EPR Spot 370 moving head spot

MOKA SFX EPR SPOT 370 is a new generation of MOKA moving head light, this light compared to other beam lights of the same type, the pattern of large-angle easier to operate, better effect, and greater coverage, thus supporting more occasions for use, is a more advanced three-in-one beam light.


  • 2-60 degrees large open angle
  • Intelligent diversified focusing
  • 1+9 rotating gobo
  • Dyeing fogging effect
  • Eight prism effect


Zoom2-60°;Φ140mm front lens
Gobo sizeOD  15.9mm  ID:10mm
LampOsram Sirius HRI®  371WS
Color temperature7650K
PowerAC:100-240V  50/60Hz  600W
Channel25/24/16 ch
X/Y3 phase motor,X/Y 8/16Bit, speed:X 540°/ 2.7s Y 270°/ 1.45s
Color wheel13+open
Static gobowheel14+open
Rotating gobowheel9+open
Prism8 facet prism
Frostlinear frost
Focuslinear focus, auto-focus
Zoomlinear zoom
Dimmerlinear dimmer
Display2.8” touch screen
ControlDMX512/ RDM
Software upgrateyes
XLR3 pin / 5 pin
SizeL(mm)391  W(mm)287  H(mm)597
WeightN.W(kg)22  G.W(kg)28
Thermal cutyes
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The MOKA SFX EPR SPOT 370 uses a 370-watt platinum bulb light source for a bright, focused beam with excellent performance and greater quality assurance.

It also supports intelligent focusing, which allows the beam to focus naturally and quickly, saving time and effort, and the beam is no longer blurred.

And this moving headlight combines a fusion of beam, pattern and coloring in one. The effect is ever-changing, and the combined use mode is more selective and suitable for more scenes.

2-60 degrees of zoom range, even in the absence of the effect of eight prisms, the angle and coverage will be greater than the same model, the effect is better.

At the same time, the addition of the octoprism effect makes the dyeing lay light range is larger and more uniform, is a leading 3 in 1 moving headlight.


This moving headlight supports 2-60 degrees zoom, while supporting the octagonal prism effect for more scenes of use, his performance will show the best when used in large places, and small scenes will be at ease.

Address codes and function codes can be set easily and conveniently using the keys or by touching the display.

To view or change the function settings of the unit, press the ENTER key or press the large knob and the display will enter the menu operation screen. Main menu for function operation

Each menu item represents a specific function of the appliance and is shown in the following menu.

This moving head light also supports 1+14 fixed gobos and 1+13 color discs for dyeing and fogging, which brings more playability to its lighting effects. You can enjoy setting up gobo display combinations to bring more scene settings to your event, and please believe that MOKA SFX EPR SPOT 370 will be a strong supporter of your event.

  • Please handle the MOKA SFX MOVING HEAD LIGHT by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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Lots of SFX items made by China manufacturer are lack of the critical point: “Details”. But you will find an elegance arrangement product line in us, as we believe that only details will speak out for our difference to the others.

Why Have EPR Spot 370 moving head spot for Next Stage Performance

    ▾ What are the features of the EPR Spot 370 moving head spot
    ▾ How to operate the EPR spot 370 moving head spot
    ▾ Safety precautions while using the moving head Spot lights
    ▾ Advantages of using the EPR Spot 370 moving head spot
    ▾ Servicing and Maintenance of Moving Head Stage Lights
    ▾ Conclusion

When it comes to lighting solutions, we understand your urge to get a lasting solution. In the entertainment and event industry, lighting plays a significant role. As a Dj, event organizer and manager, club owner, or event planner, getting a permanent solution to your lighting problems forms a fundamental interest. What does our company do in this regard? Our company produces various lighting equipment, moving head spot that fit your desired requirements. We delight in ensuring that you uniquely light every event. Our EPR Spot 370 moving head spot will provide the most relaxing mood at all your events in a memorable manner. We have invested our time, resources, and research on modern lighting devices in ensuring we bring you the best lighting solution to your events.

What are the features of the EPR Spot 370 moving head spot

The following unique features make our moving head spot light stand out in its performance.

Lightweight moving head spot

With a net weight of 22 kilograms, our moving head spot will prove easy to carry from one point to another. We understand that your activities involve moving from a place to another and sometimes from one event location to the other. You may need to position the device in a specific area depending on the event you host or plan. We ensured that this lighting moving head spot was lightweight to move with ease when all these sceneries occurred. You will find it easy to lift by one person, and you may transport a few with your car. We ensured that a single person might handle all these struggles without straining.

Different Channels
The moving head stage lights have 24 channels- we specially made this device and provided a 24-channel capacity for your satisfaction. These channels enable you to present different lighting beams and colors to your audience. a variety of channels ensure a personified touch in every lighting. Having these different colored moving head stage lights oriented play will make your event the most colorful.

Using Guidance
We provided an easy-to-use user manual. If your moving head spot EPR Spot 370 came with a complicated manual, it would interfere with your experience. Having to crack what a manual tries to illustrate may become a tedious process. We considered this fact in developing a customer-friendly manual. The manual will allow you to operate the lighting machine quickly, follow the safety precautions, and conduct routine maintenance practices.

Multiple control features
It feels good to have a device with more than one control system. It assures you of operation even when one or two systems malfunction. We didn’t want you non-operational in case our one operating system encountered a problem or got destroyed. We incorporated the sound, remote, DMX, and RDM control systems. In this way, you will enjoy operating the moving head projector light from a distance too.

The remote control will sense while you use some meters from the lighting fixture itself. The sound system offers you an exclusive experience since as the music sounds change, the light color will change. This phenomenon proves very iconic in the entertainment equipment features. The RDM and DMX systems equip you with modern operating systems making your moving head spot as classy as needed in the event sector.

Long Battery Span
A long-lasting battery- most equipment disappoints in the battery life. We ensured we used the best materials to provide you with a moving head spot with the perfect battery life. When fully charged, the device stays on for up to twelve hours of single color illumination. With different colors playing, you may manage up to five hours. If the device power goes down, recharge until fool and use until the power goes down again. You should avoid using the device when continuously connected to the power source. Overcharging puts the Battery in stress mode and lowers the battery life.

LCD Screen
Availability of an LCD screen- this screen will offer you high-quality lighting with assured durability. It would be best to buy a moving head spot that you may use for many years without changing the light quality. This display screen has a long life, as seen by all other devices that use the LCD screen display. We invested in the technological field to bring you a machine with the most current features. Your events need to produce such a unique entertainment glow to assure you of continued business. By lighting your stages and performances with this moving head projector, you will stand out among your entertainment services competitors.

Strong beam effect

The lighting strength of this moving head spot may receive our high rating in the moving head stage lights category. The beam will light strongly for five hours with a single color code. You will enjoy up to ten meters of intense lighting with high intensity focused along with this distance. The beam then disperses, lighting up the surrounding areas along with the beam focus. This lighting will make it easy for people to see and produce a relaxing effect along the way. You will get used to having this extraordinary moving head projector once you realize its worth in the entertainment sector.

How to operate the EPR spot 370 moving head spot

When it comes to operating this moving head spot, follow the following steps:

  • Connect the moving head spot to the power and let it charge if uncharged
  • Power the unit on after it has been charged and switch on the device
  • Use the device’s control systems and test different color lightings from the provided channels.
  • Once done, switch off the machine and disconnect from power if it was connected.

Safety precautions while using the moving head Spot lights

We pinned out several precautionary measures to use while operating the system. These preventive measures were put in place to safeguard both your audience and you. If the moving head projector accidentally falls on a person from a high installed location, it may cause severe damage and health effects on the affected person. You will need to ensure the safe use of this moving head spot at all times. The following points will give you insight into the measures necessary for the safe use of the moving head spot.

Use of Secondary Attachment

You should consider the use of the secondary attachment. These secondary fixtures include the catch net installed to hold any fixtures that may fall when the product loosens up. This act will keep off any parts that may need to be replaced while protecting people from accidents.

Take Professionals Help for Installation

Installation should be done by qualified personnel. When you decide to have this EPR Spot 370 moving head spot installed, ensure that the process gets done by an experienced person. Skilled people know how to safely install the device to the correct power connections and avoid electrical and physical accidents. You may have gained experiments using the various events’ equipment. If so, and you believe you can do a good installation, you may feel free to do so.

Get Proper Instructions
Always consult the user manual- installing, using, and repairing this device will require you to refer to the user manual. The manual contains all the reference information to avoid mistakes while undertaking these processes. It will be a brave move to ensure that you perform the tasks according to the provided guidelines. Following the manual prevents any electrical damage to the lighting equipment. Connecting the wrong wires and powering on the device may lead to short-circuiting, which may damage your product.

Proper Power Voltage
You should ensure that the voltage from the power source does not exceed the provided voltage for the device. The device needs to operate within the given range. An excess of the supplied voltage puts the item at the risk of electrical damage. This damage may be so permanent you lose your lighting device within a blink of an eye. It will serve you better if you regularly measure the electrical voltage coming into the moving head projector. You should also ensure the power code never mixes with other cables. On that note, take a precaution while handling all the wires

Avoid Electrical damage
Ensure that the power button stays switched off before you connect to the mains. This cautionary measure prevents electrical damage in case the electric current altered the voltage. The power cable should never be damaged. Routine check-ups for all cables should become a tradition before connecting the moving head spot to electrical power.

Keep the yellow/green connector to the earth for earthing. The equipment falls under protection class one. Thus, this will keep it safe. After using the equipment, disconnect the power code from the mains always. Never disconnect the power cable by tugging it. The cord will stay in good condition if you always handle it with the plug.

Don’t Destroy Battery and Eyes

Never switch this product on and off at short intervals. This switching on and off destroys the device battery and shortens the lifespan of the product. While handling the device, you should also avoid touching the housing with your bare hands. After continued use, the device may get heated and lead to accidental falls. Always ensure that while replacing parts, you use lamps and fuses of the same rating and type.

Always avoid looking into the light source directly with your bare hands. This eye contact may cause damage to your eyes since the brightness has high illumination power.

Advantages of using the EPR Spot 370 moving head spot

MOKA SFX moving head projector brings a lot of advantages to its users, and some of these are;

Have Quality Product
You get to own a quality and durable moving head projector. We ensured that the materials used to make these moving head stage lights met all the required standards. The result was the production of a durable device with the potential to serve you years. If you handle it as per the given specification, you will keep it safe and use it for a long time. We invest in quality items for your assured durable use.

Perfect Beams
You will get to enjoy quality light beams with our moving head spot light. The beam will always come out strong, while the LCD screen display ensures that the light rays come out perfectly. Not only will you receive a quality moving head projector but also quality light beams. Your events will receive the perfect glow to host them in style. By investing in the EPR Spot 370 moving head stage lights, you will be investing in pure quality.

Certified Moving Head Stage Lights
Certified companies with esteemed reputations don’t come easily. We have stayed in the special-effect production field for years. Our team has gathered skills and expertise over the years to put them in a position to offer a trusted moving head projector. When you purchase with us, you don’t stand to lose your money or your product. You will get the required service from us and a guarantee to receive your moving head projector in perfect condition. Our company prides itself on trust with zero fraud complaints.

By purchasing this EPR Spot 370 moving head stage lights, you will enjoy using a moving head projector with the most modern features. Entertainment joints did not use the DMX and RDM control features in the past years. Having a lighting system that uses these control techniques speaks volumes about your taste in trending products. These moving head stage lights comprise the most recent items in the lighting industry. Your venues and events will get crowned with unique and modern items by choosing exclusive entertainment equipment from us.

Servicing and Maintenance of Moving Head Stage Lights

Always ensure that you have the mains power supply switched off before attempting any repairs or maintenance.

Use a soft brush to clean the gobos. Interior cleaning should be performed once a year using a vacuum cleaner or an air-jet. You should not service any internal parts of the device except the ramp and the fuse.

If the light burns out, replace the fuse. Before replacing the fuse, switch off the mains power supply. You will need to use a fuse of the same type and rating to replace the damaged fuse.
Always conduct the manufacturer during these servicing operations and let them be done by qualified personnel.


In conclusion, the EPR Spot 370 moving head projector will bring out the best in every event you host. This moving head spot has excellent good-time potential for all your audiences at any time. When you follow all the provided guidelines, the fixture will provide you with great entertainment memories.

Also, you can get a free quote for your moving head projector from our site as well. We sent the manual and all help you need to use MOKA SFX moving head stage lights in your next event. So, grab your favorite MOKA SFX EPR Spot 370 moving head projector for your next event!

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