EPR 400W 3IN1 CMY LED Moving Head Beam Light

The MOKA SFX EPR 400W 3IN1 Moving Head Beam Light is powered by a potent 400W LED, which delivers an output of up to 80,000 lumens at a distance of 4 meters. It provides a color wheel, two gobo wheels and dual prisms. It also features CMY wheels, and color temperature control, to achieve full-color gamut color calibration.

You can easily control it via an LCD screen with dual operating modes (buttons and touch), allowing for the creation of broad washes, sharp beams, and impressive aerial gobo effects.

The fixture supports DMX512 (23CH), Auto, Sound, and Master-Slave, making it suitable for various occasions, including rentals, touring shows, theaters, weddings, and exhibitions.


  • 400W LED 3IN1
  • CMY+ CTO color mixing
  • 6-facet linear prism, 8+8-facet circular prism
  • 12 fixed gobos, 7 glass gobos
  • 8 colors and half color effects


Max Power430W
Light SourceLED
Lifetime5,0000 hours
Motorized Zoom2.7°~36°
Variable CTOlinear CMY+CTO color mixing system
Prism6-facet linear prism
8+8-facet circular prism
Color wheel8 colors + white light, half-color effects
Gobo wheel12 fixed gobos+white light

7 glass gobos+white light

Control ModeDMX512/Automatic/Sound/Master-Slave
DMX Channel23CH
DisplayLCD,5 buttons and touch
Product Size380X270X650(mm)
Package Size540X450X610(mm)
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EPR 400W 3IN1 Moving Head Beam Light is provided by a robust 400W LED, delivering powerful luminous output for your stage.

It features a color wheel with 8 color filters, including white light and color temperature filters.

There’s a fixed gobo wheel with 12 intricately carved hollow gobos, and a customizable gobo wheel offering seven customization options, all of which can rotate independently.

It includes an independent frost filter, a 6-facet linear prism, and an 8+8-facet circular prism.

Additionally, it comes equipped with a CMY color filter wheel, allowing you to calibrate colors across the entire color spectrum.

With dimensions of 380x270x650() millimeters and a net weight of 22.5 kilograms, it can accommodate enhanced performance and functionality.

The front of the fixture is equipped with a large LCD display and supports dual operation modes with both button controls and touch control.

It offers multiple operation modes, including DMX512 (23CH), Auto and Sound.


EPR 400W 3IN1 Moving Head Beam Light can create wide wash, sharp beams, and amazing aerial gobo effects.

The CMY and color temperature control are the highlights. With 8 colors, CMY color filters, and color temperature control, you can adjust colors precisely across the entire color range. If you need accurate color reproduction, EPR 400W 3IN1 Beam Light is perfect for you!

It fixtures 12 fixed gobos with beautiful and unique designs, and it offers over 90 different gobo styles to choose from, including stars, snowflakes, stripes, and more.

Moreover, we provide personalized customization services. Just provide your creative gobos before ordering. Gobos can be resized, giving you unlimited creative space.

With a 6-facet linear prism and an 8+8-facet circular prism, gobos can overlap or layer, resulting in a wider range of effects.

It’s cost-effective and offers great value, with the ability to achieve various operations and rich lighting effects in one product.

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  • To reduce the risk of electrical shock or fire, do not expose this unit to rain or moisture.
  • Intermittently using will extend this item’s service life.
  • Please clear the fan ,fan net , and optical lens in order to keep good work state.
  • Do not use the alcohol or any other organic solvent to wipe the shell.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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ALL About EPR 400W 3IN1 CMY LED Moving Head Beam Light

    ▾ Why is EPR 400W 3IN1 Moving Head Beam Light your top choice?
    ▾Astonishing Experience: Rotate! Refract! Magnify! Zoom!
    ▾ Why is it suitable for concerts, weddings, and theaters?
    ▾ How to Operate and Control?
    ▾ What Safety Measures Does the Fixture Have?
    ▾ How to Perform Maintenance and Care?
    ▾ Request More Information
    ▾ Feel free to send your inquiry!

Why is EPR 400W 3IN1 Moving Head Beam Light your top choice?

400W LED
EPR 400W 3IN1 Beam Light features a powerful 400W LED light source with stable power and strong output. Professional tests show that it can deliver up to 80,000 lumens of brightness output at a distance of only 4 meters when the beam angle is as narrow as 2.7°. It brings intense spotlighting effects for stage lighting, perfect for highlighting key elements, creating dramatic effects, or producing captivating visual displays.

CMY Color Module
The beam light is equipped with a color wheel, including 8 color filters and color temperature filters, along with three separate color modules (Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow). You can mix and match different colors as needed, achieving diverse and precise color combinations. Whether you need vibrant and bright colors or soft and warm lighting, it’s easy to achieve.

It also features motorized zoom, ranging from 4° to 36°. This feature allows you to adjust the focal length based on the situation, changing the beam’s spread range. With zoom, you can precisely control the focus and dispersion of the illumination, ensuring wide coverage and consistent coloring. This feature is crucial for adapting to different scene requirements.

To soften and naturalize the beam, the beam light also has a diffusion effect. This feature transforms sharp beams into soft, artistic lighting, enhancing the warmth and artistic quality of the lighting effect.

For optimal results, it’s recommended to use it with a fog machine, which adds a subtle diffusion effect, making the beam even softer and more natural. This is especially suitable for stage performances, concerts, weddings, and other occasions.

13 Fixed Gobos and 7 Custom Gobos
Inside a metal gobo wheel, there are 13 intricately designed fixed gobos, including stars, snowflakes, stripes, pinwheels, and more.

A glass gobo wheel holds 7 exchangeable gobos. Not sure how to design gobos?

MOKA SFX offers you a selection of 90 gobos+ styles, including flowers, ripples, abysses, whirlpools, and other intricate and exquisite designs.Gobo aren’t just static decorations; they can also move, zoom, enlarge, and rotate.

Additionally, with 6-facet linear prism and 8+8-facet circular prism, Gobos can be refracted to create a wide range of effects. You can choose different Gobos and effects according to various scenes and music to enhance the visual appeal and atmosphere of your performance.

Customization Service
MOKA SFX provides gobo customization services. With over 90 gobo styles to choose from, if none of them suit your needs, we also support custom gobos. Simply provide your gobo creative ideas to our sales team after placing your order.

It’s the EPR 400W 3IN1 Beam Light’s wide wash effect, sharp beam, and impressive aerial gobo effects that make it your premium choice! Click to inquire and get the latest quote!

Astonishing Experience: Rotate! Refract! Magnify! Zoom!

The MOKA SFX EPR 400W 3IN1 Beam Light features dual prism. The first one is an 8+8 facet prism that cleverly refracts a floral gobo into multiple intricate gobos.The second is a 6-facet linear prism that refracts the gobo into a row of overlapping floral gobos, creating a novel and unique effect.

What’s even more exciting is that both prisms support bi-directional rotation, allowing the gobos to spin and present colorful dynamic gobos.

Furthermore, the EPR 400W 3IN1 Moving Head Beam Light offers zoom functionality. With a simple adjustment of the channel value, you can resize the gobos from large to small, projecting them as you wish. Even in large spaces with heights of 6-8 meters, this feature can fill the entire space with gobo effects.

The focal length can be adjusted from 4 meters to 50 meters, allowing you to have full control over the details and textures of the gobos through dynamic focal adjustments. It’s perfect for events that require emphasizing gobos and visuals, enhancing the venue’s decoration and atmosphere.

Gobo rotation, water ripple flow, and wave-like motion are all marvelous visual effects created by rich gobos and magical prisms. Are these the effects you’ve been looking forward to?

There are even more visual effects available, click here to watch the video on our official channel!

Why is it suitable for concerts, weddings, and theaters?

Portability and Easy Installation
This light fixture has a unique safety design. It is equipped with mechanical pan and tilt locks to prevent unnecessary movement during transportation. It’s the ideal choice for music festivals, weddings, and theaters. It’s especially perfect for stage rental companies.

The EPR 400W 3IN1 CMY LED Beam Light is a versatile professional moving head beam light that combines beam, wash, and gobos. It offers various lighting effects, color options, and control modes.

It’s suitable for stages with heights of 6-8 meters, providing broader, clearer, more colorful, and more creative lighting effects.

But that’s not all! Try pairing the beam light with moving head wash lights, and you can achieve even more diverse functions and effects, taking your stage performance beyond your expectations.

Stage equipment often undergoes frequent transportation and setup, making durability crucial. This light fixture fixtures a robust exterior and reliable construction to withstand the challenges of touring.

To further enhance durability, MOKA SFX offers airline-grade packaging options, which means your equipment receives extra protection. These specially designed airline cases typically feature shock resistance, waterproofing, and dustproofing, providing the highest level of protection during equipment transport and storage.

Ease of Operation
It supports various control methods, including DMX512 and manual operation (Auto/Sound). Whether you require precise control or basic lighting effects, the EPR 400W 3IN1 CMY LED Beam Light can meet your needs.

What kind of event are you planning? Click to inquire, and let MOKA SFX’s professional team provide you with the perfect solution!

beam light

How to Operate and Control?


  • Connect the console to the light fixture’s DMX input interface.
  • Configure the console to ensure communication with the light fixture.
  • Precisely control various lighting parameters such as color, brightness, and movement using the console’s 23 channels.

No Console? We Offer Three Other Control Modes:

Manual Operation:

  • Find the LCD screen, five buttons, and touch screen on the front of the fixture.
  • Use these buttons or the touch screen to navigate to the respective parameter settings page.
  • Adjust parameters such as color, brightness, and movement on the navigation page.
  • Manual operation allows you to directly control the fixture as needed.

Auto Mode:

  • Configure the fixture into auto mode.
  • Schedule or set the fixture’s trajectory, movement gobos, and speed parameters.
  • The fixture will move according to the scheduled trajectory and settings, creating dynamic beams and effects.

Sound Control Mode:

  • Configure the fixture into sound control mode.
  • The fixture will automatically change lighting effects based on the rhythm and sound variations of the music.
  • This is very useful for events like parties and dance halls that require basic lighting effects without complex manual operation.

Click now to inquire further about operating questions!

What Safety Measures Does the Fixture Have?

Enhanced Cooling System
We use axial fans to enhance cooling, ensuring the moving head beam maintains the appropriate temperature during operation and preventing overheating.

Safety Devices
Our fixture is equipped with an electronic temperature control overheating protection system. Once overheating is detected, the system will automatically power off, ensuring the safety of the equipment and operators.

20°C to 40°C Operating Environment
The fixture’s operating range is wide, from -20°C to 40°C, making it suitable for both frigid winters and scorching summers, ensuring outstanding performance.

IP20 Protection Rating
This sharpy light achieves an IP20 protection rating, effectively preventing dust and debris from entering the interior of the device, protecting it from external environmental influences.

How to Perform Maintenance and Care?

Regular Cleaning
Before cleaning, please ensure to turn off the fixture and disconnect the power promptly. Use a clean, soft cloth or velvet cloth to gently wipe the exterior of the fixture, including the lens and casing, to remove dust, dirt, and fingerprints. Ensure that the cleaning solution used does not damage the surface of the fixture.

Inspection and Tightening
Regularly inspect various parts of the fixture, including cables, connectors, and screws. Tighten any loose screws or connectors to ensure the stability of the equipment. Check for cable damage or wear and replace them promptly.

Keep Dry
Avoid exposing the fixture to damp or dusty environments. When storing the equipment, choose a dry, well-ventilated location to prevent dust and moisture damage.

Replace Bulbs and Parts
Ensure that you use the correct model of bulbs and parts to avoid unnecessary issues.

Maintain Ventilation
Ensure that the equipment’s cooling fans and ventilation openings remain unobstructed to prevent overheating and heat dissipation issues.

Detailed maintenance guidelines are provided in the user manual, and you can seek assistance from MOKA SFX’s professional after-sales team for any maintenance and care inquiries.

MOKA SFX offers a 1-year free warranty, and if you’re interested in purchasing the EPR 400W 3IN1 Beam Light, please contact us immediately for more details!

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The MOKA SFX EPR 400W 3IN1 Moving Head Beam Light can create wide-ranging wash, sharp beams, and astonishing aerial gobo effects for you. It is a professional stage beam light. Its standout features include CMY and color temperature control. If you require precision in color accuracy, choosing the EPR 400W 3IN1 Moving Head Beam Light is definitely the right choice!

With multiple operating modes, including, DMX512, Auto and Sound, it is suitable for stages with heights of 6-8 meters. It is applicable to various occasions such as rentals, touring performances, theaters, weddings, exhibitions, and more.

Want to learn more? Click to inquire, and MOKA SFX will be wholeheartedly at your service!

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