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Moving Head Beam Light

MOKA SFX’s high-end moving head lights are essential for achieving stunning stage effects.

We maintain strict standards for our products, ensuring flawless light solutions to your satisfaction.

Since 2013, our moving head lights have been widely used in stages, theaters, nightclubs, weddings, and other venues requiring professional lighting effects.

MOKA Moving Head Beam Lights

EPR 400CMY---400w LED 带CMY 三合一光束图案灯

400W LED CMY 3IN1 Beam Spot Wash Moving Head Light

EPR Beam382 迷你382W光束灯

17R Moving Head Light

EPR Beam382Pro 382W超级光束灯

17R Pro Moving Head Light

EPR SPOT 380---380W三合一光束图案灯

17R Beam Spot Wash 3in1 Moving Head Beam Light

EPR MINI Beam230 迷你230摇头光束灯2R

2R Moving Head Beam Light

EPR Beam 295 295W 光束灯

BEAM 295W Moving Head Stage Light

EPR 200WLED---200w LED模组光束灯带光圈

200W LED Moving Head Beam Light

EPR SPOT 250L---250W LED三合一光束图案灯

250W LED  3IN1 Beam Spot Wash Moving Head Light

EPR Beam 230_230W摇头光束灯

7R Moving Head Light

EPR Beam350 350W摇头光束灯

15R Moving Head  Beam Light

EPR SPOT 350 350W三合一光束图案灯

15R Beam Spot Wash 3in1 Moving Head  Beam Light

EPR 100LED---100w LED图案灯

100W LED Moving Head Spot Light

EPR 150LED---150w led纯光束

150W LED Moving Head Beam Light

EPR SPOT 150L---150w LED三合一光束图案灯

150W LED 3IN1 Beam Spot Wash Moving Head Light


SHARPY Moving Head Spot Beam Light


MYTHOS Moving Beam Light


MEGA POINTE Moving Head Lights


OSRAM / PHILIPS MSR Moving Head Beam


VIPPER Stage Beam Lighting Fixture

Moving Head Beam Light

MOKA SFX, is a leading manufacturer and exporter of moving head lights, specializing in designing, developing and manufacturing various kinds of moving head lights and the other stage lighting, such as par light, uplighting, strobe light, DJ light, etc.

We gain a good reputation and feedback from our customers. You can rely on MOKA for your moving head beam light orders.

  • Global warehouse for storing MOKA Moving Head Light, immediate shipping to meet your urgent need, no import tax on the customer’s side.
  •  12-hour solution services for any MOKA Moving Head Light problem or any new stage project.
  •  Product guarantee from MOKA SFX professional technical team.
  •  Keep safe when using MOKA Moving Head Light to all your stage.
  •  Short lead time and quick shipping time.

MOKA moving head light, also called moving heads, is widely used in the church, DJ party, concert, club, nightclubs, theaters, various stages, and so on.

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EPR Beam382Pro 382W超级光束灯

EPR Beam382Pro 17R Pro Moving Head Light

  • Power: 650W
  • Light Source: OSRAM 382W 17R Bulb
  • 13 Colors + White, Rainbow, and Frost Effects
  • 17 Gobos, Adjustable Shaking
  • DMX/Auto/Master-Slave/Sound Control

Moving Head Light Finished Project Showcase

moving head light
Night Palace Club
moving head light
Beach Live
moving head light
Outdoor Live Concert
moving head light
moving head light
moving head light
TV Show

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What Makes Moving Head Lights an Absolute Must-have?

    ▾ BEAM Moving Head Fixtures
    ▾ What is a Beam Moving Head Fixture Light?
    ▾ Why is a BEAM Moving Head Light a Great Investment?
    ▾ What Are The Precautions Associated With a BEAM Moving Head Light?
    ▾ What Are The Key Components of a BEAM Moving Head Fixture?

With progress in people’s living standards, what has also transformed is the entertainment industry and the need for mind-blowing stage settings. As you know, the perfect stage lighting is important, as it makes or breaks a show. Recalling the latest trends, moving head lights are leading the pack.

As the name suggests, the demand for these “moving” lights is increasing every day as organizers look for the latest ways to brighten their spaces with moving colors. They are also a sought-after choice for outdoor stages.

If you are in search of a device such as this one, we have prepared a know-it-all guide to familiarize you will everything you need to know before making a purchase. This article will answer all your questions about moving head lights, and the two key products within this league – BEAM moving head and LED moving head.
Let’s venture in-depth into each of these moving head lights.

BEAM Moving Head Fixtures

Typically, a BEAM moving head fixture is a portable moving head light that projects a linear beam of light. This beam is greatly definite with razor edges and does not scatter a lot over long distances. It is designed to generate a unique “Search Light” effect.

MOKA SFX beam light effect

What is a Beam Moving Head Fixture Light?

A BEAM moving head fixture is a lighting device that turns your stage or event into an eye candy! These multifunctional fixtures flex a majestic range of features with a user-friendly operation. They can shift around the axis and accompany a range of creative display patterns to gobos.

What’s interesting is that these heads can even change colors, and patterns, and carry a cool range of lighting effects as well! They will drive the monotony out of your event, making it the hottest talk of the town!

Regardless of how much light is needed, a BEAM moving head light lets you govern the intensity of emitted light through a shutter or dimmer mechanism. Whether you want to use it in stage shows, theatres, fashion events, concerts, or TV production, there is no limit to the aura they create!

Why is a BEAM Moving Head Light a Great Investment?

The unique selling proposition of the best BEAM moving head fixture is that it offers punchy beams streaming across the air. Moreover, it is known for its long throws, overall brightness, and striking light. Looking for more reasons why? Here’s why selecting a high-quality, professional lighting head will take all your events up a notch.

  • Portability And Their Compact Nature

We understand that nobody prefers installing chunky moving head lights that end up taking too much space in an event. This is where a BEAM moving head light comes into play. If you want to install portable, small, and compact heads at your premises, then these machines are ideal for you.

Due to their easy portability and compact nature, you can virtually take these heads everywhere. What’s interesting to know is that BEAM moving head fixtures are not just small in size, but also extremely lightweight. So, while you would be saving a lot of space using these, you would not have to worry about arranging manpower to tackle them either!

You can either choose to place these at the roof or down the stage – the choice is yours. A BEAM moving head really stands apart as opposed to traditional lights due to these characteristics. Simply put, it is compact, movable, easy to install, and does the job brilliantly! What more do you need?

MOKA SFX beam light effect

  • Weather-resistant

With its weather-resistant capabilities, a BEAM moving head fixture can be installed outdoors. Whether you are a seasoned event organizer or a novice, you must be familiar with the fear of your lighting setup malfunctioning due to unanticipated rain or storm.

Luckily, BEAM moving head lights bury these worries as they are not affected by harsh weather conditions, provided you use transparent or translucent covers to guard their bodies.

  • Extensive Durability

As a user, we know that your topmost priority and concern has to be whether your lighting setup is durable or not. You will have no regrets about buying a BEAM moving head fixture because it lasts longer than most lighting devices.

The average working life of these moving head lights is long enough to last you for years to come, making its maintenance easier and cheaper. These products are manufactured considering durability, so the price you pay is at par with the quality you receive.

After purchasing it, you will use a BEAM moving head light for other events and concerts. So, this makes up for a sound and well-informed investment. Regardless of the model you wish to go for, each will be just as good.

  • Low Power Consumption

The companies offering lighting and special effects equipment pay special attention to producing BEAM moving head fixtures so that customers can benefit from their usage. Unlike traditional lighting setups, these end up consuming much less power.

This service comes as an advantage to DJ parties, stage events, and discos wherein these heads are functional all day long. Also, since you need to set up multiple BEAM moving head fixtures for perfect ambiance, their low power consumption can help you save a mass of money.

  • Versatility

You can use your BEAM moving head light anywhere and everywhere. From crowded concerts to flashy theatres and operas, its versatility keeps increasing beyond limits. Today, these moving head lights have become increasingly popular at locations such as nightclubs, bars, eating places, and more.

Not only do they kindle a whole lot of fun at any occasion, but their adaptable composition makes them worth every penny! Also, a BEAM moving head light can be installed in all directions at different locations, such as floors, ceilings, and walls.

  • Safety

Absolutely! A BEAM moving head light for sale is 100% safe. Unlike many other heavyweight lighting equipments, these involve no major safety guidelines whatsoever. However, we highly recommend that you always be cautious near the power supply and keep fluids or moisture away from the head lights.

  • Mode Options

At first glance, a BEAM moving head fixture seems extremely promising. When you dig deeper into the specifics, you get to witness the multiple mode options it has to offer. These products are controlled via auto and DMX modes to deliver intelligent performance.

The DMX mode involves operating the basic settings for controlling the presets, along with additional effects. Some models also feature a Self-Repelled mode wherein the lamp does not fetch data from the console and runs itself through its internal programming. At best, a BEAM moving head light will provide hours of light entertainment and amusement!

MOKA SFX beam light effect

What Are The Precautions Associated With a BEAM Moving Head light?

If you are planning to buy a BEAM moving head light, you must mull over all its precautions. Each of these not only ensures your safety but also facilitates prolonged usage. Here are some general precautions for you to keep in mind while using these devices:

  • Check whether the power supply in your venue meets the terms of leakage protector and voltage.
  • Never use damaged power lines and do not overlap them with other wires.
  • Since the lamps use a strong wind cooling, clean it once every one, preferably the tuyere part of it.
  • While installing a BEAM moving head light, always check the screws to make sure it is fastened properly.
  • Additionally, you can also add safety ropes for additional protection.
  • Although it is highly unlikely that the moving head lights begin displaying abnormal behavior during its usage, simply stop using them to limit other potential malfunctions.

What Are The Key Components of a BEAM Moving Head Fixture?

A BEAM moving head fixture is made with a high-grade heat-resistant cast aluminum shell and engineered plastic. It boasts a subtle outlook with a beautiful design and stands among the finest in the “pro-lighting” category.
BEAM moving head light consists of a base with an integrated control panel, the head, and an arm that carries the optical system. The head of these head lights is attached to the arm and produces vertical movements, and the arm usually rotates around its axis.

This device fully complies with all the international standards of the protocol. It consists of the following components:
Mechanical Dimming Shutter: Adjusts the intensity of the light. With a high-speed stepper motor, it can create strobe effects.

  • Color Wheels: Along with the color filter, these wheels work to transform the tone of the beam.
  • Lens Trains: These are used to focus and zoom the lighting output while changing its size. Some models carry as many as 10 controlled lenses, and prisms bring the beam into shape.
  • Gobos and Pattern Wheels: These are used to project images and create spinning special effects.
  • Automated Framing Shutters: These control any unwanted spill and further shape the lighting beam.
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