EPR 250W 3IN1 LED Beam Light

The EPR 250W 3IN1  Beam Light is a 250W LED professional moving head beam light that creates beams, gobos, and wash effects, making it a highly popular product from MOKA SFX. It features various gobos that can spin, shake, and expand for cool effects. The 3-facet prism can create amazing gobo effects.

It supports DMX512 (18CH)/Master-Slave/Auto/Sound, allowing you to take control with ease.

Perfect for indoor stages, nightclubs, bars, and weddings – wherever you want to create a cool ambiance.

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  • 250W White Light LED
  • 3-facet Prism
  • 10 Fixed Gobos + White Light
  • 7 Glass Gobos + White Light
  • 9 Colors+ White Light



Max Power450W
Light Source250W white LED
Lifetime>20,000 hours
Motorized Zoom7°-21°
Variable CTO8300K
Prism3-facet prism
Color wheel9 colors and White Light
Gobo wheel10 Fixed Gobos and White Light
7 Glass Gobos and White Light
Control ModeDMX512/ Master-Slave/Sound/ Auto
DMX Channel18CH
DisplayLCD +5 buttons
Product Size540X275X200(mm)
Package Size460×460×580(mm)
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Welcome to the magical realm of the EPR LED 250W 3-IN-1 Moving Head Beam Light! Each 250W beam of light cuts through the dark night, flowing through your event with a continuous, bright, and dazzling glow.

Here, you’re the choreographer of creativity, freely blending colors and gobos to display a medley of 9 vibrant shades, casting forth a captivating spectrum.

Roses unfurl, snowflakes twirl, stars shimmer like galaxies, rings leap into motion, and intricate gobos weave together – every complex design takes center stage, enriching your imaginative presentation.

This beam light’s mechanics glide like a dancer’s graceful movements. With a wide 540° horizontal rotation, micro-adjustment precision down to 0.008°, and pinpoint-accurate 270° vertical control, it outlines dynamic light and shadow artistry, creating moving visuals within this enchanting world.

From performance stages to nightclubs, bars to dance performances, the Moving Head Beam Light is your creative companion.

Let the light dance! Reach out to us immediately to uncover more details!


Introducing the captivating EPR LED 250W 3-IN-1 Moving Head Beam Light! With its intense spotlight, diverse gobos, and a rich array of colors, your stage will be instantly transformed with mesmerizing radiance.

Featuring a powerful 250W white light LED source and enhanced by premium optical lenses, it projects sharp beams and clear images.

A single color wheel offers 9 vibrant hues along with white light, enabling flowing color transitions and enchanting rainbow effects.

Equipped with dual gobo wheels, the first showcasing 10 fixed metal gobos plus white light, and the second revealing 7 customizable glass gobos that rotate independently – these gobos can be shaken and enlarged. You can choose from an array of options including florals, stars, stripes, and more.

With a standalone frost wheel, it smoothly transitions from 0 to 100% linear frost, adding a gentle gradient to the illumination.

The magnification and dimming features facilitate linear adjustments in magnification, spanning from 7° to 21°, alongside linear dimming control from 0 to 100%.

Flexible control options encompass DMX512 (18CH), master-slave, auto, and the dynamic Music mode, catering to a variety of preferences.

Reach out now to inquire and illuminate your stage in dazzling splendor!

  • Always disconnect the power before performing maintenance.
  • Keep this fixture dry and avoid operating it in humid conditions.
  • Intermittent usage effectively prolongs the lifespan of this light.
  • To ensure optimal ventilation and lighting performance, regularly clean the fan, fan grille, and lens.
  • Avoid using organic solvents like alcohol to clean the exterior of the fixture, as it may cause damage.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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Discover the enchantment of the EPR LED 250W 3IN1 Beam Light.

    ▾ Why Choose the EPR LED 250W 3IN1 Beam Light?
    ▾ What Gobo Effects Can the Moving Head Beam Light Create?
    ▾ What Other Effects Does the Beam Light Offer?
    ▾ How Does the Mechanical Smoothness of the Moving Head Beam Light Reflect?
    ▾ Where is the EPR LED 250W Beam Light Applicable?
    ▾ How to Clean and Maintain the Beam Light?
    ▾ Summary

Why Choose the EPR LED 250W 3IN1 Beam Light?

Outstanding Light Performance
MOKA SFX presents a new level of lighting experience with the EPR LED 250W 3in1 Moving Head Beam Light. Powered by a high-output 250W white light LED, it outperforms traditional bulb sources in various aspects. Its remarkable lifestime of over 20,000 hours stands out the most. This means you can enjoy consistent high-quality lighting without the need for frequent bulb replacements, saving you time and maintenance costs.

LEDs are also known for their energy efficiency. Compared to traditional bulbs, LEDs produce more light while generating less heat, resulting in less energy waste and a more environmentally friendly lighting solution. This also contributes to cost savings, providing you with greater economic benefits over extended usage.

Moreover, LEDs offer a broader range of color temperatures. With a color temperature of 8300K, the light produces a clear and bright beam, making it suitable for environments like theaters, exhibitions, and concerts where clarity and details are crucial, delivering diverse lighting effects.

Colorful Effects
Featuring a color wheel with 9 diverse colors plus pure white light, you can effortlessly create various atmospheres. Each color shines vibrantly, allowing you to switch between colors and instantly illuminate your performance scene. Whether you need passionate and dynamic ambiance or warm and gentle lighting, this versatile color wheel caters to your different needs. From red, green, and blue to purple, orange, yellow, and countless in-between shades, you’ll craft perfect lighting effects matching your performance theme.

Rich Gobo Effects
Equipped with a fixed metal gobo wheel containing 10 gobos plus white light, and a glass gobo wheel containing 7 gobos plus white light, this light allows for personalized gobo customization.

The 10 gobos in the metal gobo wheel encompass a variety of themes, ranging from romantic roses to mystical starry skies, from intricate geometric shapes to captivating textures. Each gobo is carefully designed to project with sharp clarity, enhancing your performance.

Similarly, the 7 gobos in the glass gobo wheel offer diversity, showcasing unique abstract designs and artistic textures in a transparent manner. Notably, these glass gobos are customizable and independently rotatable, allowing easy adjustments for a unique effect.

3-Facet Prism
Equipped with a 3-facet prism, this ingenious feature greatly enhances the projection of beams and gobos. As light passes through the prism, it refracts into multiple angled beams, creating a splendid and breathtaking array of overlapping projections. This not only enriches the overlay effect of gobos but also adds depth and dimension to the entire stage.

Versatile Control Modes
Supporting various control methods including DMX512 (18CH), master-slave, auto, and music mode, this light lets you achieve a wide array of lighting effects and performances, adding more creativity and surprises to your event.

Unleash your creativity, let the brilliance shine. Choose the EPR LED 250W 3-IN-1 Moving Head Beam Light, click to inquire, and embark on your illuminating journey!


What Gobo Effects Can the Moving Head Beam Light Create?

Exquisite and Diverse Gobo Effects
Inside the beam light, there is a metal fixed gobo wheel and a glass gobo wheel, housing a total of 17 exquisite gobos. The gobo styles include roses, snowflakes, starry skies, rings, multiple lines, and various intricate designs. Additionally, the 7 gobos on the glass gobo wheel are removable, allowing for personalized gobo customization.

Fantastical Mirrored Gobos
When gobos are combined with the 3-facet prism, they are fragmented into multiple mirrored images, creating a series of illusion-like overlapping and spreading effects.

Dynamic Gobo Effects
The individual gobo pieces on the glass wheel can rotate independently, projecting gobos that rotate in place. The 3-facet prism also possesses a rotation feature, which, when applied to gobos, achieves spot rotation.

These two rotation features can be combined, enabling gobos to simultaneously rotate in place and spot, infusing them with more vitality and dynamism.

Multi-Effect Gobos
The gobo can be linearly magnified within a range of 7° to 21° for focusing. When the enlarged gobo becomes blurry, you can achieve a clear and large gobo by adjusting the focus.. In addition to magnification, gobos can jitter and flow in both forward and reverse directions, adding more variation and vitality to your scenes.

Creativity springs from gobos. Click the inquiry button below to unveil a world of colorful lighting!

250w beam light

What Other Effects Does the Beam Light Offer?

Magnification Functionality
 Enable linear magnification from 7° to 21°, allowing you to freely adjust the beam’s angle and width to obtain the desired projection effects in different scenes

Dimming Capability
Support linear dimming range from 0 to 100%, allowing you to effortlessly control the light’s brightness, ranging from soft background lighting to intense focusing effects.

Independent Frost Wheel
 Built-in standalone frost wheel offers linear frost effects from 0 to 100%. This adds a soft gradient effect to the light, making the projected light smoother and more natural, creating a more layered light and shadow effect for the entire scene.Want to create more effects? Try pairing it with a fog machine!

Multiple Strobe Modes
 Support various strobe modes, including sync, split, pulse, and random. Different strobe modes can create unique dynamic effects for your stage.

Want to easily master these multi-effects? Click the inquiry button below to learn more about wholesale offers for the EPR LED 250W 3in1 Moving Head Beam Light and let each light become a canvas for your creative stage!

How Does the Mechanical Smoothness of the Moving Head Beam Light Reflect?

Wide Horizontal Rotation
This fixture boasts a broad 540° horizontal rotation range. With a precision of just 2.11° per step, it enables highly accurate angle adjustments. Whether you want to create sweeping beam effects or precise focusing, it excels effortlessly.

Ultimate Fine-Tuning
The EPR LED 250W 3in1 Moving Head Beam Light shines when it comes to subtle adjustments. Its fine-tuning capability goes as far as an astonishing 0.008°, ensuring you can make minute adjustments to the beam precisely. This level of precision allows you to achieve more accurate effects in creative designs.

Precise Vertical Control
In the vertical direction, it features a 270° rotation range, with each step being a mere 1.05°. The fine-tuning is even more meticulous, at just 0.004°. This grants you easy control over the beam’s height and angle, creating finer projection effects.

Advanced Control Modes
Utilizing advanced control modes like DMX512, it offers finer and smoother control over the lighting. Whether adjusting speed, angles, or switching modes, it maintains a stable trajectory during movement, ensuring no unstable stuttering or shaking.

Want more information? Click here to watch our official video!

Where is the EPR LED 250W Beam Light Applicable?

Music Performances
Whether it’s a rock concert, pop music event, or electronic music festival, this fixture can create a unique atmosphere for your music stage. Placed on the stage, it presents an unforgettable visual feast for the audience through colorful beams and dynamic effects.

Event Parties
From private birthday parties to large corporate events, the vibrant beams and diverse dynamic effects will elevate the party atmosphere, creating an unforgettable joyous night for you and your guests. You can also pair it with abyss dance floor lights to create a distinctive ambiance for your party!

Theater Productions
Create a diverse range of lighting effects for the stage, immersing actors and the audience in the world of drama. From gentle background lighting to dramatic highlights, this fixture can switch between different lighting according to the needs of the plot.

No matter the scale of the wedding, it can use unique beams, colorful variations, and dynamic effects to create a romantic and mysterious atmosphere, immersing you and your guests in wonderful moments.

Wondering if the EPR LED 250W 3in1 Moving Head Beam Light is suitable for your event? Contact us for free information and consultation!

How to Clean and Maintain the Beam Light?

Power Off Maintenance
Always disconnect the power before performing any maintenance operations to ensure safe handling.

Keep Dry
Keep the fixture operating in a dry environment, avoiding exposure to damp conditions.

Intermittent Use
 Try to avoid continuous use of the fixture for long periods. Intermittent use can effectively extend the fixture’s lifespan.

Regular Cleaning
To maintain good ventilation and lighting effects, regularly clean the fan, fan grille, and lens. Accumulated dust and debris may impact the fixture’s performance.

Avoid Organic Solvents
 Do not use organic solvents such as alcohol to wipe the fixture’s housing, as it may damage the surface. Use a soft, clean cloth for gentle wiping.


The EPR LED 250W 3in1 Moving Head Beam Light introduced by MOKA SFX is a versatile professional beam light that seamlessly integrates beam projection, gobo effects, and wash features. With its exquisite design and a powerful 250W white LED source, it delivers sharp beams and clear projections. The 8300K white light color temperature, along with the linear zoom enlargement range of 7° to 21° and efficient output lifespan, promises to create a visual spectacle for the audience.

This lighting fixture finds application in various settings including stage performances, nightclubs, bars, dance shows, and more. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to explore the captivating features of the EPR LED 250W 3in1 Moving Head Beam Light!

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