
The Product weighs 4.1KG, which means that it is portable and can be carried from one place to another with ease. And it can also be hanged on the event site due to its weight. It also measures 33 by 27 by 28cm.

The package weighs 5.1kg, meaning it is not a bulb product, and the shipping cost is not that much. This package also measures 41 by 39 by 24.5cm, meaning it occupies a small place.

Advantages Of Using Mk-f11A 500w Machine

The machine has fast heating up time.
Considering MK-F11A mini haze machine requires only 80s to heat up, it does not consume a lot of time and power. A good machine is one that saves energy and time. Compared with a machine that takes a lot of time to heat up, and is not convenient for the party and event organizers. A machine that heats up fast also takes a little time to cool.
Two modes of control support it
The light haze machine is remote and DMX512 control. For the ones that prefer a remote-controlled machine, their needs are met by this special effect equipment. The remote control machine alerts the user after it gets heated up. The DMX512 control machine also has to channel that enables the user to adjust the volume and smoke speed. This, too, mode functions very well, and the user can decide what mode is more convenient.
MK-F11A Mini Haze Machine Area Coverage Range
MK-F11A mini haze machine produces mist to cover up to an area of 150 meters squared. This area is quite big considering the size of your event; whether it is a big event or a small event, the machine can suit both. The machine’s size is too small, and it covers a large area; therefore, it can be hanged anywhere and still serve the purpose.
It does not consume a lot of fuel.
The consumption rate of the MK-F11A mini haze machine is one liter per six hours. This is considered to be very economical and should be taken into consideration. Sometimes you might find out that a machine consumes a lot of fuel, yet it is not effective. So, MOKA SFX MK-F11A is convenient per fuel as well. Take into consideration the consumption rate and the effectiveness of the machine.

5 Tips For A Perfect Haze Machine

It is good to use the actual hazer.
If you are looking forward to a perfect haze, you should use the actual hazer. There is a difference between a hazer and a fogger. A haze machine should produce a fine smoke effect, and the particles should hang in the air for some time. The hazer machine is quite more expensive than a fogger; however, it will serve you exactly the way you want it.

A haze machine’s main objective is to detect light beams or lasers; however, this might be obstructed by low standards haze machines. But MOKA SFX MK-F11A mini haze machine removes the fine mist that results in better visibility in the room as the haze function is to outcome the light, as if no haze, the light effect cannot be seen. So, go for a perfect haze machine-like MOKA SFX MK-F11, which can better up the visibility at your venue or in your clubs.
Do not turn off the machine.
While operating a haze machine in a room, the smoke effect will spread in the entire room and hangs up for some time. Turning off the machine during operation might result in reheating the machine again to produce the haze. Knowing that the machine requires time to heat up and the haze to start spreading in the entire room, it is good to keep it on. The modern haze machine-like MOKA SFX’s MK-F11A mini haze machine has an inbuilt system that enables it to turn off when the fuel is almost over.
Testing the Haze machine
Before the event’s actual day, it is always good to test the machine; first, this helps you know a suitable place to place it. Different places also have separate air currents; therefore, it is good to test the smoke volume in that place and the speed. it is good to try your machine first, avoid frustration during the day of the event, and prevent the waste of time.
Choose between the DMX 512 remote control.
A haze machine has two modes of control; you can choose what suits you best. If you are okay with the remote control, you should set your device to remote control mode. For a perfect haze, test your remote control ability if you can increase the volume or speed. If you choose the DMX 512 control, you should know more about the control mode to avoid confusion during the event. Learn more about your haze machine modes of governance. This way, you can better control your machine modes and functions, impacting your mesmerizing event.
Choose what your machine is detecting
For the machine to work perfectly, it is good to know what your intent to detect. You can always organize with the event planners to test your machine in the room before understanding your smoke detectors. Knowing your detectors in advance can help you to avoid setting alarms where it is not necessary.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing Any Haze Machine

Size of the machine.
The size of the machine matters a lot; this is because a portable machine is more convenient. Purchasing a too heavy machine might be challenging because you might need to adjust the event’s position. A big machine cannot be hanged, and this means it occupies a lot of space. The mini haze machine weighs 4.5KG, this weight is more convenient, and it is portable.
Customers reviews
Before buying any equipment, it is good to check on the customer reviews. These are the people who have used these machines before. A customer who has used this machine and is not satisfied will not recommend the product to you. The MOKA SFX products are the best in the market, and the customer reviews concerning our products show maximum satisfaction.
Fuel consumption
Before purchasing a machine that consumes fuel like the mini mist machine, it is always good to check on the machine’s fuel consumption rate. The 500W haze machine has a fuel consumption rate of one liter for six hours; this rate is friendly and economical. For it means that the machine can continue to operate up to the end of the party.

The mini haze machine is made special to turn off when the fuel is almost over. Fuel consumption is key; a machine that consumes a lot of fuel requires a lot of money for it to run. A new machine is supposed to be friendly to the environment and save you money.
The cost of the machine.
The truth is if you would like to have a machine that will serve you up to your satisfaction, be ready to spend a lot of money. The best haze machine costs so many dollars; however, it is very hard to be disappointed by this machine. MOKA SFX’s products are affordable, and our prices are based on the quality of the product. We have manufactured products that can enhance your events; charm within your budget. A machine might be cheap, but you will need to repair all times, or even the machine might fail. If you are looking forward to buying a machine, consider your budget and the quality of what you want to buy.
Certified company.
When buying special effect equipment, consider buying it from a certified company. Companies dealing with special effects equipment should have certifications from the concerned authority. The certifications include the CE/ROHS. Haze machines should be approved by the above bodies to prove that they can be used around people. The MOKS SFX products are all supported by the above-certified bodies, and it is safe to use products from this company. To avoid being subjected under the law because of using a not approved machine, you should avoid that. Mk-F11 mini haze machine is a certified product and has got CE/ROHS certification, and it can be used in any event. So, purchase a mini haze machine which is certified and is safe to use in public events.
Consider technology.
They are a dynamic change in technology nowadays, in that machines are being produced daily based on the changes in technology. While buying a haze machine, always consider if it is up to date. Initially, there were machines with so many wires to control it, and also, you had to babysit your machine to change its modes. However, due to advancement in technology, the wireless machine has been made, these machines are remote control, and you don’t need to stay near the machine to control it. Our MOKA SFX products are made up to date with the advancement in technology.


In conclusion, there is no doubt that the MK-F11A mini haze machine can transform your party. Our fog mist machine is made lightweight, and this means that it is durable and can be hanged anywhere. The machine is standardized with clear specifications on how to use it. Considering customer reviews on this product’s use, it is evident that this machine does not disappoint. Any machine made by the MOKA SFX is of the highest quality since it is made by highly skilled personnel.

With all the advantages of the MK-F11A mini haze machine, it is a perfect reason you should acquire one. If you are planning an event, try this light haze machine and create that special feeling for your guests. Having read through the entire writing, you can possibly explain what a fog mist machine is. You can visit our website, get access to a variety, other amazing models, and make your event planning business a big hit! So, what are you waiting for!

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