EPR 150W 3 in 1 led moving head

Moka SFX  150W led moving head is an ultra-high quality shock beam lamp with avant-garde appearance design, strong sense of balance, exquisite and compact, stable power input and strong anti-interference ability. It adopts high-quality bulbs, with temperature control and heat dissipation, ultra quiet experience and strong brightness value. It is suitable for wedding, stage performance and outdoor performance, and can bring more dazzling and colorful cool effects to the stage.


  • With DMX control system, it can transmit signals more accurately and quickly, and it is easy to operate.
  • LED display in Chinese and English, automatic XY error correction and rich built-in programs.
  • Exquisite and advanced appearance and super high temperature resistant and waterproof shell.


VoltageAC90-240v, 50/60hz
Light source150W high brightness imported chip LED light source
Service life80000h
Flare angle 8-17 degrees
Working sceneSuitable for any safe indoor working scene
Display modeLCD display, lamp temperature display, Chinese and English display, reversible display
Operating modeDMX512 mode, self-propelled mode, voice control mode and master-slave mode
DMX channel mode18ch
Color7 colors + white light, rainbow effect, half color change effect
Fixed pattern disc10 patterns + white light, pattern jitter, pattern flowing effect
Rotating pattern disc6 patterns + white light, pattern jitter, pattern flowing effect
X axis540 degrees (16 bits) electric correction
Y axis270 degrees (16 bits) electric correction
Dimming level0-100% perfect linear dimming system
StroboscopicSynchronous pulse stroboscopic, random pulse stroboscopic
Waterproof gradeIP20, indoor use
Lamp body size275*200*475mm
Package size475*365*360mm
Net weight9kg
Gross weight12kg
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Moka sfx 150W led 3 in 1 moving head has a 150W high brightness imported chip LED light source, which is suitable for any safe indoor working scene. It can synchronize pulse stroboscopic and random pulse stroboscopic. The waterproof grade reaches IP20. It has an ultra perfect linear dimming system, which can achieve the effect of ultra-low sound.It can support custom editing of scenes.

It can smoothly adjust the focal length and the definition of patterns, so that the stage effect can be more perfectly displayed.There are seven colors plus white light, which can achieve the effect of rainbow and half color change. It has a fixed pattern disc and a rotating pattern disc.

There are ten patterns plus white light and six patterns plus white light respectively. The patterns shake and have a flowing effect. With automatic XY error correction, the machine is compact and easy to operate. It is suitable for a variety of occasions.


Faster rotation

EPR 150 3 in 1 beam pattern has prism automatic adjustment function, LCD 16million color touch TFT interface, convenient operation, beautiful interface, 180 degree reverse display, X and Y axis operation, adjustment and micro adjustment, software with correction and positioning function, high precision, rotating octahedral prism, bi-directional rotation, adjustable rotation speed, so as to enrich the pattern projection effect. It can be placed horizontally, slanted and upside down.

Color change and multi linear focus

The three in one beam pattern lamp has 10 fixed patterns and white lights (the beam size can be adjusted arbitrarily), as well as the dynamic effect pattern disc, white light + aperture +3-segment arc dynamic effect pattern and metal rotating pattern disc, and 3 facet prism with bi-direction rotating, which can realize the effects of flowing water, shaking, random motion and slow and fast rainbow in both positive and negative directions.

  • Please handle the MOKA SFX MOVING HEAD LIGHT by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • Smoking near the machine is prohibited.
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

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2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
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4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

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1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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Moka SFX  150W 3 in 1 led moving head

    ▾ Why MOKA SFX 150W led moving head has become the demand of the time
    ▾ led beam 150 descriptions
    ▾ High Power
    ▾ Color Plate of led beam 150
    ▾ Gobo Plate
    ▾ DMX channels in led beam 150
    ▾ Features of 150W 3 in 1 led moving head lights
    ▾ Conclusion.

Why MOKA SFX 150W led moving head has become the demand of the time

Invent your event lighting in order to get maximum output. MOKA SFX has these pocket-friendly 150W moving head lights to help you in your event lighting. You will be able to get uniform and bright lighting throughout the event duration. New design 150w led moving head 3 in 1, mini body, popular appearance, true 3 IN 1 fixture, easier and well for any events, activities. Therefore, it is one of your venue’s best choices!

led beam 150 descriptions

For quality customer, experience, our company ensures that we manufacture quality products with unique and durable characteristics. Led beam 150 has therefore been designed with modern electrical and mechanical parameters to give you timely and adequate service.

High Power

150 Moving Head Beam Light is a high power 3 LED moving head light, small size, lightweight, and high brightness. One 150W 7500K white LED lamp bead is used in combination with a magnifying optical system to provide a clear and uniform light spot. Beam led has AC100-240V operating at 50/60Hz to give you lighting of up to 50000 hours. Your event will be well lit and colored throughout the day or night.

Color Plate of led beam 150

The led moving head has a color plate consisting of one color wheel and the other seven open colors. Both can work at a color temperature ranging between 7500K-8000K. Equipped with modern lighting technology, the 150W 3in 1 led moving head has an index-able and bidirectional effect to ease space lighting.

Gobo Plate

They have a gobo plate consisting of one fixed gobo wheel with 10 gobos. Make your events unique and outstanding with this our 150W 3 in 1 led moving head. You will be in a position to get all the services you have been yearning for. The moving head has both pan and tilt movements. The 16-bit pan of 540 degrees and tilt of 265 degrees will enable the device to give lighting within the entire space.

DMX channels in led beam 150

Furthermore, it has 18 DMX channels that can be controlled by the standard DMX 512 with ease and convenience. You will be in a position to enjoy every feature with just a click. Do not miss to enjoy these mouth watery features.

Features of 150W 3 in 1 led moving head lights

The features of this device are as unique as its specifications. You will enjoy services, which are proportional to your investments. That is why our team is always on standby to help you and give you timely assistance. Furthermore, led beam 150 has unique characteristics some of which are invisible.


As a company, we are always here to give you quality and durable lighting solutions for all your event needs. MOKA SFX 150W 3 in 1 led moving head light is therefore the ultimate solution to all your event locations and needs. You will get brightly colored lights, swaying alternatively with different color codes. This will enhance the ambiance space needs. Being a lightweight and small-size beam led, you can therefore install it in any convenient space. Enjoy all the unlimited features of this led beam 150 and take your events to the next level. Always choose MOKA SFX for all your lighting needs.

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