MOKA SFX P-11 Waterproof battery Par Light

MOKA SFX P-11 is a versatile, battery par light with 12PCS 18W rgbwa+uv 6-in-1colors effect. 15-degree beam angle, and all metal construction. It is IP65 outdoor rated to protect against, rain, snow and dust for temporary outdoor events.

P-11 is great for stage wash, wall wash and any multiple uses. It offers flicker free operation for TV and film and linear white color temperature control from 2700K – 6500K.



  • High-powered 12pcs LED 18W
  • Hex color RGBWA/UV 6in1
  • IP65 for indoor and outdoor use
  • Compact size


Voltage90-240V 50-60Hz
Light source12*18W 6 in 1 (RGBWA/UV)
Light source life100,000 hours
Beam angle15°
Control modeDMX512, master-slave, voice control, self-propelled, remote, Mobile APP
Battery12500mah, full 3.5 hours, 6 colors full bright 4.5 hours, self- propelled 12 hours, monochrome 20 hours
Product size27*22*26
Net weight 4.7kg
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MOKA SFX P-11 is a versatile IP65 outdoor rated Par with 12 x 18-Watt. With a 15-degree beam angle, users may produce wide washes with smooth color mixing from 64 built-in color macros utilizing red, green, blue and lime LEDs. Not only is this LED Par great for lighting indoor stages and venues, but with its IP65 rating, it’s a great solution for temporary outdoor lighting of stages or events. The IP65 rating helps protect the fixture from rain, snow and dust.

MOKA SFX P-11 professional features include 6 DMX modes, 5 operational modes, 6 selectable dimming modes, 4 selectable dimming curves, and a 4-Button DMX menu with a digital display. The unit is equipped with outdoor Locking Power connectors and IP rated 5-pin DMX rubber covers and connectors. IP rated power linking and DMX cables are available, but standard 5-pin DMX cables may also be used for indoor applications.

There are several additional frost filter options that customize the beam angle. These filters snap into the front of the fixture and are sold separately.



The par light P-11 construct with a rugged housing, and rubber cover for the four digital buttons, as well as waterproof signal cables and waterproof power cables, is very good to prevent rain, snow, and other bad weather from affecting your activities or the layout of the venue.

In order to cater to outdoor use, the P-11 uses 12 pieces of high-wattage LEDs, each LED is hex color, RGBWA+UV 6in1, which makes it brighter and can be used at a long distance for outdoor.

P-11 has a standard beam angle of 15 degrees, it can be customized at any angle up to 45 degrees if you have such a special request, you may produce wide washes with smooth color mixing.

The fixture’s Quad-LED engine offers flicker free operation for TV and film and linear white color temperature control from 2700K – 6500K.

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  • Please handle the MOKA SFX PAR LIGHT by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • Smoking near the machine is prohibited.
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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Your Complete Guide To MOKA P-11 12×18W 6-in-1 Waterproof LED Par Can Light

    ▾ What events are best suited for the P-11 battery powered LED par can light?
    ▾ How does a battery powered LED par can light work?
    ▾ What do you need to know about the installation of the MOKA P-11 LED par can light?
    ▾ What are the features that make the P-11 LED last can light an absolute must-have?
    ▾ How do you maintain the P-11 waterproof LED par can light?

What events are best suited for the P-11 battery powered LED par can light?

The P-11waterproof battery powered LED par can light is suited for both indoor and outdoor events, giving your audience a stellar experience. Some of the places where these par can lights are used include:

  • Studios – Studio producers use a vast selection of lighting to ensure that the productions go as planned. These par cans let you maximize your creativity and elevate the general mood of the studio and visual acuity. The P-11LED par lights are an excellent addition to any studio looking to stand out.
  • Theatre shows – Two important factors crucial to creating an impressive performance or impactful scene for your audience are sufficient lighting and creativity. A LED par can lighting system helps you create a one-of-a-kind experience by focusing the audience’s eyes on the stage and providing visual clarity.
  • The P-11 LED par can light is what you need to create the perfect scene in your theatre shows. You can uplight backdrops, stage props, and walls. You can easily switch from scene to scene, dim the lights to create a unique effect our even provoke certain emotions among the audience like suspense and more. With our LED par light, you are in charge of managing the lighting level to your desire in any particular scene.
  • Music venues – Lights are as important to any musical event as sound. However, what distinguishes a good event from a great one is the lighting. LED par cans light up the stage, performer, and audience. LED par lights build anticipation in the audience, and you can use this to your advantage at your music venues by ‘mixing’ the lights with the emotions and tempo of the song you are playing. Depending on the number of par cans you have set up at your venues, you can achieve exciting effects to make your event stand out.
  • Clubs and bars – Several clubs and bars make use of LED par can light to improve the club’s mood significantly. You can even have themed parties with special effects that are visually appealing with these LED par lights.
  • Churches and weddings – Having the right kind of illumination to go with your church decor are very important. Our P-11LED par can light is equally suited for weddings and will definitely loosen up your guests and have all generations on the dancefloor, displaying their moves.

How does a battery powered LED par can light work?

The working principle of LED par can light is quite simple. Although different manufacturers use different methods for their battery powered LED par can lights, this is how the P-11works;

  • Energy source – Our LED par light is battery powered with a strong battery that will keep it running throughout the event you’ll be using it for.
  • Light source – The major light sources for our LED par can is the LED lamp beads or LED chip. The LED lamp is made up of chips manufactured on board using different wavelengths. Because of the light used, you can pair the LED par can with a fog or smoke effects; the LED par light will cut through the smoke and fog to become visible.
  • Reflector – The LED par light uses a parabolic, brushed aluminum surface that helps to reflect beams and make spaces light up.
  • Lens – The lens helps to reflect further the beams produced by the par cans. It allows it to cover a wider surface, thus increasing its effectiveness.

What do you need to know about the installation of the MOKA P-11 LED par can light?

P-11 LED par lights are easy to set up. The durable handles of the par can make it easily installable in both standing and hanging positions. When mounting on a stand, make sure that the stand is safe and stable enough to support the collective weights of the par cans, with adequate spacing between each par can unit in order to avoid overheating.
Mood lighting is important to any event, and you want to make sure that you set up your lights to give the best impression at all times. Ensure that you place the lights at strategic locations that will give the outcome that you desire.

How do you control the P-11 battery powered LED par can light?
The P-11LED par can light has multiple control modes with many presets that allow you to operate the LED par light at your convenience.

  • DMX512 – DMX512 means that you have access to control up to 512 channels on the console. In the DMX control mode, the par can machine is manually operated using a DMX controller and DMX cable. The DMX control allows for inclusion into a programmed lighting scene and gives the most tremendous flexibility when it comes to customizing or creating a show.
  • Master/Slave – The master-slave control mode allows you to control multiple units using a DMX cable. Usually, the first unit is assigned as the master and the other units as slaves. The master controls the other units for an automatic or voice-controlled show.
  • Voice control – The P-11LED par can light system has a built-in microphone that enables it to convert sound to light. The sensitivity of this microphone can easily be adjusted. Many DJs make use of this operating mode in their event because it allows for sound-light synchronization.
  • Self-propelled – This mode, when activated, puts the DMX console on auto function, displaying different special effects based on the device’s internal programming.
  • Remote control – The MOKA’s P-11led par can light facilitates remote control of the devices connected to the DMX-bus, thereby eliminating the need for manual adjustments of settings. This control mode is especially useful when the led par light is to be installed in a remote area.
  • App control – The P-11offers you fast and intuitive control of lighting setups with its mobile app control mode. You can change DMX settings on the go and even monitor your lighting setups from a distance.

What are the features that make the P-11 LED last can light an absolute must-have?

  • Durability – Our professional P-11LED par can light has an aluminum construction that is cheap and easy to maintain. The handles of the LED par light is direction adjustable and fit for both ground placement and hanging on stands and/or walls. Our LED par can light also has a tight finishing that gives it a fine look.
  • Waterproof shell – The MOKA’s P-11battery powered LED par can light fixtures come in IP65 waterproof housing compartments, enabling you to use them anywhere, indoors and outdoors, without worries.
  • HD lens – P-11LED par can light systems have high quality lens that ensure that the outlight produced is of peak quality.
  • Battery – MOKA SFX’s P-11waterproof LED par can light is designed with an advanced battery technology. The 12,500mAh battery has a runtime of 20 hours, making sure that you do not run out of juice before your lighting display is over.
  • Warranty – Like all MOKA SFX’s lighting equipment, the P-11LED par light has a warranty period of 12 months. During your warranty period, any faults and damages to the machine will be addressed by our team. You can also send new products if the spare parts are broken within this period for free.
  • Quality control – Our P-11LED par light is guaranteed to be safe for use and fully complies with CE, ROHS and FCC. These certifications are readily available for your further checking.

Can you use the P-11LED par light with other products?
There is no limit to how you can use the MOKA SFX P-11par cans. Try out these LED par can lights with other products from us to get twice the anticipated outcome at your parties. Some equipments you can pair your LED par can light with are the Moving Head Light Series and the Fog/Smoke Machine Series, these combinations will have your party take on a remarkable transformation. An important thing however is that more power will have to be supplied to get the machines running.

What precautionary measure should you take while using the P-11LED par can light?

  • Read the user manual carefully for instructions on how to assemble, operate and maintain your LED par can light.
  • Make sure that the installation area is free of any unwanted persons.
  • After each use, allow the machine to cool down sufficiently before moving it.
  • Always use the right power input for the LED par cans. Check your manual for the recommended range to prevent burning the main board of your LED par can light.
  • Do not stack the circuit boards on top of each other so as to prevent deformation of the box and damages to components of the LED par can light. Rather, place the boards side by side when assembling.
  • Do not operate the power or plug in the cable so as to prevent short circuiting or component damage.
  • Adhere to the right terminal connection, paying attention to direction and polarity.

How do you maintain the P-11 waterproof LED par can light?

Although the LED par light has a LED life of 100,000 hours, several factors can impact the length of its operation time and overall working condition. This is the reason you have to maintain the par can. Some helpful tips to know in order to make sure that the LED par can light is in good working condition are:

  • Consult the user manual – Always make sure that you have thoroughly gone through the warnings and safety precautions section of the manual, so that you can forestall or altogether avoid any trouble with the LED par light.
    Routine inspection – Carry out inspection of the machine on a routine basis in order to confirm that it has a good working status. Address any faults immediately.
  • Usage and storage conditions – Take note of the state of the environment in which the LED par can light is to be used or stored. Too hot areas can cause overheating of the par cans, causing malfunction.
  • Regular cleaning – Ensure that you clean the LED par light at least once in 25 days, so that the outlight quality of the par can is unaffected. Use a soft, clean cloth for the machine shell and a special lens cleaner for the lens.
  • In the case that there is a malfunction or fault with your LED par light, make sure to connect with our customer care. Our team will be delighted to provide you with professional help and put you through the process of getting your par can light fixed.

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