MOKA SFX Stage Snow Machine have a Real Snow Effect, and the Snow Machine can Helps Your Outdoor Activity Looks Cool and Fun.

Stage Snow Machine

All MOKA SFX stage snow machine is made of high-quality accessories and the quality is guaranteed. all goods will be tested before shipping. We own a professional sales team and technical team.

And we also own a professional  R & D Team, constantly develop new stage snow machine to meet the various needs of customers

  • passed professional CE RoHS and FCC Certification
  • made of high-quality accessories and the quality is guaranteed
  • Have stock in our China factory and US warehouse
  • Fast shipment and production

MOKA SFX Snow Machine

MK-S02 Snow Machine

1500W Snow Machine

snow machine

Big Snow Machine

MOKA Snow Machine

Are you looking for a professional stage snow machine? MOKA SFX stage snow machine is here waiting for you.

MOKA SFX stage snow machine also called “fake snow machine”, we have four kinds of a stage snow machine, including MK-S01 2000w stage snow machine, MK-S02 1500w stage snow machine, and MK-S04 890w stage snow machine.

All MOKA SFX stage snow machines can be controlled by wired remote control.

MOKA SFX stage snow machine uses a normal snow liquid to create a romantic atmosphere of snow, MOKA SFX stage snow machine is the use of a super-high-pressure air pump to produce strong airflow to make snowflakes, the effect is very realistic.

The biggest stage snow machine even can cover about 150m³, this stage snow machine is for indoor and outdoor use, MOKA SFX stage snow machine is wildly used in Christmas carnival, Holiday celebration, wedding, filming, party, and stage.

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MK-S04 Snow Machine

Big Snow Machine 2024

  • Combined with Flightcase
  • 12m Pipe
  • Consumption 400ml/min
  • Drum Capacity Reach 20L

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MOKA Snow Machine

All MOKA SFX stage snow machine is made of high-quality accessories and the quality is guaranteed. all goods will be tested before shipping. we own a professional sale team and technical team, if there are any problems with MOKA SFX stage snow machine, you only need to send us a picture or video, we will give a solution to you in 24 hours.

We also own a professional  R & D Team, constantly develop new stage snow machines to meet the various needs of customers. we will continue to push new stage snow machines to you if you are interested in our snow machine.

Almost all of our stage snow machine is in stock in our China factory and US warehouse, we will ship out the order as soon as receive your payment. Nowadays we are preparing Europe warehouse, believe we will not only save a lot of money and time for you but also support your local service in the further.

All MOKA SFX stage snow machine have passed professional CE, RoHS, and FCC Certification, you can believe in our quality and can sell our stage snow machine in your local market easily.

After four years of development, MOKA SFX stage snow machine this brand has deeply rooted in the hearts of customers. Our business has stretched to the whole globe, we have sold out a lot of stage snow machines to our customers.

We are well spoken by many regular customers and newcomers because of good quality, nice products, warm-hearted and helpful service!

Please act to contact us for a professional MOKA SFX stage snow machine now, we are hoping for you to join us!


The Ultimate Guide To Snow Machines

    ▾ What Are The Features to Look For in a Snow Machine?
    ▾ Where Can You Use The Snow Machine?
    ▾ What’s Included With The Purchase of The Snow Machine?
    ▾ What Type of Fluids Can You Use in The Machine?
    ▾ What is The Direction of Snow Output?
    ▾ What Are The Types of MOKA Snow Machines?
    ▾ How Do You Use The Snow Machine?
    ▾ Are There Any Safety Instructions You Must Follow?
    ▾ Should The Snow Machine Have Any Form of Certification?
    ▾ How Do You Store and Maintain The Snow Machine?

Special effects can liven up the entire atmosphere of a place. If you have recently planned a theme party but don’t know how to take it up a notch, special effects are your answer! With the help of a snow machine, you can create a winter wonderland at your party. Marvel at the beautiful lifelike snow and amaze your guests as you prepare for the ultimate party.

Snow machines are a handy tool that can cater to any number of audiences and all kinds of event venues. If you’ve witnessed snow at parties, weddings, carnivals, and even film sets, chances are a snow machine is working its magic nearby.

When you use a snow machine, you create a dreamy atmosphere that you can only witness in movies. The marvelous yet economical machines come in a wide range suitable for indoor soirees to lavish stage productions and carnivals.

Read our snow machine guide to know everything about creating your winter miracle and making every event special.


Snow machine


What Are The Features to Look For in a Snow Machine?

Due to its high demand, there are multiple snow machines that you can choose from. Each of these has unique features that suit different events. When selecting your snow machine, look for these features and create a magical experience.

  • Snow Output

The snow output of the snow machine determines which kind of event it is most useful for. If you want sheets of snow covering the ground, a high output snow machine is more suitable for you. On the other hand, having a low output machine generally means getting a drizzle of snow covering the event.

Low output machines are generally smaller and easily moveable. Our machines range from having a compact interface and small output of 50-60 meter cube to high outputs of 150-meter cubes.

  • Noise

Since these machines require a lot of power and shoot out the snow at high speeds, most snow machines tend to make a lot of noise. Now, this can be quite frustrating if you intend to use the snow at a winter dance or a small indoor event. Due to this, there are options which allow you to get a noiseless, or low noise machine. These give you all the benefits of a regular Snow Machine while also helping you keep the excessive noise reduced to a small hum. MOKA also has a silent snow machine, that gives you all the snow for a silent wonderland. With the silent snow machine, you can enjoy all the snow you need, without the venue sounding like a noisy factory!

  • Power

The power of the machine is what signifies how strong the output of the machine will be. This feature, along with the size and the fuel capacity, will allow you to determine how fast a machine warms up and covers the place with fresh artificial snow. A snow machine can range from 600W to 2500W power.

  • Control

The control determines how long the snow machine will work for and when you can stop the output. There is a wide range of control systems that are available for snow machines. You can use a machine with power controls, panel control, or remote control. The controls even vary in whether they are wireless, wired, or DMX controls. Some machines allow you to switch between two controls, depending on your convenience.


Snow machine


Where Can You Use The Snow Machine?

There are multiple uses for a snow machine. Whether you want to create a winter atmosphere in the middle of summer or you simply need to jazz up an otherwise minimalistic event, the snow machine is here for you.

  • Carnivals and Festivals

If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas but live in a country with scarce or no snowfall, you’re not alone. Snow machines are extremely popular with festivals and carnivals that use them throughout the year. Themed festivals, like the Christmas carnival, mainly use a snow machine to transform it into a white Christmas filled with holiday cheer.

  • Themed Parties

If you are planning a winter dance or formal event, having snow is a must. Many parties and events happen during times where there is no snow or even indoors. This does not mean that you have to compromise on giving your customers the best theme party! A snow machine allows you to host an event that is special and lets the guests at the event know that all the amazing elements of the ‘party of the year checklist’ have been ticked off.

  • Film Sets

Film sets cannot adhere to the whims and fancies of nature. Due to this, the sets often need to create their own not so natural, natural elements that still have the atmosphere which transforms perfectly on screen. A snow machine creating artificial snow is always handy on a film set and sometimes is even considered an integral part of the crew equipment.

  • Snow Parks

Snow parks are very famous in places where the winter months are just as hot as summer. Snow parks are generally indoors and are converted into places where you can ski, slide and even enjoy a meal amongst the sheets of white. Ever wondered where all that snow in the snow park comes from? Snow machines are the silent contributor to the artificial snowfall or the white area where you create a snow angel in snow parks.

  • Weddings

A whimsical wedding that sweeps you off your feet sounds like a perfect start to a great adventure. Themed weddings are trending and what better-themed wedding than one that screams winter? While you may have the warm food and the winter carols out for your weddings, the snow pulls the venue together and showcases the theme. Snow machines easily cover the entire venue with artificial snow for a beautiful wedding day. You can additionally combine it with a stage fog machine or a bubble machine for special effects.

  • Stage Events

A stage is nothing without its merry actors and special effects. Many times, shows are created with a backdrop of a chilly winter morning or a harsh white night. With the help of a snow machine, recreating these moods on the LED dance floor is easy and efficient. Snow machines also create snow that is so realistic that when the lights hit the snow, you can easily mistake it for a real storm indoors.


Snow machine


What’s Included With The Purchase of The Snow Machine?

The components of a DMX snow machine are as follows:

  • Power Button
  • LED Display
  • Power and DMX output/input
  • Mounting Equipment
  • Duration Knob
  • Continuous Button
  • Manual Switch

Along with the snow machine, you will also receive three other parts with the package.

  • Power Cord
  • User Manual
  • Remote Control


What Type of Fluids Can You Use in The Machine?

The fluids for the machine can differ depending upon the kind of snow you want for the event. While the output and the speed of snow coming out of the machine depends on the controls you set, the kind of snow that comes out depends on the fluid. There are multiple kinds of fluids that provide different types of results.

  • Concentrated Fluid

Concentrated solutions of snow fluid are the perfect buy for big events. These fluids need to be mixed with water to use. Only 10% of the fluid mixed with 90% of water provides a magical snow-filled experience to users. With concentrated solutions, you can expect a foamy take to your snow that has a shine to it, and that does not cause any build-up.

  • UV Light Fluid

The UV light snow fluid reacts to backlights. This fluid is found in a range of colors, from blue to gold. They create a dreamy atmosphere, and the reflection of the snow to the color can add to the theme of the event. While this may look more artificial than normal snow, it does create a very nice atmosphere for those looking to mystify their guests.

  • Long-Lasting Fluid

The long-lasting snow fluid is one where the artificial snow lasts in the air and on the ground for a longer time. This fluid is perfect for creating a build-up with sheets of artificial snow and for creating blizzard-like, stormy conditions. The snow travels to 75+ feet before it evaporates in the air when this fluid is used.

  • Dry Snow Fluid

Dry snow is famous for creating an atmosphere of snowfall and light show. The snowflakes made from dry snow fluid travel up to 75, depending on if you invest in extra dry, ultra-dry, or simply dry snow fluid. Furthermore, they evaporate quickly once they touch the ground, so there is no need for any clean up after the event.


What is The Direction of Snow Output?

All snow machines are different when it comes to the direction of snow output. Some heavy-duty snow machines do not have a mounting feature due to which they can only be fixed on the ground. Other machines have a hose that you can mount on the sidewall or the ceiling to produce a snowfall effect.

When investing in these machines, you can also invest in a compact, handheld one. This allows you to have a multidirectional approach and propel the snow at your whim. Compact machines are perfect for those looking to have some fun as they fill up their venue with snow. However, they do have a lesser output, so it may take some time to do so.


Snow machine


What Are The Types of MOKA Snow Machines?

The team of experts at MOKA has created a series of snow machines that suits all types of audience. These differ in terms of capacity or mode of operation.

  • Truss Mounted Snow Machine

This snow machine provides the highest degree of convenience in terms of portability. The machine is light in weight and easily transportable. Moreover, you can fix the machine on a truss and hang it on a hook. This makes it throw snow to the required angle.

You can also mount it on your shoulders to disperse snow in a particular direction.

  • Grounded Snow Machine

These machines are quite suitable as they do not require any additional surface protection. You can directly put them on the ground to do the job. Our grounded version of the machine is on wheels to enable easy portability. It also includes a long hose with a nozzle at the end. You can hang the hose using a truss to provide direction and upliftment.

  • Snow Machine With A Stand

Whether it is a stage show or a Christmas carnival, the snow machines with a stand are quite useful. These provide a sturdy base to the snow dispersing equipment. You can also easily adjust the mouth’s angle. These machines are easy to operate and move. The stands have omnidirectional wheels at the bottom to enable smooth movement.


How Do You Use The Snow Machine?

The snow machine is easily set up with the help of the instruction manual. When it comes to operating the machine, here is a step-by-step process that you can follow.

Step 1: Unpack the snow machine. After this, you can open the nozzle where you fill-up the fuel tank with snow fluid.

Step 2: Put the nozzle back in its place. Ensure that the entire tank is filled to the brim so that there is no inconsistency in the falling snow.

Step 3: Connect the remote control or DMX cable to the snow machine through the cord. If you wish to use the wireless remote control, you can skip this step.

Step 4: Connect all the wires and plug in the machine to a power source.

Step 5: Press the power on button for 5 seconds so that the fluid has a chance to heat up. This will allow the smooth flow of the artificial snow from the machine.

Step 6: You can use the remote control, DMX control mode, and display feature to set the machine to your desired control. Your snow machine is now ready to use.


Snow machine


Are There Any Safety Instructions You Must Follow?

Snow machines are generally harmless when used. However, it is always better to be safe than sorry, and therefore, you must read all the instructions and follow these general rules for safety.

  • Always plug in the power source right before using it and make sure to disconnect the source once done or before cleaning.
  • You shouldn’t use the device in extreme heat or rainy weather. Also, ensure that it isn’t kept in dusty environmental conditions.
  • Do not shake the device or manhandle it aggressively, for it may break or malfunction.
  • During thunderstorms, ensure that the device is unplugged and not in use.
  • Do not use any harsh detergent or soap while cleaning. Stick to water and a soft cloth.


Should The Machine Have Any Form of Certification?

Your machine must be a genuine product that is certified and uses only professional raw materials. The MOKA snow machines use high-quality professional equipment for the snow machines.

These machines are made in facilities equipped with advanced technologies in both China and the USA. The machines produced by MOKA are tested by a professional Research and Development team. They have received certification from the CE RoHS and FCC.


Snow machine


How Do You Store and Maintain The Machine?

If you want the snow machine to last for a long time, it is crucial to follow the storage and maintenance process. For maintenance, ensure that the machine is cleaned out with hot water after every 40 hours of use. This prevents any particle build up inside the machine. Fill up the tank with hot water and let the machine run like normal. This will adequately clean any fluid or particle build-up.

After cleaning, you can store the machine in a non-dusty, dry place. Ensure that you remove the snow fluid before you store the machine to prevent unforeseen circumstances.

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