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Moving head light is a high-end product in stage lighting, and it is an indispensable part to achieve beautiful stage effects.

MOKA SFX set-up strict requirements for the products. Since every Stage design is not allowed to go wrong, only high-quality Moving head light can undertake the trust of customers.

Since 2013, MOKA Moving head lights have been used wildly in stage, church, nightclub, wedding, and other scenes that require impressive lighting effects.



Moving heads

MOKA SFX, is a leading manufacturer and exporter of moving head lights, specializing in designing, developing and manufacturing various kinds of moving head lights and the other stage lighting, such as par light, uplighting, strobe light, DJ light, etc.

We gain a good reputation and feedback from our customers. You can rely on MOKA for your flame machine orders.

  • Global warehouse for storing MOKA Moving Head Light, immediate shipping to meet your urgent need, no import tax on the customer’s side.
  •  12-hour solution services for any MOKA Moving Head Light problem or any new stage project.
  •  Product guarantee from MOKA SFX professional technical team.
  •  Keep safe when using MOKA Moving Head Light to all your stage.
  •  Short lead time and quick shipping time.

MOKA moving head light, also called moving heads, is widely used in the church, DJ party, concert, club, nightclubs, theaters, various stages, and so on.



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Moving head light

X5 Moving Head Light 2020

  • Voltage: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Power: 700W
  • Control mode: DMX 512

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Your Complete Guide to Moving Head Lights


What is Moving Head Light?

A lighting device controlled by a motor that can rotate with the X and Y axes, usually called Pan / tilt rotation. They are usually called Moving lights, Moving heads, and head moving lights.

And LED Moving head means the light source of the moving head light is LED. The Moving Heads are higher price devices. Their LED at least is LED RGB basic which can create various colors.


How to Install and Replace the bulb for Moving Head Light?

Please refer to the supplier’s instructions to determine the life of the lamp, because the lifetime of it varies according to its different wattage and actual power consumption system design.

Before replacing the bulb, make sure that the power supply cord has been unplugged from the socket to avoid the risk of leakage. If the lamp is just turned-off, please wait 10-15 minutes to cool down, then loosen the screws of the case, open the case, and remove the lamp according to the instructions from the manufacturer, and replace it with a new lamp. Make sure the installation position is in place and fasten after replacing the new lamp.


How to Maintain Cleanness for Moving Head Light?

Depending on the frequency of usage and the environment, different optical system cleaning plans need to be developed.

Regular cleaning can maintain a good lighting effect and ensure that the machine is running in good condition. When the machine is covered with dust, heat dissipation will be affected, which will affect the life and the working status of internal components.

In general, every 25-30 days, you need to use the special cleaner lens to clean the lens and clean the product shell with a soft cloth at the same time.


What is the Preparation When Maintaining the Moving Head Light?

Before maintenance work, it is necessary to avoid flammable liquids, water, metals, etc. to avoid unexpectedly fallen into the moving head light.

In the following situations, you need to keep the machine power off to avoid damage:

  • When the humidity in the room is very high;
  • When the environment cannot avoid the accidental collision;
  • When the indoor temperature is higher than 40℃ or lower than 0℃.


What are the Special Notes When Maintaining the Moving Head Light?

  • When the bulb is faulty or damaged, please replace the bulb immediately. Otherwise, it may adversely affect other parts.
  • When replacing the bulb, please make sure that the power connection is in off status.
  • The ground switch is always kept grounded.
  • The power supply must comply with local buildings and electrical requirements and have overload protection functions.
  • Do not let the highlight directly point at the eyes, it will cause unpredictable injury.
  • Please make sure that the replacement bulb and the original bulb are the same models. Otherwise, it will not work correctly, and also may cause unpredictable damage to the machine.
  • Flammable materials must be kept away from the Moving Heads. To avoid the risk of spontaneous combustion due to high temperature.
  • After turning off the Moving Head Light, please wait 10 minutes before turn it on again. Frequent switching on and off of the Moving Heads will damage the product and reduce the working life of the parts.
  • Keep the optical components cleanly as planned. If grease or dust attached to the lens, the brightness of the Moving Head Light will decrease.
  • For the electronic circuits inside the Moving Head Light, please do not try to modify it, because it is very easy to lead to unstable for the moving heads or even unable to work.


Which Fixture (SPOT / BEAM / WASH) should I choose for Moving Head Light?

For stage lighting, you will see most products are putting bullets into 3 main buckets: Wash fixtures, Spot fixtures, and Beam fixtures. You may wonder what is the difference between them and how to choose suitable fixtures for your projects.

Ultimately, your target is to get the most bang for your Buck in your purchase plan. You want to be able to make your dollars stretch the furthest.

So, should you go ahead every time in wash fixtures because it is the least costing? Should you buy hybrids every time because they can do the most. Well, the answer is not clear ever, as it mainly depends on your specific circumstance and project.

Anyway, after reading this article, you will have a clear mind of how different fixtures work, to enable a smart decision in your next purchase of new lights.


  • Wash Fixture for Moving Head Lights

Let’s start with the Wash fixture, it is kind of what it sounds like, which spreads the light to person and stage to light them up and can generally change colors as well to create a specific atmosphere. Today the basic level for Wash Light is LED Par or LED Strip Light, and of course there are moving head Wash Light, which is often with zooming as a great feature.

Wash fixtures can be great for front waiting, and can be great for back-lighting, also can give you an interesting look on stage.

Anyway, their downfall being is the lack of complexity. Wash Lights is doing one thing and do it well, but if you’re looking to make a variety of different things happen, with wash light is not gonna make it.


  • Spot Fixture for Moving Head Lights

Let’s move on to the Spot fixture. A significant sign for it is Spot feature gets a clear circle of light with the hard edge. This means the light of it is limited to a certain area. One main purpose can get is when you do not want the backdrop to show, the light can spot on the performer, then it can clean up your look on stage.

Another amazing thing Spot fixture can make is using its Gobo and Pattern to create a piece of scenery or textural wall or just texture of the air, and create more variation and interesting look.


  • Beam Fixture for Moving Head Light

Finally, we come to the Beam fixture, which is a light that has a single purpose to shoot a very narrow beam, and that doesn’t expand much as it grows when it goes through the air.

The beam fixture is considered into your lighting plan when you’re looking for something to punch through and create something fresh. A Beam light usually stands for powerful and strong. In our experience, the wedding party is not using too much, but it is more suitable for Concert especially when comes to the climax.


  • Hybrids Fixture for Moving Head Light

Now let’s talk about Hybrids for a quick second here. if you’re unloading and loading for setting the lights up a lot, then Hybrids will be a great thing for you as one light can do the work for 2-3 lights, and only need 1 installation. This is greatly helping to save labor costs and time. But of course, when functions added, the cost of the light itself is going up, it is quite a balance you need to consider.


How to Make Good Use of the Moving Head Lights for the Church?

To take full advantage of the Moving Lights, you need to be aware of some pitfalls. For example, Moving Lights need regular maintenance. When the lamps get to the end of their lamp life, they need to be replaced. They also need to be cleaned regularly.

In the meantime, Moving lights require a console that can actually control them. One of the things you need to look at before you make an investment in Moving Head lights is whether your console can support the Head Moving Light operation or not.

Additionally, you should confirm with your lighting specialist that he knows how to program the Moving Light. One of the things that we see most often is that Church people make an investment in Moving Lights. But they don’t actually know how to use them.

Along with a financial investment in Moving heads, you have to be willing to invest the time in programming them. One of the biggest misconceptions of Moving heads is that once you have them set up and you have a console that can control them, you press a button and they just go, that’s not the case at all.

A good rule is that for every minute of music in your show, you’re gonna spend at least an hour programming.

And one more thing when you’re programming, just because it’s a Moving Light, doesn’t mean that the light has to move all the time. Be tasteful in your programming, make your moves count.



Your Guide to Choose The Right Moving Head Light

Lights are one of the most important parts of any event, be it something as small as a group party or a huge public concert. The lighting adds to the aesthetic appeal and maintains the

event’s thematic aura.

When you come to think of it, any event is incomplete without some good lighting. You cannot celebrate a festival with boring lights and neither can you organize a wedding party without proper light effects. Public events like a music concert, a dance performance, or an award show are devoid of their exuberant atmosphere without good lighting arrangements.

So, today, we will take you through the advantages, safety measures, and characteristics of moving head lights. Hence, the product you choose illuminates your space in ways you never imagined!


What Makes Moving Head Lights an Absolute Must-have?

With progress in people’s living standards, what has also transformed is the entertainment industry and the need for mind-blowing stage settings. As you know, the perfect stage lighting is important, as it makes or breaks a show. Recalling the latest trends, moving head lights are leading the pack.

As the name suggests, the demand for these “moving” lights is increasing every day as organizers look for the latest ways to brighten their spaces with moving colors. They are also a sought-after choice for outdoor stages.

If you are in search of a device such as this one, we have prepared a know-it-all guide to familiarize you will everything you need to know before making a purchase. This article will answer all your questions about moving head lights, and the two key products within this league – BEAM moving head and LED moving head.

Let’s venture in-depth into each of these moving head lights.


BEAM Moving Head Fixtures

Typically, a BEAM moving head fixture is a portable moving head light that projects a linear beam of light. This beam is greatly definite with razor edges and does not scatter a lot over long distances. It is designed to generate a unique “Search Light” effect.


What is a Beam Moving Head Fixture Light?

A BEAM moving head fixture is a lighting device that turns your stage or event to an eye-candy! These multifunctional fixtures flex a majestic range of features with a user-friendly operation. They can shift around the axis and accompany a range of creative display patterns to gobos.

What’s interesting is that these heads can even change colors, patterns, and carry a cool range of lighting effects as well! Basically, they will drive the monotony out of your event, making it the hottest talk of the town!

Regardless of how much light is needed, a BEAM moving head light lets you govern the intensity of emitted light through a shutter or dimmer mechanism. Whether you want to use it in stage shows, theatres, fashion events, concerts, or TV production, there is no limit to the aura they create!


Why is a BEAM Moving Head Light a Great Investment?

The unique selling proposition of the best BEAM moving head fixture is that it offers punchy beams streaming across the air. Moreover, it is known for its long throws, overall brightness, and striking light. Looking for more reasons why? Here’s why selecting a high-quality, professional lighting head will take all your events up a notch.


  • Portability And Their Compact Nature

We understand that nobody prefers installing chunky headlights that end up taking too much space in an event. This is where a BEAM moving head light comes to play. If you want to install portable, small, and compact heads at your premises, then these machines are ideal for you.

Due to their easy portability and compact nature, you can virtually take these heads everywhere. What’s interesting to know is that BEAM moving head fixtures are not just small in size, but also extremely lightweight. So, while you would be saving a lot of space using these, you would not have to worry about arranging manpower to tackle them either!

You can either choose to place these at the roof or down the stage – the choice is yours. A BEAM moving head really stands apart as opposed to traditional lights due to these characteristics. Simply put, it is compact, movable, easy to install, and does the job brilliantly! What more do you need?


  • Weather-resistant

With its weather-resistant capabilities, a BEAM moving head fixture can be installed outdoors. Whether you are a seasoned event organizer or a novice, you must be familiar with the fear of your lighting setup malfunctioning due to unanticipated rain or storm.

Luckily, BEAM moving head lights bury these worries as they are not affected by harsh weather conditions, provided you use transparent or translucent covers to guard their bodies.


  • Extensive durability

As a user, we know that your topmost priority and concern has to be whether your lighting setup is durable or not. You will have no regrets in buying a BEAM moving head fixture because it lasts you more than most lighting devices.

In fact, the average working life of these headlights is long enough to last you for years to come, making its maintenance easier and cheaper. These products are manufactured taking durability into account, so the price you pay is at par with the quality you receive.

After purchasing it, you will be using a BEAM moving head light for other events and concerts. So, this makes up for a sound and well-informed investment. Regardless of the model you wish to go for, each will be just as good.


  • Low Power Consumption

The companies offering lighting and special effects equipment pay special attention to producing BEAM moving head fixtures so that customers can benefit from their usage. Unlike traditional lighting setups, these end up consuming much less power.

This service comes as an advantage to DJ parties, stage events, and discos wherein these heads are functional all day long. Also, since you need to set up multiple BEAM moving head fixture for perfect ambiance, their low power consumption can help you save a mass of money.


  • Versatility

You can use your BEAM moving head light anywhere and everywhere. From crowded concerts to flashy theatres and operas, its versatility keeps increasing beyond limits. Today, these moving head lights have become increasingly popular at locations such as nightclubs, bars, eating places, and more.

Not only do they kindle a whole lot of fun at any occasion, but their adaptable composition makes them worth every penny! Also, a BEAM moving head light can be installed in all directions at different locations, such as floors, ceilings, and walls.

  • Safety

Absolutely! A BEAM moving head light for sale is 100% safe. Unlike many other heavyweight lighting equipments, these involve no major safety guidelines whatsoever. However, we highly recommend that you always be cautious near the power supply and keep fluids or moisture away from the head lights.


  • Mode options

At first glance, a BEAM moving head fixture seems extremely promising. When you dig deeper into the specifics, you get to witness the multiple mode options it has to offer. These products are controlled via auto and DMX modes to deliver intelligent performance.

The DMX mode involves operating the basic settings for controlling the presets, along with additional effects. Some models also feature a Self-Repelled mode wherein the lamp does not fetch data from the console and runs itself through its internal programming. At best, a BEAM moving head light will provide hours of light entertainment and amusement!


What Are The Technical Parameters of a BEAM Moving Head Fixtures?

It will be a huge relief to know that understanding the technicalities of a BEAM moving head light is extremely easy! These devices incorporate only a handful of parameters that are essential to generate a beam of vibrant light.

  • Lamp
  • Bulb (180 -1000W; Color Temperature  – 8000K)
  • Gobo Wheel
  • Color Plate
  • Panel Control – Manual and Touchscreen
  • Signal Control
  • Overheating Protection for system malfunctioning


Where Can You Use a BEAM Moving Head Fixture?

Hard-edge fixtures such as BEAM moving head fixtures are known for their adaptability. Since these products come in different shapes, sizes, and features, you can use them for different kinds of occasions. The same moving head fixture that you used at your pool party last night can be reused at an auditorium. Additionally, you can also combine it with other stage lighting setups, such as MOKA Laser Lights, Confetti Machines, and Flame Machines.

Listed below are some places wherein a BEAM moving head light will fit just right:

  • Concerts
  • Stage Shows
  • TV performances
  • Photoshoots
  • Movie sets
  • Dance stages
  • Corporate events
  • Discotheques
  • Light shows
  • Rock shows
  • Weddings


Whether you want to organize an event indoors or outdoors, BEAM moving lights work effectively at both locations while ensuring the safety of your attendees. As long as you have a hand or two, you can easily move these devices anywhere. These robust spotlights deliver a massive light output at a quick installation rate.


What Are The Precautions Associated With a BEAM Moving Head light?

If you are planning to buy a BEAM moving head light, it is important that you mull over all its precautions. Each of these not just ensures your safety, but also facilitate a prolonged usage. Here are some general precautions for you to keep in mind while using these devices:

  • Check whether the power supply in your venue meets the terms of leakage protector and voltage.
  • Never use damaged power lines and do not overlap them with other wires.
  • Since the lamps use a strong wind cooling, clean it once every one, preferably the tuyere part of it.
  • While installing a BEAM moving head light, always check the screws to make sure it is fastened properly. Additionally, you can also add safety ropes for additional protection.
  • Although it is highly unlikely if the moving head lights begin displaying abnormal behavior during its usage, simply stop using it to limit other potential malfunctions.


What Are The Key Components of a BEAM Moving Head Fixture?

A BEAM moving head fixture is made with a high-grade heat-resistant cast aluminum shell and engineered plastic. It boasts a subtle outlook with a beautiful design and stands among the finest in the “pro-lighting” category.

BEAM moving head light consists of a base with an integrated control panel, the head, and an arm that carries the optical system. The head of these head lights is attached to the arm and produces vertical movements, and the arm usually rotates around its axis.

This device fully complies with all the international standards of the protocol. It consists of the following components:

  • Mechanical Dimming Shutter: Adjusts the intensity of the light. With a high-speed stepper motor, it can create strobe effects.
  • Color Wheels: Along with the color filter, these wheels work to transform the tone of the beam.
  • Lens Trains: These are used to focus and zoom the lighting output while changing its size. Some models carry as many as 10 controlled lenses, and prisms bring the beam into shape.
  • Gobos and Pattern Wheels: These are used to project images and create spinning special effects.
  • Automated Framing Shutters: These control any unwanted spill and further shape the lighting beam.


LED Moving Head Lights

An LED moving head light is a versatile instrument that presents a great alternative for the traditional lighting machines. This multi-functional device offers an array of features that can

add life to an event. You can easily create and alter the mood for the event by simply changing a few settings on this machine.


What is The Features of an LED Moving Head?

Some of the features you will get in the best LED moving head are:

  • Effects

You can choose from a range of effects, like a prism, frost, wheel, and more. There are many more options to add effects within these effect choices. If you choose prism, for instance, you can decide the number of facets you want for reflecting light. Think about pairing up an LED Moving Head with a confetti machine in an event, won’t it look stunning?

  • Optics

You can decide what kind of illumination you want. Some of the options include dimmer, iris, focus, shutter, and zoom. You can use a focus, for instance, at a couple’s first dance at a wedding party. Zoom is great for highlighting an artist during their performance.

  • Colors

An LED moving head fixture gives you the choice of multiple colors. Take your picks from hundreds of colors and pair up as many colors you want.

  • Speed

You can also control the speed of the lights’ movement. If you are creating a flickering effect or simply moving the lighting head around, then you can decide the rate at which it moves. Make it fast, for instance, when the band is playing a fast tune.

  • Direction

In addition to its speed and optics, you can also choose the lights’ direction. The moving head light can swing in a pan or tilted direction. You can make it in a fine pan or fine tilt as per the requirement.


Where Are LED Moving Head Lights Used?

LED moving head lights are available for passive and active usage. Passive LED lights perform a range of functions that would otherwise require many conventional lights. For instance, a few moving head light can turn the entire stage blue or red or purple in the flick of a switch. On the other hand, it would require multiple traditional lights to create these effects.

Alternatively, active LED lights create lighting effects that mandate human intervention in the case of conventional fixtures. A bunch of moving head fixture can focus white light through the

downstage center position. This would, however, require a person to manually create this effect from a helicopter over the stage.

MOKA offers an LED moving head light for sale with a wide-ranging collection. You can find the ideal lighting machine for all your lighting and illumination needs here.


How to Control an LED Moving Head Fixture?

There are many ways to control moving head light. The machine comes with a console to control everything about the lighting.

When you buy an LED moving head light, you can use it in combination with the traditional stationary lights. You can either pre-program the lighting arrangements or control them live during the event. The machine offers a wide multiplicity of options for both colors and effects.

There are three main variants of LED lighting instruments based on the ways of operation. There is an analog multiplex device, an Ethernet control instrument, and a DMX machine. The latter, which stands for Digital Multiplex, has the easiest control options for the LED moving head light.

The DMX lighting allows you to control various settings. These include the colors, animations, patterns, tilts, rotation speeds, and more. However, the RDM or Remote Device Management machine is the latest edition of intelligent lighting. In this machine, you can control the moving head’s functioning through a remote.

Nevertheless, lightning boards and computer software are still the most popular mechanisms for controlling the best LED moving head. Light control programmers can operate the lighting arrangements through software. It provides output renderings as well for better judgment.


How Does a Lighting Control Board Work?

Operating a lighting board to control an LED moving board is not an easy task. It requires the combined professional skills of a lighting technician as well as a designer or programmer. They work together to create different palettes for any event. A palette comprises the color combinations, the position of the focus, the gobos, and other details that create a complete look.

Programming different palettes can take days or even weeks of work. Here are a few things that go into the working of a lighting board:

  • Cues

A moving head fixture moves through the commands or cues put in place. There are several presets for creating the cues. These include an audience circle, a downstage line, a downstage cross position, and similar. A musical event, for instance, has multiple cues for each aspect of the performance.

  • Speed

The lighting head fixture will move up, down, and around based on the cues. However, you have to specify the speed at which it moves. To make the light beam appear at the right place at the right time, you need to time its speed perfectly.

  • Position

You can position an LED moving head light into almost 8 different positions. Mix and match these to create multiple combinations and diverse looks for your event. There is a cross position with lights crossing each other in two different sets. There is also the XXX position, the band position, downstage center position, the sky position, and the set position.

  • Patterns

You can create multiple patterns using moving head lights. For this, you will need to program multiple moving head fixtures in sync. Make a pattern of your choice. These are ideal for a party event.


What Are The Advantages of Using an LED Moving Head Light?

LED moving head lights are deployed in many events. From theatres and sports ceremonies to weddings and festivals, you will definitely find moving head lights in these places. Besides these public and private events, bars and clubs also install moving lights to create a cool look.

These modern moving head fixtures are popular because of the amazing features that they offer. In contrast to the traditional lights, they offer several advantages:

  • Less Consumption of Power

LED moving head light are power-saving machines. You can deploy these for stage shows and concerts that require prolonged lighting use. This low power consumption will help in saving money for electricity.

  • Maintains Low Temperature

All the standard lighting instruments tend to get hot after continuous use. They produce thermal radiation that increases the temperature after a limit. Unlike these lights, an LED moving head lighting machine maintains a cool temperature even during long hours.

  • Long Life and Usage

LED lighting machines are durable. They can last as much as 50,000 hours without any damage. They are also easy to maintain and last longer than other lighting devices.

  • Easy Portability

LED moving head fixtures are compactly shaped. This ensures that you can carry these machines easily. Their lighter weight and quick installation process make them a popular choice for event lighting arrangements.

  • All-Weather Suitability

One of the most important requisites of moving head light is its resistance to weather. Since most events take place in the open air, these lighting machines should be able to endure harsh weather. LED moving lights are not only waterproof but also work under harsh weather conditions.

MOKA’s LED moving head light machines offer all these benefits and more. When you buy LED Moving head light from MOKA, you get premium quality products.


Are Moving Head Lights Expensive?

You do not necessarily need to burn a hole in your pocket to buy a moving head light. Like other equipment, the price range of these machines varies with their features and size. Also, other factors like power consumption, and energy, determine the quote for moving head fixtures.

Usually, a medium-sized moving head light is perfect for different kinds of events. It emits defined light with a narrow beam and does not take up too much space. However, the small ones work as great and are no less when it comes to generating a powerful light beam.


What Are The Different Fixtures For a Moving Head Light?

These are the 4 main kinds of fixtures for moving head lights. At MOKA, you can find a diverse catalog of moving head lights for sale. It includes all these different fixtures meant for different kinds of events.

  • Spot Lights

These create a sharp focus on the stage. It covers a well-defined area of the venue or stage. You can use patterns as well as gobos in this light fixture. These lights are mainly used in theatres of music concerts. There are various types of spot fixtures. These include an ellipsoidal shaped spot.

There is a follow spot that will follow the person on stage. The moving head spot light moves in multiple directions, whereas the pin spot remains pinned to one particular area.

  • Wash Lights

These are versatile lights that produce simple optics with a wider beam coverage. These lights have color mixing options as well. Basic wash lights are more suited for small events, whereas more advanced wash lights are meant for bigger venues. The wash light effect can cover the entire stage with a particular color or combination. These are best suited for larger events like sports ceremonies or parties.

  • Profile Lights

These are more complex than wash lights. They comprise of gobos and complex patterns to create more astounding illumination effects. As opposed to washing lights, these are more focused on a particular person or object on the stage. These lights can be used for wedding ceremonies, or award shows that need focused lighting arrangements.

  • Beam Lights

These are very similar to the spotlights. However, there is one key point of difference. Beam lights are made of a wider lens. Therefore, they create focused light for a wider area. The angle difference between beam and spotlights ranges from 12-25 degrees. These lights are commonly deployed in concerts with a larger public audience.


Should You Rent or Buy a Moving Head Light?

A moving head light is a staple in the entertainment industry where intense lighting for massive stages and audience is a norm. There’s no denying the fact that purchasing it is a smart investment in the long run.

These head lights are characterized by a distinguished light beam angle that successfully mesmerizes the attendees. If you are an event organizer, you certainly know the hype that special effects lighting brings along. So, why not get going with these to reap long-term benefits?

Since the demand for such devices is expanding over time, buying it for your company would be a smart move. This way, you can also develop your value across the marketplace by incorporating state-of-the-art devices in your setup.


Can You Run Multiple Moving Head Lights at a Single Event?

Definitely! The best moving head lights from MOKA are small-sized and user-friendly. In fact, these machines deliver twice the experience if united with those of their own kind. Additionally, you can also try these out with other equipment, such as MOKA’s Bubble machine and Foam machine, to make your event a massive hit! However, remember that this will require more power supply.


How is a Moving Head Light Different From a Moving Mirror?

Moving head lights come in two forms: a moving head fixture and a moving mirror. While the former can easily move around in multiple directions, the latter is mostly stationary. Both of these machines can produce various lighting effects and color patterns.

However, a moving head light is more flexible when it comes to movement. This is so because a moving head fixture comes with a motor to facilitate its movement while a moving mirror does not. This difference creates a variance in the two machines’ prices as well. Since a moving mirror does not have that many moveable parts, it is naturally cheaper.


What Are The Major Considerations to Keep in Mind While Using a Moving Head Light?

Although a moving head light is one of the easiest products to work with, it is crucial to know the Dos and Don’ts associated with it. Let us take a look:


  • To ensure the longevity of this device, never place it in a leaking or damp area. Also, ensure that your venue is never beyond 60 degrees of temperature, as such a high intensity disrupts the working of this machine.
  • Do not install this product in areas that generate vibration.
  • In order to curb the chances of an electrical shock, always seek professional aid for the maintenance of this product.
  • The power source voltage should always be steady. If it is too high, it reduces the life of the bulb. If too low, it hampers the lighting effects of the bulb.
  • Always wait 20 minutes for the lamp to sufficiently cool before reusing it.
  • An intermittent usage of this device efficiently extends its life.

To acquire stunning lighting effects, get someone to clean the equipment frequently. However, never use alcohol-based solvents to scrub the covering of the lamp.


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