EPR 380W 17R 3IN1 Moving Head Gobo Beam Light

The MOKA SFX EPR 380W 17R Moving Head Gobo Beam Light is a versatile stagelight that integrates beam, gobo, and coloring effects.

With a powerful 380W Philips bulb engine, it delivers sharpy beams at a flash frequency of 0-20 times per second. Offering 9 colors for limitless creativity, along with 3-facet and 8-facet prisms that weave enchanting light and shadow interplays. It boasts 11 fixed gobos and 7 custom gobos, each with a unique touch.

Whether it’s a small or medium-sized concert, a touring show, a theater performance, a wedding celebration, EPR 380W 17R Moving Head Gobo Beam Light is the ultimate choice.


  • Philips MSD Silver 380EC
  • Color wheel: 9 color filters + CTO filter + white light
  • 11 fixed gobos , 7 rotating glass gobos
  • 3-facet prism and 8-facet prism
  • DMX512/Auto/Master-Slave/Music


Max Power650W
Light SourcePhilips MSD Silver 380 EC
Beam Angle2.2°-54°
Variable CTO7500K
Prism3-facet prism and 8-facet prism
Color wheel9 colors + linear CTO + white light
Gobo wheel11 fixed gobos and white light

7 glass gobos and white light

Control ModeDMX512/Auto/Master-Slave/Music
DMX Channel22CH
DisplayLCD and 5 buttons
Product Size316X260X569(mm)
Package Size480X410X590(mm)
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In the world of light and shadow in stage performances, explore endless possibilities! Proudly presenting from MOKA SFX, the EPR 380W 17R Moving Head Gobo Beam Light, injecting vibrant brilliance and boundless creativity into your show.

Ever puzzled by stage effects challenges? Don’t worry! The MOKA SFX EPR 380W 17R Moving Head Gobo Beam Light solves them one by one.

The powerful beam of the EPR 380W 17R Moving Head Gobo Beam Light pierces through the darkness, illuminating your stage, creating captivating visual effects.

With its unique head movement design, the light dances freely like a performer, adding a touch of magic to your performance.

But that’s not all. MOKA SFX understands the demanding nature of stage lighting. Through precise positioning and interference resistance, it ensures every lighting effect is incredibly stable, leaving you with no worries.

Experience the MOKA SFX EPR 380W 17R Moving Head Gobo Beam Light, from the interplay of light and shadow to the splendid flight of gobos, everything is at your fingertips. Elevate your performance to new heights, with light as your ultimate dance partner, infusing your stage dreams with dazzling radiance!


MOKA SFX has independently developed special optical lenses, providing beam, gobo, coloring, and intense zoom effects.

Sharpy beam effects: Paired with a 380W high-power bulb light source and an anti-reflective coated glass lens, it delivers a continuous and dazzling luminous output.

Dazzling prism effects: Equipped with a three-facet prism and an eight-facet prism, combined with gobo functionality, it refracts multiple gobos, geometric shapes, beam splitting, and interlocking effects.

Outstanding gobo effects: One color wheel: white light + 9 colors + linear CTO; two gobo wheels, one with metal fixed gobos: white light + 11 gobos; one glass gobo wheel: white light + 7 insertable glass gobos, creating even more vibrant overlays with the color wheel. Gobos can be customized and replaced as desired.

This stage lighting equipment also features continuous linear beam and gobo resizing, creating dynamic ripple effects. Combined with the zoom mode, clear adjustments can be made at any angle. It can achieve forward and backward flowing, shaking, free movement, slow-fast rainbow effects, and more.

One beam of light, endless transformations! Contact us to let the EPR 380W 17R Moving Head Gobo Beam Light bring multi-layered stage effects to you!

  • Let the fixture cool down for ten minutes before disassembling.
  • Handle with care, avoid collisions and vibrations, ensuring the fixture remains undamaged.
  • Check the stability of accessories before use and perform regular maintenance.
  • To ensure longevity, avoid placing the machine in rainy or humid environments.
  • If the fixture experiences abnormalities during use, stop using it promptly.
  • Do not operate in environments exceeding sixty degrees Celsius.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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Lots of SFX items made by China manufacturer are lack of the critical point: “Details”. But you will find an elegance arrangement product line in us, as we believe that only details will speak out for our difference to the others.

MOKA SFX 380w 3 in 1 pattern moving head light

    ▾ Why Choose the 380W 17R Moving Head Gobo Beam Light?
    ▾ Want to Learn More About the Unique Design of the Beam Light?
    ▾ What Sets Apart the Moving Head Light from Common Beams?
    ▾ Where is the Safety and Convenience of the Gobo Beam Light Reflected?
    ▾Why Consider MOKA SFX as Your Lighting Solution Provider?

Why Choose the 380W 17R Moving Head Gobo Beam Light?

380W 17R Moving Head Gobo Beam Light combines beam, coloring, and gobo functions, offering multiple effects for your stage. With this single device, you can achieve various lighting effects, saving space while enhancing your creative options.

Sharpy Beam Effects
Anti-reflective coated glass lens: Reduces light reflection loss on the lens surface, allowing more light to focus and project, enhancing beam brightness, clarity, and sharpness. 0-100% Linear Dimming: Precisely control beam brightness from complete darkness to maximum intensity, offering a wide and smooth range. This dimming flexibility creates layered light and shadow effects for dynamic and immersive performances. 2.2-54° Beam Angle: Provides a wide range of light dispersion, from focused illumination to broad coverage, ensuring even and consistent lighting across a larger area.

Rich Gobo Effects
Fixed metal gobos+ white light: The metal gobo wheel contains 11 shakeable gobos, including stars, windmills, dots, and waves. Whether sparkling stars, whirling windmills, interlacing dots and lines, or rippling waves, these gobos infuse your performance with infinite creativity and artistic charm. Glass rotating gobos+ white light: Embedded with 7 independent glass gobos, each with a diameter of 19.8mm and an inner diameter of 16mm. These gobos can be removed, and you can customize your own designs as needed. Glass gobos offer more flexibility and variety compared to metal gobos, with options like interlocking rings, intricate textures, and mechanical gears. They can shake and rotate independently, adding dynamic or static effects that captivate your audience. Gobo enlargement and zoom mode: Enlarging gobos highlights details and fills more space, making specific areas, characters, or elements more prominent on stage. zoom mode sharpens gobo edges for enhanced detail. Auto Zoom: No need for manual zoom adjustments. Gobos remain clear and sharp at all times.

Captivating Color Wheel
A single color wheel holds 9 rich colors, white light, and color temperature adjustment. Easily adjust light color and temperature, from soft warm tones to vibrant cool tones, creating diverse atmospheres and emotions for your stage.

Contact us now to explore more fantastic details about the 380W 17R Moving Head Gobo Beam Light, and enhance your performance!


Want to Learn More About the Unique Design of the Beam Light?

Multi-Layer Prism Effects
Three-facet prism / eight-facet prism: Project different gobos onto these prisms to create interwoven, overlapping gobos and multi-angle, polygonal effects. Prism rotation: Both the three-facet and eight-facet prisms can rotate in both directions at adjustable speeds. Combined with gobos, this enables rapid direction changes in light projection, creating flowing stripes, sparkling stars, dynamic dots, and more unique effects. Speed adjustment allows precise control, ensuring smooth or sudden changes in sync with music, rhythm, and performance needs. This combination adds dynamic and creative elements to your show, immersing the audience in a captivating visual feast.

Enchanting Frost Effects
Softens and diffuses stage lighting, adding mystery, romance, or dramatic ambiance. When combined with magnification, frosted effects can extend the light’s coloring to a larger space, creating even more stunning and spectacular visual effects on stage.
Enhance frost effects further by using a fog machine. Fog machine enhances beam visibility, significantly improving stage visuals.

DMX512 / Master-Slave / Music / Auto
Multiple lighting control modes, including DMX512 protocol, master-slave mode, music, and auto mode. With fine-tuned adjustments across 22 channels, you can easily control brightness, color, motion path, and more, delivering versatile stage performances.

Inquire now to elevate your stage performance to extraordinary heights! Click the inquiry link below or send an email to embark on a journey of light and shadows, waiting for your direction!

What Sets Apart the Moving Head Light from Common Beams?

  1. Outstanding Light Source
    MOKA SFX uses top-tier Philips bulbs, with an average lifespan of 1500 hours, ensuring long-lasting brilliance that shines through even extended performances.
  2. Precise Silent Positioning
    Equipped with silent three-phase motors, achieving accurate and swift movement with minimal noise. Suitable for low-noise environments, creating a tranquil stage atmosphere.
  3. Boundless Creative Fusion
    Unique gobo and effect wheels feature white light + 11 colors, 11 fixed gobos, and 7 rotating glass gobos. From flowing transitions to rainbow shakes, enjoy control over diverse creative effects.
  4. Multi-Dimensional Prism Magic
    Three-facet prism, eight-facet prism, dual-directional rotation, adjustable speed. Blossom the beam into multiple dimensions, enriching the projection effects.

The 380W 17R Moving Head Gobo Beam Light integrates beam, coloring, and gobo functions into a single device, enabling swift transitions between effects and enhancing flexibility and adaptability. Whether at concerts, stage performances, or fashion shows, it empowers you with remarkable features like gobo enlargement, reduction, shaking, and rotation, adding more creativity and magic to your performances.

Where is the Safety and Convenience of the Gobo Beam Light Reflected?

Safety Lock
On the side of the lamp head, MOKA SFX has intentionally designed a safety lock. It’s incredibly easy to use – just pull up the latch, and the lamp head will be securely locked in place. This safety lock design helps prevent unnecessary movement, shaking, or even tipping during transport, movement, or installation. This clever safety mechanism effectively reduces potential damage risks, ensuring your equipment remains safe and stable in various circumstances.

Integrated Flip-Fold Hook
Ingeniously designed at the bottom of the fixture is an integrated flip-fold hook, offering multiple benefits for your installation. Not only does it save valuable time and labor costs, but it also significantly enhances overall installation efficiency while ensuring the safety of the fixture.

Why Consider MOKA SFX as Your Lighting Solution Provider?

MOKA SFX is dedicated to ensuring customer needs are met. The product you choose is the driving force behind MOKA SFX. With modern technology in moving head light manufacturing, MOKA SFX guarantees your satisfaction and the production of high-quality goods. Furthermore, we are a top-notch manufacturer of moving head light components, boasting skilled technicians and high-quality professional lighting controllers. The 380W 17R Moving Head Gobo Beam Light from MOKA SFX is no exception.

MOKA SFX is committed to helping you solve problems, providing timely after-sales service during and after the one-year warranty period.


Without a doubt, the MOKA SFX EPR 380W Moving Head Gobo Beam Light is your perfect companion for stage artistry! The convergence of beam, gobo, and color creates an extraordinary visual feast. With a powerful 380W illumination and a variety of interwoven Gobos, this light not only brings vibrancy to performances but also transports the audience to a different visual realm.

Contact us immediately! Use light and shadow to write a brilliant legend and embark on the magical journey of the MOKA SFX EPR 380W Moving Head Gobo Beam Light!

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