H-S01 1000W Blizzard Snow machine

<!–If you want to use less money to make the effects like co2 jet, H-F01 Super Jet Fog Machine is a good one you might look for, that you don’t need to buy the co2 tank anymore.

This machine can take place of co2 jet machine, it will show the powerful effects like co2 jet, and the smoke will stop immediately, you can control the H-F01 Super Jet Fog Machine with the rhythm of the music, it will form a dynamic effect to the audience, most used in weddings, bars, outdoor stage performances, and other places.

F01 Super Jet Fog Machine is a type of gas column machine, which can be placed on flat ground, side-mounted, or hung on the wall so that the air column smoke can be strong and powerful.–>

H-S01 1000W Blizzard snow machine is a vertical artificial snow machine, which can create snowflakes fill the space instantly.

It is suitable for all kinds of scene sets, such as playgrounds, stage, filming, Christmas events and festivals, celebrations and other occasions.

The snowfall scene is widely popular from all over the world.

  • Snow cover area (45° diagonally above the ground): about 30m²
  • Blurred coverage area (hanging obliquely up to 45°): about 40m²


 Voltage 200-240V50HZ/100-120V60Hz
Product size57/33.5/47
Packing size62/35/36
Net weight14.7 kg
Gross weight16.4 kg
Oil can5L
Fuel consumption5L in 20 minutes
The number of snowflakesthe size is adjustable
Air volumeadjustable size
Control modebutton manual control, remote control, DMX512 control 3pin5in interface
Maximum jet heightabout 8 meters
Maximum spray distanceabout 10 meters
Snow cover area (45°diagonally above the ground)about 30m²
Blurred coverage area (hanging obliquely up to 45°)about 40m²
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H-S01 artificial snow machine uses a 1000W high-power fan, it driving strong wind with low noise so the snow can be sprayed to about 10-18 meters in height, which covers a wide area reach 150 cubic meters.

The atmosphere is filled with a snowflake in a shot moment, it feels like in real winter snow surroundings.

H-S01 1000W artificial snow machine can be adjusted the volume of snowflake output to adapt to your different performance activities, easy control of snowflake effect to your event atmosphere and it can save you more consumables.

The oil can be refilled up to 5L at a time for a lasting long time working and effectively guarantee the normal operation of the activity.

We equip the H-S01 1000W Artificial snow machine with 4 Omni-directional mute wheels, which not only makes it easy for you to move the machine at the event site but also ensures that you don’t have too much noise while moving the machine, so as to avoid negative affect your activities.


In order for security use with snow oil in a wet environment, the H-S01 1000W artificial snow machine is equipped with a professional waterproof plug, ensures safe operation, what’s more, effectively guarantees the service life of the machine.

The body of the H-S01 1000W Artificial snow machine is rust-proof, sturdy, and durable, the body angle can be adjusted 90 degrees, so the snow will float from different angles according to the angle adjusted by the machine, which will bring you more choices.

H-S01 1000W artificial snow machine is an easy-to-operate, seasonal, and geographically limited snowflake scene-making machine that will bring a romantic video feast to the audience, which will bring you unexpected surprises.

It has passed the EU CE ROHS certification and the US FCC certification, please contact the MOKA SFX SALES TEAM AND TAKE IT NOW immediately!

  • Please handle the MOKA SFX Snow Machine by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • Smoking near the machine is prohibited.
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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    ▾ Initial limitations to snow parties
    ▾ Invention of Snow Machines
    ▾ Benefits of Snow
    ▾ Blizzard Artificial Snow Machine
    ▾ Blizzard Artificial Snow Machine (H-S01) Specification
    ▾ Features of the Blizzard Artificial Snow Machine (H-S01)
    ▾ Getting Yourself A Blizzard Artificial Snow Machine (H-S01).

Snow fall is somewhat a common thing in some parts of the world in some certain season of the year. You can start seeing snowflakes in certain parts of Europe and America during the winter periods which fall within the December January part of the year. Owing to this fact, a whole lot of people utilize this snowy period to host several events parties and carnivals. What most guests of such parties want to experience is the additional value, fun and excitement snows would bring to the event. You might have experienced such before and even you know that winter parties are whole lot more fun and colorful compared to the summer parties. Many special carnival is scheduled to occur in the winter period just for the additional color that will be provided by the snow fall. However the fun in this period has been limited to only the winter periods. People cannot just organize themselves or someone just host an event and people catch that kind of cruise in other parts of the year when there are no snowfalls anywhere.

Initial limitations to snow parties

Control has been what man desires from the beginning of life. Man has always wanted to be in charge and be in control of everything. Control and being in charge has been the reason and motive behind most pf the world’s greatest innovations and inventions. Man’s unending craving for knowledge and ideas for solving the problems that nature poses which eventually leads them to defying the odds and doing the somewhat impossible is what has been making new solutions

to come to age long problems. Take for instance, you obviously cannot imagine having these kinds of holding these kinds of events in a season other than the winter periods. Given the event of greenhouse gas emissions, global warming and climate change which has resulted in the melting down of ice glaciers and the likes. There was a year in the past decade that snow had to be transported from a part of London which had snow falls to another part of London which had no snow fall. The menace resulting from Global warming and the Global climate change is posing a serious challenge to the normal enjoyment that people have and the parties they usually plan towards the winter periods.

Asides the event of Greenhouse gas emission, the destruction of ozone layer and its dangerous consequences there are other limiting factors to this snow parties and stuffs. What about the issue of being unable to manually control the amount of snow you want or desire in your snow party? So far the snow we are employing is the work of nature, we obviously cannot do anything to affect it, either to increase or to reduce the output of the snow. It is also necessary to consider the fact that you do not have the control over the venue of your party or event. For instance you cannot decide to host a snow party using natural snow in your house. Indoor snow party from the natural snow is practically impossible. The the snow can even stop at any point in time so far we have no control over it. There is also the issue of folks desiring to have the same fun they have in the winter season in autumn and summer. How about that? It naturally seems impossible to make the best out of a summer party that was not occasioned to hold in the beach or pool. Although this no longer holds to be true again because your snow parties can hold anytime you want or desire it.

Invention of Snow Machines

All the previous limitations as per time, season of the year, amount of the snow, venue and location of the snow party have been overcome and dealt with upon the invention of snow machines. What are snow machines? Snow machines are those equipment and engine which make use of electricity and snow fluids to produce excellent fake or artificial snows. As technology is growing wider and things are getting better, a whole lot of improvement and progress has been made in the area of snow machines

. The world first witnessed snow cats which are large vehicles used for the purpose of grooming and transporting snowflakes until the inception of fake snow machines which are basically used for the production of snow. These artificial snow machines has come to the aid of many people by bailing them out of the stress they were meant to go through in order to get ice in their events. Some people pay exorbitant prices in order to get snow in their events. They later run at loss or suffer dissatisfaction because they would obviously not be able to get enough snow and the control will also be somehow for them. The real experience of snow falls is what is hundred percent guaranteed with the use of an artificial snow machine.

Benefits of Snow

As you might have been so skeptical about why you should use an artificial snow machine in your next even, you might just go down a little further and examine the benefits of a snow party over a snowless party.

  • Snow eases off stress

Snow keeps use less stressed owing to the balancing of the human homeostatic system. It maintains a healthy metabolism, raises your mood, ward off Alzheimer’s disease and boost immunity.

  • It is a proven method of exercise

Just like taichi which builds your body without any stress. Snow parties and snow partying is a proven method of exercising your body and burning some calories. You burn them so fast before you start observing.

  • Fun is actually Good

Lots of people need to change their mindset and philosophy concerning fun and enjoyment. Many think you are wasting your life out when you are not always busy and be without time for things of pleasure, fun and enjoyment. Many of those people with that ideology forgot the fact that all works no play, makes jack a dull boy. Catching fun and loosening down a little bit may be extremely advisable for many of these workaholics out there. Attending a snow party where artificial snow machines used to produce snowflakes automatically

Blizzard Artificial Snow Machine

Given all the many benefits, funs and enjoyment that lies within attending a snow party. The question still lies within how to get the snow available for your party. The concept of fake snow machines has made this a possibility. Now you can have your snow at your own convenience and at your control. You can determine the amount, location and time. In a situation whereby you are having a boring party, you can just open up the snow machine in order to enjoy your party.

Having read all these

  • Do you want to be sure if snowing machine can be used in your event?
  • Are you planning an event and you don’t know whether to use snow effect machine or not?
  • Are you confused on which fake snow machine you should go for?
  • Or you have seen people being disappointed by a snow machine they bought.

Blizzard Artificial Snow Machine (H-S01) Specification

There are quite a few events in which a fake snow creation will establish a vital and enduring connection with you and your visitors. At the point when combined with one of our Hurricane Fans, the Blizzard Artificial Snow Machine (H-S01) makes the ideal environmental impact – ceaseless drifting snow that vanishes on contact. Whatever season it is, our Snow Machines combined with a Hurricane Fan will make the fantastic, winter wonderland impact you’re searching for. The machine gives you a control option of using a remote control and it has two-speed fan. The fluid consumption if the machine at maximum output time range at maximum setting is about forty minutes.

Features of the Blizzard Artificial Snow Machine (H-S01)

  • A Digital Interface w/LCD display

The Blizzard Artificial Snow Machine (H-S01) comes with a display screen on which all the control you are entering can be seen perfectly and beautifully. The display screen has a digital interface which makes the fake snow machine user friendly and an easy to use interface. The LCD display screen makes it possible for even a layman or a kid to be operate it so far they can read.

  • Stand-alone timer/interval control

You do not need to be running up and down to input new instructions into the snow machine when you are using it as it has a stand-alone timer of its own. You can easily set up the timer and interval control at the beginning of the use of the machine. This eases you of the stress of carrying the remote in your hand all the time and trying to control one thing or the other on the snow machine. As you have inputted your commands into the machine as regards when to stop or pause the rain of snowflakes you can go and rest because the machine will auto follow your commands all through.

  • Wireless remote control

The artificial snow machine comes with a wireless remote control system which can be used to input commands or pause the fake snow machine at a distance. This has also made it possible to control and input commands into the machine without actually going near it at all.

  • Wide range highly configurable snow.

The snow in the Blizzard Artificial Snow Machine (H-S01) can be configured to suit the party or event which you want to use it for.

  • Highly efficient use of fluid.

The Blizzard Artificial Snow Machine (H-S01) does not waste the snow fluids or snow oil. It is intelligently optimized to make efficient use of the snow fluids and oils. It has an output frame of over an hour if it is at its moderate settings but will only last for about forty minutes when in its maximum output.

  • Sound Proof

This stands to be one of the best qualities of the Blizzard Artificial Snow Machine (H-S01). As you don’t want to have a snow party and a noise party at the same time. You can have your snow party in a very quiet atmosphere with the artificial snow machine making no noise at all.

  • Totally harmless and safe for use

Many people actually want to use the fake snow machine but there is this common belief that anything that is not natural will definitely come with its attendant side effects and harms. However the belief is totally false and is not even true in anyway. The snow produced by the Blizzard Artificial Snow Machine (H-S01) is hundred percent harmless and safe for human use. It does not even affect kids such that it can be used in the birthday party of a young child. The snow machine is safe for eyes, safe for ears, safe for kids too.

Getting Yourself A H-S01 Blizzard Artificial Snow Machine .

Now that you have seen the many advantages, benefits and profits of getting yourself Blizzard Artificial Snow Machine (H-S01). Should you ever be in need of an artificial snow machine, then you should not box the air or chase the wind. Just look to get yourself a Blizzard Artificial Snow Machine (H-S01). The machine is in various shapes and form, it has several power output range and sizes. The company has authorized dealers all over the world, so when you want to get yours you only need to either call or visit their website where you will fill a form. The form will state your reservations and specifications in details. Then the Company would just deliver the exact size and power of snowing machine you are looking for. NO matter how big or small. All you need do is to contact the company

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