MOKA SFX P-07 100W COB PAR Light

MOKA SFX P-07 100W COB PAR Light is Led Par 100W COB Light With DMX Control Stage lights For DJ Booth, Disco Church Garden Effect lighting.

The COB 100W is a bright LED PAR fixture provided with a powerful 100W warm white COB LED with a color temperature of 3000K. The output is comparable to a traditional 1000W halogen beam Par.  Also if you need colorful effects, also could make with RGBW led, giving you better stage lighting effects.



  • 100W high power source COB
  •  Warm white or RGBW led
  • DMX in/output via 3-pin XLR
  • Compact size


Voltage90-240V 50-60Hz
Light source100W warm white  LED OR 100W 4in1 (RGB)
Light source life50,000 hours
Beam angle90°
Control modeDMX512, master-slave, voice control, self-propelled
Product Size12 *12*15
Net Weight 2.0kg
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MOKA SFX P-07 100W COB PAR Light, It is an all-aluminum alloy structure, elegant design, using a single 100W COB warm white led or RGBW as the light source, the light angle could reach 90 °, with a perfect color mixing, providing a wide range of color rendering effects, providing a unique cooling system. The powerful function makes it an ideal choice for projection lighting, stage, theater and other places.

Cooling system:The COB Par Can with silent cooling fan, large air volume, long light source life. Control Board: The LCD intelligent motherboard is not affected by voltage, and anti-interference balances the current to ensure the normal working of the light source, which can make the light source more stable.

Power system: It adopts ultra-high-power par light power supply, wide-band voltage input, and complies with the safety regulations. It adopts an efficient voltage standard design to make the blinder light achieve the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection.


MOKA SFX P-07 100W COB PAR Light is RGBW infinite mixing and Warm White/Cold White Effect, can change the Millions of kinds of colors, 0-100% linear dimming and closed light function, high-grade cast aluminum shell, designed for high power LED light source, Beautiful, good heat dissipation, the use of advanced switching power supply to adapt to a wide voltage range, ultra-low voltage start, this type COB Blinder Light is perfect for stage performance, party, night club, wedding, etc.

MOKA SFX P-07 100W COB PAR Light is a 4-in-1 professional stage led light with a constant current motherboard, high brightness LEDs, strong heat dissipation, and longer lifespan, making your stage performance different, suitable for multiple scenarios, and can undertake all kinds of stage projects. Welcome come to inquiry if you need some COB light for your show, P-07 could be your one best choice.

  • Please handle the MOKA SFX PAR LIGHT by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • Smoking near the machine is prohibited.
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

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4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

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1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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MOKA SFX P-07 Cob Par Light

    ▾ Why MOKA SFX P-07 is Essential for Modern Time
    ▾ How MOKA SFX P-07 LED Par Stage Lights have Become Symbol of Quality
    ▾ The Features of the MOKA SFX P-07 LED Par Stage Lights
    ▾ Where to Use the MOKA SFX P-07 led par stage lights?
    ▾ Why Choosing the MOKA SFX LED Stage Par Light?
    ▾ Conclusion

Why MOKA SFX P-07 is Essential for Modern Time?

For several years, incandescent conventional lights have been used for lighting stages in events and shows. But as technology advanced, there was a need to invent a more proficient light fixture that works perfectly and consumes less power as well. The invention of par lights has helped fill the gap, and today, par light has been an indispensable tool throughout the entertainment industry.

It is widely used to illuminate events at both levels. These can be indoor and massive events like weddings, shows, music concerts, indoor parties, theatres, etc. The MOKA SFX P-07 par light is a prevailing light fixture that will give your audience the best lighting experience and make your event entertaining. Get a MOKA SFX P-07 par light and make your stage great.

How MOKA SFX P-07 LED Par Stage Lights have Become Symbol of Quality?

Par lights are current powerful LED systems used in lighting stages or events across many places. The light fixture has been the major light source in many events because of its modern unique features. In the last decades, the light fixture has gained more recognition and has now found its way into the entertainment industry.

LED par stage lights are specialized in providing a bright, moderately controlled beam of light and are the most cost-effective option for lighting your event. The increase in the number of events nowadays has also caused a rise in the demand for par lights. The led par stage lights can serve the purpose of efficient lighting because of their display pattern. It also produces visible lights that will make your performance looks great and wow your audience.

The Features of the MOKA SFX P-07 LED Par Stage Lights

The features of the MOKA SFX P-07 par lights contribute to their proficiency and are the main reason why it is preferred over its counterpart. These features are specifically designed to enhance your stage performance and give your audience the best entertainment experience.
Multiple Control Modes
The MOKA SFX par light is designed with a different control mode for the functioning of the device. These control modes include voice control, which allows the user; to change settings or switch between modes using voice commands. Par 64 LED has a master-slave mode as well; it is a new feature that helps in detecting motion while using a combination of the sensor. It also has the DMX512 mode, which is a digital protocol that helps divide the light levels from 0-100% into 256 steps. These control modes generally help the par 64 led light be more suitable to use.
Multiple Display Colors
One of the distinguishing features of led par stage lights is the ability of the device to display multiple colors. The color emitted from par lights is enough to determine the quality of your event. The MOKA SFX P-07 LED par stage lights have a two-optioned light source; the Warm White (WW) and the RGB, which feature the red, blue, and green display color. The multiple color feature allows for much more depth in the color produced, which will make your event colorful when they display their lighting effects.
Lightweight and Portability
The MOKA SFX P-07 Par 64 LED is fairly light in weight and very portable. Unlike some other light fixtures has a net weight of 2.0 kg, and the device is very portable. The portability of the device makes it easy to carry about from one place to another. When going for a live show away from home, there is no challenge carrying the device.
Wide Beam Angle
When choosing any light fixture, it is important to consider the beam angle. The beam angle plays a vital role in determining the amount of lighting required for a particular stage. When the amount of natural light entering the stage is wide, it is ideal to use a par light that has a wide beam angle. Most big venues prefer par lights with wide beam angles over the ones with low beam angles because it is capable of propagating visible lights rapidly on the stage. The MOKA SFX P-07 par 64 LED has a 90°, which makes it effective when used to light up big stages.
Strong Output
As you may know, the output of any par light contributes to the brightness of light emitted by the par light. The strong output of the MOKA SFX P-07 LED stage par light helps enhance all your stage performance and video recording as well. The device has an input voltage of 90-240V and a frequency of 50-60Hz. The overall power rating of the MOKA SFX par light provides rigid protection and prevents power destruction, which may be caused by short-circuiting.

Where to Use the MOKA SFX P-07 led par stage lights?

The MOKA SFX Par 64 LED is a versatile device, and it can be used for plenty of endeavors. Let’s take a look at some of these applicable places
As you may know, the stage is the main place where you can use the led par stage lights. Many theatres in the world use par lights, which may be installed on a ceiling or placed on the floor. It provides perfect stage lighting for the event. The device has different color gels that can help generate transition and mood. The MOKA SFX par 64 LED can be used anywhere an extreme angle, special effects, or a straight from above illumination is needed, which is why it is highly recommended for a stage show.
A ship is a renowned means of transportation; many people aboard ships from one destination to another. Many lighthouses today have adopted par lights to show ships their way to the pier at night. A focused and powerful beam like the MOKA SFX par 64 LED is what captains and lighthouse employee requires to see the world around them at the dark hour.
Showroom lighting
Any light fixture that is capable of showcasing the stock items is ideal for showrooms. You need the right lighting for your items, whether it is clothing, home appliance, jewelry, gadgets, or something else entirely. However, the MOKA SFX LED stage par light will deliver reliable and clear lighting when required. The MOKA SFX par can LED is dimmable, which allows you to choose the best mood for your location depending on what you are selling.
Office lighting
The MOKA SFX P-07 par 64 LED is not confined to big stages, but you can use it in small places like offices as well. Most offices require bright and efficient lighting to keep employees efficient, and it can also serve the purpose of security. As you may know, the right lighting can reduce eye strain for industrious office employees, and a well-lit office can also drive up the energy bill. The MOKA SFX par light works well in the office, replacing incandescent light and compound fluorescent lamps (CFL) with a retrofit design that simply screw into place and helps everyone in the office productive.
Retail industry
It is believed that shoppers are drawn, to well-lit stores where they can see your items at a glance. You can use the MOKA SFX par 64 LED in shopping malls, stores, and other retail settings, giving the significance of LED par light in an environment where even lighting is needed.
Places of Worship Lighting
Place of worships is another place where you can use the MOKA SFX LED stage par light. A large congregation such as a big church or mosque requires bright and efficient lighting to run its programs. Using lighting produced from halogen lamps or CFL may pose a threat to the church or mosque budget because of their high maintenance. Therefore, it is ideal to replace such lighting with a low-maintenance light fixture, and the MOKA SFX led par stage lights can help to fill the gap.
Hospitality and Restaurant Lighting
Maybe you own or manage a hotel, but you need a light fixture that will appease your customers. Generally, hospitality centers require the right level of light control, and a MOKA SFX par light is your right choice of lighting. The led par stage lights are not affected by the on/off cycling, which makes it the right lighting solution, to entertain your guest with every single visit.

Why Choosing the MOKA SFX LED Stage Par Light?

When it comes to choosing lightings for your stage or event, there are many options. You can go after the traditional lamped light or the CFL; the choice is yours. However, if you want to host a successful event that will be well-remembered or wow your audience; then LED par light should be your ultimate choice.

When we talk about choosing par lights, the MOKA SFX P-07 LED stage par light is a perfect light fixture capable of making your event so great with its special effect. The light fixture is designed to be well adapted for both big and small stages. Generally, par lights have established a benchmark in the world of the lighting and entertainment industry.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to choose the MOKA SFX P-07 par 64 LED:
Low maintenance
One of the reasons why you need to choose the MOKA SFX par light is because of its low maintenance. As you may know, traditional lighting warrants constant maintenance, and the longer you use these lights, the higher the maintenance. However, power variation can affect the quality and the lighting effect, and in such a case, you will need to spend more money on the upkeep of lights. These issues are out of the picture if you are using the MOKA SFX P-07 par lights because they require minimal maintenance. It is believed that LED bulbs are 5 times more durable than traditional lights. It will help save you from spending huge money on maintenance related to switching lights and maintenance related to repairs.
Traditional lamped lights and compound fluorescent lamps consume much energy and could dent your budget if your event is going to last for several hours or a couple of days. If budget is an issue, there may be a need to try other event accessories. Hence, compromising with other event accessories may affect the lighting quality, which will, in turn, affect the overall event and its success. On the other hand, LED par lights are more energy-efficient compared to CFLs. It allows theatrical productions to save substantial money. In brief, you can use MOKA SFX par 64 LED light to light up a stage where power constraints could be a real chore.
Now more than ever, people are wary of their environment. Several attempts are made at government and individual levels to ensure a sustainable environment. Hence, to support the government in maintaining a sustainable environment, LED par light should be on your list. Conventional incandescent lights and CFL lights emit elements that harm the environment. The heat produced from these light fixtures may affect the skin. In contrast, LED par light does not pose any threat to the environment; they do not emit mercury or other harmful substances. The less emission of LED par lights creates a soothing atmosphere at the stage event.
Directional emissions
Unlike the traditional lamped light that gives out light 360° around the lighting source, LED lights give out light 180°. The 360-degree emission pattern of traditional lamped lights requires an accessory device to redirect and reflect the visible light in the desired direction. The cost may add up if your stage requires too many lights. However, when using the MOKA SFX par 64 LED, you don’t need any additional event accessory to redirect or reflect light in the desired direction. The MOKA SFX par light also helps save money and huge hassles when the show is live.
The cost of lighting may be high and burn your budget, especially if you are hosting the event at night. Par lights are very affordable, and when compared to incandescent bulbs, the MOKA SFX LED stage par light is more economical.


In brief, the impact of the right lighting cannot be overemphasized; when setting up your stage. You cannot afford to make mistakes when choosing to light for your event because a single mistake can cost you a lot. LED par stage lights are more efficient than their light counterparts and have been the choice of many hosts to light up stages. The led par stage lights’ proficiency pave way for its usage in many places and venues including retail industries, lighthouses, showrooms, and so on.

Without going through stress, you can host a magnificent event for your desired purpose. Just be sure to order your MOKA SFX P-07 par light and harvest the varied benefits of the LED light.
We wish you a happy experience from our battery par light, and we are looking forward to your next purchase from us.

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