P-03 9*18W Battery PAR Light

MOKA SFX P-03 par light is a versatile uplight with 9 pieces hex LEDs RGBWA/UV 6 in 1, built-in battery fixture, it can easily be placed in the desired location and is ready to use. The P-03 is ideal for wall wash of weddings, restaurants, party, and DJs.


  • 9 pieces 18W LEDs
  • RGBWA/UV 6in1
  • Built-in battery, no wires linking
  • App control & remote control, easy operation


Light source9*18W 6 in 1 (RGBWA/UV)
Light source life100,000 hours
Beam angle25°
Control modeDMX512, master-slave, voice control, auto-run, remote, Mobile APP
Charge time4 hours
Working time 6-color full bright 5 hours, autorun mode 13 hours, 1-color stays a day
Product size27*27*13
Net weight3.6kg
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The MOKA SFX par light P-03 is a portable battery uplighting system, it’s powered by nine 18W RGBAW+UV (6-IN-1) LEDs. For uplighting, staging, events, performances, and any mobile application, this device is lightweight and easy to hide into the truss box. There are no wires required!

With a compact size, the battery par light P-03 is easy to place on the edge of the wall to project lights with customized color themes, making boring places more atmospheric and visually attracting attention.

2.4G wireless electronic switch, can be set through the menu, three kinds of voice control like jump, pulse, and strobe.

In general, there are 8 units or 10 units in a group, and a durable flight case with an onboard battery charging socket can be customized as per your need, which is convenient to use and can be stored in the flight case and charge all lights at the same time.


The long-lasting battery of par light P-03 may last up to 24 hours on a single color and 13 hours while switching colors. The battery takes 4 hours to charge.

The fixtures can connect with a lighting controller thanks to the built-in WiFi wireless DMX.

There you can use these three control modes to run the par light P-03, mobile APP control, DMX512 console, and remote control, support wired and wireless master-slave function, color self-check, static color selection and strobe, also the speed is adjustable.

It has color change mode, color fade, auto program run mode, sound active.

The P-03 is just ideal for areas of the stage or club where wiring and other power sources are awkward or dangerous. If you meet this kind of issue of power installation, feel free to contact us for more options for lighting gear.

  • Please handle the MOKA SFX PAR LIGHT by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • Smoking near the machine is prohibited.
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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MOKA SFX P-03 battery operated Par lights

    ▾ Why have MOKA SFX P-03 led par can?
    ▾ Product specifications of battery operated par light
    ▾ Features of battery operated par light MOKA SFX P-03
    ▾ How to install and operate P-03 Par cans?
    ▾ Areas to Use stage par light in
    ▾ Advantages of P-03 battery par lights
    ▾ Safety precautions to consider when handling par cans
    ▾ Conclusions

Why Have MOKA SFX P-03 led par can?

Battery operated par lights are the ideal solutions to your event lighting system. Meant for your shows, concerts, churches, clubs, and other events, leper can have the ideal features you will need from a colored lighting system. Proudly manufactured by the MOKA SFX company, battery operated par lights have a simple design with small enclosed cylindrical tubes to give you maximum lighting. It has a rechargeable lithium battery powered low-profile led par can offer you the creativity of RGBW/UV color mixing for your stage and wall washing. In addition, you can enjoy different enchanting colors and multiple environment taste with one stage par light of MOKA SFX.

Product specifications of battery operated par light

Battery operated par lights will give your event the perfect illumination. You will improve your event lighting, decoration, and liveliness by just using this outstanding P-03 stage par light. MOKA SFX led par can light has uncountable and fulfilling features you will never find from all the lighting devices in the market.
Amazing Control System
You will be in a position to operate battery operated par lights using a wireless 2.4G DMX control system as well as Wi-Fi IOS or android control modes such as mobile apps. So in case you are a DJ or event organizer, you will be in a position to conquer the lighting and entertainment industry.

While using the DMX control modes, you will have access to master-slave, voice control, self-propelled, sound active IR remote control as well as mobile application control modes. Battery operated par lights have 6-10 DMX channels each with special and distinct features.

Power Friendly stage par light
Having a power consumption of 150W, battery operated par light will help you save on your power consumption. This led par can light is designed with an input voltage ranging between 90-240 volts working at a frequency of 50-60 Hz. This will greatly protect your device from shock and short-circuiting. This electronic property will not only save you on power but will also ensure the durability of your battery operated par lights.

Powerful Battery Capacity
The LED light at your event is given out by 9 lights each operating at 18W with RGBWA/UV 6 in Stage par light has a battery with 100,000 working hours. The long-lasting battery feature will save you during event blackouts; as well as those areas with no reliable power sources.

Improve the Visual Comfort
To achieve maximum lighting at your event, all you will need is to set your battery operated par light to a beam angle of 25 degrees. Stage par light will improve the luminaire, and visual comfort of your audiences, and the light will be distributed uniformly using the diverging lenses in each cylindrical feature.

Waterproof Features of stage par light
The inbuilt battery has a capacity of 13200mah to give you longer lighting hours. Waterproof battery (of par light 6in 1 and stage par light) with a lifespan of 100,000 hours.

Lightweight and Portable
Led Par can lights have a net weight of 4.7 kilograms and a gross weight of 5.2 kilograms. So if you are an event organizer, you will be able to move battery operated par lights from one event to another without straining or difficulty. This weight will also ease your work when installing par cans at different strategic positions of your event/ party. With a packaging size of 160 by 160 by 220mm, you will have no problem packing and placing it in limited spaces without causing any damage.

Enough Battery Hours
Battery operated par lights have a battery charge time of 4 hours, 6 color full bright working for 5 hours consecutively, and a 177inch TFT LCD board. This enables you to navigate through the operation menu to access features and settings of your interests. Battery operated par lights are self-propelled for 13 hours nonstop and monochrome for 22 hours. So experience the new reality with P-03 led par can light.

Features of battery operated par light MOKA SFX P-03

You can enjoy these features with MOKA SFX stage par light p-03;

DMX 512 and remote control
Battery operated par light from MOKA SFX company can be controlled by IR remote control or DMX control modes. This will help you to conveniently navigate through the settings and different features of your led par can at your convenience. Also, you can adjust your stage lighting effect using the LCD and the menu located at the back. Led par can give you options to choose from, in that you can choose any way of control you want. The various modes and light colors of this battery operated par light sound create an interesting and impressive atmosphere for your stage, parties, or DJ lighting.

DMX channels
Led Par can have 6 and 10 channel models. These channel models have different unique and outstanding functional descriptions. 6 channel model has channels 1-6 with Red color, green color, blue color, white color, yellow color, and purple colors respectively, each with both dimming and lighting of ranges 0-100%. They have different static modes operating at 15 hours consecutively. Whereas, the 10 CH model has channel 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 to give you strobing effect from slow to fast. They also have dimming, color selection, channel control speed, voice control jump, and different lighting colors. And of course, this is impressive and interesting.

Auto running mode
With led par cans light, you will not have to spend the whole day manually operating the selected features. This is because battery operated par lights can be set to operate on auto running mode for about 13 hours. Once you have set our lighting device, all you’ll need to sit back and enjoy the alternating coloration, strobing effect, color dimmer, and gradual color change from one par can light to another.

Multiple shining lighting colors
Led Par can light has 6 colors each working interchangeably with one another at an interval of 5 hours. These color changes will give your event, club, music shows or theatres, etc. distinct colors to match the environment and the event requirements. A single color has a life of about six hours. Therefore, you will get maximum and unlimited illuminations, decorations, and colorations at your event.

Waterproofing features
Having a led par can stage lights will make you forget all water and moisture-related effects on your lighting device. Battery operated par lights casings are made from waterproofing materials, i.e. aluminum which prevents entry of moisture into the important lighting components of the led par can. When the stage par light gets stains, you can therefore use a cotton cloth soaked in water to clean the stains out. This will not cause any damage or effect to your device. Battery operated Par lights have a waterproof battery system that gives higher frequencies and voltage supplies to your event.

Battery operated par lights are therefore more convenient for your event or stage party lighting if used without the power cord. Fully charged, it will need 4 hours and works around 13 hours. With the help of wireless remote control and mobile app, you will get a great performance light for your parties, weddings, shows, events, etc. to optimum.

How to install and operate P-03 Par cans

Battery operated par lights are very easy to use and install. Our company gives any user a user manual with clear guidelines on how to operate and install this led par can light. Therefore, all you’ll need is to go through the manual before handling your battery operated lights. In case of any difficulty, our technical teams are always there to give you a helping hand and timely assistance.

  • Together with the manual, MOKA SFX led par cans to have a remote controller and power cable for connection to the power supply source.
  • When you purchase battery operated par lights, first ensure you change your device up to 4 hours of charging time until it is full.
  • This is achieved by using the power cable, connected to a reliable and recommended power source. Switch on your source and let your lighting device charge.
  • After it is fully charged, remove your battery operated par lights from the power source.
  • Switch on your led Par can and set your color choices and other functional properties on the display menu.
  • You will then be in a position to enjoy the different illumination, color dimming, strobing effect at your event.
  • Then use the IR remote control system or Mobile app and the DMX controller to alternate the color codes that suites your events.
  • Then sit back and enjoy the unending experience and lighting.

Areas to Use stage par light in

Battery operated par lights are very useful and comically commonly used lighting equipment in the entertainment industry. Because of the uniform, stable and maximum brightness given out, your show, event, or party will not only be impressive but also fascinating. You will be in a position to create a lifetime experience for your audiences and party attendees. Therefore, battery operated par lights have wide areas of applications, some of which include, Parties, Weddings, Birthday parties, Church, Theaters, Music shows, Dance shows, Events, Festivals, Christmas,celebrations and other celebrations,Halloweens, Bars, Night clubs,Concerts

So, get yourself this amazing led par can light machine from MOKA SFX company for you to enjoy unlimited benefits. These benefits include, all our products have a one-year warranty. Therefore, in case of any breakage or device failure, you will always get a replacement or technical assistance one time. Again, you will be able to get quick and fast responses in case of any difficulty. Our helpline staff will be there to give you the assistance you will need. Our device is very durable; the money you will invest in your par cans will be directly proportional to the lighting services you will get from it.

Advantages of P-03 battery par lights

Are you still wondering what advantages you can have with this p-03

They are durable
The components and how light is generated in battery operated par light can extend the lifespan of the bulbs while dissipating light at your event. Battery par lights are also equipped with a battery with a capacity of 13200mah. This capacity will save your event lighting during low power outputs. Moreover, Par cans are designed with a durable lumen that can depreciate to over 100,000 hours.

Wide range of colors
Wide range of lighting colors indeed! Battery operated par lights will give you a wide range of colors, 6, kinds of color changes. A single color will take up to 5 hours when the battery operated par lights are in operation. The colors will then work interchangeably with each other at an interval of 5hours. The primary colors of par can light are green, blue, red, white, purple, and yellow to decorate and color your event.

Portability and versatility
Battery operated par lights have an exquisite appearance. They are available in small cartons because they have lightweight. So, if you are an event organizer or a DJ, you will have the ease of carrying and setting up the led par can at any of your event locations. This is because the machines have a net weight of 4.7 kilograms and a gross weight of 5.2 kilograms thus making it easy to set up and carry from one event to another. Once set at a strategic position, battery operated par lights have a beam angle of 25 degrees to enhance the stage focusing with the help of a diverging lens.

Battery operated par lights have a higher lumen output per watt. This means stage par lights can convert an appreciable percentage of dissipated heat into light. This will help you save power usage from your electronics. Par can give you a high definition transparency lighting with uniform dyeing, high brightness, stable and good lighting effect with only 150 Watts of power.

The lighting produced is stable and reliable
The design voltage and power consumption capacity of the led par can machine accommodates the needed power and voltage standards ratings. There is no short-circuiting in the devices because they are fitted with high-quality fuses in the system to accommodate any form of a power surge. The voltage input in battery operated par lights ranges between 90V-240V with a power output of 150 Watts. Stage par light will help in stable lighting at your event.

Safety precautions to consider when handling par cans

Whenever you get this battery operated par light, please ensure you go through the user instructions carefully before making any move.

  • The power input range is between 90-240V. Different lamp power inputs will be different.
  • Please consult when using it to avoid the burning of the mainboard or the lamp bead due to improper use of the power supply, resulting in unnecessary economic loss. Extremely irreversible.
  • All terminals should be connected according to the process requirements and the correct way, pay attention to the direction and polarity.
  • To avoid short-circuiting, do not operate your device while the cable is plugged into the power source.
  • After using your led par cans, always do an antistatic treatment.


From the advantages and unique features, led par can light are therefore the ideal solution to your events and party’s lighting system. The battery par lights will give you multiple color effects to match your event needs. They have user-friendly features which are accompanied by a user manual for our customers to ease your operations. Our company is also there to give technical assistance when needed with a one-year warranty on our products. Get yourself a P-03 battery operated par light today.

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