The EPL 200W moving head light

MOKA SFX EPL 200w LED BSW which features high brightness and stability, It’s available independently controlled and linkable with each other for operation. And it is applicable for large-scale live performances, theater, studio, nightclubs and discos.


  • Control: DMX/Master-slav/Auto/Sound activated
  • Color Wheel: 9 colors + open, with half color effect
  • Zoom range: 7-21°


Led source200W White LED
Color Temperature7500K
Led Life Time Average 50000 Hours
Channel18 DMX channel
Control DMX/Master-slav/Auto/Sound activated
Pan 540 degree + fine
Tilt 270 degree + fine
Zoom range7-21°
Dimmer 0-100% smooth linear dimmer
Strobe 1-25 Hz with pulse effect
Color Wheel 9 colors + open, with half color effect
Static Gobo Wheel9 gobos + open, with rotation and running water effect
Rotation gobo wheel7 gobos+open
Prism facet prism with bi-direction rotating
FrostWith frost effect
ScreenLCD screen with Chinese and English, can adjust 180 degrees to fit different installation position
Size of Dimension343*239*537 mm
Packing Dimension46*46*58cm
Net Weight14.5 kg
Gross Weight23kg
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Take a look at the product decsription below. If you still have questions, feel free to visit our FAQ page, or reach out to us.


MOKA SFX has been committed to creating high-quality lighting products since 2013 and selling them in different scenes around the world.

MOKA SFX EPL 200w LED BSW is made of a new type of high-temperature strength of engineering plastics and cast aluminum casing with a nice outlook. The fixture is designed and manufactured strictly following CE standards, complying with international standard DMX512 protocol.

The light from the moving head lights is a cone of light, it shows more soft and intellectual art, through cooperating with different color and pattern form a gorgeous scene, creat the warm and romantic atmosphere.

MOKA SFX EPL 200w LED BSW usually can show better rendering effect with close stage, which better not over 12m. So you can choose it according to the scale of your event place.

MOKA SFX can help you expand your product category and attract more customers, gives a deep impression on the memory of events.


MOKA SFX EPL 200w LED BSW is relatively small in size and light in weight, with a net weight of 14.5kg, which is more convenient to install. But Its effect is very powerful, and it is a very ideal stage lighting for high-end bars, theaters, weddings, etc.

The horizontal scanning angle of MOKA SFX EPL 200w LED BSW is 540 degrees, and the vertical scanning angle is 255 degrees. There are 9 colors and one white light in the color wheel, 9 patterns and one white light in the static pattern wheel, as well as seven rotating and flowing water effects. The triangular prism can be rotated in both directions, which can achieve a variety of effects.

MOKA SFX specializes in the manufacturing of special FX and lighting systems with CE, ROHS FCC approval.

If you have any questions about Moving headlights or are confused about using which model is better for your event. Don’t worry, contact us, we will help you solve your problem, give you the most useful advice.

  • Please handle the MOKA SFX MOVING HEAD LIGHT by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

Helped 1000+ Customers Since 2013

Lots of SFX items made by China manufacturer are lack of the critical point: “Details”. But you will find an elegance arrangement product line in us, as we believe that only details will speak out for our difference to the others.

MOKA EPL 200W LED led moving head spot

    ▾ How will LED Moving head spotlight change your lighting experience?
    ▾ Professional Product features and specifications.
    ▾ Mounting and installations.
    ▾ How to operate MOKA SFX Moving Headlight
    ▾ Unique features of EPL 200W LED moving head spotlights.
    ▾ Advantages of EPL 200W LED moving head spotlights.
    ▾ Safety measures to consider when handling EPL 200W LED Moving head spotlight.
    ▾ Where to Use led moving head spot
    ▾ Conclusion.

How will LED Moving head spotlight change your lighting experience?

Thank you so much for choosing our products. Do you want your lighting problems and worries solved? Say no more because EPL 200W LED Moving head spotlight has solutions to all your lighting problems. Not to mention; its performance and outward appearance, EPL 200W LED Moving headlights have several unique and amazing features; that you will not find anywhere.

This fixture is made of a new type of high-temperature strength of engineering plastics and cast aluminum casing with a delicate outlook. Your lighting experience will be marvelous with our DMX moving headlights. Stay connected to get more updates on this fixture because your happiness is our guarantee as a company.

Professional Product features and specifications.

EPL 200W LED Moving head spotlights are a seamless replacement of the traditional metal lighting system. Suitable for extreme temperatures, the LED light delivers very powerful lumens and higher chromaticity and gobos wheels for excellent color rendering while drawing power of as little as 300watts.

Versatile Design
We have designed it with versatility in mind; these moving head disco lights operate on 100-240V AC,50-60Hz. It is comfortable with a LED source of 200W white LED which, has the capacity of producing very uniform and bright lighting for your event. Being a high-power LED moving headlight, it has a color temperature of 7500K used in a combination with a magnifying optical system to provide a clear and uniform lighting spot. DMX moving head’s pan and tilt rotation speed is very fast and quiet thus, having minimal noises during its operations.

Longer Lifetime
LED moving head spotlight has a longer LED lifetime of 50,000 hours. Therefore, it is a suitable fixture for your medium and large concerts, studios, DJ performances, nightclubs, weddings, parties, etc. These moving head spotlights are equipped with a rechargeable lead-acid or lithium iron tetraphosphate backup battery to help you during your emergencies with a quality bulb to give you a maximum service life and bright, uniform lights.

Amazing Gobos and Color Wheels
This fixture has 7 rotating and openable gobos wheels, 9 color wheels a rotating prism, and a beautifully made graphic animation wheel. The prism comprises an amazing 4 facet prism with a bidirectional rotating feature.

Framing System
Not to forget the unique, sophisticated and modern framing system, the EPL 200W LED moving head spot is equipped with a 180mm diameter front lens made of a toughened glass and a linear zooming effect that ranges between 7-21 degrees. The device framing system operates on four focal planes, each rotating at ninety degrees.

Zooming Effect
This moving head spotlight can also be considered as excellent wash lighting as a result of the presence. The diffusion filters enhance the zooming effects together with the lighting effects of your choice. With the help of the prisms and the lenses, this fixture can generate a powerful narrow beam of highly concentrated lighting at a minimum beam angle of 5 degrees.

Control Modes of DMX moving head
DMX’s moving head is designed with a frost effect, thus can be used in sites with extreme temperature conditions. LED moving head spotlight has a bilingual LCD screen; has both Chinese and English languages to help you, when operating your fixture. The screen can also adjust at 180 degrees to fit in different installation positions of your event. During its longer operation durations, our device has a strobing effect of 1-25Hz with a pulsive effect. DMX moving head is also an easy device to control. It has four control modes, DMX control, Master-slave, automatic and sound-activated modes, in your comfort zone. So, always choose our EPL 200W LED moving head spotlights to enjoy these marvelous features.

Mounting and installations of  EPL 200W LED

Our EPL 200W LED moving spotlights are very easy to install. You don’t have to struggle because our company provides our customers with a user manual which contains all the information you might need regarding our product. Before mounting, always ensure you mount the moving head spotlights in areas outside walking paths and seating areas for added protection and, the installation area can hold 10 times the weight of the device.

Clamp Mounting of the lead moving head spot
The clamp mounting is using; the beam spot washes 3 in 1 provides you with a different mount bracket assembly. That combines the omega bracket and security cable gear point in one unit. You can protect a suitably rated clamp to the omega support while using the M10 bolt fitted through the pivot hole of the omega bracket. Attach a safety cable to the DMX Moving head using one of the safety cable riggings provided at the base to enhance safety.

XLR cable
Connect the provided XLR cable to the female 3-pin XLR output of the controller to the male 3-pin XLR input of the moving head. Use the user manual provided for more guidance and illustration by involving only qualified personnel and technicians from MOKA SFX to ensure the device’s safety and longer service life.

How to operate MOKA SFX Moving Headlight

Use the DMX 512 control modes of your LED moving head spotlights to navigate through the display menu. Once in the menu, you will get a menu address, system setup, check motor calibration, system test, and system info features. These features will lead you to different areas of your interest. 

Mortar calibration will lead you to pan tilt, color, focus, code changing, etc. the channel mode will give up to 18 DMX channels, with different functions, DMX values, and details of your choice. Furthermore, you can select the language you’re more conversant with at your conform zone. Check on the user manual provided for guidelines and illustrations.

Unique features of EPL 200W LED moving head spotlights.

What makes our led moving head spot special from classic machines are its unique features.

Multiple color effects
As you know, colors enhance beauty, liveliness, and fun in any event. Therefore, our EPL 200W LED moving head spotlights; are designed with a color wheel and gobo patterns. The color wheel has an open 9 colors, all with half color effect. How attractive will this experience be! The gobos pattern comprises both static and rotational gobos with 9 and 7 gobos sequentially. When in operation, they show rotation and running water effects. That is full of fun and liveliness.

LED moving head spotlights to have both fine pan and tilt features. DMX moving head can pan at 540 degrees and tilt at 270 degrees along the same axis. The neck joint is also adjustable to enable you to set and amount the fixture in the direction of your choice. It will also help you to freely watch the live performance as the knobs can change the direction of the lighting automatically. The screen can also adjust freely at 180 degrees to fit different installations positions. Our company values your convenience.

Multiple control modes
LED moving head spotlight has four control modes designed to suit your taste and needs. It has a DMX control connection, master-slave, auto, and sound-activated modes. You can simply and conveniently operate it in automatic mode using a remote control.

Frost effect
Are you worried about your working conditions? EPL 200W LED moving head spotlights; are designed to accommodate your environmental circumstances. It has a frost effect to protect the internal components; from the effects of extreme conditions.

The screen of the DMX moving head lighting fixture is made of a toughened clear glass. This head spot to project very bright and uniform lighting to your event. To add to this, EPL 200W LED moving head spot’s LCD screen can display both English and Chinese languages. You can therefore use the language you are more conversant with within your comfort zone.

Emergency backup battery.
Everything needs an alternative plan. Therefore, MOKA SFX has taken into account your power shortages problems because we value your satisfaction. EPL 200W LED DMX moving headlights are accompanied by a rechargeable lead-acid or lithium iron tetraphosphate backup battery to help you during your emergencies. The battery has a service life of 700 hours thus can sustain you for a very long-time during power shortages or remoteness.

Linear zoom.
BSW 200W LED moving head spotlight has a linear zoom. Use with fog machine to achieve the ultimate effect!

Advantages of EPL 200W LED moving head spotlights.

Here are some advantages you can have with the best MOKA SFX spotlight;

Versatility and portability
Everyone needs convenience and comfort. MOKA SFX has ensured that this device is as light as possible to enhance your mobility. DMX moving headlights have a net weight of 14.5kg and a gross weight of 23kg. The packaging is small, and it enables you to easily stack, store and carry in a limited space.

Strobing effect
How good is a device capable of showing you in case of any fault or problem? That is the power of EPL 200W LED Moving head spotlights. Whenever you’ll be using this device, it is advisable to note that it has a strobing effect of 1-25Hz with a pulse effect caused by poor cable connections, short-circuiting, variations in power supply, device overworking, and inappropriate device servicing.

Low power consumptions
Everyone loves devices that can save as much power as possible. This DMX moving head has a lower power consumption of up to 300W. They can consume 25%-35% of the total power consumption, thereby saving on bills.

Higher brightness and stability
Since DMX moving head emits a more uniform across the web, thereby eliminating very bright light for your event. The lighting system is also very consistent as a result of the lens used in its design. Together with the adjustable speed strobing effect, illumination is maximum.

Component protection casing
The LED moving head spotlights casings are made of modernized high-temperature strength plastics and cast aluminum to enhance protection. This casing will also increase the durability of your device by helping you minimize maintenance costs.

200W LED BSW 3-in -1 is Multifunctional
Do you need a device that will provide you with entertainment and lighting at the same time? MOKA SFX finds the best-LED moving head spotlight for you. It will give you sufficient lighting and absolute colorations, which will elevate your audience.

Safety measures to consider when handling EPL 200W LED Moving head spotlight.

Upon getting yourself a MOKA SFX DMX moving head lighting device, any operation should be guided by the user manual provided because we value your safety. Carefully go through the user manual before any operation is carried out.

  • Safely store the screws and installation devices to protect them from being corroded by fluids.
  • Clean the inside and outside lens each week to remove dust accumulation. It will help in ensuring the weakening of the lights generated.
  • Any operations from installations, repair, maintenance, and inspections, should be carried out by qualified personnel.
  • Any damage caused by unskilled operations and ignorance is not controlled by the company warranty.
  • In case of any exposure to temperature changes, leave the device to reach its room temperature before switching it on.
  • Ensure the power source does not exceed the power rating of this device, that in 100-240V to prevent damages of the components.

Where to Use led moving head spot

You can use this amazing dmx moving head at different events conveniently.

Wedding functions particularly night wedding parties always planned to be unique. Nothing can make your wedding party more unusual than our led moving head spot EPL LED 200. It will create a mesmerizing atmosphere at your wedding.

Music Concert
Music concerts are always known for their rocking performances. Perfect and dancing moving headlights are like the icing on the cake, as you will find the perfect relishing environment.

Club Parties
Do not plan your club parties without MOKA SFX-led moving head spotlight EPL LED 200. This is the best moving light that can make your time precious and joyful. The best part is it will keep the audience captivated.


Thank you so much for checking and choosing our EPL 200W LED Moving head spotlights. DMX moving head lights comes absolutely with extraordinary features, which are compatible with your taste, preferences, and also pocket wise. 200W LED BSW 3-IN-1 will give you multiple splendid lighting colors. It has several color codes, color wheels, and a gobo wheel with rotation and running water effects. Therefore, becoming an ideal event lighting device. You can’t imagine how lively and lively your event performance will be.

200W spot moving headlights produce a very prominent linear and stable lighting focus on your event. Not to mention their special stage appearances with DMX 512 control modes, master-slave, auto, and sound-activated control modes, you’ll easily navigate through the 18 unusual channels together with their designated features. It’s a way for you to experience a new lighting journey with our 200W LED moving head spotlights.

Because, this moving headlight is energy-efficient, user-friendly, portable, and reliable. Moreover, DMX moving headlights have very nice adjustable strobing effects with a pulse. That produces a very bright and uniform and colored wash light interchangeably and a high resolution. Do not be left behind with these unusual features from our company. MOKA SFX is a certified company with a CE certification, thus producing high-standard products.

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