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MOKA SFX always tries to provide products that can compete for modern trends. All our par lights are a prominent addition to the prevailing party tools.

MOKA SFX Par Lights

MOKA SFX par lights are the game changers in events, and the most dominant and widely used led par light in the whole world. As a unique and remote-controlled led par light, par cans will give you the maximum and appreciable amount of lighting at your event. It has made of a waterproofing membrane, and casing LED par light will provide your event or party prominent, stable, and bright lighting.

With the help of MOKA SFX par lights, a DJ or event organizer get the authority to change the position of attendees. It means they will enjoy each moment of the party instead of standing static. If you are looking for a durable, quality lighting device with little or no repair and maintenance costs, always don’t hesitate to look for MOKA SFX led par can.



MOKA SFX, is a leading manufacturer and exporter of stage lights, specializing in designing, developing, and manufacturing various kinds of stage lighting, such as par light, moving head light, laser light, uplighting, strobe light, DJ light, etc.

We gain a good reputation and feedback from our customers. You can rely on MOKA for your stage light orders.

  • Global warehouse for storing MOKA SFX Par Light, immediate shipping to meet your urgent need, no import tax on the customer’s side.
  •  12-hour solution services for any MOKA SFX Par Light problem or any new stage project.
  •  Product guarantee from MOKA SFX professional technical team.
  •  Keep safe when using MOKA SFX Par Light to all your stage.
  •  Short lead time and quick shipping time.

MOKA SFX Par Lights are widely used in the church, DJ party, concert, club, nightclubs, theaters, various stages, and so on.



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par can thin12

P-12 Ultra-thin PAR Light 2023

  • Voltage: 90-240V 50-60Hz
  • Power: 200W/350W
  • Control mode: DMX512, master-slave, voice control, self Walking

MOKA SFX Stage Light Finish Project Showcase

moving head light
Night Palace Club
moving head light
Beach Live
moving head light
Outdoor Live Concert
moving head light
moving head light
moving head light
TV Show

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Your Complete Guide to MOKA SFX PAR CAN LIGHT

    ▾ Product specifications which make Par Lights Highlight of the Evening
    ▾ Features of MOKA SFX Par Lights
    ▾ How MOKA SFX Par Lights are installed?
    ▾ Areas to Use MOKA SFX par Lights​
    ▾ Why should you choose MOKA SFX company as your service provider?
    ▾ Advantages MOKA SFX Par Lights
    ▾ Safety precautions to consider when handling par cans
    ▾ Conclusions

Product specifications which make Par Lights Highlight of the Evening

Do you need a lighting device with unique features and energy-regulated capacity? Always choose MOKA par light. These electrical features will not only save your power consumption but will also ensure the durability and well-being of your led par light. So, improve your event lighting color and decoration using MOKA par light. What are you waiting for modernize your event settings now?
Modern Control System
MOKA led par lights to have both remote controlled mode and a 2.4G DMX control system. Therefore, at your event, you will be in the apposition to enjoy the numerous features of your par can at your comfort. The DMX control mode will give you access to master-slave, voice control, self-propelled, sound active control system. LED par lights have 6- 10 control channels, each with unique special and distinct features.
Perfect Energy Saver
While using only 72-240 Watts of the total power, led par can help you save energy usage at your events. This led par light is designed with an input voltage ranging between AC 90-240 volts working at a frequency of 50-60 Hz to give you a fascinating lighting experience.
No Short Circuit
It has incorporated with a fuse so, this lighting gadget is safe and unique in its way. This average working voltage will help protect your led par can from short-circuiting resulting from an unexpected power surge.
Maximum Lighting with Suitable Setting
The uniform par lights contain about 12 pieces of lights; each operating at 18W with RGBWA/UV 4 in 1. To achieve maximum lighting at your event, all you will need is to set your led par light to a beam angle of 15-45degrees. It will improve the luminaire and visual comfort of your audience. In this way, the light will be distributed uniformly using the diverging lenses in each cylindrical led light source.
Maximum Lifetime
Led par lights will be in a position to serve you with the maximum lighting experience you have been looking for. In short, led par cans have a working lifetime of 100,000 hours. It will help you in all those events you will organize with this amazing led par lights.
Net Weight and Portability
MOKA Par can lights have a net weight of 9 kilograms and a gross weight of 12 kilograms to help you during installations and movement from one place to another. So in case you are looking for an event lighting device, always look for MOKA par lights. They are easy to install and operate. So if you are an event organizer, you will be able to move your led par lights from one event location to another without deploying much energy and resources.

You will also be able to position your par cans at different strategic positions of your event. Because of the relishing weight, you can either choose to hang or place your led light on firm and steady ground with the help of adjustable handles.
Easy and Convenient Packaging
With a packaging size of 330 by 330 by 340mm, you will be in a position to pack and store your MOKA par light in small and limited spaces available. Always choose MOKA SFX company as your ultimate lighting service provider.

Features of MOKA SFX Par Lights

What are the features that make our par lights necessary for contemporary events; let’s dig a bit deeper to get a hold of this phenomenon?
DMX 512 control modes
Led Par light is controllable using the DMX 512 control modes and a remote controller system. The DMX lighting protocol is used to control the stage lighting and lighting effects such as color. Led par lights have 256 RGB pixels and a lighting effect software program with pre-set and user-defined segments. These segments can be controlled by infrared lights for convenience purposes. It will help you to conveniently navigate through the settings and different features of your led par lights at your convenience.
Parabolic reflector
Led par lights have small cylindrical light sources which generate an appreciable amount of illumination for your even. Each of the LED par lights has a parabolic reflector which is made of aluminum. So, it can bring you light brightness and illumination. The parabolic reflector also helps in determining the spread of beam light at your event; by determining the lighting direction at your event. The reflector will also help you in achieving maximum bright, stable, and uniform lighting throughout your event.
Self-running mode
With led par light, you will not have to spend the whole day at your par cans. Once you set your led par lighting, your event will be continuing without your presence or touch. You will achieve an interchangeably bright and excellent illumination throughout the performance.
Colored illumination
Led par light has over 16.7 million different colors. Therefore, with these led par cans, your event lighting needs will be met. Par can light generates a highly directional light beam thereby making you able to illuminate a single person while on stage. The different lighting colors will therefore work interchangeably at your event.
Waterproofed casings
Led Par lights are made of waterproofing materials, ie PVC and iron to offer protection to the internal features. This prevents intrusion of water and moisture into the led par can which makes it resistant to water and moisture. Moisture resistance properties will make you forget about water-related effects on your par light. This will help your par can to attain the desirable and designed durability.
Device positioning and light speed
Led par lights enable you to choose a lighting position of your choice. It has a moving head that can swing at 360 degrees to give you the desired illumination. To achieve a directional beam light, all you will need is to tilt your device at a beam angle of 45 degrees to meet your event requirements. These directions can move easily, quickly smoothly, and accurately due to their high sensitivity to voice under sound and walking control.
Strobing effect
You can achieve a strobing effect while using our Led Par lights. They will regularly experience a strobing effect, especially after long working hours. This will hype your event attendees. Imagine an event with a combination of good musical rhythm and a strobe effect that matches the lyrics of your live concert.
Wide options of operation
Useful for both small-sized and medium-sized events, led par lights can also be used in large events. It is because you can run multiple pars can at your event or party to give you the best illumination you need. Ed par lights are small in size and user-friendly. Therefore, you can easily control multiple head fixtures at your party or event.

How MOKA SFX Par Lights are installed?

Led par lights from our company are easy to install and operate.

Use the exclusive plug given to between the connection of light and power. Before connecting your led par lights to the power source, always ensure your power supply source does not exceed your par can rated input voltage. This is done to ensure your device is operating in desirable environmental conditions. To avoid overheating of the power cable as well, ensure you cut off the power and reduce the parallel quantity of lights coming into the par cans. For the installation procedure, kindly follow up the user manual to get all the procedures.

  • The first step is to ensure you charge your lighting device before using it to lighten your space.
  • Secondly, connect your led par lights to the power supply source using the power cable. Set the lighting colors and device brightness, and other related features from the menu option. Use the up and down buttons to select a feature of your choice, and the okay/mode button to choose the selected feature for display.
  • Thirdly, you can either choose to hang your device on a truss or a raised firm ground to achieve the perfect illumination.
  • Consequently, you can place your led par lights on a stand at a strategic position of your event, with the main focus being on the stage.

Areas to Use MOKA SFX par Lights

As discussed earlier, led par lights have wide areas of applications. MOKA SFX lights are valuable and technically equipped to give you quality lighting characteristics at your events. They are serviceable in both medium-sized and large-sized events, provided you have the number to give you the lighting quality your event needs.

These are the main events you can use these par lights but not the only one: Parties, Weddings, Churches, Studios, Galleries, Birthday parties, Theaters, Music shows, Dance shows, Auditoriums, Halloweens, Clubs, Live Concerts

You can create an enchanting impact on your many other events with these lights as well.

Why should you choose MOKA SFX company as your service provider?

  • Always choose MOKA SFX company as your esteemed service provider. There are unlimited benefits you will always get from our company.
  • MOKA SFX will give you a one–year warranty on your stage par can.
  • From this, you will be free to get services such as free repair of device malfunctions and breakdowns, that are not caused by human negligence.
  • You will get 24-hour technical assistance in case of any issue. Either psychological or technical assistance one time. Again, you will be able to get quick and fast responses in case of any difficulty.
  • Our helpline staff will be there to give you the assistance you will need.

Advantages MOKA SFX Par Lights

Are you still wondering about the par lights’ differentiating advantages you can enjoy? Have a look at these which make our products different from traditional party lights!
long Lasting Par Lights
Led Par lights are made from strong PVC and iron material to give your par cans maximum protection. The material is also very lightweight enables you to carry it from one place to another to give you the desired service/working life.
Wide range of colored lighting
Led par light from MOKA par lights produces bright and a color mixing effect to any of your events. With as many as 16.7 million different color effects, your event will achieve the desired lighting.
Excellent stage effects
Led par light will give you an excellent stage effect lighting with a good wash effect, uniform, and even color with rich color mixing. It means when deployed on any occasion such as weddings, churches, nightclubs, and entertainment halls, you will be in a position to witness the lighting magic from these par cans from the MOKA company.
Movable and Adaptable
MOKA par lights are made of a very lightweight material to enable you to move them from one place to another. Our led par lights have a wide range of weights ranging from 3 kilograms to 12 kilograms. This weight is very reliable, making par cans very portable ad versatile. Furthermore, you will have various installation modes to choose from. It means you can choose to either hang or place it on raised surfaces to achieve your desired event lighting.
Saves energy
MOKA par lights are designed with a single lamp head that emits different color lighting. Compared to other par light types, the lamp bead feature of this par cans is a single lamp head that can emit different colors of light. This design will not only save your energy but will also mix more variable light colors while using only appreciable power. The space lighting done with these led par lights is more natural, uniform, and clear. It makes you achieve a stage realization of different stage effects.
Enjoy Stable Continous Lighting
Once you switch on your led par light, you will be in a position to enjoy a continuous, bright, and reliable color temperature and lighting. You are guaranteed consistent and uniform lighting. You won’t have to worry about the color brightness depreciating at your event. With an input voltage ranging between 90-240volts, you will receive the lighting experience you deserve.

Safety precautions to consider when handling par cans

So, whenever you get this battery-operated par light, make sure to go through the user instructions carefully; before making any move.

  • Always ensure you check the power source before using your led par light. The source power supply should not exceed the par cans voltage rating, that is, between 90-240V. It will reduce the risks of potential electrocution while using your event lighting device.
  • All terminals should be connected according to the process requirements and the correct way; pay attention to the direction and polarity. Check on the positive and negative terminals to avoid causing damage to your led par lights.
  • To avoid short-circuiting, do not operate your device while the cable is plugged into the power source.
  • Every electronic is guaranteed a repair and maintenance schedule, so, after using your led par cans, always do an antistatic treatment.
  • To avoid overheating of your led par light, always remember to remove your connecting cable if it overheats during the operation of your par can avoid damages.
  • Do not look at the light beam directly with your eyes.


Are you looking forward to owning a long-lasting lighting device with uniform, consistent, reliable, and bright-colored lighting? Always choose MOKA par lights. It comes with several unique features and benefits that you will not find in any lighting device. Give it a try! So, you can write us an email or give us a call or place your order on our website to cover your next party!