MK-F11 Haze Machine

MK-F11 1000W Mist Haze Machine is a professional stage effect fog machine.

This smoke machine is a small machine with a small footprint, small size, and stylish design, compared to the same type of 500W Mist Haze Machine.

The hood, this machine has made great improvements in both appearance and footprint.

  • small size and stylish design
  • stainless steel pipe structure
  • Strong power, fast heating, quick recovery of heat spray
  • electronic temperature control system and special pipe


Spray Distance:
Warm-up time:30s
Voltage:AC110V -220V, 60Hz /50Hz
Max Power:1000W
Control:DMX512 / Remote control
DMX Channel:2
Fuel Consumption:0.5L/hour
Product Size:36.5×30.5x33cm
Packing Size (Carton):44x34x34cm
Component:Power Cord / DMX Cord
Packing Option:Normal Carton
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Take a look at the product decsription below. If you still have questions, feel free to visit our FAQ page, or reach out to us.


The heating core part of this machine adopts stainless steel pipe structure, which has strong power, fast heating, quick recovery of heat spray, and the use of the original manufacturer’s special smoke oil, the machine is not easy to block.

In addition, this machine adopts an advanced electronic temperature control system and a special pipe design to increase the amount of smoke.

If you use this machine, it will bring a very shocking effect to your event.

It has two control modes: DMX512 control and remote control. It is very simple to operate when you use it.

Its smoke coverage is also very wide, as you like when you use it in a bar or various activities.

It will bring a very shocking effect to your event.


Due to its small size and stylish appearance, this smoke machine is also widely used.

It is widely used in opera, concerts, small parties, weddings, stage performances, bars, etc.

If you have it Then every one of your games will be wonderful.

MK-F11 1000W Mist Haze Machine, easy to use, easy to operate, with CE RoHS and FCC international certification, quality is guaranteed, if used together, the effect is very shocking, will bring unexpected results to your stage.

In summary, the MK-F11 1000W Mist Haze Machine, a professional direct injection machine, will bring you more surprises.

If you want to get it, please do it now and contact us!

  • Please handle the MOKA SFX Fog Machine by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • Smoking near the machine is prohibited.
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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Lots of SFX items made by China manufacturer are lack of the critical point: “Details”. But you will find an elegance arrangement product line in us, as we believe that only details will speak out for our difference to the others.

Complete Guide for MK-F11 Haze Machine

    ▾ Why Have MK-F11 Haze Machine for your Event?
    ▾ What are the Advantages of MK-F11 Haze Machine?
    ▾ Advantages of Having a Haze Machine from MOKA SFX
    ▾ Conclusion ​

Our generation today has redefined how a public event must look and feel like. The same could be said of some theatrical play and stage show, for it demands more than just good performers – it needs an assortment of special effect equipment to add more thrill and excitement to the event. MK-F11 haze machine has brought that thrill and excitement to your event.

MOKA SFX considers that failure to adapt to the changing times would mean a lost opportunity for any event organizer or even be the recipient of negative reviews by people attending the event. Worse, it would mean lost income, if not, losing an otherwise profitable business. 

It is for that reason that our company, the MOKA SFX Co., Ltd., has been at the forefront of developing and offering a variety of special effects equipment for you to choose from for years now. Depending on what is required or fitting to the event, there are plenty to choose from selecting special effect equipment.

One such product available for picking is that of the MK-F11 1000W Haze Machine—a guaranteed sure buy.

Why Have MK-F11 Haze Machine for your Event?

While a fog or smoke machine is specifically designed to produce and create a visual effect, a haze machine does the same thing. Still, it puts a premium also in emphasizing other effects like that of lighting beams or lasers. A cloud-like effect is suspended in the air and is intended to create colorful light beams more visible and dispersed in a haze machine. This is because the haze hangs in the air for a more extended period, and because it is not as thick as the smoke or fog, it creates a better view of lighting effects as it creates patterns and rays made visible by the haze.

Like that of our dependable MK-F11, a haze machine will surely be an excellent addition to create a misty atmosphere during shows, festivals, concerts, and the like. It ensures an event that will be remembered in the minds of those present and shared with a multitude of people.


What are the Advantages of MK-F11 Haze Machine

While many companies are offering haze machines in the market, but our MK-F11 haze machine has a proven advantage and leverage over the others. Once you purchase the MOKA SFX’s MK-F11 haze fog machine, you are not just buying electronic equipment but also a product par excellence. One that you will always be proud of possessing and be utilized at any given time.

MOKA SFX MK-F11 comes with great power features. Yes, it comes with 1000 more convenient watt power, and its quality is even better than a MOKA SFX product of 500 watts but with bulky size and machinery. So, this machine is even better than many of our other fog machines. You can place it even at a table, and it is convenient to carry and spray haze on the attendees. You do not have to wait longer like many other machines, as it got the best and quick haze spray features for you. 

Here are some features of the MK-F11 haze machine that puts the special effect equipment ahead of its competitors:


A Small and Stylish design

In the entertainment industry size and looks of any of their equipment matter for event organizers. While some haze machine is convenient for being handy and small, it does have a flat design. It may also be stylish but is otherwise gigantic and inconvenient to carry and transport. Seldom would you find a haze fog machine that has both features? However, with our MK-F11 haze machine, you will have the best of both qualities.

Its box type design makes it simple, elegant, and easy to install in the desired location. With a package size of only 44 x 34 x 34 cm and a shipping weight of 9 kilograms, it is relatively small and light. The dmx haze machine will not occupy too much space during transport or even when stored, which will come in handy. Likewise, it can be discreetly placed on the venue because of its small size so that the mist will come as a surprise to the crowd. So, you will find a convenient size and fantastic design product at your event. 

MOKA SFX’s MK-F11 machine itself is not that heavy. A regular-size person can carry it comfortably with one just hand. It is not that big, with just approximately a foot in length on each side of the box-type haze machine. 

The best of this haze machine features is the protective stainless steel tube structure. The heating center part of the MK-F11 haze machine, which has a stainless steel tube structure, helps maintain temperature charge fast, deliver quickly, and have many other unique features. It can use original smoke oil, which shows the efficiency of MK-F11, which is not easy to hinder or block.

Part of the stylish design is that of the funnel where the mist comes out. It comes with an adjustable funnel on different angles to fit the mist’s trajectory as desired by the operator or to fit the mist’s purpose on the event. You can adjust the MK-F11 funnel to release the haze touching the floor or to the ground with this feature. Likewise, adjusting it on a tilted angle so that the haze will come out moving upward into the sky. That, of course, will depend on the desired effect for the event.

The MK-F11 haze machine also has some practical features on its surface. It comes with a convenient hanging bracket attached to it that can be connected to a truss. This haze machine also has a hook where you can put the safety chain as an added safety measure to avoid any untoward incident that may result in injury.


Guaranteed of Quality Material for Optimum Performance

Another advantage of the MOKA SFX’s MK-F11 haze machine is that of the kind of materials it is made of. The haze machine’s heating core is made of high quality aluminum, which is durable and of proven integrity in terms of strength. And with this kind of material, it is guaranteed to have a fast heating reaction and a quick recovery of heat spray. Add to that the advanced electronic temperature control system and the special pipe design to increase the amount of smoke coming from the haze machine.

Because the MK-F11 haze machine is of quality material, it is expected to have a long performance life. The longer it functions appropriately before repaired or replaced, the better value for the money spent on purchasing the special effects equipment.

Likewise, the MK-F11 haze machine is not noisy equipment when being used. It does away with the usually annoying clutter that accompanied an electronic equipment machine. An advantage of MK-F11, mainly if used as a remarkable effect on theatrical and stage plays, will not distract the audience’s attention. 


Fast Heating and Quick Recovery

The MK-F11 haze machine needs only 30 seconds of warm-up time, and by that time, the machine is all set to release those haze into the air. The monitor console on the haze machine displays the 30 seconds countdown so that the operator will have real-time data on the machine’s readiness. Once it is heated, it can continually operate to blast those haze to the venue at the exit funnel’s desired angle to amaze the people surrounding it.


Large Tank Capacity, Fuel-efficient

The MK-F11 dmx haze machine has a gigantic 2-liter capacity tank securely placed at the special effect equipment’s back. Based on the machine’s actual performance, a liter of fluid on the tank can produce haze for around 99 minutes. From that average, the MK-F11 haze machine can continually emit haze into the air continuously for four hours at full speed. 

And with an average of 3500 cubic feet/minute of haze that can be covered, our MK-F11 haze machine can really create a hazy atmosphere for an extended period, if warranted. 

While it can blast haze for hours to the delight of those in attendance, fuel consumption is only at 0.5L/hour. If the 2-liter capacity of the fluid tank is made to run until it is consumed at an average of 4 hours, it would mean fuel consumption of only 2 liters. If that is not fuel-efficient, what is then. 

Convenient and Easy-to-use

The MK-F11 DMX haze machine control can conveniently be done through DMX or wireless remote control.

The settings can be done manually with buttons to that effect found on the control that comes with a display. The operator can monitor the heating time countdown and the timer to blow the haze through the manual setting control. Even the desired interval and duration of the haze output coming from the machine can be programmed. With this feature, the volume of haze and time can custom-tailor, depending on the need. With this handy and easy to use manual control with a console display, it will not cause the operator headaches.

Once the setting has been set, the operator can use the wireless remote control to turn on and off the MK-F11 dmx haze machine from a distance. Such luxury of distance is both an advantage to have a vantage point of view of the venue and the haze’s effect and from a safe distance.

Aside from the wireless remote control, our MK-F11 haze machine also comes with a DMX512 control with two (2) channels. With this feature, the operator controls the fan’s speed for the first channel and the amount of haze produced using the second channel. Using and mixing both tracks will give the operator both the control over the speed and thickness of the haze coming out. A very convenient and useful feature of this dmx haze machine so that its output can be controlled depending on the need for it.


It should be noted that while it can be operated through the wireless remote control or DMX control, you cannot use it both at the same time. Meaning, once the DMX cord is attached to the MK-F11 dmx haze machine, the remote control operation will not function. It is either of the two and not both at any given time.


Certified Product

The MOKA SFX adheres to the time-honored principle that nothing comes out from its production line unless it passes the company’s quality control and to the market where it will be distributed. That is why the MK F11 haze machine, like all our other special effects equipment, has approved CE/ROHS/FCC certification.

This means only one thing; the MK-F11 haze fog machine is special effect equipment of proven quality, dependable and safe. The CE/ROHS/FCC certification are privileges given by either the European Union or that of the United States of America (USA) to products of allowed entry and legally sold in the said countries.

The MK-F11 haze fog machine with approved CE/ROHS certification would mean that it can be exported and sold locally to any European Union member-country member. With this certification, it is guaranteed that the MK-F11 has passed the standards set by the European Union. Meaning it is following criteria set for safety and health.

Meanwhile, the USA’s FCC certification guarantees that the MK-F11 haze fog machine as a piece of electronic equipment does not exceed the allowed electronic interference in their country.

And with all CE/ROHS/FCC certification on the MK-F11 haze machine, it can be considered a badge of honor that guarantees to the buyer that you are purchasing your money’s worth for our product. 


Advantages of Having a Haze Machine from MOKA SFX

Performance as designed of the MK-F11 haze machine or any of our other products at MOKA SFX is our primary concern. It always has to function to a level of performance that will be to our customers’ satisfaction. Anything less than that can still be considered as a failure on our part.

As customer satisfaction occupies at the apex of our interests, we make it a point to have 24/7 hours online quick support for any technical problem you may encounter with our MK-F11 haze fog machine. If you think that the haze machine you bought is not according to what you expected it to be. Or, if you may have difficulty understanding the instruction as to how to operate the machine or any other glitches, our technical team is always ready to accommodate you.

Not only that, our MK-F11 haze machine comes with a 12 months warranty. With this, our technical team’s service and repair of the MK-F11 haze machine will be provided for free. 

Also, we offer to have your MK-F11 haze fog machine personalized with your company logo plastered on the machine. Simply send us your logo you desire that we put on the machine, and our technical team will do the rest.

Payment for the purchase of the MK-F11 haze fog machine is also convenient. You may choose either through PayPal, Western Union and even through bank transfer. Whichever is convenient and easy for you, it will be your call.

MOKA SFX delivery time is reasonable and is not considered a long waiting time. It is just a matter of days, and you can finally own an MK-F11 haze machine that you can use with pride.


An MK-F11 haze machine in possession of an event organizer can really work magic for that event. While having one MK-F11 haze fog machine is already an advantage, having more can be truly mesmerizing. And so, if in need of an estimate as to the number of haze machines that you would need for a particular event to make it super exciting, you may request an estimate from our sales team. The quote will be provided to you will be reasonable, and with some sense of urgency. Best of all, the computed cost estimate will be provided to you as a gift. It is our company’s way of expressing our heartfelt appreciation for contacting us more like an excellent way to start our collaboration for an eventful activity. 

Aside from the MK-F11 dmx haze machine, we at MOKA SFX offer various special effects equipment that may captivate interest. You may choose from a wide array of fog, haze, or smoke machines, confetti blowers and guns, and many others. Whatever you choose, they would always come in handy on almost any kind of occasion or event.

Should you want to have the MK-F11 or any other product from our company, now is the time. Make that contact and now and consummate the order.

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