The EPL 90W LED moving head light

MOKA SFX EPR 90w moving head light is an advanced beam light, compared with the same generation of moving head light, it is faster than other moving head light rotation and lighter than similar products, especially suitable for today’s stage performance.


  • Dimmer/Strobe
  • LED: ultra bright 100W LED
  • Fixed gobo,Rotation gobo


Light source single 100W white light bead
Channels11/16CH channel
Horizontal scanning angle540°
Vertical scanning angle270°
Color wheelone color wheel, 13 colors + white light, adjustable speed rainbow effect
Gobo wheel13 gobos + white light, bidirectional variable speed rotation
Prisma triangular prism
Focusingelectronic adjustment
Dimming/strobedimming, 1-20 times/sec
Signal connection line3-pinXLR
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The MOKA SFX EPR 90W moving head light features a super bright 90W white LED light source combined with superior optics, both of which work together to provide a powerful and bright beam of light that is especially suited for dark environments and works extremely well.

Meanwhile, this 90w moving head light is equipped with 13 colors and an open color wheel.
The performance of the effect is very outstanding, and the use of color discs and color wheel can be completed high-quality light color change, adapt to the scene excellent ability.

The moving head light is also equipped with six bi-directional rotating gobos and a second 13-gobo gobos, such an upgrade makes this machine in the pattern presentation and effect change is very powerful, can continuously effect the presentation and change, in the scene layout is very useful, with the color disk to set, the effect will be maximized.


MOKA SFX EPR 90w Moving Head Light is a delicate and lightweight machine, compared to the same price of a large weight lighting machine, it can be more convenient and safer to hang above, providing powerful lighting effects.

This machine in addition to the powerful color plate and gobo function, but also configured with 0-100% dimming, strobe, and three-sided prism and other auxiliary functions, can easily be used to adjust the brightness, as well as light flicker and coverage control, and can be a precise beam of rapid positioning and gobo dithering fine pan and tilt, so that the pattern rendering faster, more accurate position, the effect is more beautiful.

In addition, this multifunctional moving head light also supports DMX controllable focus, so it is more outstanding in the focus of performance, powerful focus function can easily make the blurred pattern more clear, in the light show and the performance of more outstanding, it can become a tool for holding performances, so that the event is easier and more effective.

  • Please handle the MOKA SFX MOVING HEAD LIGHT by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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MOKA SFX EPR 90W LED Moving Head Stage Light

    ▾ Why should you have EPR LED 90W moving head stage lights?
    ▾ Impressive and unique features and specifications of EPR 90W LED lights.
    ▾ How can you install a moving head stage light?
    ▾ How to operate the EPR 90W LED moving head disco lights.
    ▾ Unique features of the EPR 90W LED moving head stage lights
    ▾ Advantages of EPR 90W LED Moving head stage lights.
    ▾ Why should you purchase moving head stage lights from MOKA SFX?
    ▾ Conclusion

Why should you have EPR LED 90W moving head stage lights?

Moving head stage lights, therefore, is the best lighting package for you and your events. This product comes with very amazing features which are both attractive to the eyes and efficient in performance.

Lesser power consumptions, ultra-bright color fitted with LED, portability, high-temperature metal to offer the moving head disco lights with absolute protection from external effects, and many more features are all in one package. DON’T MISS to get more from our products which will not only be beneficial, but delightful, and effective to your discos, theatres, weddings, and concerts.

Impressive and unique features and specifications of EPR 90W LED lights.

The EPR LED 90W moving head stage lights are a perfect replacement for the traditional metal lights.
Perfect for Extreme Temperature

Suitable for extreme temperatures, the LED light delivers very powerful lumens and higher chromaticity and gobos wheels for excellent color rendering while drawing power of as little as 120 watts. Designed by our company with versatility in mind, these moving head disco lights operate on 100-240V AC,50-60Hz. The moving head china lamp has fitted with the following beam angle configurations, wide spot, narrow flood, and wide flood.

Suitable for LED-rated sites, EPR 90W LED moving head stage lights are protected by high-temperature resistant engineering plastics plus a die-cast aluminum alloy housing with an epoxy resin powder finish for added durability.

High Material Usage
The lens has made out of the toughened glass with other external materials made of stainless steel components.

Enchanting Colors
These moving head disco lights are fitted with a LED color wheel to enhance colorations and liveliness. It consists of basic seven colors+ white, which can adjust speed rainbow effects. Moving head stage lights have the following gobos, fixed gobos which comprises 13 gobos plus white, Gobo rotating CW and CCW from slow to fast, and gobo shaking, while rotation gobo has 6 gobos which have a bidirectional speed change rotation and gobo shaking.

DMX Control System
Not forgetting the control mechanisms, EPR 90 LED moving head stage lights have DMX 512 control with up to 16 channels to give you impressive features of your choice.

How can you install a moving head stage light?

This spot may be mounted in any safe position provided. There is enough room for ventilation, plus the structure in which the moving head china lights are to be mounted should support 10 times the weight of the fixture. Mount the fixtures close to one another. It is to accommodate for the power link out in case multiple fixtures are to be mounted. Attach both the included bolts in the locations indicated in the user manual using an 8mm Allen wrench. Attach the hanging clamps to the brackets as shown in the manual.

How to operate the EPR 90W LED moving head disco lights.

Our company has ensured you with a user manual booklet to help you operate this fixture without any trouble.

  • You can set this product in DMX mode to control with a DMX controller by connecting this LED light to a suitable power outlet, turning the device “ON.”
  • Now connect a DMX cable from the DMX output to the DMX input socket.
  • Use the control panel functions to select the operating mode of your choice as well as the subfeatures.
  • It contains the “mode”, “up”, “down” and “enter” buttons for menu selection.
  • To increase the value of the current function or to decrease it, setting plays an important role.
  • You can use the DMX channel values to navigate through the 16-channel modes, which include pan, tilt, speed, dimmer, strobe, pan F, tilt F, focus, color, gobo1, rot, G1 shake, prism, and control channels.
  • Choose the DMX personality to use from the RI-690SPOT by following the steps and procedures indicated in the user manual.

Unique features of the EPR 90W LED moving head stage lights

It’s high time you get yourself this amazing fixture as your ideal moving head stage lighting. Moving head China has uncountable unique features which you’ll not get from any other lighting feature.

Moving head stage lights have gobos and pattern features.
Our device has 14 patterns and gobos. It will help you in creating a piece of scenery or even a textual wall during your theatre performances to enhance your stage variations and fascinating looks. It has 8 fixed gobos with a Gobo rotating CW and CCW, which can be adjusted to move from a slow to fast speed. The rotation gobo consists of 6 gobos which can provide you with a bidirectional speed change in direction of your setting/ choice.

They have an Electric focus.
Moving head disco lights have a turnable ultra-thin lens for high-resolution square subpixels. It focuses electrically the light on the object. The performances of these lenses are competitive with that of the typical mechanical refractive lens, which you will not find in any lighting device.

Faster rotation
Moving head stage lights for discos have a pan and tilt lock rotation that has a faster and limitless movement along the same axis. Moving head china has a pan of 540 degrees and a tilt of 270 degrees to enhance lighting properties. Our company has ensured that the device is made from a tri-phase stepper motor technology.

This technology ensures ultra-fast silent movements within the moving spot head light device. Furthermore, you will be in a position to select the rotational speed ranges that suits your event and site conditions. Despite the faster rotations, you still can achieve a 16-bit resolution during performances to increase illuminations, thus making your event enjoyable.

Numerous colors effects.
Moving head disco lights is fitted with a very self-changing color wheel which consists of primary, seven colors plus an additional white color which lights in different patterns. You can also change the color patterns and their respective adjustable speed in your event. To enhance liveliness and fun during your event, however small or large it is, get yourself an EPR 90W LED moving head stage light.

Dmx control mode
It comes with different working and operating modes. You can control it with DMX mode in a simple manner.

Protection housing
This fixture is protected from harsh weather conditions by an aluminum alloy housing with an epoxy resin powder finish. It helps in protecting the internal components of the moving head disco lights from extreme weather conditions, thereby enhancing their durability and working life. The epoxy resin finish also increases the physical appearance of the moving head china lights. The attraction created will enhance the fun and liveliness of your event.

Advantages of EPR 90W LED Moving head stage lights.

Here are some advantages, you can enjoy with our EPL moving head stage light;

Lower power consumptions
Moving head stage lights has a minimum power consumption rated at 120W. This lower power consumption rating during operations will help you to save on your operational costs. Also, it will protect the internal features from excessive currents. You will be in a position to save your power bills and maintenance costs for other uses.

Moving lights for theatres creates a sharper focus on the stage.
With the help of the high-resolution lens, Moving head disco lights have a turnable ultrathin lens for high-resolution square subpixels to focus their light on the product. The performance of these lenses is more efficient than the typical mechanical refractive lens. This electric focus as well as the linear light propagations produced by the moving head stage lights will be in a position to create a sharper stage focus during your stage performances. It will keep your audience engaged at other events without any sense of boredom.

Circuit protections.
MOKA SFX moving head stage lights are designed with a voltage allowance of plus or minus 20V. It is to accommodate both over voltages, which may shorten the lifespan of your device. And under-voltage, which can interfere with the coloring effect of the gobos and the color codes.

The device components are also equipped with an over-temperature circuit system. It prevents the device from overheating, which may result from a longer duration of operations. We ensured that your device is in a good operating condition despite the operational durations. So, to add to these amazing protection parameters, our device is fitted with an electric fuse to protect the moving head disco lights components from short-circuiting.

Covers a well-defined area of the venue or stage
Moving head China light has a lens made of a converging lens to increase area and space focus in your event. Together with the adjustable color codes and patterns, these features will be in a position to capture the attention of your viewers because the lighting will only be directed on the stage performances. As the focus will be alternating from one stage performer to another. So, the speed of illusion will also be altered, from slow to fast, the performance will be lively and captivating to your listeners.

Moving head stage lights are very versatile.
If you are an event organizer, a DJ, or even an innovative person, you will be in a position to use your moving head China lights anywhere and at any time. You can use them in your small-sized events in overcrowded theatres because of their versatility. This is achieved not only because of their occasion fun kindling. But also of their compositions which make them worth the cost. Furthermore, the moving head disco lights can also be installed on every occasion and location and also in all directions because of the adjustable pan and tilt features. Moving head stage lights are fitted to pan at 540 degrees and tilt at 270 degrees.

Moving head disco lights are portable.
EPR 90W LED moving head disco lights are not only versatile but also portable. This fixture comes in small sizes and packages that are very easy to carry, install and handle. They are lightweight, the moving head disco lights weigh 6.5 kilograms, therefore, and you will be in a position to carry them anywhere without straining. They are also packed in small sizes of 350 x 340x 375mm cartons. Thus they can fit in as small a space as possible.

EPR LED 90W is Durable.
Do you need a lighting solution with a long service life? Moving head stage lights are the ideal solution to your problem. This fixture is protected from harsh weather conditions by an aluminum alloy housing with an epoxy resin powder finish to enhance its durability. Moving head China lights also have a long working life of 64 hours.

Bright lighting
These EPR 90W LED moving head lights are fitted with a LED technology. It produces ultra-bright 90W LED lighting when in operation. This bright lighting has the capacity of enhancing the illusion in your event by covering a large area of your event. With the help of the toughened glass and diverging lens, a sharper focus is ideal. Moving head stage lights is also incorporated with a wireless input, wired input, Ethernet, wireless in, Ethernet in DMX input modes to help you increase your operations and set your lighting levels up to 10.

Emergency backup battery.
Our company is very much concerned with your emergencies and working conditions. Therefore, moving head stage lights are accompanied by a rechargeable lead-acid or lithium iron tetraphosphate backup battery. This battery can help you in case of power shortages and emergencies during or even before it is stricken. Your event will continue as scheduled regardless of the duration of the power shortage will take to be restored.

Safety measures and precautions to consider when handling EPR 90W LED moving head stage lights.
Before, you begin operating this fixture, please ensure you o through the user manual provided to avoid bringing defects to your lighting device.
Always ensure you connect your device to a proper voltage source within the voltage ranges specified.
Keep your moving head stage lights away from any flammable material especially, during its operations.
Ensure you disconnect your device from the power source when it is being serviced or when replacing the fuse, after this, ensure you replace it with the same fuse source.
Do not operate your device at temperatures higher than the stated maximum ambient temperature of 40 degrees.
In the event of a serious operating problem, stop using the unit immediately. Any repair should be carried out by skilled personnel as unskilled people can lead to devise malfunction or damage.
While the device is in operation, avoid direct eye exposure to the light source as this can easily cause serious, damage to your eye.

Above all, consult your user manual for more safety precautions to enhance durability as well as your health benefits.

Why should you purchase moving head stage lights from MOKA SFX?

Our company provides lifetime technical advice to our new and already available customers, and you will get any form of help/advice you deserve. We’re there to give a listening ear.
Our company gives products with a one-year warranty. As a result, our professional team is all set to assist in any product defect except those that occur as a result of inappropriate handling of the device.

Our products are highly insured so you will have no worry in case it is electrocuted. Furthermore, MOKA SFX is a certified compliance company that provides high-quality and durable products.


What lighting device surpasses the MOKA SFX EPR 90W LED moving head stage lights? These moving head disco lights are the best solution to your event lighting. Don’t be left behind with the amazing features that come along with this lighting device. In case you are looking for a very versatile lighting device for your theatres or even a small and medium-sized event, then you need to look for MOKA SFX moving head disco light. Moving head China offers a wider range of lighting colors and numerous patterns, thereby becoming an ideal solution to your event lighting coloration.

It can produce an excellent optic crisp with even and linear lighting outputs that are incorporated, with a very incredible lighting effect. Not to mention their fantastic stage appearances with DMX 512 stage control compatibilities, you’ll have access to up to 16 channels at your comfort zone, and you will be left speechless. Our company offers free customer pieces of advice and guidelines, not to forget the warm attendances and 24-hour listening ear, you will forever be satisfied. Your small sized event will turn into a mega-event only when you get yourself a MOKA SFX moving head stage lights today, for your dreams will become a reality.

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