MOKA SFX P-02 Battery Par Light

MOKA SFX P-02 is a perfect battery uplight, It is a small and exquisite battery par light with amazing effect. It is very easy to carry, very suitable for hotels and parties, and can last for a long time. It is uptight very suitable for party decoration.


  • RGBWA/UV 6in1
  • Color: 16.7 million kinds of color change
  • Charging for 3 hours, battery life 12 hours
  • WIfi Control &App control & remote control, easy operation


Voltage90-240V 50-60Hz
Light source6*18W 6 in 1 (RGBWA/UV)
Light source life100,000 hours
Beam angle 25° (optional)
Control modeDMX512, master-slave, voice control, self-propelled, remote, Mobile APP
Battery8800mah, full 5 hours, 6 colors full bright 3.5 hours, self- propelled 8 hours, monochrome 12 hours
Product Size14*16*20 CM
Net Weight 2.3kg
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MOKA-P02 is a well-received battery uplight. First of all, it has 6 6 in 1 LED lamp beads, which can create a romantic and warm light beam in the dark night, with a nearly perfect 25-degree light output angle, which makes it lighter. While achieving a larger coverage area, it also has a good beam brightness, and the sense of cohesion has never been lost.

In addition, it has a gorgeous body shape, and it is compact and easy to carry. It shows brilliant lights in hotels and parties, and its battery life has been further enhanced. It only needs to charge for 3 hours, and it can be used for up to 12 hours. Battery life, you can face many occasions calmly, adding new features to your party.

As for the control mode of this uplight is very good, let people use it from scratch, not only supports wifi mode but also supports dmx control, you can directly use the mobile phone app to control the color, brightness and color temperature of the light, the operation is very comfortable and simple.


MOKA-P02 6*18 w battery uplight not only can be used for parties, but also a good product for commercial use. It can be used not only in movie theaters in shopping malls but also in multi-function halls and gardens. It can be used for your shopping malls. Come with more features and styles!

If it is mobile use, we would recommend using it with a charging flight case, and we support customizing various numbers of flight cases so that the machine can be charged uniformly, and the machine can be better protected and managed, which is very convenient!

If you are still worried about the use of the machine and after-sales problems, please don’t worry, because we will send you a teaching video of how to use the machine. You can follow the video step by step to operate it. You can learn the operation of the machine basically when you get it. For after-sales service, we support a one-year shelf life and will give you full care and protection. You can use it with peace of mind and use it at ease!


  • Please handle the MOKA SFX PAR LIGHT by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • Smoking near the machine is prohibited.
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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Lots of SFX items made by China manufacturer are lack of the critical point: “Details”. But you will find an elegance arrangement product line in us, as we believe that only details will speak out for our difference to the others.

MOKA SFX P-02 Battery Par cans LED

    ▾ What makes MOKA SFX P-02 Par Cans LED more special than Conventional Lights
    ▾ Features of MOKA SFX P-02 Par cans LED
    ▾ What Do the MOKA SFX P-02 Par cans can do?
    ▾ Why Do You Need the MOKA SFX P-02 Par cans LED?
    ▾ Other Applicable Places for the MOKA SFX P-02 Par cans LEDs
    ▾ Conclusion

What makes MOKA SFX P-02 Par Cans LED more special than Conventional Lights?

Par lights are modern powerful LED systems used in lighting stages or events across many places. For a long time, heavy fragile bulbs have been the major light source in many events. Hence, par cans LED has become indispensable equipment in the entertainment industry and is widely used to illuminate many events. The luminary led battery par does not only produces attractive light patterns but also consumes less power. The visible lights it produces are great for any show or venue including music venues, bands, clubs, in-house parties, dinners, and so on.

The percentage of use of the battery powered par lights has greatly increased globally over the years. The led battery par offers many lighting solutions and helps to concentrate visible lights, as well as giving the visible light an oval shape known as “Parabola.”

Features of MOKA SFX P-02 Par cans LED

On a general note, par light fixtures are considered the most cost-effective option for illuminating events. The features of the MOKA SFX P-02 battery powered par lights are designed to bring specialized effects that will spark your stage and make your performance great.

Great Beam Spread
The distance between the lighting subject and the lighting fixture determines the beam size or angle your stage requires. The beam spread is an important component of a par light. Using a par light that has a wide beam ensures your light spreads quickly on the stage. The MOKA SFX P-02 led battery par has a beam angle of 25°, which will produce effective light over both medium and long distances.

Multiple Light Sources
The color output of any par light is critical; it determines the quality of your event. Most LED battery par has distinctive color modes including warm white (WW), fixed cool white (CW), Red, Green, and Blue (RGB), etc. However, the MOKA SFX P-02 led battery par has a unique color code. The device can display up to six (6) colors: red, blue, amber, green, white, and ultra-violet. The multiple color fixture allows for much more depth in the color produced by the device, which will, in turn, enhance its brightness and make your event more colorful.

Strong Battery and Light Source Life
Battery life is one of the features people consider when purchasing a battery-powered device. Any device that has a poor battery life can be so frustrating. There is no pleasure in using a light fixture that its battery runs out easily and more often. The MOKA SFX par cans LED has an 8800mAh battery and a light source life of 100,000 hours. The device’s strong battery life ensures that it can be in operation for several hours without charging the device.

Fast Charging
Another feature of the MOKA SFX par cans LED is fast charging. It allows you to restore your par light power in a short time. The led battery par charges at a fast rate, and the battery will be restored fully in under 5 hours.

Multiple Control Modes
The MOKA SFX P-02 LED battery par has been designed with many feasible controls including the master-slave, remote, voice control, etc. The remote allows the user to control the device over a long distance. You don’t have to go close to press any button before you can operate the device, all you need to do is to use the remote and get your desired result. Also, voice control is a modern feature that allows you to control the device using voice commands. This makes the device more convenient to use.

Low Power Consumption
The ability of a light fixture to consume less power makes it more serviceable. The MOKA SFX led battery par does not consume much power. The led battery par has a power of 100 Watts and works effectively when you use it to light up your stage.

The output of led battery par
The output of a light fixture is an essential factor people consider when purchasing any par light. The more light entering your stage, the more light you need from your lighting fixture. If you have a lot of natural light entering your stage, it is ideal to use light fixtures with a stronger output to enhance video recording and stage performance. The MOKA SFX P-02 par cans LED has a strong output and a frequency of 50-60Hz.

What Do the MOKA SFX P-02 Par cans LED Do?

Have you been invited to an event and you noticed a sparkling light fixture rolling and displaying different colors? Or have you ever been to a bar or a club and you noticed a shining and colorful lighting system?

Can Highlight the Events
The MOKA SFX par cans LED is a light fixture used when a large amount of illumination is needed for a scene. In a similar function to an automotive headlight, the battery powered par lights are used in many presentations and performances to provide visibility of the event or stage for the audience. Some par lights use regular bulbs, but the MOKA SFX par light uses LED bulbs which makes it more efficient.

Can Provide Cost-Effective Entertainment
The MOKA SFX par cans LED light fixtures can provide an identical outstanding cost-effective output as the traditional equivalent in your next home party. But the ability of the MOKA SFX battery powered par lights to change color via programming from a lighting console makes it more efficient than the traditionally lamped par can fixtures. So, it is the best alternative that can enhance the worth of your home party.

Best Choice for Stage Shows
The proficiency of the MOKA SFX par light makes it the best choice when choosing a par light for lighting your stage or show. It will differentiate your concert and stage events from traditional events.

For Perfect Theatrical Illumination
The MOKA SFX par cans LED can be used in many places. Although the primary use of par lights is for theatrical illumination and stage, they are also used in a large number of restaurants, clubs, bars, pubs, and sometimes for architectural purposes.

Why Do You Need the MOKA SFX P-02 Par cans LED?

Ever wondered how the MOKA SFX P-02 par cans LED is going to save your function? Gone are the days of the weighty delicate bulb in old-fashioned par can housing that runs super-hot and will make everybody uncomfortable on stage. The MOKA SFX par cans LED is lightweight, run cool, and easy to transport with extremely low maintenance.

Perfect Replacement of Traditional Party Lights
Par lights are the perfect replacement for the traditional style cans due to the modern unique features and benefits of the par cans LEDs. Over the years, the rate of events and concerts have grown big and it is very important to make the very best from those events. Light system has always been an important factor capable of making an event interesting.

Your event is set to receive huge recognition when you have the right light system in place. The MOKA SFX P-02 par cans LED is applicable in many events including weddings, dinners, shows, music concerts, school parties, and so on. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of the MOKA SFX P-02 par cans LED:

Makes your event colorful
One of the reasons you need the MOKA SFX P-02 par cans LEDs is that they will make your event colorful when they bring out their special effects. The combination of the 6 colors (RGBWA/UV) designed for the device is the pacesetter and requisite for a prismatic event. Getting the MOKA SFX battery powered par lights before your next event will secure an amusing experience for your guest or audience.

More efficient energy
Even though electric light bulbs and fluorescents can provide the illumination you need to in an event, they are not as efficient and attractive as the par cans LED. These light fixtures are not just as efficient as the par lights but they also consume more power than the par lights. The MOKA SFX battery powered par lights will bring the desired result at a very low cost and possibly the lowest power consumption.

Reduced heat
Par lights, as stated earlier does not generate heat. This benefit alone is a huge factor because it has helped artists and other performers severally. If you should ask any stage performer or live musician how it feels to be performing close to a traditional lamped par can for an entire evening, most of them would give negative reviews about the light fixture. The lack of heat from par cans LED has allowed many brands to give it a plastic enclosure, which has helped them to reduce its weight and costs and make it accessible to buyers of low budgets.

Easy to transport
The lightweight of the MOKA SFX P-02 par cans LED makes the device easy to transport from one place to another. A group of performers or live bands can easily take the device with them when going for a show or music concert away from their homes. Compared to other light fixtures, par cans LEDs are quite affordable. The combination of lightweight and affordability contributes greatly to the wide usage of the device, and that is why the device can be found in many public places including churches, malls, auditoriums, galleries, studious, etc.

The durability of led battery par
Another benefit you will enjoy when you purchase the MOKA SFX P-02 par cans LED is a long-lasting light fixture. The battery life and the other features of the device complement each other with no overload. So, when you maintain the device properly, it will not only deliver but last longer as well.

Other Applicable Places for the MOKA SFX P-02 Par cans LEDs

The MOKA SFX battery powered par lights are designed to fit many different places, thereby offering an efficient energy option for many spaces ranging from stores to security lighting. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top places for the MOKA SFX battery powered par lights.

Museum and Art Galleries Lighting
Showcasing artworks or museum artifacts requires lighting similar to natural light. Replacing halogen lamps with the MOKA SFX P-02 par cans LED in this setting makes the museum more colorful and the artifacts more attractive.

Showroom Lighting
The best light fixture for showrooms is a light fixture that will showcase the items in stock that are up for sale. Whether it is jewelry, home appliance, clothing, gadgets, or something else entirely, you need the right lighting to showcase these items. However, the MOKA SFX battery powered par lights will deliver reliable and clear lighting when required. The MOKA SFX par cans LED is dimmable, which means you can choose the best mood for your location depending on the product you are selling.

Restaurant and Hospitality Lighting
Hospitality centers require you to choose the right light fixture that will appease your customers. For example, a hotel requires the right level of light control, and a MOKA SFX par light can give you such control. The par light is not affected by the frequent on/off cycling and comes with different powers, which makes it the right light fixture to entertain your guest with every single visit.

Places of Worship Lighting
Places of worship have also adopted the use of par lights because they are big places and require bright and efficient light. For example, a big church requires a lot of bright lights to run the church programs efficiently, but the use of halogen lamps in such big places is a major risk as they burn out very fast and are often hard to reach. Therefore, it is vital to find a lighting solution with low maintenance, and the MOKA SFX par cans LED can provide effective lighting without the risk of burnout.


In conclusion, led battery par has been the perfect replacement for electric light bulbs for several years because it is more efficient and super-cool in lighting stages. Moreover, the MOKA SFX P-02 par cans LED is designed with modern features that have made the light fixture more efficient and convenient to use. These features allow the device to fit many places including places of worship, retail industries, art galleries, and museums, etc.

The “hot” nature of electric light bulbs incited the invention of par lights, and now, they are widely used to light up the stage for concerts, shows, theatres, etc. The MOKA SFX P-02 par cans LED will help illuminate your stage and create a sensational and entertaining experience for your guest or audience. Get the MOKA SFX P-02 battery powered par lights and rule your world.

Choosing the MOKA SFX battery powered par lights for your next event to light up your stage is the right choice because it is reliable. We wish you a happy experience from our par cans LED and we are looking forward to your next purchase from us.

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