EPR SPOT 1000 is a new lead of high-output luminaire with an exceptional feature set, superior light quality and a highly efficient optical system. It has most outstanding performance in the whole market, which is leading lighting in the 1000-watt range and is even an alternative to 1500-watt fixtures. This EPR SPOT is not only brighter, it is also a faster and more compact solution. With its 1000-watt HID source, the spot consumes less power, making it over 50% more efficient than its 1000 -watt rivals.


  • Screen rotation.
  • Auto error detection.
  • Wireless input, wired input, wireless in/xlr out
  • Touch screen,English menu.
  • Each DMX Value displayable.


SOURCEOSRAM 1000W/PS Lok-it! /PHILIPS MSR GOLD 1000 MiniFastfit
VOLTAGEAC120-240V 50/60HZ
Color temperature6000K
ScanPan630°, Tilt270°, Fixture could auto reset.
Color wheelOne open+8colors.
Gobo wheelone open + 4 gobos+FX
Gobo wheel 2one open+5 gobos.
Frostlinear frost
Focuslinear focus.
Shutterelectronic shutter, random strobe.
Dimmerlinear dimmer.
Prism systemprism effect, with rotating.
Zoomlinear amplifier
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EPR SPOT 1000 adopts three-pin& five-pin signal plug for optional. 2.8 inch color touch screen, Chinese and English menu, with automatic flip function, which can display the DMX value of each channel.

The EPR SPOT 1000 is a full-featured lighting fixture that delivers an output and performance never before seen in a fixture this size or one using so little power. Unlike other fixtures in this class, the EPR SPOT 1000 does not give up an iris or animation wheel – they are both included along with a lighting system and rotating gobos.

The lighting system consists of four shutter blades that can all individually adjust +/- 30° while the entire system can rotate +/- 55°. The exacting system can repeat each cue with great precision. When fully focused, gobos can be nicely framed with a soft edge. The EPR SPOT 1000 has adopted the compact form, impressive speed, superior light quality, and beautiful colors that the EPR SPOT 1000 is renowned for and uses the same 1000-watt lamp.

EPR SPOT 1000 fixtures’ versatility allows it to fit comfortably and perform in tours, theatres, or fixed installations.


EPR SPOT 1000 is characterized by its powerful beam and uniform brightness. It was built with 8-60 degree zoom, which has a range of 1730-75000 Lumens, excellent light quality with a very flat and uniform field.

With 8 colors wheel and 4 static gobo wheel plus 10 rotating gobo wheel, EPR SPOT 1000 could make lots fun combo, you could choose what need, providing high-quality choices for theaters, outdoor performances, high-end entertainment and other professional performance venues.

The temperature is as low as minus 30 degrees, EPR SPOT 1000 can still be used normally, in line with the director’s requirements for stage lighting.

EPR SPOT 1000 weighs is around 42KG, compare with similar lighting fixtures in the market, it is more compact, which is easier for you to make transportation and installation.

If you want to have a remarkable effect on your stage, please feel free to contact us!

  • Please handle the MOKA SFX MOVING HEAD LIGHT by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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Lots of SFX items made by China manufacturer are lack of the critical point: “Details”. But you will find an elegance arrangement product line in us, as we believe that only details will speak out for our difference to the others.

EPR Spot 1000 moving head beam

    ▾ How Best is MOKA SFX Moving Head Beam EPR SPOT 1000 for Next Wedding?
    ▾ Features of the EPR Spot 1000 Moving Head Beam.
    ▾ How to operate the EPR Spot 1000 Moving Head Beam?
    ▾ Advantages of using this moving head beam.​
    ▾ Safety precautions for moving head beam. ​
    ▾ Things to Keep in Mind While Using EPR SPOT 1000 moving head beam.​
    ▾ Maintenance and servicing of moving head beam.
    ▾ Conclusion

How Best is MOKA SFX Moving Head Beam EPR SPOT 1000 for Next Wedding

When it comes to lighting moving head beam for weddings, clubs, and other entertainment events, you will need the perfect lighting solution. Our moving lights for theatre get exclusive designs to light up your theatres marvelously. The entertainment industry has grown, and the equipment improved tremendously over the years. Our EPR Spot 1000 moving head beam comes in such a time to offer a modern lighting solution in all your events.

When you think of a portable, durable and classic lighting moving head wash, you should think of the EPR Spot 1000 moving head beam. Specific parameters make it your desired choice. The features of this moving head wash will amaze you. You will find so many benefits of using this moving head wash that you will recommend it to your colleagues. Let us look at some of these factors that make this item so unique.

Features of the EPR Spot 1000 Moving Head Beam

Our moving head beam EPR SPOT 1000 has amazing features. Lets’ explore why you need this for your next event!

Control Systems
This moving head beam has various control systems. Sometimes you find that a unique item has only one control system. This specification puts you at risk because if the product malfunctions, you will have no other way of operating it. Our moving head wash will be controlled using a remote, the RDM feature, DMX, or sound and motion sensors. All these work to perfect your event performance and make it colorful.

Perfect Voltage Frequency
OUR EPR SPOT 1000 moving head beam has excellent voltage and frequency ratings. Did you realize that the moving head wash has a voltage rating of 120-240V and a frequency of 50/60Hz? These ratings make the device voltage suitable in most events’ venues. You will not receive pressure on re-configuring your voltage to accommodate the moving lights for theatre. When our team of experts made this moving head wash, they ensured you would get an easy working time. With the desired voltage, you will not risk electrical damage to your device.

Different Channels
We featured the item with 26 channels in this moving head beam. The channels will help you enjoy a variety of lighting experiences. Each channel will offer you great lighting options with unique coverage. The more colorful lighting you have, the more beautiful your venue.

Wheels and Amplifier
You will get to enjoy an R-Gobo wheel two and the Gobo-R wheel. These Gobos add to your theatre and club lighting. The Gobos help the moving head beam projector in creating light scenes and shapes.

The zooming has a linear amplifier. This amplifier will help better your lighting experience.

Linear Focus, and Adjustable Angles
The product offers a linear focus and frost. This focus will help you illuminate your desired venues without light deviation.

We ensured adjustable angles in the lighting fixture. If you notice, our moving head wash accommodates a 360-degree pan rotation. This aspect qualifies this product as being the most flexible for entertainment events. The item can tilt at 270 degrees too. This wide range in flexibility and tilting makes this entertainment lighting fixture the best.

Prism Effect
This moving head beam has a prism effect accompanied by rotation. This prism effect refers to the bending of lighting due to surfaces within the fixture with angles between them. This ability means that the lighting in the entertainment field comprises different lighting outcomes, making the lighting cause beautiful projections.

Strobe Effect
You will enjoy the use of an electrical shutter and a random strobe with this moving head wash.

Our moving lights for theatre weigh a net weight of 42 kilograms. This weight may be handled effectively by the buyer, and the product is used for portable use.

How to operate the EPR Spot 1000 Moving Head Beam

The best way to operate a product is in the most appropriate manner that is as mentioned in the user manual. So, here is how you have to operate this moving head wash; just follow the following simple steps;

1. Connect the power cable to the mains source after ensuring the voltage matches that of your fixture

2. Let it charge and then switch the device on

3. Secure the moving lights for the theatre in a safe location. Consider hiring a professional to install and use secondary support for the device to prevent accidents.

4. The equipment will produce a light beam upon switching on

5. Use the various control modes to switch between the channels

6. After enjoying the various color lightings, turn and tilt the device angles to ensure the beam has several location foci

7. After using the moving head wash, switch it off and disconnect the power cable from the power source

Advantages of using this moving head beam

EPR SPOT 1000 is the most appropriate and beneficial moving head wash that suits your next event. How beneficial is this, let’s dig deeper!

Quality Product
You will get the desired durable and quality lighting fixture. The first thing any person wants to know when purchasing involves the need for a quality, durable service. We produced this moving head wash to offer you a lasting lighting solution to your events. With perfect maintenance, this item will last with you for many years in your entertainment business.

Genuine moving head wash
You will enjoy the assurance of sincere and genuine products. We have stayed in this market and built a genuine brand for years. Our businesses revolve around genuine products and trust from most of our customers. By investing and buying with us, your money will reward you with your desired moving lights for theatre. You won’t risk fraud and theft in our business transactions.

Certified Product Come
You will get the unique chance to work with a certified company. Our company enjoys certifications from various reputable international institutions. All these certifications come to assure you of quality products that have lasted for years. The proof serves to assure you we qualify in providing you with the ultimate entertainment lighting solution.

Follows the Modern Demands and Features
The moving lights for theatre come with great features. The EPR Spot 1000 moving head beam features will make you realize the change in modern lighting. You will enjoy classic light options with great operating tools. These features do your work easily, granting you humble operational timing. The features make these moving lights for theatre stand out also in the entertainment industry. The casing and design will help in the décor aspect since the product stands out as beautiful in your venue’s decorative design.

User Manual Guidance
The user manual provided grants you the opportunity to operate, maintain and use the product personally. Sometimes getting a professional handle on each and everything concerning the item may become expensive. The user manual offers you guidelines for a personal operation that, if you follow, you will achieve a great experience.

Warrantied Moving Lights for Theatre
You will get to enjoy a warranty cover. As long as your moving head beam has no man-induced damages, then you qualify for a free replacement or repair with us. You need to follow all the given manual guidelines to keep you fit for warranty protection.

Various Controls
The various control apparatus provides you with an easy time. Since your job involves various activities, we ensured that the sound system might control the lighting colors. This way, even when you get engaged in a different task, the lighting keeps the pace, and your audience feels entertained.

Safety precautions for moving head beam

Here are some precautions you should take while using these moving lights for theatre EPR SPOT 1000!

During Installation

  • Always ensure that the installation gets done by a skilled professional. Due to the weight of this device, a fall may cause an accident, so the installer should firmly fix it on its location.
  • The user to the latter should follow the instructions on the installation provided by the manual. These instructions ensure a firm fit and adherence to the product use. The manual offers pictorial presentations to help you achieve the desired output.
  • Ensure that the power cable has no weak joints or damages of any kind before connecting it to the mains. Any physical damages may result in electrocution or electrical damage to the lighting fixture. Conduct a thorough check-up of all the devices used in the installation to ensure they function correctly and in an excellent state.

Things to Keep in Mind While Using EPR SPOT 1000 moving head beam

  • Ensure the mains stay switched off during installation and routine maintenance practices. This switching off keeps the device protected from electrical damages and power surges.
  • Use secondary attachment if the moving lights for theatre get fixed hanging or on high places. The secondary attachments help share the weight as much as they act as safety holders for the machine. Ideal secondary attachments prevent accidents by holding the fixture in place when the original attachment malfunctions. The attachments also hold in place those parts that may fall off from the device and prevent loosening.
  • The earthing connector should be earthed as required. The conductor comes in green or yellow colors. The class one classification calls for earthing, which safeguards the device from electrical surges.
  • Keep the moving lights for theatre dry and safe from extreme temperatures and weather elements. The device has specifications that make it ideal for internal use only. Using this item for outdoor events exposes it to the weather elements that may threaten its existence. After the device gets exposed to extreme temperatures, let it cool off before switching it on. When the temperatures get to room temperature, then it’s safe to operate.
  • Ensure there exist enough ventilation around the moving lights for theatre. Overheating shortens the moving head beam’s battery life. If the machine gets installed too close to other surfaces, overheating will occur. To ensure that this occurrence gets avoided, always install the machine with a 10-centimeter ventilation space between surfaces. The fan will then work optimally, eventually cooling off the device.
  • Consult a skilled professional when you need to repair or fix the fixture. These moving lights for theatre have unique specifications that will require the knowledge of a professional to repair correctly. Repairing the machine in the wrong way puts the product at risk of permanent damage.
  • When power gets cut or the machine has depleted the stored charge, ensure a 20-minute break before powering it back on. This break allows the machine to cool off and preserve the battery life.
  • Never look directly into the lighting device with your eyes. You may find this lighting intense and has the potential to harm your eyes.

Maintenance and servicing of moving head beam

The EPL Spot 1000 moving head beam requires regular maintenance services. You should perform the following to keep the device in perfect working conditions:

  • Keep the device from dust, dirt, and fluid residues to prevent build-ups. These sediments may block the ventilation of the equipment. When this blockage occurs, the cooling gets messed up with resulting in overheating. Fluids may lead to short-circuiting and result in permanent damage to the device. When fluids get into conduct the electrical circuit, they may put you at the risk of electrocution. Routine checks on these factors will keep your device functioning effectively.
  • Check on the device’s cables on an everyday basis. The cables should be in their perfect physical condition. Wears and tears may expose some wires, which may pose a risk to the audience and users at large. By checking on the condition of the cables, you will ensure replacements where needed. You should ensure that the cables don’t intertwine and mix up while connected. This act of carefulness will ensure that the correct cabling gets done.
  • The lens should get cleaned once a week. You will also need to clean the fans once a month. While cleaning, ensure that you use suitable materials. You need to always use a soft brush in cleaning the gobos. The devices’ interior should get cleaned once annually using the vacuum cleaner.
  • Always check the secondary attachments for wear and tear. The security of your audience depends on the condition of these attachments. A regular check should get conducted and where replacement gets realized, ensure you do it as soon as possible.


Using modern equipment in the entertainment industry has good results for the events platform. If you need to amaze your clients and attract more clients, then your focus will shift to the trending solutions in your events industry. Our company comes to make this success possible by producing unique entertainment equipment for your business. Our EPL Spot 1000 moving head beam will provide you with all the required satisfaction in your club, restaurant, hotel, wedding venue, and all those places you need to make the lighting extra-ordinarily excellent.

After purchasing this product, be sure to follow the specifications offered in the user manual.
These specifications will always require the assistance of qualified personnel. To avoid damaging the device, always consult a professional. You may use this equipment with other special-effect devices like smoke and fog machines. Equipping your venue with the lighting tiles will add to the experience of your event. The equipment working together will produce an array of beautiful lights that appear amidst the smoke and fog. If you wish to crown your events with our EPL Spot 1000 moving head beam, feel free to conduct us for a personified buyer experience. Your satisfaction comes first in our mantra.

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