MK-F09 Smoke Machine

The small size MK-F09 400W Fog Machine might look like it is just the perfect tool to give your club, dance hall, or graveyard scene the right atmosphere for all your mysterious endeavors.

MK-F09 400W mobile Fog Machine is great for mobile entertainers, small nightclubs, and bars that want to add atmosphere to their events, plus it allows people to see the beams from the lighting fixtures.

  • high-efficiency heater that quickly burns
  • The electronic temperature control inside the machine
  • Easy to Use, with a wireless remote control
  • made of a durable aluminum body with nice heat dissipation ability,


VoltageAC110V/220V, 60Hz/50Hz
Pre-heat Time 8mins
Weight 2Kg
Tank Capacity0.3L
Spray Distance3.5m
Smoke Output2000 cuft/min
Package Size27 x 18 x 16cm
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This 400 Watt Fog Machine MK-F09 is equipped with a high-efficiency heater that quickly burns through the fog liquid. And creates a light and thin fog floats in the air.

It comes with a 0.3-liter internal fog fluid tank, comes with wireless remote control, and uses water-based fog fluid.

We also have a 1200W LED fog machine that can let you choose.

MK-F09 400 Watt Fog Machine is made of a durable aluminum body with nice heat dissipation ability, ensures durability and a long lifespan.

In addition, the protective cover of the nozzle is welded well in the machine, with this structure can avoid machine form nozzle damage during transportation.

Energy Saving and Non-toxic, add MOKA professional fog fluid into the tank, then it can produce non-toxic fog continually via pressing the red button on the wired console when you need it. The fog from the machine does not trigger any alarms, safe use is indoor or outdoor.


MOKA SFX MK-F09 400 Watt Fog Machine produces uniform, unscented fog very fast after a few minutes warming up with an output of 2000 cubic feet per minute and 3-3.5m distance.

The electronic temperature control inside the machine will automatically detect the temperature when it runs out of fog juice and the temperature reaches 230 degrees celsius.

It will automatically stop working to protect the machine.

Easy to Use, with wireless remote control, built-in power cord, you can always have direct control of your fog machine within 15-20 meters of the machine.

Simple and convenient, one-click control, even at the small party site, there is no professional operator, anyone can operate it.

MOKA SFX can provide you with professional smoke oil.

There are three models to choose from, normal type, heavy-duty, fast type (embedded link), please contact the MOKA SFX SALES TEAM AND TAKE IT NOW!

  • Please handle the MOKA SFX Fog Machine by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • Smoking near the machine is prohibited.
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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Lots of SFX items made by China manufacturer are lack of the critical point: “Details”. But you will find an elegance arrangement product line in us, as we believe that only details will speak out for our difference to the others.

Complete Guide for MK-F09 400W SMOKE MACHINE

    ▾ How A small Fog Machine MK-F09 Can Make your Event Exciting?
    ▾ Why Have A Smoke Machine?
    ▾ What the MK-F09 Mini-smoke Machine Can Give You?
    ▾ Advantages of the MK-F09 Mini-smoke Machine ​
    ▾ Conclusion

How A small Fog Machine MK-F09 Can Make your Event Exciting?

MOKA SFX MK-F09 has variations in making an event exciting, cool, and even mystifying, depending on the activity’s theme. To realize that, event organizers employ special effects equipment to create the desired atmosphere for those present in the affair. It can be by using state-of-the-art lighting systems or high-quality sound systems to ignite the crowd’s interest. Most event organizers also include in their inventory of party tricks special effect equipment like CO2 jets, fire-spewing cannons, cold spark, and dry ice emitting machines. MOKA SFX has a small fog machine, mini smoke machine, haze blasting machines, and various confetti cannons and blowers that usually perks up the ambiance to a feverish mode.

Of those special effects gadgets like MK-F09, these event organizers in the entertainment industry normally have in their possession either a fog, haze or smoke machines, for they would usually come in handy on almost any kind of occasion or event.

There are several fogging machine suppliers in the market today. A manufacturer of special effect equipment that is guaranteed to be worthy of your time is that of MOKA SFX. We have a wide range of special effects equipment to fit any event specification of your choosing. And if you are looking for a small fog machine, we have exactly like that for your picking – the MK-F09 400W Smoke Machine.

Why Have A Smoke Machine?

MOKA SFX smoke machines can work magically in making an event or performance more attractive to the audience. If still in limbo as to what a smoke machine does, it is one special effects gadget that produces smoke at first dense and white smoke. Usually, the smoke is released on the ground, hugging the floor, and it eventually rises and eventually dissolves. With the use of a particular fluid that is the costumed mix for the machine, it is heated that results from smoking, and because it is warm, the normal course is to go up. And so, with MK-F09 mini-smoke machine, you will have a room filled with this mesmerizing smoke for an added effect to your event or party. And if you want the smoke to move around the room slowly, a fan with doing the trick.

What the MK-F09 Mini-smoke Machine Can Give You?

In reality, this small fog machine can be used in so many different ways and settings. One only has to be creative and imaginative because only the boundaries of your brain can think of will limit the use of the MK-F09 mini-smoke machine.

Here are some practical and proven uses to guide your imagination regarding what our small fog machine MK-F09 can deliver.
1. Energize Party-goers in your club
MOKA SFX considers that the club has to have a frenzied party atmosphere for customers to stay and entertain the thought of returning and sharing the good experience with others. Of course, there is the usual entrancing music and lights, entertaining DJs, including tasty food and quality beverages. But with the MK-F09 mini smoke machine billowing throughout the club, it will genuinely add spice and color to the atmosphere. Party people will have a grand time and will have no second thought of telling their friends of a perfect party they just had at your club.
2. Adds Dramatic Effect to your performance
May it be a stage play or a creepy scene of film production, or even of a concert, MOKA SFX small fog machine will give a dose of being realistic that will captivate the attention of your audience. A fog or a smoke machine like MK-F09 will give a grander special effect if mixed with lights.
3. Create a Romantic Atmosphere on Special Occasions
MK-F09 small fog machine, can provide you a smoke-filled floor and slowly rising into the air will give an impression of floating on air or walking on the clouds. This effect can easily be provided by the MK-F09 that will surely make anyone teary-eyed, especially when the newly-wed couple starts their first dance together as a married couple or of a father making the first dance with his daughter-debutante. Indeed, what a sight it will be – a picture-perfect setting.
May it be for theatre or stage plays, film production, and even in the stadium for music festivals and concerts, the MK-F09 small fog machine will always deliver the desired effect to your satisfaction.

These are just a few examples of how the MK-F09 can make a big difference to any event or party. Let your imagination lead you to even enthralling, misty settings.

Advantages of the MK-F09 Mini-smoke Machine

Mentioned earlier are the benefits of having an MK-F09 small fog machine. From the technical point of view, this mini-smoke machine packs many advantages compared to similar products available in the market. Here some of those.
1. Compact and Lightweight
The main criterion of special effect equipment is that of its size for it needs to be transportable. It has to be carried from one venue to another, especially for those in the entertainment industry. Besides being easy to transport, it has to be small so that it will not so much space when being transported or also convenient when stored.

The MK-F09 easily fits into the requirement. With a product weight of only 2 kilograms and a package size of only 27 x 18 x 16 cm, it sure is a lightweight and compacted fog machine.
2. Short Pre-heat time
The shorter time needed for any small fog machine before it can release the smoke, the better. With this special feature, a room will remain filled with smoke, if warranted, because the MK-F09 mini-smoke machine will be ready to release another blast of smoke even before the previous cloud of smoke dissipates.

The MK-F09 mini-smoke machine is equipped with a high-efficiency heater that quickly burns the special fluid in only 8 minutes. With a heater as efficient as the one installed on this small fog machine, an event venue will never miss that foggy atmosphere if demanded.
3. An Ideal Fluid Tank Capacity
For a small fog machine, having a tank capacity of 0.3 liters for the special fluid would be more than enough to do the job. With approximately 300 ml fluid tank capacity, this is within the standards to quickly fill an average-sized venue with smoke or fog. More so, if the venue of the event is indoors. And, our MK-F09 mini smoke machine provides an ideal fluid tank capacity.
4. Long Reach and Wide Smoke Output
Another essential factor to consider in procuring a small fog machine is the smoke output coverage and its speed. Likewise, one should take into account the distance the mini-smoke machine is capable of.

For a mini-smoke machine like that of the 400 Watt MK-F09, a uniform and unscented smoke output of 2000 ft/min should suffice to make a venue be filled with smoke in such a short time. Also, the MK-F09 can spray the smoke or fog at a distance between 3.0 to 3.5 meters.
Both the output and spray distance considered, the MK-F09 is one efficient small fog machine.
5. Built to Last
MOKA SFX considers toughness and durability a must-have feature for any special effect equipment. It is a fact of life that special effects gadgets are exposed to tough wear and tear conditions, being transported, installed, and dismantled from one event over another. It is also continually subjected to exposure to heat, which would normally bear down on the gadget’s integrity.

With that in mind, the engineers and other personnel from the MOKA SFX’s technical department ensure that all products coming out from our assembly line are of professional quality, both in performance and in materials used.

For the MK-F09, the MOKA SFX fogging machine supplier has made it a point to build it with a body made of the durable aluminum body. Not only will it make the special effect equipment strong, but it will also have favorable heat dissipation ability.

An essential part of the MK F09 small fog machine is that of the nozzle, for it is where the smoke or fog is released. A protective cover over the nozzle is welded to the machine to ensure that it is not easily damaged. With this protection in place, the nozzle is protected even if accidentally hit or bumped during transport or installed.

It ensures the quality, protection, and safety of our machine and the users.

6. Safety Nets
The MK-F09 small fog machine has built-in safety measures. It comes with inbuilt temperature control features. This is one of the best safety features provided by MOKA SFX to MK-F09 Small fog machine users.

First, the small fog machine is equipped with sensors to monitor both the fluid content in the tank and the temperature level of the MK-F09. When the level of special fluid inside the tank reaches a critical level, it automatically turns off the computer to prevent it from running on an empty tank, resulting in the equipment being damaged.

Secondly, the same is true if the equipment reaches 230 degrees Celsius temperature level. It will also result in the automatic shutdown of the machine to protect it from overheating. With this automatic shutdown mechanism of the MK F09, human negligence has a fallback to ensure that the machine is protected.

Third, it is a common problem with smoke as a special effect, especially in enclosed places, for it usually triggers the smoke detector. Failure to account for that would result in that annoying alarm sound, and worse, the sprinkler will drench the people around. That could be both disappointing and embarrassing. To prevent that from happening, the MK-F09 only releases a type of smoke that may still be thick and does not trigger the smoke detector. A smoke-filled event will not worry about getting drenched or firetrucks rushing it to your event with this feature.

Fourth, there is also a safety measure for the health of those who will be engulfed by the smoke or fog coming from the MK-F09. Not only is this small fog machine and energy-saving piece of equipment, but MOK SFX has also made available a special kind of fog fluid that can be poured into the tank, and the fox produced is guaranteed to be non-toxic. So, it produces non-toxic fog in your events, do not gey afraid of any inconvenience during usage. These non-toxic features make MK-f09 a perfect fit even for people having Asthma and other breathing issues as well, as it will not make the site harmful or less in oxygen.
7. Easy and Convenient
MOKA SFX MK-F09 mini-smoke machine comes with wireless remote control and a built-in power cord. With the wireless remote control, the operator can directly access and control the small fog machine from a safe distance of 25-20 meters from the machine. That is a good long-distance for it will enable the operator to watch the machine’s effects from any vantage points. With that feature, it will be an added advantage to have a pre-event idea of where the smoke will be and adjust it according to the desired effect. When the actual time event comes, the MK-F09 will function to perfection.
Certified Product
The MK-F09 mini-smoke machine is duly accredited with an FCC/CE and ROSH certification. These are essential certifications that can be found on the machine itself, which can be equated to having passed quality control and a badge of excellence. It is common knowledge that the European Union (EU) and the United States of America (USA) are stringent in terms of products sold and used by their citizens either domestically produced or imported from other countries. The MK-F09, another quality product of MOKA SFX Co., Ltd., is one such product that is allowed by both countries to be sold on their domestic markets.

With the European Union’s CE and ROHS certification, this small fog machine is eligible to be legally sold in any European Union member-nation. Being certified with CE and ROHS, the MK-F09 is guaranteed to have passed the inspection and requirements regarding standards on safety, health, and environmental protection.

Likewise, the USA’s FCC certification is another warranty that the MK-F09 special effect equipment does not exceed the electronic interference allowed in the country.
With all this certification, the MK-F09 is an environment-friendly kind of equipment and does not pose a human health hazard.
Guaranteed Quality Performance of the Product
Just like any other product of MOKA SFX, the MK-F09 is guaranteed to be high-quality equipment and designed to perform according to the specification provided. Convinced of the product’s quality, MOKA SFX gives a warranty of one year to all its equipment, including this MK-F09. With this warranty, service, and parts, if needing replacement, the company shall be shouldered for free on the equipment.
Personalized To Make You Pride
If you are a company in the entertainment industry or an event organizer with a company logo, you can have that plastered on the MK-F09 for a more personalized look. Just send an electronic copy of your company logo to the technical team of MOKA SFX, and we will do the rest. By the time you receive the MK-F09, it will be costumed-made with your company logo already inked on the product.
Get A Free Quote
MOKA SFX understands that quote of plans and designing of an event is always required. Planning of organizing an event and having several Mk-F09 to liven up the event or want to know how the unit will cost you, contact the sales team of MOKA SFX, and always have a ready listening hearts and ears for you. In fact, a quote will be provided to you at no cost at all. Way of saying thank you for showing interest.


The MK-F09 will surely be an excellent addition to any event organizer equipment if you have some already. Guaranteed to perform as advertised and will always be worth every money spent. With the MOKA SFX mini fog machine MK-F09 as part of your special effect equipment inventory, you have potent equipment to make any of your events a memorable one.

Aside from the MK-F09 small fog machine, we have many other special effect equipment of your choosing. Each special effect equipment is designed to produce a different extraordinary effect spectacle but always has a single purpose – to make any event a memorable one in terms of entertainment and a positive impact on those present give us a call. Unlike other fogging machine suppliers, you will find our products and supplies qualitative and convenient. So, make that contact now, and we assure you will not regret it.

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