EPR SPOT 440 is the best-selling moving head fixture in Moka. It is not only fashionable and magnificent, but also breaks the tradition in the appearance of the lens.
While small in stature, equipped with Osram Sirius hri 440W platinum bulb, the zoom angle is 2°-50°, the beam is powerful and the brightness is uniform, the beam with a diameter of 170mm, even at a long distance from the front lens to the entire length is still very parallel, creating a more powerful, Brilliant light and shadow vision.

EPR SPOT 440 fixtures’ versatility allows it to fit comfortably and perform in tours, theatres, or fixed installations.


  • With DMX software upgrade function
  • CMY Promise Color Mixing
  • Network control Art-net
  • Advanced intelligent RDM function, data can be transmitted in both directions
  • Working noise: 45-55 DB


Light source type:OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 440W
Rated power:700W
Rated working voltage/frequency:AC100-240V 50/60HZ
Color temperature of light source:7800K
DMX channel mode:34/30/34 CH
Scanning:horizontal 540°, vertical 244°, scanning automatically returns.
Color wheel:3 white light + 5 colors, the color has a half-color rainbow effect, with CMY function.
Rotating gobo wheel:1 white light+6 with rotating gobos,
Fixed pattern plate:1 white light + 18 fixed patterns + 6 small white light holes.
Prism:4 trapezoidal prism, 8 prism, with index and combination function
Atomization:linear atomization, pulse atomization
Focus:linear focus adjustment, with auto focus function
Dimming:dual-motor dimming film, linear dimming.
Stroboscopic:dual-motor stroboscopic, with synchronous stroboscopic, pulse stroboscopic, and random stroboscopic methods.
Carton packaging):66.1*50.6*58.1
Air box packing:101X52X78cm
Net weight (light body):27Kg,
Gross weight (carton packaging):33Kg
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EPR SPOT 440 adopts three-pin& five-pin signal plug for optional. 2.8 inch color touch screen, Chinese and English menu, with automatic flip function, which can display the DMX value of each channel.
The stroboscopic turn off during scanning, color and pattern actions can be set freely.
It displays the use time of lamps and bulbs and the number of times of soaking. It has the function of choosing whether to open the bubble when the power is turned on, and has

the function of a remote switch on the console.

The most important thing is that the continuous bubble has a delay protection function. When the console value stops at the firing value, it will wait for 1 minute by default. Prevent the lamp from being triggered if it is overheated.

When the dimming is closed, the energy-saving mode is supported, and the power consumption of the bulb is automatically reduced to 80%, which prolongs the life of the bulb


EPR SPOT 440 is characterized by its powerful beam and uniform brightness. Its beam diameter reaches 170mm,even at a long distance from the front lens to the entire length, it is still very balanced, creating a more splendid effect for the performance.

With stylish design and colorful patterns, EPR SPOT 440 injects strong vitality into the stage with its unique charm, providing high-quality choices for theaters, outdoor performances, high-end entertainment and other professional performance venues

The temperature is as low as minus 30 degrees, EPR SPOT 440 can still be used normally, in line with the director’s requirements for stage lighting.

EPR SPOT 440 weighs less than 27 kilograms, making it one of the lightest moving head spot fixtures available, without giving up the output and features often found in much larger and heavier fixtures.

If you want to have a remarkable effect on your stage, please feel free to contact us!

  • Please handle the MOKA SFX LASER LIGHT by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

Helped 1000+ Customers Since 2013

Lots of SFX items made by China manufacturer are lack of the critical point: “Details”. But you will find an elegance arrangement product line in us, as we believe that only details will speak out for our difference to the others.

Why should you get yourself moving head lights from our company?

    ▾ What are EPR Spot 440 descriptions and specifications?
    ▾ What are Unique Features of EPR Spot 440 Moving Stage Lights
    ▾ Advantages of MOKA SFX EPR Spot 440 moving head lights
    ▾ Safety Precautions When Operating Moving Head Lights
    ▾ Installations and operations.
    ▾ Conclusion

MOKA SFX Moving head lights have numerous unique features which will leave you satisfied. Our lighting system has numerous coloring effects, which are of your choice. You will be in a position to adjust the color temperature of your device by just operating it at your own comfort. MOKA SFX stage lighting manufacturers will provide you with a mounting device upon purchase, a mounting stand, and a user guide to help you throughout the moving stage lights operations. MOKA SFX is one of the best stage lighting manufacturers. We produce certified quality moving head lights that are highly reliable and insured. Therefore, we got your needs in our hearts.

What are EPR Spot 440 descriptions and specifications?

EPR SPOT 440 moving stage lights are modernized and highly designed moving head lights. The moving stage lights have a power rating of 700W and power LED light sources of 440W. A 453*423*560mm fixture with a net weight of 27 kilograms has three open-color wheels with five colors and a half-color effect. The device is equipped with an open gobo wheel within the color wheels with six gobos and a fixed gobo. When placed in an event or luminaire, the LED light sources produce world-class lighting with an energy power of 700W and a powerful brightness of 220 lumens, ensuring a warm adjustable color temperature of up to 7800K.

Moving head lights have an adjustable speed scan capable of rotating both at pan and tilt angles of 540 and 244 degrees. Not to mention the prism systems of the fixture, the stage lighting manufacturers can produce a linear amplifier zoom with a linear light focus which has an auto lighting function to capture a very large area of your event at a specific time. And it is because of this feature, and you can operate numerous moving head lights at a given time to increase your event lighting and illuminations. The fixture is also bilingual in nature. It has both

English and Chinese languages to help you in operating the display settings. Just to remind you, the moving stage lights have two stepper motor adjustable linear dimmer with a strobe mode to help you in synchronizing the pulse and random lighting effects. You can attain this due to DMX512 control modes equipped with a software upgrade function to ease the operations.
If you get these moving stage lights from the best stage lighting manufacturers, you will have all these benefits. And, you will be very much far ahead of everyone.

What are Unique Features of EPR Spot 440 Moving Stage Lights

Some of the exclusive and unique features are found only in our MOKA SFX moving head lights.

1. Control modes.

Moving head lights have manual DMX512 Control modes and a keyboard control system. Our design technology cares for every user. These include those who are technologically friendly and those who are not. You can therefore operate this fixture with ease. You are also provided with a stereo shielded cable and 3-pin XLR Plugs to help you in connecting the DMX-512.

2. Stage lighting manufacturers have multiple colors.

It is the colorations of your event that will attract your audiences. Therefore, moving head lights from MOKA SFX company is the solution to your event liveliness. The fixture has fixed gobo wheels, effect wheels, and definite color wheels with numerous color codes of your choice. During the operation of these moving stage lights, you can set both the speed and the tone of the colors to increase lighting rhythm. The most common colors include red, green, blue, yellow, all with a combination of white and rainbow effects from the color codes.

3. Powerful zooming effect

With moving stage lights, you will increase the event visibility to your audience. The fixture has a very powerful zooming effect of bringing both the images and objects on stage into a sharper focus. Your audience will be in a position to appreciate both the live concerts and performances taking place on the stage. the zooming effect of the moving head lights is highly motorized to provide you with the greatest and even zooming on your event.

4. Linear focus.
The moving head lighting will create an obvious and linear lighting effect on your event stages. Therefore, your audience will be in a position to view all the activities taking place at the stage, especially when there is a live band performance because the lighting is focused.

5. Bilingual.
Have you ever found yourself unable to operate a device because of lingual difficulty? You will not have rooms for such problems if and only if you get yourself a device from professional stage lighting manufacturers. MOKA SFX is one of the best stage lighting manufacturers, and we care so much for your understanding and ease of operating our devices. Our moving head spotlights have both Chinese and English display modes to guide you. You can maneuver through the fixture in the language you are more comfortable at.

6. Software upgrade.

Our company has equipped moving stage lights with a software upgrade function to help you operate the fixture. You can easily change the screen settings to a touch screen mode where you will be in a position to operate the moving head lights without any difficulty. The software upgrade system will help your device run faster and smoother and increase its capacity, such as lifespan.

7. Greater and even brightness.

Moving stage lights have a very high-quality brightness which is capable of illuminating your event. The fixture produces a lamination brightness of 220, which will turn all the shame into joy.

8. IP20 Protection Rating.
The components of the moving head lights are protected against penetrations by those substances which are over 12mm in diameter. Even though this protection is assured, substances such as dripping water, rain, splashes, or jets of water are not protected. Therefore, the device is only meant for indoor use only because when you subject it to external weather conditions, you will reduce the lifespan of this fixture and the components destroyed.

9. Moving head lights are multidirectional.
The device has an adjustable neck which you can use to select the position and direction of your choice. The base is also made of aluminum to allow you to mount it anywhere.

Advantages of MOKA SFX EPR Spot 440 moving head lights

If you are going to get your stage equipment from the best stage lighting manufacturers, here are the benefits you can have with this moving head light!

MOKA SFX moving head lights come in hand with Mounting connectors.
Stage moving manufacturers during the packaging ensured that very special connectors accompany the moving head lights. The connectors are usually placed at the bottom of the system to help you with mounting the fixture at any position of your choice. You can either decide to mount it on the floor, sideways, or even hanging position, and you will still be able to attain a very safe and firm installation assurance without any trouble or worry.

Adjustable Operational Temperatures
When the Moving head lights s in operation, it produces several adjustable color temperatures that range between 7800K. This is because it is equipped with some cooling parameters, which converts too much heating into light energy. You will be in a position to experience very even and bright lighting from our moving head lights. Furthermore, you can decide to adjust the stage moving lights’ color temperature to that one of your desire at any time. It has three color temperatures which include; high temperatures, middle and low temperatures


The components encrypted within the moving head lights are very durable ad long-lasting. Furthermore, the stage lighting manufacturers are made of aluminum material, which is a very strong and durable element that can resist corrosions and other weather conditions. The life of the lamp is also 50,000 hours which is a very long time to give you adequate and satisfying service.

The fixture is portable.
Stage moving lights are very lightweight to give you an easy time when moving them from one place to another. You will also have no difficulty when installing and servicing them because they are easy to handle and operate. The moving head lights weigh approximately 27kilograms and a gross weight of 38 kilograms, inclusive of the flight casing.

Lower power consumption.
Moving head lights uses only an alternating current with a voltage range of 100V-240V at a minimum frequency of 50/60Hz. These features alone are very easy to operate under and also uses minimum power. Also, the fixture has a power rating of 700W which will highly save you electricity bills. You will be able to operate them for a very long time and at very low power consumption.

Very big light circle.
MOKA SFX stage lighting manufacturers produce a vast circle of lighting during your event performances. The optic lens we equip in our devices has a huge lighting parameter zoomed at 5-10 degrees. The lighting will be able to help you capture a huge area of your event. Furthermore, the illumination will also increase because the fixture produces very bright lighting.


Moving head lights have over one hundred million irradiations during your events. Therefore, you will assure your audiences’ safety, and the fixture will be in a position to increase your event’s liveliness.

Safety Precautions When Operating Moving Head Lights

1. MOKA SFX-one of the best stage lighting manufacturers, cares very much for our customers’ safety and ensures the safety of our product. Moving stage lights have the following safety measures when operating them:

2. The most important factor to put in place before connecting the fixture to the power source is to ensure that the source supply voltage does not exceed the design voltage of our moving head lights. This may reduce the lifespan of the fixture by destroying the vital internal components.

3. In case you are experiencing a problem in installation, operating, repair, or even maintenance/ servicing, please ensure that you only involve qualified personnel.

4. Ensure you use or refer to our user manual containing safety instructions and warning notes that we ensure are placed whenever you buy our product. The user manual is always user-friendly to our customers, and you can continue revisiting them each and every time.

5. When connecting the moving head lights to your power source, do so with so much caution to ensure that the power cord does not come into contact with your other power cables. This may cause electrocution to you as an operator as well as interfering with the internal components of your moving head lights.

6. When your moving head lights are in use, avoid looking directly into the fixture’s light source as the lighting is too bright and may cause eye damages, especially for those who are epileptics.

7. Allow the fixture to cool for some time before putting it into operation again. The temperature difference may reduce the life of your lamp.

8. Our company designed the moving head lights for indoor use only. The fixture does not allow outdoor usage because the incorporated components do not support that.

Installations and operations.

Whenever you are operating our moving head lights, always refer to our user manual booklet. The booklet contains several safety instructions and step-by-step illustrations on how to mount the device and how you can operate through the several features conjoined within the device.

1. Choose a perfect spot where you are going to install your device
2. Check if all the parts are properly fixed
3. Get familiarity with its functions and operating procedure through the user manual to avoid any lateral damage.
4. Check the power supply and connection of the device
5. Check the navigations and control
6. Give the command and monitor with display
7. You can change the colors and other commands according to user manual operating guidance


If you are a DJ, event organizer, you are really losing a chance of showcasing and opening your possibilities during your events. It’s your event’s turn to shine and look fantastic only when you get yourself our MOKA SFX moving head lights. Equipping your events with MOKA SFX EPR SPOT 44O lights will save you 50% of your energy consumptions and, at the same time, saves you money on changing your lighting colors and equipment. Moving head lighting is lightweight and user-friendly. You will not be worried about the modes of transporting them from one place to another because they are highly versatile and reliable.
Remembering you will achieve a lifelong even and quality brightness for your event, and all your worries will be swept away. Our company is also certified with a 24-hour customer communication system. We are there for you because we really care for your needs, feedback, and concerns. So get yourself a MOKA SFX moving head light today to increase your event fanatics.

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