FS-030 Fog Display


  • Voltage: AC 110-220V
  • Power: 3KW
  • Spray Type: Downward Spray
  • Screen Area: 2*1.5-1.8m(According to your needs)
  • Water Consumption: 8-15L/Hour
  • Playing Imaging Equipment: Projector or Laser
  • Fog Screen Size: 301 x 72 x 71cm
  • Water Tank Size: 48*25*45cm

FS-030 Fog Display


  • Fog Screen Projection
  • Water Atomised Into Microscopic Particles
  • 3KW Power
  • 8-15L/Hour Water Consumption

MOKA SFX FS-030 Fog display,you can also call it a fog screen,vapor screen or vapor display,which is a system that uses haze machines or water vapor to create a semi-transparent curtain.

This system can be expanded using multiple projectors to create a three-dimensional image, which can produce a display whose images seem to float in the mid-air, thus becoming a 3D display.

Fog screen projection screens are one stunning, attention-demanding displays, which make it been used so frequently at trade shows, restaurants, nightclubs, museums, casinos, and other venues.

You can walk through the fog screen without getting your clothes wet because water is atomized into microscopic particles, so when you touch it, you could only feel it a little cold.

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FS-030 Fog Display Machine: The Definitive Guide

After a simple description with FS-030 Fog display what it could bring to us, you might be attracted by this fog screen, in the meantime, you eager to know how to work with the FS-030 Fog display.

Well, the standard of this fog display is 1/2/3 meters per piece, we can customize the length of exactly you need.

The whole packages included 3 individual parts, the main body of fog screen generator, LCD display controller, water tank.

With a controller inside the system, you can do the fog screen level adjustment, which means you can do the fog display horizontal balance in the way you like.

1)There is an Emergency Stop Button at the top right side of the operation window, this button for emergency use, click it, the atomization box will stop working right away.

2) There are 5 paratactic buttons at the top left side of the operation window.

It has Main Cabinet Water Low indicator, Water Pump On indicator, Horizontal Balance Alarm indicator and water tank Low indicator, Manual Water Feed indicator.

Main Cabinet Water Low indicator: When the water in the atomization box is less than the minimum requirement, this button will turn red.

Water Pump On indicator: When the pump pumping water into the water tank or adding water to the tank, this button indicates green.

Horizontal Balance Alarm indicator: When this indicator lights up, it means the atomization box is no in the correct place with horizontal imbalance.

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