MOKA SFX P-16 24X18W par light has a black cast aluminum housing, beautiful and versatile, suitable for any scene of your events, especially the use on the stage can particularly reflect its role.



  • Lamp: 24pcs 18Watt RGBWA 5IN1 LEDs
  • Beam angle: 15~45 degrees (selectable)
  • Life time: >100 thousand hours


VoltageAC90-240V  50/60HZ
Light source24pcs  18W  R.G.B.W.A.P 6 in 1
Lens angle25-45°
Control modeDMX 512/sound active/Master-Slave
DisplayLCD display screen
Packing Size(cm)302*137*333mm
Net weight5kg/pcs
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MOKA SFX P-16 par light’s total power is 350w, composed of 24 independent 15watt RGBWA 6in1 LED lights. This model equipped a color combination converter with the latest mixing technology and excellent built-in programs.

The beam of MOKA 24x18W par lights is 15-45 degrees, you can change the angle according to your needs. Because LED lamps are 80% energy-efficient than traditional lamps with low power consumption but high brightness performance. They do not require maintenance, but their life span can reach more than 100,000 hours. There are also many control methods, including DMX512, master-slave control, which can be controlled by a single machine or activated by music. DMX channel: 4/8CH, which allows professionals to control the par lights according to the performance requirements, perform related debugging for each light, and constantly change the color as needed.



The P-16 LED par lights function mainly is for dyeing. LED par light compared with traditional par lights, they have much more colors. Among them, RGB three-color lamp beads can mix up to 16.7 million different colors. Through the use of lights, It can also play its most important role through color toning, presenting colorful scenes for the different events scene, which can be applied to various places such as concerts, bars, parties, etc.

If you want to choose one type of LED par light, but don’t know which one is the most suitable for your events, then come to consult MOKA SFX. we will provide you with professional knowledge and high-quality products. MOKA SFX has specialized in the manufacturing of special FX and lighting systems with CE, ROHS FCC approval for more than seven years which can help you expand your product category and attract more customers gives a deep impression on the memory of events.

  • Please handle the MOKA SFX PAR LIGHT by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • Smoking near the machine is prohibited.
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

Helped 1000+ Customers Since 2013

Lots of SFX items made by China manufacturer are lack of the critical point: “Details”. But you will find an elegance arrangement product line in us, as we believe that only details will speak out for our difference to the others.

MOKA SFX P-16 24*18W LED PAR Light

    ▾ What are Perfect Features MOKA SFX P-16 Par Light?
    ▾ Places to use the Stage Can lights
    ▾ Advantages of using our Par Light devices
    ▾ How to use the MK-P16 Par light?
    ▾ Safety precautions
    ▾ Conclusion

MOKA SFX stage can lights will help make events memorable and unique. If you wish to have special-effect equipment, consider using this par light equipment. The entertainment industry has received special effects par lights over recent years. The Par Light equipment will add value to your stage and space lighting. A nicely lit event will not only add beauty to your occasion but also enable you to attract more potential clients. When you want to color your event as a Dj or event organizer, the MK- P16 will color your occasion.

What are Perfect Features MOKA SFX P-16 Par Light?

Each product has some features or characteristics that make it distinctive from other products and stand out of all. MOKA SFX stage can lights can create that enchanting impact on your party. This led Par can features include;
Various color codes
The MK-P16 led par can light will present you with various color codes to optimize your use. You wouldn’t get bored having a single color illumination, especially if you were using it in a club or theatre setting. The channels will provide you with the different colors ranging in a 6/10 channel list. Get these amazing products, and crown your event.
Multi-control enabled
You will find it unique to be able to practice several control designs for your device. This led Par can light features technology updated to give you an exclusive experience. If you enjoy remote control, then our par light device will offer you that opportunity. You may as well use the DMX control technique and enjoy a good lighting experience. If your music system gets connected as the control option, then the voice feature will alter the lighting in response to the music frequency. This technology goes beyond the standard lighting features.
If you have used non-movable lighting devices, you will value an angle-friendly device. The most boring lights will not allow you to set up your venue in the best way possible. The rigid angles use only one direction set-up, making it hard for you to design your entertainment place. Our MK-P16 par lights will give you an angle range of between 25-45 degrees. This angling ability will allow you to set-up your lights in your best interest, depending on the venue-shape.
Favorable Voltage
The MK-P16 Par light devices have an alternating current voltage of 90- 240 volts. This range ensures that the machine stays safe and uses power sparingly, offering you a profitable use.
Safe power usage
Our technicians ensured that these Par light machines could take up the power of up to 450 Watts. This power usage ensures your machine stays safe in such a range of up to 450W. It would be unlikely for your led Par can to get a short circuit while the power has this range.
Unique Display screen
You will rarely find them using the LCD screen for most lighting systems—our developers’ research to understand our modern products’ best items on sale. We used the LCD screen to ensure that the Light quality meets the entertainment industry’s current standards. Quality continually defines service satisfaction in most scenarios. If you purchase our MK P-16 par light equipment, happiness and quality get assured by the client.
Durable and quality
Our aluminum outer casing of led Par can light stays rust-free even in humid weather. Our company produces the products in this protective casing to ensure that you don’t fear using the lights even during the night. Once you secure them in place, you will receive lights at the comfort of your location. Our materials meet all weather and time specification. The aluminum casing will ensure that the device stays for long without being destroyed by weather components.
Flexible-Metallic handle
You will easily carry and transport your Par light device using the flexible handle fitted on the Light. You will find it easy to hang on your garden tree or any other place you see fit.

Places to use the Stage Par Can lights

These special effects devices have a variety of valuable benefits. They will serve you on various occasions. You may find these led Par can be helpful in the following events and places.
These Par light devices will allow you to make that client’s wedding glow. If you use inadequate lighting equipment in a business-like event organizing, you risk having dissatisfied clients. A starling wedding will include perfect lighting during the day and for the night party. And, this MOKA SFX stage can lights, particularly P-16, will solve this issue of yours!

The fact that you may carry the lighting equipment gives you the ability to make the wedding extraordinary. The devices weigh five kilograms, so you may strategically place several to provide a designed lighting effect. When night falls, you won’t panic, wondering how to light up your event no matter the locality. This par light device will let you plan weddings in remote un-powered places with confidence. You know deep down that the MK P-16 led Par can have your back, and your clients will enjoy a well-lit venue until the day breaks.
Gardens and Decorations
You will find these stage can lights effective to decorate your garden, home, or apartment space. The free-hanging metallic handle will allow you to easily hang the light device on a wooden log, tree, or metallic post in your area. When night falls, these places will get beautifully illuminated, allowing you to have a good time. If you intend to have a movie night in your backyard, this lighting solution will best serve you.

If you have a new building that needs recognition, consider using these stage can lights. If you illuminate the building, it will serve as a good advert technique. You may place the Par light devices in the correct angles giving your facility the perfect illumination. If you intend to sell your place if it’s a club or theatre, after using these lights, your audience will increase. Those people who needed more attention to capturing your post will now see and add to your customer list.
Sometimes you may wonder what you can add to the stadium lighting for night games and sporting activities. If you intend to add some lights, these par lights will provide you with the ultimate gaming experience. The players will have the best view, while the Light will illuminate the audience to enjoy the game.
TV station
As an event organizer, you will get called to perform on a TV project’s event. You will need these unique effect lights to shoot the most incredible show. The good thing with these devices, their LCD screen will provide you with the most quality beams of different colors. With these quality products, the TV station will always value your work.
Clubbing needs that unique lighting effect. You desire to go and have fun in an exclusive setting in a club. The stage can lights P-16 provide the ideal opportunity to make your club a unique place. The par lights will fit any club. If you purchase three to five of these devices, you get the chance to add to the special effects to your club. As a Dj, this portable MK P-16 led Par can will serve you even when called to offer Dj services outside your club. They will provide enough Light for a fantastic clubbing experience. Have you had the chance to give lights with a different or single color to your audience? This lighting device will allow you to enjoy your clubbing experience at any time.
When people need to attend carnivore events, a lighting device will work well. This device will provide enough lighting for your audience in a classic design. Depending on your venue size, you may put these par lights in a systematic way to offer Light to every corner in your venue. When artists go on stage to perform, these devices will work best to light the stage for them.

Artists enjoy special effects lights that embrace them while on stage. These devices will provide illumination for the audience and your audience. Light proves an essential factor in these social events. The color codes provide ideal single or multi-colors to better your experience. The perfect angle will display the light beam in the desired location.
Social event theatres require the perfect lighting equipment since most of them have an enclosed area. These P-16 devices can fit on the roof of your theatre and provide excellent illumination during theatre shows. If you have performers, you can add other special effect equipment like the smoke and fog machines to add on the performance effect. The lighting device will guarantee you a relaxing time even at night.

Advantages of using our Par Light devices

  • The device has lightweight- if you enjoy using lightweight devices, this led Par can will amaze you. With only 3 to 5 kilograms in weight, you will enjoy carrying it to perform at your client’s comfortable place. You will also find it easy to move the machine and place it on trees, posts, and pillars without hardship. Heavy devices risk in case of a fall. It may pose a danger if heavy devices fall on people or other items. In this case, our Par Light devices offer safe to use to their users. The lightweight makes the product portable.
  • You will enjoy quality illumination- if a lighting device has low-quality features, the quality of Light deteriorates as well. Have you attended a function, and the low-quality lights messed the atmosphere of a relatively lovely event? This letdown happened when the lighting choice was of very low-quality. Our team of experts worked tirelessly to make this product as impressive as possible. You will not have a down while using this MK P-16 stage can lights product. With single-color lighting, your event will get delightfully lighted by our lights for up to eight or twelve hours. The multi-colors and color mixes will take up to six hours. What an excellent way to crown your client’s event?
  • The lights may get used for general event use- the good thing with these lights may be their ability to fit in almost all social events. As an event organizer or a Dj, you will find it helpful to have a device that can cover all of your events. This lighting system will provide the perfect illumination to your club, wedding, sport’s stadium, theatre, and any other event you host. The excellent Light quality will always leave your audience happy and satisfied.
  • You will find the Par light device easy to use- this device has an easy user-manual that will enable you to use it comfortably. If you follow the guidelines, you will get it done in no time. The control system, once set, runs smoothly, offering you the perfect entertainment time. Once you get used to operating this device, you enjoy every moment you perform with this light device. The manual provides straightforward guidelines to avoid delaying your functions if you happen to be using the product for the first time.
  • You get the opportunity to work with a certified Par Light manufacturing company. If you happen to purchase our products, you will stay guaranteed safe purchasing and delivery services. Our company has all the certifications to operate genuinely to build more client trust. Our products will meet all the standards that qualify an item to be genuine and of good quality in the market. If you deal with us, you won’t fear getting counterfeit products or get conned.
  • Our products have a one-year warranty. If you purchase the most desirable led Par can deal with our company, you will enjoy a one-year warranty. If your device malfunctions during this period, the company will replace or repair your device for free. The security caters to all non-man-oriented problems. After one year, you will pay for the repairs as per the extra costs.
  • The product has excellent support features- the MK-P16 par light has Light stands that may also get used while hanging the Light. These stands allow the Light to get positioned in angles as per the user’s desire. You will also enjoy using this device when the shelves safely hold your Light. The risk of toppling gets prevented, and you get to have a good time that gets worry-free.

How to use the P-16 LED Par light?

For a perfect impact, what is needed first and foremost is its proper operating system. You must know how to operate the machine, it will help you to get the perfect effects out of this lighting machine. So, to operate this led par can follow this given procedure step by step;

  • Ensure that all the parts get correctly installed in their rightful places.
  • Connect the power cable to a Light source
  • Use the power button to power it on. Light will get produced in all several Light bulbs.
  • Find your control device among the three provided and change the channels to have several illumination beams.
  • Choose the one that suits you best and enjoy an excellent lighting time.
  • Always power off the device and disconnect from the power source if not in use.
  • Use the manual when you need clarification to avoid damaging your device.
  • The above simple steps will guarantee quality service from your device at all times.

Safety precautions

For the proper impact of special effects there is a need to follow the precautionary measures as well;

  • Make sure that all sections have got well-fixed while assembling the Par Light parts. The owner should correctly install all the equipment to avoid short-circuiting your device.
  • Always ensure your voltage stays within the normal range. This voltage will prevent power surges and keep your device from damage.
  • If you decide to repair your device, consider getting spares from us. In this way, your device will stay free from unfit products that may cause damage.
  • Don’t operate and assemble devices when the power cable is connected. You will protect your devices from short-circuiting by ensuring your device has no power connection. Short-circuiting and permanent device damage include the par light’s risks if connected to a power source.
  • Normalize the anti-static treatment on your device. If you regularly perform this treatment, static components don’t get to accumulate on your device features. The anti-static treatment removes these static components, which cause short-circuiting upon accumulation.


When you need to acquire the perfect par light device, choose the P-16 lighting device. The characteristics of this device will allow you to enjoy maximum entertainment pleasure. You will enjoy a wide array of benefits and advantages with this one device. The durability enables you to save much cash that you would otherwise use in purchasing other machines. Most lighting devices have a high repair cost, with others coming with no guaranteed warranty. If you decide to repair your finances, you end up purchasing spares and an expensive repair cost. The P-16 led par can provide better purchasing and maintenance costs with the guarantee of genuine products.

The customer satisfaction rate will go high with the use of these par light devices. Your customers in the club setting will enjoy their drinks in a nicely lit environment. The different colors also add to the dance floor effects. The drinks and dances will receive a valued rating from all your clients. A nicely illuminated club or casino attracts serious fun lovers who will make you work on profits only. You only need to choose the par light devices and make that financial difference.

The P-16 guarantees success on all business fronts. Our manufactures offer quality items at the most affordable price to give you a chance to experience the exclusive taste in the entertainment frontier. Don’t use boring and low-quality lights when our P-16 stage can lights can unlock your business potential.

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