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Confetti machines come in various types. Apart from those using confetti cartridges, there are also machines that use loose confetti paper, allowing you to choose based on the type of event and venue size. This article mainly discusses confetti machines that use gas cylinders, suitable for customers with high confetti demands who cannot purchase confetti cartridges.

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Choose the most suitable confetti machine according to your event theme!

MOKA offers two large confetti machines that can hold 20kg of confetti and can spray up to 15-18 meters, attracting everyone’s attention with cascading confetti! The large machines feature a vortex effect, utilizing the Venturi principle, with gas spiraling upward, accelerating the confetti, ensuring it reaches higher and farther, guaranteeing an impressive confetti effect, and giving you complete peace of mind!

For event organizers hosting small celebrations or family gatherings, MOKA also offers mini confetti machines. They can hold 1-2kg of confetti paper and can spray up to 13 meters, perfect for small-scale events!



MK-CN05 Confetti blower
① Abundant Confetti!
Large confetti output, covering a wide area, suitable for large venues.
② Long-lasting Effect
Confetti paper stays in the air for a longer time, creating a lasting atmosphere.
③ Simple Operation
Clearly labeled for easy operation.
④ Easy Transportation
Featuring an aviation box design for convenient international transportation.
⑤ Adjustable Angle
Adjust the angle to spray over the crowd or onto the stage as desired!


MK-CN09 Mini Confetti machine
① Stylish Appearance
Independently designed by MOKA, compact and portable.
② Adjustable Angle (45-90 degrees)
Small confetti machines can be adjusted from 45 to 90 degrees, covering a wide area suitable for small venues!
③ Easy Installation
Unlike models on the market that require knob tightening, our horns are designed with buckles, eliminating the need for screws.
④ Multiple Remote Control Options
Offering multiple remote control options such as DMX/electronic/remote control, saving labor and avoiding synchronization issues with music.
⑤ Upgraded Valve
The valve ensures smooth gas flow, preventing confetti from jamming, and can spray up to 10-13 meters.

Consumables: Paper Confetti & CO2

Confetti machines require CO2 gas cylinders with siphon tubes. A 40L gas cylinder can spray for approximately 40 seconds.
Nitrogen can also be used as an alternative, but since nitrogen is colorless, confetti will not be accompanied by white gas when using it.
The confetti loaded into the machine is called paper confetti, which is very small but comes in many styles to choose from. If you don’t know what types of paper you need to use, you can talk to our staff to get advices.

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How Far in Advance Should I Buy Paper Confetti?

When planning your event, have you ever wondered when to buy paper confetti? And how to ensure it stays fresh and vibrant for the big day?

Preparing for an event involves countless details. From finding the perfect venue to selecting the right program, every decision is crucial, shaping the day of excitement. However, one detail often overlooked until the last minute is confetti. So, when is the best time to buy paper confetti? The answer is simple—the earlier, the better! Planning and preparing for this task in advance is crucial to ensure everything is in order when the important day arrives. If stored correctly, confetti can be preserved for up to a year.

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How Do I Know How Much Paper Confetti I Need?

First, determine the size of the confetti sheets you will be using and the number of audience members!

You can use this calculator to estimate how much confetti you will need.

Clumped Confetti!

No need to worry if the confetti has clumped during transport. If clumped confetti is put into the machine, the effect will greatly weaken, affecting the audience’s mood. Therefore, the confetti needs to be thoroughly loosened before putting it into the machine.

  1. Unpack the confetti and pour it into a clean container, such as a glass bowl or kettle.
  2. Use your fingers to separate the confetti and shake gently.
  3. Load the selected paper confetti into the machine.
  4. Enjoy! Let the joy and color brought by the confetti enrich your event!
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How to Choose?

First, determine the size of the event venue. You don’t want to leave empty corners with no confetti!

Next, determine the theme of the event and choose the color and shape of the confetti accordingly. For example, choose heart-shaped pink confetti for weddings or glittering gold confetti for New Year’s countdown events.

If you are still unsure about choosing the style of confetti machine, you can check out our confetti effect videos on our YouTube channel or contact our staff with the video. With years of experience planning special effects lighting equipment for events, you can trust us with your needs!

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