MK-F23 Haze Machine

Floating in the clouds! MOKA’s latest MK-F23 haze machine for 2024, is carefully crafted for you to fully enjoy the peace and quiet.

The gentle cloud mist swirls soothingly, bidding farewell to lag, making every moment feel like a stroll in a fairyland.

3 minutes of quick heat, instantly enjoy the soft atmosphere resembling cloud mist. It is the perfect choice for your wedding!

Experience a new level of versatility with our latest upgrades, designed to effortlessly immerse you in the misty ambiance.

Moreover, it offers three control methods: manual, remote, and DMX, to achieve the cloud mist effect, making it a dreamlike experience at your fingertips!

  • Oil-free protection to prevent damage caused by empty pumping
  • Self-cleaning, to ensure no residue inside
  • All-new upgraded accessories to bid farewell to mist stocking
  • Achieve remote control pairing to avoid interference issues
  • Silent components, reduce noise overall


Voltage110V 60HZ/220V 50HZ
Control Mode:Manual/Remote/DMX control
DMX Channel3
Warm-up Time3min
Cover Area:120㎡/10min
Outlet Angle:45°
Fuel Consumption:0.32L/h
Product Size:46.5*41*25cm
Packing Size:48*42*26cm
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Here's all the little things you care about.

Take a look at the product decsription below. If you still have questions, feel free to visit our FAQ page, or reach out to us.


In this haze machine, MOKA team has utilized silent components, resulting in very low noise levels during operation. The smoke output of the hazer is smooth and gentle, maintaining a consistent smoke output even in low-output states, ensuring no interruptions!

In addition to ensuring the effectiveness of the hazer machine, also called the theatre smoke machine, the upgraded features are also worth a look.

The brand new remote control pairing function makes operation easier, enabling one-to-one or one-to-many operations, to avoid remote control interference with the machine.

With the comprehensively upgraded oil-free protection function, it is well known that dry pumping by the haze machine is very damaging to the machine. However, with this feature, the machine can detect the oil tank status, and protect the machine’s health, significantly extending the machine’s lifespan.

A self-cleaning function has been added. When the machine finishes running, the self-cleaning mode can be activated to blow out the residual fog oil inside the machine, ensuring no residue inside, reducing the risk of blockage, and bringing you a smoother experience.

No more frequent refills! The fog machine has a large 5-liter liquid tank, ensuring you have a long-lasting fog experience, consuming only 0.32 liters per hour, saving time and worry. With no need for frequent refills, it easily meets various performance needs, keeping your events dreamy.


Operating the MK-F23 haze machine is extremely simple! You just need to pour the required fog oil into the machine. We offer various fog oils for sale. After connecting to power and heating up, you can start using it. Don’t forget to experience the hands-free self-cleaning mode after use!

In addition to the time-saving and worry-free self-cleaning function and oil-free protection, MK-F23 also allows for timed and metered smoke spraying. The smoke outlet can be adjusted to 45 degrees, allowing you to achieve the desired angle effortlessly.

To meet the demand for convenience, we have enlarged the oiler spout for easier refilling, saving time and effort to allowing you to focus more on the activity itself.

To cater to different occasions, we have specially designed the lamp hook bracket for easy hanging installation, whether for commercial displays or private gatherings, providing you with full flexibility.

Wholesalers usually prefer to use haze machines for events like weddings or concerts, combined with cold spark machine for beautiful fireworks, to create a unique romantic atmosphere at weddings. Alternatively, paired with our laser lights, with cool light beams shrouded in smoke, it creates a subtly mysterious ambiance for the star of the concert. In addition, MK-F23 can be paired with any special effects products you desire, and we believe that the new haze machine in 2024 will not disappoint you in its professionalism.

Choose MK-F23 haze machine, and let every event be filled with a dreamy foggy atmosphere!

  • Please handle the MOKA SFX Fog Machine by a professional person only.
  • Always connect to a grounded circuit to avoid risk of electrocution.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • This product is intended for indoor use only! Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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MK-F23 Haze Machine DMX Hazer

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