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Our Fog Machine can Create a Smoky and Low Lying Fog Effect to Your Event without CO2 Gas Tank

MOKA SFX Stage Fog Machine

Check out MOKA SFX Stage Fog Machine / Smoke Machine! It’s perfect for adding some serious atmosphere to your stage shows, films, or parties.

You can go for a subtle haze through hazer machines, or amp up the drama with low-lying fog by dry ice fog machines. Your call!

  • 10 Years of Manufacturing Special FX Products
  • CE, FCC, ROSH Certified with 12-month Warranty
  • Global Warehouses, Fast shipment, Quality Production

MOKA SFX Stage Fog Machine

hazers, hazer fog

1200W DMX Hazer Machine

DMX dry ice machine

DMX Dry Ice Fog machine

DMX dry ice machine

Mini DMX Dry Ice Fog Machine

H-F01 fog machine

Super Jet Fog Machine (CO2 Jet Alterative)

MK-F01 1500w fog machine

1500W Vertical Smoke Fog Machine (CO2 Jet Alterative)

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3000W Fog Machine Continuous Output

fog machine

900W Smoke Machine

MK-F08A fog machine

900W LED Smoke Machine

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400W Smoke Machine

smoke machine

400W LED Smoke Machine

MK-F11 fog machine

1000W Mist Haze Machine

dmx haze machine

500W Mist Haze Machine

dry ice fog machine

6000W Dry Ice Fog Machine

MK-F13 fog machine

3500W Dry Ice Fog Machine

MK-F14 600w double fog machine

600W Double Fog Machine


2000W Waterbase Fog Machine

MK-F16 fog machine

1500W Fog Machine


3000W Dual Pipe Waterbase Fog Machine

haze machine

Pro Morning Haze Machine

fog screen

Fog Display

Stage Fog Machine

Are you looking for a stage fog machine for sale or rental which could apply with the club and show? MOKA stage fog machine got the whole series, you can choose a model that fits you best.

The whole MOKA stage fog machine series included these models:

MOKA stage fog machine could apply with all kinds of venues, like festivals, concerts, weddings and nightclubs, celebrations, bars, and disco.




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DMX dry ice machine

6000W DMX Dry Ice Fog Machine 2024

  • Voltage: 200-240V, 50HZ  / 100-120V, 60HZ
  • Power: 220V, 6000W / 110V, 4000W
  • Cover: 700 Square Meters
  • Electronic Temperature Control: 65℃~80℃

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MOKA SFX Stage Fog Machine

MOKA stage fog machine has approved all kinds of certifications, like CE/ROHS/FCC certification and report, qualified for standard requests.MOKA stage fog machine is produced under strict control, professional with the whole production process, after assembling the stage fog machine, QC will test and make sure it works well, also QA will do an inspection before pack the stage fog machine.

MOKA stage fog machine has one year warranty, during this period, any damage not caused by human, after examining the resource which causes the problems, we will send spare parts for your repair. We have a professional engineer, who knows well about the MOKA stage fog machine, will give technical support on the back.

MOKA stage fog machine sells all over the world, although not the best stage fog machine, but popular in the USA, South American, and Asia. Especially in the USA, we’ve established an LA warehouse this year, stock some stage fog machine and other special effects machine. It could reach to USA clients within 3-4 days, fast delivery, make sure your events hold in time.

Any further doubts, just hit on us, always 24/7 here for your inquiry. As long as try out MOKA stage fog machine, after test on the ground, you gotta shocked when you look back on the sales. We also would like to design and customize the stage fog machine according to your request, which will help you get more sales and building the brand.

MOKA stage fog machine mainly user is DJ, event and production company, and all kinds importer, resell, and dealer of a stage fog machine.


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A Complete Guide To Fog Machines


    ▾ Where Can You Use The Fog Machines?
    ▾ How Far Will The Smoke Machines Shoot The Fog?
    ▾ How Long Will The Fog Dispersion Last?
    ▾ How Are Fog Machines Different From CO2 Jet Machines
    ▾ What is The Right Capacity of The Fog Machine?
    ▾ What Are The Basic Features to Look For in a Fog Machine?
    ▾ What Are Some of The Unique Features of Smoke Machines?
    ▾ What Are The Different Types of Fog Machines Available in The Market?
    ▾ In Which Direction Does The Smoke Machine Disperse Fog?
    ▾ How Do You Operate Fog Machines?
    ▾ How to Maintain Fog Machines?
    ▾ Can The Smoke Machines Set off a Fire Alarm?
    ▾ What Are The Safety Measures While Handling a Smoke Machine?
    ▾ Are Fog Machines Safe For Health?
    ▾ What Are The Standards For Fog Machines?
    ▾ What Makes The MOKA Smoke Machines Unique?

If you are looking for the perfect fog machine to lighten up your next event, you have landed at the right place. Whether it is a rock concert with an audience of thousands, or a small stage show, you will witness special fog effects.

The thing with fog effects is that it never ceases to amaze the audience. Not only does it provide cool special effects, but it also creates a unique aura for the audience altogether.

Hence, you need these machines for your next concert, show or event. Besides, the best part about fog machines is that these are not limited to one kind of event. It can be used for all purposes, be it commercial events or family parties.

These machines work great all year round, with minimal maintenance and exceeding performance. Here is a complete guide to everything you need to know about fog machines.


fog machine

Where Can You Use The Fog Machines?

  • Concerts

If you have attended rock concerns or seen them on TV, you cannot have missed the special fog effects throughout the show. It is used to highlight the entry of the player or to cheer the crowd. Fog machines are a necessity in all these concerts and rock shows. Moreover, the fog effects will go hand-in-hand with laser lights or beam moving head lights.

  • Stage shows

When an artist is performing a musical or dance event on the stage, there are several special effects to encourage them. One of the standard special effects is the fog at the bottom of the stage. Hence, these are a great choice if you are about to host a stage show.

Not only at commercial events, but these are also useful in school or college events. These machines will perform wonders in the annual events at institutes.

  • Nightclubs

Fog effects are often used in nightclubs to create a stunning environment. You can use them at bars or discos to attract the crowd to the dance floor. Fog effects with quality music are what make people get on their feet to dance the night away.

  • Festivals

These fog machines are equally suitable for homes as they are for stages. Festivals come all around the year, and it is the right time to take advantage of fog machines. It is always the right time to use fog machines at gatherings. Whether it is a performance by kids or theme-based festivals like Halloween, fog machines add life to the event.

  • Weddings

Special fog effects at weddings provide the perfect dreamy aura to the entire event. Whether it is the bride’s entry or performances by friends, fog effects will enhance the party.

Moreover, you will witness the fog machine creating the perfect fairy-tale effect for the bride and groom’s first dance.

How Far Will The Smoke Machines Shoot The Fog?

The smoke-shooting range can vary with different machines. A high capacity machine with a super jet can shoot up to 10m. Another lesser capacity fog machine might shoot only 6m. However, higher shooting capacity is not necessary for all events.

It depends on the area that you want the fog machine to cover.


How Long Will The Fog Dispersion Last?

The run time of smoke machines depends on a variety of factors. Firstly, it varies as per the machine capacity. Even with a particular capacity, you can adjust the output to control the running time.

For instance, a dry ice machine with about 26 pounds ice capacity can run up to 6 minutes in full force. If you adjust the output level to 50%, then the device can last up to 10 minutes.

Another factor is the type of smoke machine. A water-based machine lasts much longer than a dry ice machine. While the former is suitable for indoor environments with a run time of about 2 hours, the latter will only last for a few minutes.

Hence, it is advisable to choose a machine depending on the event type and output requirement.


fog machine


How Are Fog Machines Different From CO2 Jet Machines?

While CO2 machines require CO2 tanks to operate, it is not the case with the fog machines. These are a perfect replacement for the CO2 equipment, like tanks and pipes. Moreover, these provide the same powerful effects as the CO2 jet.


What is The Right Capacity of The Fog Machine?

The output of a smoke machine is measured in cubic feet per minute. There is no standard capacity for production. You should select a device that suits your requirements. A large stage requires more output to showcase special effects. You might need multiple machines if you wish to cover a large area.


What Are The Basic Features to Look For in a Fog Machine?

  • Control

Control is one of the most essential features of a fog machine. The type of control can be panel control, remote control, DMX control, or any other kind. The control system allows you to handle the fog dispersing time or stopping time. It brings about special effects at the correct timing, as set by you.

  • Warm-up time

These smoke machines require some time to warm up before dispersing fog. This time is mainly needed to heat the system that generates the smoke.

The warm-up time can last for several minutes. Hence, you need to prepare the machine beforehand to generate fog at the right moment.

  • Power

Mostly the power consumption signifies the strength and size of the machine. Higher power consumption, say 3000 W, produces a much bigger smoke output than a lesser powerful machine.

  • Tank capacity

The tank capacity is the water/ oil capacity of the specific machine. It helps to determine the run time of the fog. A higher water/ ice storage provides a much longer fog run time.


fog machine

What Are Some of The Unique Features of Smoke Machines?

The smoke machines include specific special effects that help to enhance the experience. Not all machines include these features. However, you can choose one as per your requirement.

One such feature is an LED light that adds drama and color to the smoke. Whether it is a rock concert or a stage performance, the color and fog make a great combination.

Other features include a pre-installed sensor to auto shut the machine once the liquid reaches a lower level.

There is a similar sensor, which is for temperature control. The sensor allows the machine to take appropriate measures if the pump starts to overheat. The temperature control feature makes sure that the machine does not shut down during the show. This feature is available in most of our models.


What Are The Different Types of Fog Machines Available in The Market?

  • Dry Ice Smoke Machine

The dry ice machines are quite useful for home parties or festivals. It creates a low lying cloudy effect on the floor. These machines produce a thick cloud-like fog that remains at the lower part of the space, without rising. It makes the machine suitable for both indoor and outdoor events.

  • Water-based Smoke Machine

These machines are suitable when you are looking for compact equipment. It is easy to use and transport. These machines come with a water level line and produce comparatively lesser fog. These show the best results when used at indoor events.

  • Super Jet Smoke Machine

Super Jet is a smoke machine you are looking for if you want similar power output like CO2 jets. These are suitable for all events, whether a wedding, party, or any outdoor events. You can control the super jet as per your liking, and even with musical rhythm. These will stop immediately on your command and provide a synced effect with lights and music.

  • Fog Display Machine

This machine creates a semi-transparent curtain or a fog screen. It creates a sense of a three-dimensional display with the fog. It does this by giving an effect of an image floating in mid-air. These fog machines are great for museums or casinos.

  • LED Smoke lights

If you want to add color to the smoke, these machines are the perfect solutions. These eliminate LED light in different colors that enhance the special effects of the fog.

You can choose between the bright red, blue, or green color options. You can even control the lights with different features like single color, gradual color change, or strobe. These features will create smooth and dramatic effects in the venue.


fog machine


In Which Direction Does The Smoke Machine Disperse Fog?

There are several directions in which a smoke machine disperses smoke. The machines can be horizontal or vertical.

While several other machines support multi-directional facility, these can be kept side-mounted, flat ground, or wall-mounted.

You can keep it on the ground or create a suspension to provide the unique special effects.


How Do You Operate Fog Machines?

Operating a fog machine is a simple and easy task. It does not require much technical knowledge.

  • The first step is to pour the liquid into the oil tank and turn it on.
  • The tank takes several minutes to warm up before producing the fog.
  • If you are using a remote to control the machine, you need to link it once you turn the machine on.
  • Now you can have the perfect fog effect for your event.


How to Maintain Fog Machines?

Once the smoke machine does its job, unplug it and let it cool down. Empty the machine, in case there is any liquid residue left behind. This step helps to keep the machine unclogged for future use.

You can also use a machine cleaner for better results.

Follow all instructions in the manual to extend the life of your machine.


fog machine


Can The Smoke Machines Set off a Fire Alarm?

This depends on the density of smoke. There are chances of triggering a smoke alarm with artificial smoke. For getting more information on the smoke detectors, you should consult the head of maintenance of the venue beforehand.

Usually, there is a feature of performance mode in most smoke detectors. You can set the detectors to this mode to avoid triggering off the alarm.

What Are The Safety Measures While Handling a Smoke Machine?

There are certain things you will need to take care of while handling a smoke machine.

  • To avoid any complications, use the liquid recommended in the instructions. Use only compatible liquids with smoke machines.
  • Store the liquid in a different container when not in use. Do this even when porting the machine from one place to another.
  • While using dry ice, take precautionary measures to avoid burns. Keep it in a container with limited authorized access. Use appropriate Personal Protective equipment while dealing with it.
  • Disconnect the power supply before changing the fuse or spare parts.
  • Plug the machine in properly working and compatible electrical outlets. In case you are using an extension cord, make sure it is dry and is working properly.


Are Fog Machines Safe For Health?

As these smoke machines use water-based liquids, they are safe for health. However, there are chances that the smoke may cause trouble for some people with respiratory issues. To address such concerns, keep sufficient room for ventilation.

In case the product is being used indoors, make sure that there is fresh air available around the venue.


fog machine

What Are The Standards For Fog Machines?

Certifications and standards are quite important to produce a safe machine. The MOKA smoke machines follow standards from CE, ROHS, and FCC to maintain a quality standard.


What Makes The MOKA SFX Smoke Machines Unique?

The smoke machines by MOKA offer flawless performance. These are made from premium-quality materials that provide long-lasting functionality and high durability.

The outer body is strong is rust-proof to provide a seamless experience for years to come. Most machines have evenly arranged holes that allow fast heat dissipation. This allows you to maintain the temperature inside and extend machine’s life. The machines are easy to operate and conveniently portable to different places.

MOKA performs a quality inspection on all its products to ensure top quality. It also provides a one-year warranty for all machines.

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