EPR 230W MINI Moving Head Beam Light | Sharpy Beam Light

EPR 230W Mini Beam Light is a compact, fast, and powerful bulb-driven moving head light. It is equipped with a color wheel, a fixed gobo, an 8-facet prism, and a rainbow wheel.

Exquisite and unique gobos and rainbow effects are waiting for you to explore! Additionally, its extremely narrow beam angle (2°) and rapid flash rates from 1 to 10 times per second are sure to leave a lasting impression!

It supports DMX512 (16CH), Scene, Sound, and Master-Slave modes. Suitable for spaces with a ceiling height of 5-6 meters, such as private parties, small bars, and music lounges. Contact us for the latest pricing!


  • 230W Bulb Light Source
  • 14 Color Filters and White
  • 14 Fixed gobos and White
  • Rainbow Effect and Frost Effect


AC Power110-240, 50/60Hz
Light SourceMSD 250w
Lifetime2200 hours
Color temperature8000K
Prisms8-facet prism
Color Wheel14 kinds of color chips
Gobo Wheel14 gobos
Control ModeDMX512/Auto/Sound
DMX Channel16CH
Voltage100-240V, 50/60Hz
Product Size284X234X441(mm)
Package Size500X345X365(mm)
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This sharpy beam 230W light is compact and light.

It’s 284X234X441(mm) in size and weighs 12 kilograms. You can easily set it up, take it down, and move it around without needing a lot of people.

It has a strong light that comes from a 230W bulb.

Inside the sharpy beam 230W light, there are 14 cool colors, 14 pretty gobos, and a 8-facet prism.

The sharpy beam 230W light also has a rainbow wheel and a frost wheel.

The sharpy beam 230W light has very narrow light angle (2°) and can flash quickly (1-10 times per second).

On the front of the moving beam 230W light, there’s a screen and five buttons. You can use them to change the settings and effects easily.

You can control it with DMX512 (16CH), Sound, Scenes, and Master-Slave mode. It can do a lot of things to make your party or event look awesome!


The beam 230W mini light is packed with cool features, super bright, and a great value.

Do you want to light up your indoor event and create a unique atmosphere?

The moving beam 230W light has a super narrow light beam angle of 2°, which can cut through the darkness and emit sharp white light.

With 14 vibrant colors and mixing effects, it adds a lot of colorful fun to your event.

There are also fancy gobos that set a different mood. Not only do we have windmills, fireworks, bubbles, lines, and circles, but you can also use a rotating prism to create multi-layered, dynamic gobos.

There’s a delightful rainbow ring effect, thanks to the clever use of a colorful wheel and an 8-facet prism. This makes the moving beam 230W change dynamically in the space, creating a colorful ring effect that spreads happiness and energy.

And it comes with a one-year warranty, so we’re here to help with any issues you might have!

Get in touch with us today – we can’t wait to hear from you!


  • Regularly clean the ventilation openings to prevent dust buildup and abnormalities.
  • Allow the fixture to cool for ten minutes before disassembling it.
  • Handle with care to avoid collisions and vibrations, ensuring the fixture remains undamaged.
  • To prolong its lifetime, avoid placing the fixture in rainy or humid environments.
  • Prevent exposing the fixture to high temperatures and direct sunlight to prevent damage to electronic components.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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Discovering the EPR 230W MINI Moving Head Beam Light

    ▾ Why is it suitable for indoor or small events?
    ▾ What are the advantages of the 230W mini moving head beam light?
    ▾ What are the upgrades for the new 230W mini moving head beam light?
    ▾ How to Connect and Operate?
    ▾ Suitable for What Occasions?
    ▾ How to Maintain and Clean?
    ▾ Conclusion

Why is it suitable for indoor or small events?

Compact and Lightweight

This moving beam 230W light is small, measuring 284x234x441(mm), and it weighs only 12 kilograms. Compared to large lighting equipment, it doesn’t take up much space whether you place it indoors or at small events.

Not only that, its light weight design makes it easy to set up and take down with minimal effort. It’s a great choice for indoor gatherings or small events like private parties, small bars, and music restaurants.

Energy Efficient

This moving beam 230W light uses a 230W low-power light source, which is eco-friendly. Even with low power, the moving beam 230W light can still provide bright and vibrant lighting. This means lower energy costs for your small events, giving you peace of mind.

Best Effects

Indoor environments typically offer better control over lighting, allowing you to precisely adjust and position the moving beam 230W light.

It comes with a variety of beautiful gobos, such as windmills, fireworks, bubbles, lines, circles, and a mesmerizing rainbow ring effect. These gobos, combined with a rotating prism, create multi-layered, dynamic visuals that add excitement to the stage.

Using this beam light indoors makes it easier to create specific atmospheres and emotions. For example, using the gentle rainbow effect at a banquet or wedding can create a romantic and relaxed atmosphere.

What are the advantages of the EPR 230W MINI Moving Head Beam Light?

Colorful and Stunning Effects

This moving beam 230W light can do amazing things! It can shoot out a super narrow beam of bright white light, like a laser, and it can also make beautiful colors and gobos. Inside the light, there are 14 colors, 14 pretty gobos, a rainbow wheel, and a 8-facet prism.

The prism can make the light look like it’s dancing with lots of fancy gobos, making your party or event full of joy and energy. Whether it’s a private party, a small bar, or a music restaurant, this light can make it look fantastic!

Great Value for Money

The moving beam 230W light is famous for being small, packed with features, and affordable. It’s not just a good light; it’s also budget-friendly.

It can do a lot of cool things and is easy to use. It works for all kinds of events, whether you’re a professional performer or just having fun with friends. It makes your event look amazing without costing too much money. That’s why it’s a great choice!

Small and Handy

If you have limited space, you should definitely think about using this 230W mini moving head beam light. It’s small and doesn’t take up much room, but it’s super easy to use and works really well.

Don’t be fooled by its size; it can do a lot of cool stuff with lights, colors, and gobos! It can make your event look colorful and unforgettable, no matter what kind of lighting you want. So, if you want your event to be awesome, this light is the way to go!

What are the upgrades for the new 230W mini moving head beam light?

Firstly, the new 230W mini moving head beam light has expanded the coverage range for gobos. This means you can project beautiful gobos over a wider area, filling up more of the stage and creating even more spectacular and impressive visual effects.

Secondly, the new 230W mini moving head beam light has added features to the rainbow disc, allowing you to go beyond a single color and achieve a rich and colorful rainbow effect. Through the rainbow effect, it conveys joy and vibrant energy to your event.

These upgrades make the new the 230W moving head beam light an innovative force in the lighting industry, whether it’s filling larger areas or creating more colorful rainbow effects, it will inject more creativity and vitality into your venue. Want to bring more effects to your event? You might want to try using it with wash lights, and it will surely bring you unexpected surprises!

How to Connect and Operate?

Manual Operation:

  1. LCD and Buttons: The moving beam 230W Light typically comes with an LCD screen and a set of buttons that allow for manual settings. These buttons may include up, down, left, right arrows, and a confirmation key for navigating and selecting different setting options.
  2. Access the Menu: Access the device’s menu system by pressing the appropriate buttons. The LCD screen can display various parameters such as brightness, color, and speed, allowing you to fine-tune the lighting effects as needed.
  3. Presets and Scene Modes: The light fixture has built-in scene modes that you can pre-set and save with the desired lighting parameters and effects. This provides a more flexible, efficient, and reliable way to control and manage lighting effects.
  4. Control Modes:
    • Auto Mode: You can set the light fixture to Auto Mode via the menu, allowing it to play built-in effects. This reduces the need for a lighting designer to control the lights manually, freeing up manpower for other important tasks and improving efficiency.
    • Sound Mode: By selecting Sound Mode, you can synchronize the lighting with the rhythm and beats of the music, enhancing audience interaction and engagement. This mode is ideal for concerts, parties, stage performances, and other entertainment events.
    • Master-Slave Mode: If you need to connect multiple moving head beam lights or other lighting devices, you can configure them in Master-Slave Mode to ensure they work together, creating stunning effects for the entire scene.

DMX512 Control:

  1. Connect Signal and Power Cables: First, connect the DMX signal cable between the DMX512 controller and the 230W mini moving head beam light for communication. Additionally, connect the power cable of the beam light for power supply.
  2. Configure Address Codes: In the DMX512 system, each device needs to be assigned a unique address code so that the controller can communicate with it.
  3. Channel Settings: Using the DMX512 controller, you can access sixteen channels and assign different values to control parameters such as brightness, color, and effects of the beam light.

The 230W mini moving head beam light offers multiple control methods, including manual operation, DMX512 control, auto mode, and sound mode. Whether you’re a professional lighting designer or an enthusiast, you can easily harness its capabilities to illuminate your event with endless possibilities.

Suitable for What Occasions?

Private Parties For private parties, the 230W moving head beam light can be used to create colorful and fun lighting effects for the party venue. You can adjust the lighting to match the music and party atmosphere either through manual operation or using a DMX512 control system.

Small Music Bars In small music bars, the 230W moving head beam light can enhance the ambiance and add visual appeal to music performances and dining experiences. You can use various scene modes and effects to complement different music styles and atmospheres.

Small Bars For small bars, the 230W moving head beam light can be used to highlight the bar area or dance floor to attract the attention of customers. By adjusting brightness and color, you can create different atmospheres at different times.

Churches In church settings, the 230W moving head beam light can be used for religious ceremonies, worship services, and other events. They can help create a solemn and sacred atmosphere.

Weddings At weddings, the 230W mini moving head beam light can be used to illuminate the wedding venue, create a romantic atmosphere, or add visual elements to the celebration. They can play a significant role in wedding ceremonies, receptions, or dance parties.

In summary, the 230W mini moving head beam light is highly versatile and suitable for various occasions. You can adjust the lighting effects and brightness according to the specific needs of the occasion to create the desired ambiance and visual effects. Whether it’s a private party, a music bar, a small bar, a church, or a wedding, the functionality of the 230W mini moving head beam light can be applied to different settings. For more lighting effects, you can watch our official website video!

How to Maintain and Clean?

Regularly Clean Ventilation Ports
Regularly clean the ventilation ports to prevent the accumulation of dust and debris. This ensures proper ventilation of the light fixture and prevents overheating and performance issues.

Allow 10 Minutes for Cooling Before Handling
Before disassembling or performing maintenance on the fixture, make sure it has cooled to room temperature. Wait for at least ten minutes to ensure that the internal components of the fixture do not overheat.

Avoid Moist Environments
To extend the life of the fixture, avoid placing it in humid or excessively damp environments. This prevents electronic components from getting damp and damaged.

Avoid High Temperatures and Direct Sunlight
Do not expose the fixture to high temperatures and direct sunlight to prevent electronic components from overheating and getting damaged.

Regular Inspection and Maintenance
Regularly inspect the fixture’s cables, plugs, and connections to ensure everything is in good working order. If you notice any abnormalities, perform repairs and replacements promptly.

Use Appropriate Cleaning Tools
When cleaning, use a soft cloth or dedicated cleaning tools. Avoid using corrosive chemicals or overly wet cleaning materials to protect the surface and casing of the fixture.


The 230W moving head beam light is a compact, energy-efficient fixture with rich colors, exquisite gobos, and a fog effect. It delivers optimal lighting effects even at a distance of 5-6 meters from the stage, making it perfect for private parties, small bars, music restaurants, and churches.

It supports DMX512 control (16CH), Auto, Sound control, Scene, and Master-Slave. Want more information?

Click “Inquire” and get in touch with us!

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