MK-S02 1500W Snow Machine

MK-S02 snow machine is a great compact and high output snow machine with user-friendly control via wireless remote.

It is designed to create a “falling snow” effect.

Its ultra-portable design makes it easy to carry and cover a large area.

Perfect for use where dry snowflakes are necessary without residue or mess, like Christmas displays, party, wedding and more.

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  • Coverage : 50-60 m²
  • Remote control
  • 5L Tank Capacity
  • It can be Hung On The Truss


Snow Output:50-60m2 / Min
Voltage:Voltage: AC100-220V, 50Hz/60hz
Max Power:1500W
Control:Remote Control
DMX Channel:n/a
Consumption:Snow Oil
Product Size:25x12x22cm
Packing Size (Carton):58x33x35cm
Component:Power Cord
Packing Option:Normal Carton
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MK-S02 snow machine can be operated with ease.

You only need to put 5L of snow fluid, then turn on the power and insert the wireless receiver into the machine.

You can start to control the machine by remote control to create a high yield of dense, white, dry and fluffy snow ideal for any stage or theatrical setting.

No-slip formula. Not harmful to plants, skin or eyes. Safe for kids, you can safely use it at the kid’s party.

MK-S02 snow machine ultra-portable design and lightweight make it easy to carry and cover a large area.

The snow machine has a handle with an adjustable angle and hole position.

You can fix it on the truss directly with the light hook and adjust the angle as you need.

Begin to create a beautiful view of the sky, convenient for transportation and save money.


It’s a 1500w big power snow machine, it can cover 50 to 60 square meters.

The scientific and reasonable internal structure and the integration of the double anti-interference circuit module make the stability of the antenna greatly improved.

About the snow fluid, it can only be shipped by sea, so if you rush to use it.

Please buy it locally, that will be faster.

MK-S02 DMX snow machine has passed the international CE ROHS FCC product quality certification.

We also have different power and size snow machines for you to choose, no matter you’re looking for the small or big one snow machine.

Please feel free to contact the MOKA SFX sales team and take it now!

MOKA has the expertise and the equipment to do the job.

  • Please handle the MOKA SFX Snow Machine by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • Smoking near the machine is prohibited.
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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    ▾ Snow Coverage 50-60㎡
    ▾ Remote Control
    ▾ It can be hung
    ▾ Safe for use

Some people claimed that it is not possible to walk on water but there came the invention of ship. Some people claimed it is not possible to fly in the air the wright brothers proved the theory wrong by the invention of an air craft. There are many invention and innovations in this current day and time. Many things have been invented and they are in circulation currently. Many things have been produced to make lives better for humans and to make life a lot more enjoyable.

How many people would have thought that it is impossible to have a winter atmosphere in summer? As a matter of fact you cannot have snow in an enclosed building. It was the norms because snow were natural element brought about by nature and the normal revolution of the earth around its orbit which brings about the four different seasons. However technology has brought about series of advancement in the way things are seen and things are done such that there can be snow indoors and in enclosed buildings.

Snows are needed for several reasons, some people love to have snow around them for no just cause while some kids just like snow for the fun of it. The winter period is highly anticipated because it is accompanied by some regions or most European American regions having huge deposits of snow all over. However there are movies that are being shot or stage plays where there are live performances. In some of these indoor shows, events and the likes there might be necessity to have snowflakes.

Like everyone knows that it is not possible for the natural snow to run down and enter a building. Just like you cannot have rain falling inside a building. However this possibility has been made possible by the invention of indoor snow machines. The first time snow was produced it was just a coincidence before further developments came and the drive to commercialize it also brought forth further innovations and unlocked many hidden and sealed away potentials.


There are a whole lot of indoor snow machine out there to be used on stage and for mostly indoor purposes. Indoor purposes does not necessarily suggest sitting room or a small spaced environment or setting. It could mean a large hall, for instance a theatre hall, a large even center and so on and so forth. There are situations that have been reported in the market whereby the buyer went ahead and bought a snow machine that will not be efficient for what he intends to use it for. As a result of that it would be of necessity to state the type of mini snow machine that would be best applicable and suitable for your indoor event. The MK S02 stage snow machine is best for your indoor events.


The MK S02 stage snow machine is very compact and unlike the previous version which is manually controlled, this stage snow machine comes with a wireless remote with which it can be controlled with. Owing to the fact that it comes with a wireless remote control it makes the MK S02 stage snow machine extremely user friendly as even a layman can operate an electronic that has a remote control to it. The snow effect is customized in such a way that it has somewhat of a falling kind of snow. This is because it is an indoor kind of snow machine and most times it is employed as a stage snow machine therefore it has to be hung somewhere high to produce that falling snow effect. One more thing to add is that the MK S02 stage snow machine has a high snow output.

Its design is very modern and ultra portable which explains why its transportation and carriage is with so much ease and with little or no stress. It ability to be hung somewhere high and the great output it produces makes it possible for it to cover a wide area within a limited amount of time. it is so perfect in situation whereby there is of necessity to use dry snowflakes where residues are not wanted or we don’t want to mess up the arena such as Christmas displays, weddings, live performances, theatre and stage drama production and so on. The electrifying experience it gives the attendees of the function makes them purring out for more when they see it being used. It also makes people want to try it out as soon as possible.

The MK S02 stage snow machine package uses a voltage of AC 220V 50Hz. As opposed the earlier version which has ten liters capacity this one has just half of it. It comes with five liters capacity of oil. It coverage range is about fifty to sixty meter cube. It can both be controlled with both the wireless remote control and the manual system. It weighs up to seven kilogram and has a dimension of fifty two by twenty eight by twenty five in centimeters.

As it has been explained earlier, the MK S02 stage snow machine can be operated with so much ease as it does not need man power to keep it running. The system auto works once it is powered up and one of the view to guide against is to make sure each operator have a perfect understanding and technical know-how of the machine works. In order to start the machine and make it running you only need to pour in just five liters of your chosen snow fluid. After that has been done the next thing to do is to push the power button or switch in order to power the machine on. When this has been done you then need to input the wireless receiver into the machine so that it would be able to pick signals and receive signals from the wireless remote control.

A benefit of the wireless remote control it comes with is that you can remotely or from a distance control the output of the snow. The output of the snow must be tailored to suit the purpose for which you are using it. So as to that based on the event you are using the mini snow machine for you can with the use of the remote control create a high and very intense yield of dense, white, dry, fluffy snow which is the most ideal for theatrical setting.

The indoor snow machine comes with an handle and also an adjustable angle with a hole position. The mini snow machine can easily be affixed upon a truss directly with its light hook and angle set to your satisfaction, suitable and perfect for what you want to use it for. With the MK S02 stage snow machine you can begin to start creating a beautiful view of the sky on your own, which is convenient and save money. The antenna is extremely stable and steady as its stability has been improved and worked upon. The scientific and reasonable internal structure and the integration of the double anti-interference circuit module make the stability of the antenna greatly improved.

As regards the snow fluid. Its snow fluid would have to be shipped by sea but if you want to use the machine in a rush that is if you need the mini snow machine urgently you may have to buy the locally made snow fluid available in your region. Here are some of the snow fluids you can look forward to buying. You can get yourself the concentrated snow fluid which is essentially the best, the most effective and cost efficient of them all with ninety to ten mixing ratio of water to the snow oil. If it is a club or night party your best bet will be the ultra violet light fluid, it different colors and shades of light will bring an electrifying and mystifying feeling to the atmosphere and also to your audience. If you need snows that last then you may want to go for the lasting snow fluids and if you really want to prevent messing up the place the dry snow fluid will be your bail out.


As you might have been so skeptical about why you should use an artificial snow machine in your next even, you might just go down a little further and examine the benefits of a snow party over a snowless party.

  • Are you in between thoughts as to whether to get yourself the MK-S02 1500W indoor Snow Machine?
  • Do you want to know why it stands out and you need a second thought and carefully consider
    getting yourself one?
  • Do you seriously need a stage snowing machine and you don’t know which one to go for?

Then carefully read and follow why you should get yourself a MK-S02 1500W indoor Snow Machine

Snow Coverage 50-60㎡

The snow produced by the MK-S02 1500W indoor Snow Machine covers a wide range of area unlike some other indoor snow machine that won’t cover as much as the MK-S02 1500W indoor Snow Machine. This coverage makes it effective in halls and enclosed areas. If the hall capacity is so large and the machine is needed in other part of the hall apart the stage alone. Then the machine can be doubled or tripled. That is the host can get more of the same machine to get the work done for them. However the wide range of coverage it has, has somewhat given it a edge over many order indoor snow machine.

Remote Control

Talk about ease of usability. Talk about mobility. Talk about user friendly interface. You are talking about the MK-S02 1500W indoor Snow Machine. The presence of a wireless remote control adds a whole new complexion to the game of the MK-S02 1500W indoor Snow Machine. This makes the usability easy. It makes it possible to operate and control right from your comfort. If you are at the other side of the hall and the mini snow machine is somewhat far from where you are, you need not to run helterskelter because you want to control the indoor snow machine , you only need to press the wireless remote control from where you are so far the mini snow machine will pick the signal from where you are and that is all about it.

It can be hung

In order to use the machine which employs the falling snowflake kind of attribute. You only need to find a place to hang it. This basically gives the audience a feeling and a reality experience as though the snow is actually falling from up the sky meanwhile they are all indoors. This is a very wonderful experience and it adds more color to your event.

Safe for use

As oppose the fear many people has that the snow produced will be toxic or have harmful effects on the human body. It is all but a rumor, it has no element of truth they are all hear and say it is not in any way true that the snow have any harmful effect on the human body. Not even to plants nor to children as it is safe for the skin, safe for the eyes and even the kids. You can decide to use them in your kid’s tenth year birthday party.


Now that you have seen the many advantages, benefits and profits of getting yourself the the MK-S02 1500W indoor Snow Machine. Should you ever be in need of an outdoor snow machine, then you should not box the air or chase the wind. Just look to get yourself a the MK-S02 1500W indoor Snow Machine. The machine is in various shapes and form, it has several power output range and sizes. Therefore, MOKA SFX Company would just deliver the exact size and power of snowing machine you are looking for. NO matter how big or small. All you need do is to contact the sales department. The company has extensions and warehouses in several countries of the world and their products have been exported into many different European countries such as Spain, Germany, Italy and so on, it has extensions to in other countries like, USA, South America, and Southeast Asia, etc.

Please feel free to contact the MOKA SFX sales team and take it now!

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