The EPL Mini 10 moving head light

EPL mini 10 with a bright 10-Watt LED source (rated at 30,000 hours) that generates a 10° beam angle, all within a compact, fan-cooled moving head. it mainly use for mobile entertainers, small clubs and bars, weddings, bowling centers and family parties.


  • 7 fixed gobos + spot
  • Gobo Shake effect, Gobo scroll mode
  • Separate color & gobo wheels


Power Voltage AC85 – 265V / 50 – 60HZ
Power Consumption60W
Control ModeAuto / Voice-activated / DMX / Master-slave
Channel11CH or 13CH
Pan / Tilt540° (16 bit) / 270° (16 bit)
Beam Angle10 Degree
Dimming0% – 100% (Connected with DMX)
LED Life20000 -30000 Hours
Connector3 Pin X LR
Shell MaterialPVC + Iron
Size12.5 x 13 x 24cm / 4.8 x 5 x 9.36 inch
Gross Weight2600g
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Take a look at the product decsription below. If you still have questions, feel free to visit our FAQ page, or reach out to us.


EPL mini 10 featuring an RGBW quad color LED, the moving head provides pure lighting excitement with color change. Also works great to create a beam shooting through a fog.

EPL mini 10 is a high-output moving head with a bright white 10-watt LED source. Produce the full gamut of tonal shades using seven colors, along with white. With a wide range of interesting shapes and sizes with 7 fixed gobos, as well as a spot and manual focus. Creating engaging light shows with the Stinger Spot is a breeze — it includes DMX, sound active, and internal show control modes with four built-in shows. You also get a gobo shake effect and gobo scroll mode, along with five selectable dim curves, pulse and strobe effects, and a pan-and-tilt inversion mode.

EPL mini 10 includes a pan and tilt inversion mode that makes one head do the opposite of another when linked together. Its other control methods include: Sound active with 4 built-in shows and DMX control to create your own light shows.


High output mini Moving Head with a bright white 10W LED source
Shutter-Pulse effect; random strobe slow to fast
EPL mini 10 with 540°pan and 270°tilt that is powered by a single LED. MOKA stage lights are very sensitive to voice, they can react to rhythm even in a low volume.

Offers multi-control options Auto / Voice-activated / DMX / Master-slave. EPL mini 10 supports professional 11 & 13 DMX channel with with built-in smooth electronic dimming 0-100% adjustment.

EPL mini 10 with 7 colors plus white, 7 gobos plus spot, and separate color wheels, the Stinger Spot delivers pure lighting excitement with its fast moving beams and color changes. The fixture comes with 8 internal programs for easy operation and great stand alone operation.

The EPL mini 10 LED Moving head beam light is great for Bars, KTV, dance bars, performances, weddings, etc, if you have any idea of it please feel free to contact us!

  • Please handle the MOKA SFX MOVING HEAD LIGHT by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

Helped 1000+ Customers Since 2013

Lots of SFX items made by China manufacturer are lack of the critical point: “Details”. But you will find an elegance arrangement product line in us, as we believe that only details will speak out for our difference to the others.

MOKA SFX EPL mini 10  led moving head

    ▾ Why Have MOKA SFX EPL Mini 10 mini led moving head?
    ▾ What Features Make the Mini Led Moving Head Light Machine the Best?
    ▾ Where will you find this Dj moving light applicable?
    ▾ How to operate this mini led moving headlight
    ▾ The safety precautions while using this mini led moving head lighting device.
    ▾ Advantages of using the EPL mini 10 Dj moving light.
    ▾ Why should you feel comfortable buying your EPL mini 10 led moving head lighting machine?
    ▾ Conclusion

Why Have MOKA SFX EPL Mini 10 led moving head?

What makes your event unique and memorable? When I was growing up, I enjoyed functions that had unique and outstanding lights. Later working in the special event equipment made me so fond of the special event lighting devices, particularly the mini led moving head.

With a great lighting system, the light serves to illuminate the function and serves as a decorative device. The different color channels help in giving the event a magnificent glow.

We have developed this mini led moving headlight device with many technological techniques to guarantee perfect functioning.

What Features Make the Mini Led Moving Head Light Machine the Best?

To ensure that this machine offers you the best illumination experience, we developed the following unique features.

Display Screen of dj moving light
Mini led moving head has a LED display screen. While operating this device, you will need a clear screen display. The LED screen display will ensure that you get a clear presentation of whatever you need to choose. This user interface makes this machine a favorite design among most of our clients. For clarity and excellent operational features, consider having your EPL 10 mini led moving head.

DMX Operational
We made this mini led moving head DMX operational. One thing that makes DMX-operated devices the best involves the ability to project light very far. With this device, you will get a different control system except for the ordinary remote-controlled one. This feature also allows this machine to project light up to 1500 meters. What does this mean? This feature means that this device may cover your large commercial gatherings with excellent lighting.

Flexible mini led moving head
We made this machine with a flexible moving head. This moving head feature makes it perfect for most weddings, parties, clubs, and music shows. It may help to know that the moving head rotates, providing beautiful illuminations in circular movements. This illumination provides a stylish lighting design suitable for glamorous functions. If you need unique lighting to crown your event, this Dj moving light will be a perfect choice. This rotating light, coupled with other special event equipment like smoke and fog machines, ensures a classic interior décor opportunity. You will enjoy working in a spectacular environment like the one provided by these unique machines.

Maximum Moving Support
The base of this mini led moving head offers maximum support to the moving headlight. The base also doubles as the user interface where you get to operate the machine. With stability ensured, you have the chance to perform other function duties without interruption of any kind. The stable base also provides a secure ground hold and limits chances of toppling.

Robust Rubber Stand
We made this machine very stable with robust rubber stands. The stands have rubber material that guarantees maximum ground hold to provide a firm grip on the ground. The rubber stands enable the machine to stay upright on your stage and ensures the device’s safety while operating.

Channel Modes
The MOKA SFX EPL 10 mini led moving head has 11-13 channel modes. These DMX-controlled channels provide a variety of color-lighting options to grace your function. Did you know that the colors range from white, blue, green, or a combination of these lights? You will find this dj moving light easy to control the nature of the lights from dim to strong while using these channel modes.

Easy to Use
This lighting device has easy to use user interface. We made this machine with few operating buttons that allow you to operate it quickly with no difficulty. The Menu, Up, Down, and Enter function keys help manually manage and select different parameters of the machine. The DMX out, DMX in, OFF, ON, and power in options have a central place allowing the user to connect the required cables correctly. Powering on and off has also gotten simplified. By switching the ON function key, the mini led moving head goes on, and if you switch it off, it immediately stops operating. Ensure you use the user manual proved while running these features.

Where will you find this Dj moving light applicable?

We developed this Dj moving light for use in various big commercial events that may require maximum lighting from a powerful device. If you purchase this item, it will help you in functions like:

Many club owners and club DJs find this mini led moving head very helpful. The dj moving light will rotate while illuminating different colored lighting for your audience. DMX feature will allow a DJ to operate this device from some distance. Once the device has gotten charged and allowed to run, you get enough time to perform other DJ tasks. This lighting device will be a sure way to provide a fantastic clubbing experience to your visitors.

Wedding ceremonies
What will make a wedding spectacular will be the ability to illuminate it with brilliant colors? This mini led moving head will help you produce magnificent lighting during specific moments of the bride and groom’s importance. The after wedding party will be a special one with this lighting. If you get to cover many wedding functions, this device should be a must-have. You will guarantee your client’s a memorable wedding event.

Most parties take place in a vast area. Sometimes, these places don’t come with a permanent lighting system. You will need to improvise how to light the room effectively. Our EPL 10 mini led moving head lighting device has the power to light up to 1500 meters of space. So with even one machine, your party will be awesomely lit. This device provides alternating colored lights to give your function a fancy look.

Do you intend to give your hotel that stylish look? Our mini led moving headlight will transform the look in your hotel in a split second. This machine will draw attention to your hotel when the lights flash and illuminate the different places as it moves. As usual, with other lights on, this light will work as a decoration to give your hotel business the attention it deserves. People will enjoy eating and drinking from such a classy place. Let a team of artists perform for your guests while these lights run to make it more beautiful. This lighting exercise will also work as a great marketing strategy, especially when your hotel happens to be new.

Do you know that carnivores may attract a significant number of people looking to have fun? When it comes to entertainment, you need to have it all planned. This dj moving light will serve to light up the stage and the venue at large. You will find it unique to introduce your guests as the lights change from one color to another. This unique lighting device adds to the spectacular entrances that artists need. If you need a lighting system that makes both audience and guests feel special, then purchase your EPL mini 10 Dj moving light now.

Marketing tool
When it comes to marketing and making your business known out there, you need all creativity. one of our long-term customers for these special effect lighting equipment works with the construction industry. One time, I wanted to know if he was getting real value with our products. He went ahead, telling me that these lights serve a significant role in marketing new buildings they have completed in their city. And he was happy. So, yes, you may use this light in lighting up a place that you feel needs marketing attention. When people see the unique illumination, it is easy to refer customers to a new facility or even a unique lighting system.

For sports lovers, this device brings you good news. As most of the world eases most movement restrictions and lockdowns, we get to play that soccer game at night again. If your local football pitch has no lighting, consider purchasing this EPL mini 10 lighting device. This machine will allow you to use the sports ground at night and enjoy gaming at odd hours. The single whit light produces such an intense beam that you will play as though it was during the day. Don’t let darkness keep you from playing.

How to operate this mini led moving headlight?

For you to operate this device, follow through with the following procedure.

  • Connect the device to a stable power connection
  • Switch on the device using the ON power button
  • Use the led screen display to choose the desired channels.
  • Watch as the light changes color for the mixed color beam or works on a particular color.

The safety precautions while using this mini led moving head lighting device.

  • Ensure that your power source operates at the voltage provided in the user manual
  • Ensure that the device has a stable ground in which you place it to prevent toppling
  • Follow the instructions given in the manual while operating it. Any damage that results from mishandling this device may never qualify for a warranted repair.
  • Don’t hang this machine if you don’t have strong and secure ropes or rings. If it happens to fall on a person, it may cause serious injury.
  • You should never pour water on this device or put it in direct sunlight or rain. This exposure may prove damaging to its internal parts.
  • Don’t attempt repairing this mini led moving head on your own.
  • The technique used in making the machine requires it to be repaired by a professional. It would help if you considered having our specialists repair it for you.

Advantages of using the EPL mini 10 Dj moving light

Here are some of the amazing advantages you can enjoy with our mini led moving head;

Excellent Lighting
This lighting mini led moving head guarantees you excellent lighting. If you need the perfect glow to grace your event, this machine will ensure a quality lighting experience for your function. When you use single whit lighting, you get to enjoy more than 12 hours of continuous lighting.

Richer Color Specturum
If you use all the mixed colors spectrum or different alternate colors, then you may enjoy six to seven hours of light. These other colors will serve as decorations, while you may use the single spectrum when you need the illumination for a more precise lighting experience.

Interior Decor
You will add to the list of special effect equipment and sometimes an interior décor. This machine, when used in conjunction with other special effect equipment like smoke/fog machines and scent diffusers, your customers get a memorable experience. The colorful flashes will provide a beautiful glow for your venue.

Easy Portability
This mini led moving head proves portable and, therefore, might be used for multiple mobile events. We understand that most events have planners and DJs who move to host similar events in other places. For this reason, we made this machine in a way that enables easy movement. The design will allow it to fit in your car and also move it quickly. So if you need to carry your lighting machine with you, consider buying our EPL mini 10 lighting machine.

Energy Saving Technology
This lighting machine has energy-saving technology. Don’t worry about electrical bills after purchasing this product. The energy-saving properties will keep the electrical consumption under check and prevent excessive electrical consumption.

Business Booster
This machine will help you boost your business. Most people will get attracted to eating in your hotel, have fun in your club or attend any other function you find this lighting device. Most people find the different colors provided beautiful and unique. This machine will contribute to more sales in your business, and it guarantees business success. Why not try it and enjoy these fantastic benefits?

Why should you feel comfortable buying your EPL mini 10 led moving head lighting machine?

Over decades of experience, you will be guaranteed the following benefits if you purchase with us.

Timely Delivery
We ensure that your device gets delivered on time. We have a great reputation with trusted shipping companies. Our warehouse has several of these machines. Upon purchase, we pack and connect you with great shipping companies to ensure that your item gets delivered within days of purchase.

Warranty Provider
Our company offers a 12 month warranty period on all our products. During this period, you will get to repair or have your device replaced at no cost. However, you should adhere to our terms of use to avoid breaching warranty terms for repairing or replacing your machine.

Convenient Repair
You will get your device or other special equipment devices repaired any day. Our team of engineers works tirelessly to fix clients’ devices even after the warranty expires. We guarantee excellent service for these devices. Feel free to conduct us whenever your machine breaks.

We have received numerous certifications over the years. You don’t need to worry about fraud when dealing with our company. Our many certifications earned over the years act as proof of our dedication to our clients. When you get to purchase with us, you get a clean business deal.


Do you desire to possess the perfect lighting solution for any of your functions? Purchase our multi-use EPL mini 10 lighting machine and enjoy numerous benefits and advantages. Don’t let darkness and innovativeness take your business down the drain. Purchase your lighting mini led moving head with us today and stay a step ahead of completion. You can have a free quote for dj moving light from our official website as well.

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