FS-030 Fog Display

MOKA SFX FS-030 Fog display, you can also call it a fog screen, vapor screen, or vapor display, which is a system that uses haze machines or water vapor to create a semi-transparent curtain.

This system can be expanded using multiple projectors to create a three-dimensional image, which can produce a display whose images seem to float in mid-air, thus becoming a 3D display.


  • Fog Screen Projection
  • Water Atomised Into Microscopic Particles
  • 8-15L/Hour Water Consumption


VoltageAC 110-220V
Spray TypeDownward Spray
Screen Area 2*1.5-1.8m(According to your needs)
Water Consumption8-15L/Hour
Playing Imaging EquipmentProjector or Laser
Fog Screen Size301 x 72 x 71cm
Water Tank Size48*25*45cm
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Fog screen projection screens are stunning, attention-demanding displays, which make it been used so frequently at trade shows, restaurants, nightclubs, museums, casinos, and other venues.

You can walk through the fog screen without getting your clothes wet because water is atomized into microscopic particles, so when you touch it, you could only feel a little cold.

After a simple description with FS-030 Fog display what it could bring to us, you might be attracted by this fog screen, in the meantime, you are eager to know how to work with the FS-030 Fog display.

Well, the standard of this fog display is 1/2/3 meters per piece, we can customize the length exactly you need.

The whole packages included 3 individual parts, the main body of the fog screen generator, LCD display controller, water tank.

With a controller inside the system, you can do the fog screen level adjustment, which means you can do the fog display horizontal balance in the way you like.


1) There is an Emergency Stop Button at the top right side of the operation window, this button is for emergency use, click it, the atomization box will stop working right away.

2) There are 5 paratactic buttons at the top left side of the operation window.

It has a Main Cabinet Water Low indicator, Water Pump On indicator, Horizontal Balance Alarm indicator, and water tank Low indicator, Manual Water Feed indicator.

Main Cabinet Water Low indicator: When the water in the atomization box is less than the minimum requirement, this button will turn red.

Water Pump On indicator: When the pump pumps water into the water tank or adds water to the tank, this button indicates green.

Horizontal Balance Alarm indicator: When this indicator lights up, it means the atomization box is not in the correct place with horizontal imbalance.

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  • Please handle the MOKA SFX Fog Machine by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • Smoking near the machine is prohibited.
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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MOKA SFX FS-030 Fog Screen Display

    ▾ What are FS-030 Fog Screen Displays?
    ▾ Application ranges for these fog screen displays
    ▾ Product specifications of MOKA SFX FS-030 Fog Screen Display
    ▾ Unique and special features about our FS-030 Fog display​
    ▾ Advantages of having fog screen display from our company
    ▾ What are some of the safety measures that you need to consider when using our fog screen display?
    ▾ Conclusion

What are FS-030 Fog Screen Displays

MOKA SFX fog display machines are the current technologically made odor control system to help refresh and furnish your surrounding air. Fog machines release cool gizmos into the atmosphere and are commonly used in theatre productions and concerts. The reason is that the FS-030 Fog display creates an eerie scene by pumping out thick white smoke that will instantly fill your room. So, MOA SFX FS-030 is commonly used for industrial and small-scale/ personal needs reasons for being the large fog screen display machine. If you have not figured what a fog display is and how it works, just like those used in horror movies, you should stay tuned to see more about the fog screen display machine.

How does the fog screen display machine work?
You need a fog screen generator for fog machines to dissipate fog into your concert or entertainment area. Also, you must have a touch LCD controller box, water tank, a projector or lase, and water supply input. To add to this list, you will need to have 2 pcs signal input and output, one pc water tank connection, and a water tube connection. It will connect your fog machine to the water supply point.

First, the machine will heat the liquid inside the fog machine. Once heated, the liquid turns into vapor which is then pumped out through an aerosol canister. The vapor is then driven out into the atmosphere to meet the clean air. When the vapor meets the cooler air in the atmosphere, fogs start to form. From there, you will be in a position to enjoy science and its beauty in your concert or theatres. You would have created a magical atmosphere, which is in a position to sell your brand to the other parts of the world.

How do you achieve this fog experience?
After the fog has started to form, there are certain features to help you set and position your FS-030 fog display to suit your audience and room requirements. The emergency stop button will help you with emergency use. Therefore, you can click on it, and the atomization box will stop working right away.
Secondly, you can adjust the fog volume to meet your desired features. There is a fog volume indicator. Its function is to adjust the fog volume which ranges from one minimum to six maximum volumes.

On the top front of your fog screen display machine, there are front fans, middle fans, and rear fans. Therefore you can adjust the wind volume by an up and down control system according to your desires.

Install a crew on the ceiling to hold your fog machine. Install the block and firmly fit it inside the screw. Carefully hang your fog screen display on the block and get set to start the experience. Connect your fog screen display machine to the control box and water tank. From there, you will have to connect your fog screen to the projector, bearing in mind the position of your audience and the stage. The minimum distance between the projector and the audience should range between 3-5 meters.

Application ranges for these fog screen displays

Fog screen display uses modern technology to run and be operated. Therefore, with the virtual character fog screen display machines have a wide market prospect. MOKA SFX fog screen display machines can work for both indoor and outdoor events. The best part, which makes it a perfect fit, is that the fog screen display can be used in small-scale events and commercial and large events.

Therefore, fog machines are widely used in theatres, display centers, shopping mall entrances, disco bars, KTV, tourist areas, and theme parks.
Entertainment Areas
MOKA SFX fog screen display machines are used in entertainment areas. These machines can create an enchanting environment that will make your time pleasing. Also, it will add a new taste of modernity and uniqueness to your place.
Academic and Social Purposes
The best feature which makes the MOKA SFX FS-030 a must-have product; is its usage for academic purposes. You can use it in science galleries, museums, auditions, live performances shows, and parks.
Launching Events
Launching events have become a part of the fashion world. They are celebrated more like official parties. So, the MOKA SFX fog screen display machine can entertain you at the launching events. So, add a flavor of entertainment and innovation to your product launching event with our fog screen display.

In these areas of applications, you can therefore achieve a perfect ambiance by choosing the features to match your room requirements as well as the nature of audiences.

Product specifications of MOKA SFX FS-030 Fog Screen Display

The fog screen display uses a downward spray type technique to fill your room with spectacular fog. These fog screen display machines have a screen area of 2m by 1-5-1.8m. So, from this, you will be in a position to determine the fog height depending on the environmental conditions. Fog machines are designed with projector or laser play imaging equipment. It is to help you record videos and take photographs of every event you will organize. While consuming only 3 kilowatts of your powers, the fog screen display uses an input voltage of 110-240 Volts and 50/60 Hz to bring you a fascinating scented fog. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the volume of water you will need at your event. Fog machines consume 8-15 liters of water per hour. It will help you save your water consumption rate.

At your event, you will not have to worry about the position of your fog display machines. The reason is, fog machines are very lightweight, with a total gross weight of 130kg plus 61 kilograms. Therefore, you can conveniently hang it on a stable and firm rod to enjoy the endless experience.

The fog screen display system adopted the ultra-frequency vibration system to generate a volume of mist to form a flat mist screen for your event. They will not only perform the functions of a projector but will also create a perspective design. A design where images can be projected and three-dimensional videos created. It can create an imaginable experience for your audiences in that it will bring fantasy enjoyment.

With the integrated ultra-sonic vibrators, the fog screen display has no inner heating. When in operation, fog machines are super silent and efficient. Furthermore, they are easy to use and maintain. Made of 304 stainless steel with an elegant and beautiful shape, you will have a long-lasting machine for all of your events. It has an auto pumping water mechanism, drain out function, and water-level control function to reduce your efforts of regular inspection and waste discharging from the device after use.

Unique and special features about our FS-030 Fog display

Here are some of the prominent features which will ensure the presence of our FS-030 at your next event;
You can use both manual and automatic operations.
Everyone needs a device or machine that is convenient. Therefore, once you get yourself this fog machine, you will have operations modes to choose from that are convenient to you. In theatres, any operation mode is applicable. Therefore, if you combine the fogs emitted with good lighting and laser, your performance will simply go up a level. Whatever you will see on stages will be crackling flashes and not the fog.

DMX 512 enabled
DMX control is the modern controlling mode used in most of our devices. Therefore, fog screen display machines have wireless DMX 512 connectors to help you control your fog screen. You can therefore use this control to maneuver through the keyboard controller. In addition, you can adjust wind volume using DMX 512 channels.

LCD touch screen operation
Fog displays have LCD screen operations to help you navigate through your fog machine. This is satisfying and convenient. For you to be able to operate your device through the touch screen, you will need to follow some steps to reset your device.

Color changing capacity
Fog screen displays have changed color LED lights which creates a fantastic and dazzling lighting effect for your stage performance, concerts, and corporate event. The moment the lights meet the foggy mist from your fog machine, your event will be dazzling. You would have created an unforgettable memory for your audiences.

Auto pumping function
With modern technology, every person is looking forward to having an efficient electronic device. This is why our fog screen display comes complete with an auto-pumping function. With this feature, the fog machine can pump in water, drain out used/ wastewater, and control the water level in the water tanks.

Can accommodate multimedia connections
Our fog screen can accept multimedia projections such as laser, radar, projectors, and many other connections to form dynamic virtual images, 3D videos, words, and flash at your event. So at your event, your audiences will be in a position to enjoy fancy and good-looking virtual 3D videos and images formed on the display screen.

Do you need a fog device that will not restrict you on how to position your screen? Then look for our outstanding fog screen display. This equipment has both upward and downward types of choices.

Advantages of having fog screen display from our company

Are you still confused about whether you have to buy this fog display machine for the next party or not? Get rid of traditional tiresome machine hassle and get the most suitable and convenient in usage for the next event!

Fog machines are safe and easy to use.
Our company values the safety and well-being of our customers. Therefore, fog screen displays are safe to use and operate. The fogs emitted into the atmosphere/room are very harmless. It means you will not have any health complications after using or being around a fog screen display machine.

FS-030 have a longer service life
MOKA SFX FS-030 fog display machine is the only product with low repair and maintenance costs. The technology incorporated in the design of our fog machines has gone through numerous inspections to ensure the quality and durability of our products. Even if you stop using fog displays for a while, you will be in a position to enjoy similar service as before.

Low power consumption and energy saving
Every person is looking forward to acquiring an electronic device that is not only pocket-friendly but also energy efficient. Therefore, the fog screen display used only 3KW. With this power rating, your event will last to be memorable and attractive. You will get a regular and customized fog at your event.

Fog screen displays are portable
Being an event organizer means your services are not static. It means you will need to move from one event to another. With a fog screen display machine, you will be in a position to move from one event to another within the shortest time possible and still meet the schedule. Having a gross weight of 191 kilograms, fog display machines have a fly case package of size 207x 80 x 76cm. You will not spend much on labor to carry or transport your fog screen display.

Fog machines are efficient.
Our fog screen display has gone through out-and-out testing and improvements to ensure durability and efficiency. They have undergone years of testing and improvements, so they are powerful, efficient, and quiet when operating. The mist from the fog screen will not stay for a long time; this is to say that the mist will disappear once power is off without any water or moisture formed.

What are some of the safety measures that you need to consider when using our fog screen display?

Of course, your safety is our priority that is why we have designed durable and harmless fog machines to help you in your day-to-day events. They will not only make the ambiance great but also a long-lasting memory and experience for your event attendees.

  • When fog display machines are in operations, ensure they do not overheat. It is to reduce the risk of emission of byproducts into the atmosphere. Like wisely, when the fog fluid is under heated, you will create a fog fluid residue in your fog screen display. Thus, the emissions will not be safe when inhaled and a slip hazard to your event attendees.
  • It is electrical equipment so it may get hot during operations.
  • Ensure you plug the machine into an appropriate grounded outlet. The power supply source should have an input voltage, which is within the fog machine’s rated input voltage, 110-240 volts.
  • Always keep flammable liquids away from a fog machine.
  • Always ensure you operate the fog machine; where there is sufficient space and ventilation.
  • Never touch the fog/mist outlet area when the fog machine is working. It is because it is hot enough to cause skin burns.


Every event needs to be unique, fascinating, and outstanding. Therefore, a fog screen display will bring you exclusive and several benefits you have never seen. Using only 3kilowatts of your total power usage, the fog screen display will give you a joyous and fulfilling experience. Fog displays have ultrasonic vibrators to reduce overheating, so you can choose a convenient mode of operation. Fog machines use wireless DMX 512 connectors to control the screen, LCD touch screen operations, and auto pumping options. It is fulfilling. So, you will be able to use this machine in any event type, either small or large, commercial or regular, because it is less harmful and easy to install and operate. With this energy-efficient device, your events will always be classy!

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