EPR 380W 17R Pro Moving Head Beam Light

Are you looking for a super bright moving head beam light? Come take a look at this EPR 380W Pro Moving Head Beam Light – it’s perfect for you!

The MOKA SFX EPR EPR 380W Pro Moving Head Beam Light is a 380W ultra-bright, versatile, and powerful professional stage beam light. It has 14 colors (including white) and an additional rainbow wheel with 7 colors. There are 17 fixed gobos and shaking effects, along with dual prisms (16-facet prism and 16+8-facet prism). This beam light is great for music performances, parties, theater shows, weddings, and more.


  • OSRAM 382W 17R bulb light source
  • 13 colors + white, with half-color effect
  • Rainbow and frost effects
  • 17 gobos, adjustable shaking
  • 16-facet prism,16+8-facet prism
  • DMX/auto/master-slave/sound control


Max Power650W
Light SourceOsram Sirius HRI 382W
Beam Angle
Variable CTO7500K
Prisms16-facet and 16+8-facet
Color wheel13 colors and white
Gobo wheel17 fixed gobos and white
Control ModeDMX512/ Master-Slave/Sound/ Auto
DMX Channel16CH
DisplayLCD +5 buttons
Product Size314x260x569(mm)
Package Size480X410X590(mm)
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Introducing the MOKA SFX EPR 380W Pro Moving Head Beam Light , a high-quality stage beam light with outstanding performance.

Featuring a 382W bulb from OSRAM as the light source, ensuring stable and reliable light quality.

With a bulb lifespan of up to 3000 hours, even with frequent use, it delivers consistent lighting effects, reducing maintenance costs.

Equipped with an anti-reflective coated glass lens, significantly enhancing light transmission.

The high-precision optical lens design and a 2° beam angle are perfect for projecting precise gobos, shapes, and effects, creating unique light and shadow changes for captivating stage performances, enhancing visual dynamics.

This ultra-powerful Moving Head Beam Light is well-suited for music performances, dance parties, theaters, weddings, and more.

MOKA SFX offers a 1-year warranty, ensuring ongoing quality assurance. The product holds multiple international safety certifications, ensuring high safety standards. We provide 24-hour after-sales support, ready to answer any questions.

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MOKA SFX EPR 380W PRO 17R Moving Head Beam Light is super cool for stages, with bright spotlights, lots of gobos, and colors. It makes your stage look amazing and full of WOW!

Inside, there’s a color wheel with 13 colors and white light. You can even have half-red and half-blue colors, like superhero colors!

A gobo wheel with 17 gobos and one white light gives you many different moving effects to pick from.

Two prisms (*16-sided prism and 16+8-sided prism) can spin alone or together. You can change how fast they spin for cool bending light effects.

Rainbow wheel and frost effects create colorful light and soft light for the stage mood.

You can control it in different ways: DMX512, master-slave, auto, sound control. It has 16 control modes for super special programming.

Also, you can hang it in different ways, like straight, slant, or upside-down. Even the screen can flip easily!

A foldable hook at the bottom holds it tight, and a lock on the left side keeps it steady.

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  • Don’t put this fixture in wobbly or shaky places.
  • Don’t wipe the light’s outside with things like alcohol that can hurt it.
  • Keep the light dry, no working in wet spots.
  • Remember to clean the fan, fan net, and lens a lot.
  • Stay away from the running light, hot and might burn.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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MOKA SFX EPR 380W Pro Moving Head Beam Light

    ▾ Why Choose EPR 380W Pro Moving Head Beam Light?
    ▾ What Makes the EPR 380W Pro Moving Head Beam Light Powerful?
    ▾ How to Control the EPR 380W Pro Moving Head Beam Light on the LCD Digital Screen
    ▾ Where Can You Use the EPR 380W Pro Moving Head Beam Light?
    ▾ How to Maintain the EPR 380W Pro Moving Head Beam Light?
    ▾ How Do We Handle After-Sales Issues?
    ▾ Conclusion
    ▾ FAQs

Why Choose EPR 380W Pro Moving Head Beam Light?

Super Bright Beam
The MOKA SFX 380W PRO 17R Beam Moving Head Light uses a strong 380-watt 17R OSRAM bulb, giving you long-lasting and eye-catching brightness. This light is specially designed for stages 8-10 meters high, with a unique beam distance feature. With an anti-reflective coated glass lens, the light passes through more, reducing reflections. The high-precision optical lens makes the light focus more accurately, making gobos and colors stand out. The light’s penetration also gets stronger, making it look more powerful even at a distance.

Vibrant Color Changes
Inside, there’s a color wheel with 13 high-quality colors and white light. The white light option makes the stage look purer and brighter, adding more light and shadow changes.
This beam light also has a rainbow wheel with seven selected colors. When combined with the prism and color wheel, it creates diverse effects. The seven colors can also blend with the color wheel, making new gobos and colors.
When you put in the frost filters, the light becomes softer, like a delicate veil, giving depth and layers to the stage lighting.

Dynamic Effects Galore
First, this light has a three-phase motor, allowing it to rotate, move, and zoom. Fine 16-bit control provides precise color transitions, smooth movement, and fine brightness adjustments.

Second, it has a gobo wheel with 17 fixed gobos and white light, with shaking and speed adjustment. You can control the gobo shaking and speed. Want more refraction effects? This light has not only a 16-sided prism and 16+8-sided prism but also the option to use both prisms together. Prisms can rotate and have adjustable speeds. Lastly, the 0-20 times per second strobe adds dynamic flair.

MOKA SFX’s excellence in stage lighting is hard to miss: powerful source for lasting brightness, precise optics, and anti-reflective glass lens make for bright and precise beams even at a distance. The rich color changes and dynamic effects give limitless creativity to your stage.

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What Makes the EPR 380W Pro Moving Head Beam Light Powerful?

Various Hanging Installations
The MOKA SFX 380W PRO 17R Moving Head Beam Light offers multiple ways to hang it – horizontal, slanted, or upside-down. The screen on the light can even flip, making it easy to adjust the screen’s direction for your convenience.

Foldable Dual Hooks
We’ve designed foldable dual hooks at the bottom of the light, so you don’t need to buy extra hanging accessories. This design not only makes installation easier but also provides a spot to attach safety ropes quickly, ensuring reliable safety.

Professional Safety Lock
On the left side of the device, we’ve added a safety lock to this moving head beam light. Whether during transportation or storage, you can lift the safety lock up to stabilize the light, protecting its head from damage and providing solid support for stability and safety.

Quiet Cooling Fan
The professional fan with adjustable speed doesn’t just keep the equipment cool but also keeps things quiet, ensuring your device operates efficiently without making too much noise.
The MOKA SFX 380W PRO 17R moving head beam light offers a range of powerful features, giving you a whole new lighting experience. Whether it’s for stage performances, event planning, or professional shows, it can create astonishing lighting effects. Contact us to learn more and discover how to maximize the impact of your lighting!

How to Control the EPR 380W Pro Moving Head Beam Light on the LCD Digital Screen?

The digital display screen of the RGB Beam lighting device is very easy to walk through. It directs you by itself during operations. The user interface of a standard Moving Head Beam device has the following utilities for fast and easy control procedures.
LEFT/RIGHT Button – To get back to the last page on the screen.
UP/DOWN Button – To perform a selection for particular editing.
OK Button – To perform an endorsement and approve particular tasks.
SET Button – To get to the “Set” interface
Work Model – To use the different options such as DMX, Auto and Sound.
DMX Address – To add channel number using Up/down buttons.
X/Y Exchange – Operates on close/open principle to exchange X/Y channel.
Screen Protect – Close/Open to keep background light or remove respectively.
The handle control surface also provides you with essential tools to choose, reset, and select the color wheel and Gobo wheel speed. You can also control the bulb here.

Where can the EPR 380W Pro Moving Head Beam Light be used?

Music Performances
Place this moving head beam light on the stage, and with colorful beams and dynamic effects, create an unforgettable visual spectacle for the audience. Whether it’s a rock concert, pop music event, or electronic music festival, this light can set a unique atmosphere for your music performance.

Party Events
Whether it’s a private birthday party or a large corporate event, this Moving Head Beam Light can create a vibrant light show for you. With colorful beams and various dynamic effects, it can elevate the party atmosphere and provide you and your guests with an unforgettable joyful night.

Theater Shows
This moving head beam light can create a diverse range of lighting effects for the stage, helping actors and the audience immerse themselves in the world of drama. From gentle background lighting to dramatic spotlights, this light can switch different lights according to the plot’s needs, presenting stunning visual effects on the stage.

No matter the size of the wedding, it can add charming colors and atmosphere, immersing you and your guests in wonderful moments. Want to create a mysteriously romantic ambiance at your wedding? You can also pair the beam light with a Fog Machine  to make the wedding scene more dreamy, making your wedding shine brilliantly!
The MOKA SFX 380W PRO 17R moving head beam light is suitable for a wide range of occasions, taking your events to new heights. Contact us for more details!


How to Maintain the MOKA SFX EPR 380W Pro Moving Head Beam Light?

Regular Cleaning
Clean the exterior and lenses of the light fixture regularly to prevent dust and dirt from affecting the light output. Use a clean, soft cloth for gentle wiping.

Protect the Lenses
 Avoid scratching or direct contact with sharp objects to protect the lenses from damage.

Keep Dry
After use, store the light fixture in a dry place to prevent prolonged exposure to a humid environment.

Periodic Internal Inspection
 Open the fixture periodically for internal cleaning and inspection, ensuring that circuit boards, cooling systems, etc., are free from dust or debris.

Check the Cooling System
Ensure the cooling system is functioning properly, and the cooling fan is operating correctly to prevent overheating.

Timely Bulb Replacement
Replace the bulb with a new one when its lifespan is over to maintain proper light output and fixture performance.

Avoid Vibrations
Prevent strong vibrations or impacts on the fixture, as this could affect the normal operation of internal components.

Follow the User Manual
Read and follow the product’s user manual carefully, adhering to maintenance and care recommendations provided by the manufacturer.

Regular Maintenance
 Schedule regular maintenance and repairs by professional technicians to ensure the fixture’s performance and safety.

How Do We Ensure After-Sales Support?

Each MOKA SFX 380W PRO 17R Moving Head Beam Light comes with a 1-year warranty. We are committed to providing excellent after-sales service. We offer 24-hour online after-sales support anytime, anywhere. Our professional team is ready to answer your questions and address your concerns. Your satisfaction is our relentless pursuit. Buy with confidence and enjoy quality and service!


MOKA SFX 380W PRO 17R Moving Head Beam Light has a 380W super-powerful light source to shine on the stage, 17 kinds of color change, the colorful disc integrates multiple ideas, multiple suspension methods optimize the experience, and silent heat dissipation ensures tranquility. Each model enjoys a 1-year warranty period and 24-hour online after-sales support.
Want to be different? Choose the 380W Moving Head Beam Light to create a unique visual effect and make your event a topic that people talk about!


Is this product waterproof, can it be used for outdoor events?
Our product can be used for both outdoor and indoor events. With its IP20 ratings, this device is very rugged and usable for indoor functions. However, when you want to use this product outdoors, ensure proper coverage to protect it from water droplets and precipitation.

How do I troubleshoot menial problems on this device?
Our product is very essential and operational if used correctly. However, the user manual has basic troubleshooting tips for this device. Most of the problems arise from the power issues, in connection cables or a blown-out fuse. For more technical problems, you may have to consult our technical team for assistance.

How do I get another manual if I misplaced the original one?
The various manuals for our products are downloadable on our official website. Consequently, you may always contact our customer service team for appropriate assistance on time.

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