MOKA SFX P-12 LED Par Light

MOKA SFX P-12 is an uplight with 18 pieces of 10w high-quality LED lamp beads, with super-high production technology and excellent lighting effects, which makes it easy to use in all kinds of activities and major places, and the effect is very perfect.



  •  RGBWA/UV 4 in1
  • Dmining:0-100% linear dimming
  • LED Power:18*10W RGBWA+UV
  • Auto/Sound/DMX512/Master-Slave


Voltage90-240V 50-60Hz
Light source18*10W 4 in 1 / 18*18W 6 in 1 (RGBWA/UV)
Light source life100,000 hours
Beam angle25°
Control mode DMX512, master-slave, voice control, self Walking
Product size27*27*8
Net weight3.5kg
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MOKA-P12 is an uplight with excellent effect. First of all, it has 18 ultra-high-quality high-brightness 4 in 1 lamp beads. The dyeing and illuminating effect is very outstanding. It can add unique scenery to the party and make the small wedding hall more romantic and warm. Necessary for activities.

Moreover, this light has a unique control mode, which not only supports Dmx control but also supports master-slave mode control. You can achieve the effect of controlling all lights just like controlling only one light. There are more voice control modes and self-propelled modes, and the control is more diversified.

You don’t have to worry about the use of the machine at all, because we will send you a video of step by step to show you how to use the machine, and we also have excellent after-sales service.


MOKA-P12 18x10w battery uplight can be used in many places, which is not only for parties but also a good product for business use. It can be used in many places such as movie theaters,shopping malls,multifunctional halls and gardens. You can freely change the color of the lamp according to the style and characteristics of your place.

This lamp can not only be placed on the ground but also can be used upside down, so the use scene is further diversified. Thanks to its exquisite design, slim body and waterproof, it can meet all your needs for par lights,stable work whether indoors or outdoors.

If you are interested in this MOKA SFX thin waterproof par light, contact our team right now!

  • Please handle the MOKA SFX PAR LIGHT by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • Smoking near the machine is prohibited.
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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Lots of SFX items made by China manufacturer are lack of the critical point: “Details”. But you will find an elegance arrangement product line in us, as we believe that only details will speak out for our difference to the others.

MOKA SFX P-12 Ultra-thin PAR Light

    ▾ What Makes P-12 DJ par lights from Traditional Lights?
    ▾ How to operate and install led par lights?
    ▾ What are some of the applications of led par lights?
    ▾ Special features of P-12 led par lights
    ▾ Safety procedures you should observe when using your DJ par lights from MOKA SFX
    ▾ Benefits of led par lights to you and your events
    ▾ Conclusion

Important information about MOKA SFX DJ par light
A successful and joyful event has adequate quality and sufficient lighting. So, MOKA SFX P-12 DJ par lights have come to the aid of your event lighting problems. Dj-led par lights are, therefore, a highly intensified type of led light that produces up to 4 times that amount of concentrated light compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. If you are looking for led par lights and cannot figure out the means of acquiring them, MOKA SFX – led par light manufacturers have the best deals for you. We will break each element down for you from the sizes, areas of application, and features for you.

What Makes P-12 DJ par lights from Traditional Lights?

Are you looking forward to owning an event lighting system with special, economical, and great features? Look no more because led par lights are here for you. This led par light comes with a complete package consisting of P-12 led par lights, a fixable handle, and a charging cable. If you are looking for a lighting device for your events that are portable and easy to install, always consider getting LED P-12 DJ Par lights from our company.

Why From led par light manufacturers MOKA SFX
From MOKA SFX, you will get unaccountable offers and quality services for being a led par light manufacturers. Led par lights have DMX 512, automatic, slave, and active sound control modes. These will help you navigate through each feature in the display menu. It has equipped with red green, blue, white, and UV colors, so your event will be outstanding.

The RGBAW plus UV will enable you to enjoy the interchangeably different color lighting of your choice. So, entertain your guests with this led par light, P-12. With a service life of over 10,000 hours, DJ par light will give you high-intensity and bright light throughout your event operations.

What So Special about DJ Par Lights
P-12 DJ par lights are designed with 36 different bulbs that emit equal and uniform beams to improve the intensity of lighting dissipated out. The bulbs each consume 3w, thus improving the energy efficiency of your device. Not to forget the colored lights, DJ par lights will give you lighting for over 16 hours without failure or interruptions.

With p-12 led par lights, you will be in a position to make 16.7 million color combinations from the primary colors. Led par light will give you the maximum bright, uniform, and stable colored lighting with a beam angle of 45 degrees. With an input voltage of 100-260W AC, these devices operate at a frequency of 50-60 Hz.

With a power consumption; rating of 50-120 Watts, the quality and durability of your DJ par light is a guarantee. LED par lights to have a net weight of 14 kilograms with a unified size of 290 x 290 x 410mm. So, get yourself this led par light from our company and enjoy uncountable special features.

Create Magic to Your Event
With seven different operational channels, your DJ par light can make magic, color mixed, and charming effects to your event. So contact us today and make an order for your next event. Upgrade your event lighting and experience to the next level using P-12 Dj par lights.

How to operate and install led par lights?

Once you place an order of your DJ par lights, you will get a complete package in box size 290 x 290 x 410mm. You will get your Led P-12 par light, a handle, and a charging system inside this box.

  • Keenly and safely, open the package and remove your DJ par lights.
  • Unscrew the holder bolts on both sides of the led par lights and fix the movable handle.
  • Screw back the bolts and ensure they are tightly fixed.
  • Place your led par light manufacturers on stable ground or surface to enjoy the illumination. It means you can choose to either hang it on a stable raised ground, such as trusses, or place it on tables or mount it on wall surfaces.
  • Connect your led par light to the power source using the charging cable by fixing one side on the device and the other terminal to the socket.
  • Switch on the power source and enjoy the magics from these DJ par lights.

How to operate P-12 LED Lights
Upon switching on the power source, switch on your DJ par lights. Set the color codes, strobing, the intensity of light, and lighting brightness of your device based on your individual choices. You can achieve this using the menu button located at the back of your led par lights. Furthermore, DJ par lights have both sound active and DMX control modes that use master-slave, automatic or sound modes to give you uncountable features on your display menu.
Your event will never be the same if you apply these P-12 led par lights to their existence. If you are an event organizer or party DJ, you will be in a position to create unforgettable memories for your audiences.

What are some of the applications of led par lights?

Being a unique lighting device from the best led par light manufacturers, P-12 has wide areas of applications. Not to mention the large coverage, DJ par lights are designed for both indoor and outdoor event usage. So, try it today.

Use in Indoor and Outdoor Events
MOKA SFX led par light manufacturers have manufactured it to use both in outdoor lighting, floodlights, bay lights, and ambiance lights. They will give your event the desirable lighting colors and brightness that you will not be disappointed with. They are used in live shows, dance shows, live concerts, weddings, churches, parties, nightclubs, and theatres.

DJ Parties
In DJ Parties, DJ par lights are normally used, it is to improve the aesthetic of the room as well as to improve the color brightness. This led par light will give your audiences the perfect ambiance!

Theaters and sporting events
Led par lights are versatile and portable, so you will be in a position to move them from one theater to another. During opening ceremonies, DJ par lights are used to open up events, like sporting activities. Because of the magical color displays, these led par lights will bring you the best theatrical and sporting events.

Music and dance shows
Since music and shows relieve people from stress and depression, DJ par lights can be used to bring a new and recharged mood to your event. Imagine that experience when the performance on stage matches the rhythm and lighting intensity from your DJ par lights.

MOKA SFX led lights will up your nightclub’s mood with several interchangeable colors and speed. With this, you can have everyone up all night.

MOKA SFX led par lights will add to your event some visual elements, such as steady colored lights, when you will use them in your concerts.

So, take your events to the next level, globally using this led par lights from MOKA SFX: the best led par light manufacturers. This product has a two-year warranty. You will receive quality services, replacement in case of system breakdown. Make MOKA SFX led par light manufacturers; your regular service company.

Special features of P-12 led par lights

With a different intention of customer convenience, the best led par light manufacturers have brought these great features in one product for you;

Inbuilt fan
Led par lights are designed using modern technology. They are fitted with an intelligent fan control to help in cooling your device at high temperatures. Since they have, an operating temperature of up to 127kelvin, led par lights may be subject to overheating due to extensive operations. The intelligent control fan will help reduce the temperature inside your led par lights.

Aluminum casing
LED par light manufactures have enclosed this lighting device using an aluminum ballast casing to ensure the durability of your led par lights. It allows you to use your device either in indoor or outdoor events and ensures durability. Aluminum casing protects the internal components of your DJ par light as well.

Display interface
These DJ par lights are designed with a display interface, where you can choose the features and elements to use at your event. These may include the lighting duration setting, light intensity, the duration of the strobing effect, as well as the dimmer that matches your event needs. It can be achieved using several digital display control modes.

Digital display control
You can operate your DJ par light using the digital display control mechanism. It means you can use display control, automatic control, DMX 512 signal with master-slave function, and an in-built auto program.

No noise
Every event needs a quiet environment where the focus is channeled to only one sound direction. Therefore, P-12 DJ par lights are your ultimate noise solution device at your event. When in operation, DJ par lights will only perform their aesthetic and functional properties. You will have a charming and magical quiet environment if you incorporate Dj par lights into your event.

DMX channels
Dj par lights have nine DMX channels to help you work conveniently at your event. These channels have distinct and unusual features to help you enlighten the experience and wellbeing of your audience. When in operation at normal working temperature, DJ par light will produce no sound.

Safety procedures you should observe when using your DJ par lights from MOKA SFX

To ensure the durability of your lighting device and the safety of DJ par light users, MOKA company has ensured that every user is made aware of some of the safety measures. We value you so much for your safety, and that is why we want you to be our valued customer.

  • Always make sure you observe and maintain the normal safety distance between your audience and your lighting device. It is to reduce health risks and eye damages risks to your audience.
  • Ensure proper positioning of your P-12 led par lights at your event. It can be mounted on either wall, standing base, or hanging on raised trusses. So, this is done by ensuring that the lighting direction does not bring irritations and eye damages to your audience.
  • Avoid looking directly at the light source of your DJ par light to avoid eye damage.
  • Always check your power source input voltage to know the degree of reliability. The power input range is between 100-260V. Different lamp power inputs will be different. Please consult, while using it, to avoid the burning of the mainboard or the lamp bead due to improper use of the power supply, resulting in unnecessary economic loss.
  • When setting up the light intensity at your event, always ensure that you reduce the light intensity. It will help you save your power consumption and safeguard your led par lights.
  • After using your led par lights, always do the antistatic treatment and eave your led par lights to cool before using them immediately or before storing them to reduce damage risks.

Benefits of led par lights to you and your events

LED par light manufacturers have kept the advantages you can enjoy before manufacturing this product. Here are some of the benefits which differentiate our product from the traditional lights and led par light manufacturers;

They are portable and versatile
Dj-led par lights enable you to move them from one region to another. Therefore, if you are a DJ or event organizer, led par lights will save you the cost of moving them from one region to another. Having a carton size of just 290 x 290 x 410 millimeters, led par lights are very lightweight.

They also have wide areas of applications whereby you are not limited to using them in indoor events. You can also use them n outdoor small and large events.

Numerous colors
The essence of this DJ par light is to improve your aesthetic lighting experience. Therefore, led par lights are designed with several color codes to match your event decorations. You can choose to have alternating color lighting or just having a static color at your event. Led par lights have RGBAW and UV colors.

Dj par lights are very durable. They are made of aluminum ballast casing to improve your indoor and outdoor event experience. They also have a long-lasting service life of 10,000 hours, and they can light up to 16 hours. It means to give you the service you desire adequately.

Easy to use and operate
Dj par lights have a stipulated user manual to help you and guide you when operating them. In addition, the design of these led par lights is simple; therefore, both beginners and technicians can easily access them.

Device cooling capacity
In your event, your DJ par lights are likely to overheat. That heat is either due to longer operations or to a power surge. Therefore, the in-built fan control system will help in cooling and maintaining the desirable operation temperature within its components. The fans produce no noise when working at normal room temperatures.


Every event organizer desires and is looking forward to being unique. Therefore, to get this uniqueness, choose P-12 DJ par lights. Designed with creativity and technology in mind, led par lights are equipped, with a built fan, 9 DMX channels, sound active and DMX control modes, and a durable aluminum casing. Led par lights are easy to operate, install, are portable, and can be moved from one event to another. So, always choose P-12 led par lights for all your event lighting.

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