MOKA SFX P-06 100W Cob Par light

Cob par is one of the most popular stage lights in these years, thanks to its stable performance and affordable price, we can find it in almost every stage light show.

MOKA SFX P-06 is just a cob par light with high quality and reasonable price, there are many good feedbacks from our customers worldwide.



  •  Wide Beam angle of 60
  • Multiple control methods
  • Suitable for multiple scenarios


Voltage90-240V 50-60Hz
Power200W /100W
Light source200W 2 in 1 (warm white + cool white)
Light source1pcs of 100W led RGB
Light source life50,000 hours
Beam angle60°
Control modeDMX512, master-slave, voice control, self-propelled
Product Size24*24*33
Net Weight5.2kg
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MOKA SFX P-06 cob par construct with 1 piece of 100W led RGB light, its high power LED’s are able to create accurate bright effects.

P-06 can be controlled by DMX512, master-slave, voice control, self-propelled to change brightness and color. Brightness is controlled by the DMX512 model through dedicated faders and in manual mode by pressing tactile switches provided on the light control board.

MOKA SFX P-06 cob par has exquisite and concise appearance structure,die cast aluminum housing with black polyester epoxy powder coat,all of the above make it durable。

If you are going to run a bar or club or any other business place, don’t miss the MOKA SFX P-06 COB par light.


The cob par lights can be always controlled by DMX512, the MOKA SFX P-06’s channel is 4CH, there are warm white, cold white and RGB light sources that can be changed by DMX512.

The MOKA SFX cob par beam angle can be also changed within 60, so the cob par is so flexible to use.

MOKA SFX P-06 has stable performance, its light source life can last 50,000 hours, which satisfies all the needs for stage lights. But the cob par is a basic model, if you want to make your event more colorful, you can add some moving headlights or laser lights to cooperate together, all of them make your stage so professional and amazing!

If you are interested in the MOKA SFX cob par light, don’t hesitate to contact MOKA team to order!

  • Please handle the MOKA SFX PAR LIGHT by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • Smoking near the machine is prohibited.
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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Lots of SFX items made by China manufacturer are lack of the critical point: “Details”. But you will find an elegance arrangement product line in us, as we believe that only details will speak out for our difference to the others.

Your Complete Guide To MOKA SFX P-06 Cob par light

    ▾ Why MOKA SFX P-06 Cob par light is the demand of time?
    ▾ What is in MOKA SFX Cob par light P-06 for You?
    ▾ Unique features about our product, P-06
    ▾ How to install and operate cob par light?
    ▾ Venues and Events To Use P-06 led par cop
    ▾ Why should you get your lighting devices from our company?
    ▾ Safety measures to consider when handling rgbw cob led
    ▾ Conclusion

Why MOKA SFX P-06 Cob par light is the demand of time?

P-06 cob par light is designed with modern lighting features to give you excellent lighting and a long-lasting lighting experience. MOOKA SFX company specializes in stage lighting products and lighting solutions that are very pocket-friendly. MOKA will always take you to enjoy the visual feast of beautiful lights and see the soul-shaking effect at your event. Are you a DJ or an event organizer? P-05 cob par light is therefore the ideal solution to all your stage lighting effects.
Advantages of having P-06 Cob par light
LED par cob are durable
Cob par light will give maximum lighting hours. Cob par light has a light source of 200W 2 in 1 (warm white + cool white) and another light source is generated by one piece is 100W led RGB
Furthermore, rgbw cob led is made of aluminum which is a long-lasting material to give you maximum protection and service life. P-06 lights are fused to act as a shock absorber as well as ensure the service life is attained. The aluminum casing is waterproof which is another outstanding feature to give your device protection from moisture effects.
Wide range of lighting colors
At your event, you will be in a position to get varieties of colored lightings that suits your event. With 16.7 million colors, you will achieve maximum illumination with all the dimming effects, and strobing coloring effects for 50,000 hours. Furthermore, cob par light has 4 primary green, blue, red, and white colors to give you perfect illumination.
Are very Portable and versatile
Cob Par lights have impressive and fashionable casings, which makes them very lightweight. They are available in small sizes measuring 240 x 240x 330mm to enable you to move them from one event location to another. With a net weight of 5.2 kilograms, led par cop will fit in limited spaces at your even. Furthermore, you will be in a position to choose from either hanging or placing your device as a standalone device. Once set at a strategic position, the led par cob has a beam angle of 60 degrees to enhance the stage focusing with the help of a diverging lens lumen.
Energy-efficient lighting device
All our products are energy efficient. Therefore, when you get this cob par light for your event, you will not have to worry about your total power consumption. You will get ultimate and maximum lighting with different colors. The strobing effect, uniform and bright color with a power consumption of 200/100Watts. Cob par light will convert the heat energy around it into lighting.
The lighting produced is stable and reliable
The design voltage and power consumption capacity of the led par cob lights accommodate the needed power and voltage standards ratings. With an input voltage of 90-240volts, your device will be protected from short-circuiting with the help of a fuse. Designed with a power output of 100/200 Watts, you will get uniform and reliable lighting for your event with this P-06 led par cob light.

What is in MOKA SFX Cob par light P-06 for You

Rgbw cob led has the best and unique traits which will give you all you have been looking for.
DMX control Modes and Channels
MOKA P-06 cob par light can be operated using the wireless 2.4G DMX control system in all the events you will be organizing at your comfort. While using the DMX control modes, you will have access to master-slave, voice control, self-propelled, sound active control system.

With these DMX control modes, you can combine and control all kinds of stage lights. Use the standard DMX 512 controller to control, 4 channels can be independent regulations. You can as well control the color and speed of light to pair freely using these P-06 cob par lights.
Perfect for Medium and Large Audience
Suitable for both medium and large performance venues with convenient design, led par cop to come with double handles with two holes. Therefore, car par light can be hung, or set as stand-alone more conveniently at your event. Cob Par lights have 4 control channels. These channels have special and distinct features, varying from one channel to the other.
Low Energy Consumption
It will use only 100/200 Watts of your total power consumption, rgbw cob led will help you in saving energy for your overall power usage. Cob par lights are designed with an input voltage ranging between AC 90-240 volts while working at a frequency of 50-60 Hz.
Long Time Friend
RGBW cob led will enhance the longevity of your cob par light by protecting the internal vital components from short-circuiting as a result of the power surge. With only one source of lighting, you will experience interchangeably RGBW color changes at your event with uniform and stable brightness.
Get High Light at Your Event
To achieve maximum lighting at your event, all you will need is to set your cob par light to a beam angle of 60 degrees. Made with a very thick diverging lens, you will achieve maximum brightness and luminaire at your event with this amazing P-06 cob par light.
No Repair and Maintenance Cost
Led par cob has a working lifetime of 50,000 hours to give you maximum performance and lighting with no repair and maintenance costs. This will help you in all those events you will organize with these amazing cob par lights.
Easy Portability and Installations
Cob par light has a net weight of 5.2 kilograms and a gross weight of 6.7 kilograms to help you during installations and movement from one place at your event to another.

You will be in a position to move your P-06 cob par light from one event to another because of the lightweight. This weight will also ease your work when installing led par cob at different strategic positions of your event/ party by either hanging them on raised stands or mounting them on the walls as a stand-alone feature.
Suitable Packaging
With a packaging size of 240 by 240 by 330mm, you will have no problem packing and placing it in limited spaces, in cars or rooms, without causing any damage. So, be a world-class entertainer, DJ, or event organizer with this unique P-06 rgbw cob led light from MOKA SFX company.

Unique features about our product, P-06

Are you still wondering what makes this led par cob different from conventional lights, and what are the enchanting features we have referred to? The answer to all your questions is here; dig deep to know more about the led par cob;
Control modes
Par cob lights can be operated using DMX 512 control modes/ master-slave and strobing effect. The control modes will enable you as a beginner to operate our led par cob easily just like those lighting engineers. While using the DMX control modes, you will have access to master-slave, voice control, self-propelled, sound active control system.

With these DMX control modes, you can combine and control all kinds of stage lights. Use the standard DMX 512 controller to control, 4 channels can be independent regulations. You can as well control the color and speed of light to pair freely using these P-06 cob par lights.
Special design
Cob par lights are made with a special design to give you maximum lighting features and experience. Our research and design team worked tiresomely to give you event lighting equipment that can give you super bright, warm, and cool lights.
Incorporated with multiple lighting colors, your event will be stunning. Therefore, the red, green, blue, and white lighting dissipated from our cob par light are very much compatible with other housing decorations, such as paintings and other housing furniture.
Wide range of DMX channels
Rgbw cob led are designed with 4 unique channel models to give you unique features and lighting characteristics at your event. Each of the 4 channels has different features to accommodate your lighting needs and space lighting requirements. These channels have Red color, green color, blue color, white color, with both dimming lights and strobing effect with brightness levels ranging from 0-100%. The color lightings have different static modes operating at 12 hours consecutively with strobing effects, dimming lights, and a color control system. Get your lighting solution today from P-06 led par cob.
Automatic running mode
Once you have this cob par light, event lighting device, you will have forgotten the manual operation of lighting devices at your event. All you will need is to set the timing, lighting colors and the operational duration of each color then sit back and enjoy the amazing lighting experience.
Variety of color codes
Cob par light will give you maximum color effects at your event. With over 16.7 million colors, rgbw cob led have red, green, blue, and white primary color to give you maximum illumination and colored lighting at your event.

How to install and operate cob par light?

Cob par lights are the easiest to install and operate lighting equipment in the market. Once you get your led par cob, all you will need is to go through the user instruction manual to familiarize yourself with the different features of your P-06 cob par light.

Charge your device first upon purchase for a period not lesser than 7 hours to maintain its service life. Use the power cable to connect your co par light to a reliable and recommended power source.

Switch on the rgbw led cob and set your desired features for your event. Hung your lighting device on a firm stand such as the roof truss, or straight firm pole/ stand closer to your event and enjoy the great experience. You can achieve this by using the two handles with double holes to position your cob par light in a position that best suits your event lighting.

MOKA SFX P-06 cob par light will give you uncountable colored illumination to fit within your event environs and requirements. With the desirable noises of 54 Db, you can use this lighting equipment anywhere.

Venues and Events To Use P-06 led par cop

P-06 cob par lights are designed with double handles with double holes to enable you to install them at any event or occasion. Therefore, rgbw cob led can be used on various occasions and events because of the cold and warm white lights it gives out when in operation. Therefore, below are different areas where you can easily and conveniently use your cob par light: Weddings, Parties, Camping, Halls, Discos, Bars, Live concerts, Galleries, Studios, Theatres, Shows

Our products are made with caution with key features and environmental considerations. Therefore, rgbw cob led has undergone multiple testing t give you the desired noise/ sound effect of not exceeding 54 decibels.

Made of a durable and long-lasting casing cob par light can therefore be used in both indoor and outdoor events without any damage. This is because they are made of waterproofing features to offer maximum protection.

Why should you get your lighting devices from our company?

  • MOKA SFX will give you a one–year warranty on your cob par light.
  • From this, you will be free to get services such as free repair resulting from device malfunctions and breakdowns, that are not caused by human negligence.
  • Our company has several certifications; therefore, you will get quality par lights. You will not regret it once you get this rgbw cob led for your event.
  • You will get 24-hour technical assistance in case of any issue. Either psychological or technical assistance one time.
  • Again, you will be able to get quick and fast responses in case of any difficulty. Our helpline staff will be there to give you the assistance you will need.

Safety measures to consider when handling rgbw cob led

  • Ensure you clean your device regularly to achieve maximum service life. This will ensure that your cob par light is in good working conditions.
  • Avoid cleaning the device with alcohol-based solvents to avoid causing damage to your lighting equipment as this may cause spontaneous combustion.
  • Always keep your lighting device in a cool and dry place and avoid working in humid or leaking areas or high-temperature environments.
  • When installing, check on the power supply source voltage. Ensure the voltage does not exceed or be less than the preferred voltage of the P-06 led par cob. High voltage will shorten the lifespan while low voltage will affect the brightness and color of the light produced.
  • Always involve qualified personnel to access and do repair and maintenance services on your lighting device. This will reduce further problems associated with the inexperience of mishandling of the lighting device.
  • Lastly, ensure proper handling of the device when installing or when re-installing to avoid causing any damage.


MOKA SFX P-06 cob par light will be the best lighting equipment for your event. Either small, medium, or large event, you will receive maximum illumination, brightness, stable and uniform lighting from your led par cob. It has unique and special features that surpass any other lighting equipment. Not to forget the colored illumination, easy installations, and operational, our cob par light is energy efficient, portable, and reliable, waterproofing capability and durable lighting are all benefits you will enjoy from his lighting device. Therefore, it’s high time you make your event lively and memorable using this excellent P-06 cob par light.

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